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aktueller Kurs: 14 US Dollar

in Kürze gibt es 3 US Dollar Dividende je Aktie
schaut euch einmal die Company und die Bilanz an

Kürzel: ELRN

José :D
wie ich dich kenne haste wieder was nettes ausgegraben - schaue morgen mal im detail drüber!

cu gulliver

hier die Aktionärsstruktur

du dürftest den "Großaktionär" kennen ;)

Discount Investment Corporation Ltd.
13,443,658 45.70%
Bank Leumi Group (2)
1,761,115 5.99%
Bank Hapoalim Group (3)
1,609,787 5.47%

Elron Electronic Industries, Ltd. (EEIL), a holding company, operates in the defense electronics, medical devices, communication, software, semiconductors, and advanced material sectors primarily in Israel. The company engages in the development, marketing, and provision of revenue assurance software products, network management system, Internet Protocol solution products, and professional services for telecom customers. The company’s products include Revenue Assurance Process Control (RAP), Switch-to-Bill Reconciliation Tool (ESSB), and Call Performance Management (CPM). RAP identifies revenue leaks in order to provide telecommunication companies with automatic and systematic tools to monitor its processes. The ESSB collects various formats of unbilled and incorrect data records from various sources, such as switches, billing, mediation, and signaling systems; and analyzes the discrepancies and fixes them by adding the relevant information. The CPM analyzes, in real time, network traffic and quality of service on the telephone network. The company also distributes Agilent Technology’s Signaling Systems number 7-based products in the Israeli market. It sells its products through its sales force, resellers, and agents. EEIL was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

[posting]17.884.606 von JosedelaVega am 13.09.05 19:38:37[/posting]Und wo steht wann es wieviel Dividende gibt?
Elron Declares Cash Dividend of $3.00 Per Share Totaling Approximately $89 Million

September 05, 2005 01:45:01 (ET)

TEL AVIV, Sep 05, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (ELRN, Trade) (TASE: ELRN) (the "Company") today announced that the Board of Directors of the Company has declared a cash dividend of $3.00 per share, totaling approximately $89 million. The dividend will be paid on September 27, 2005 to shareholders of record on September 15, 2005. The NIS payment per share will be determined based on the representative exchange rate on September 26, 2005. The Company will deduct withholding tax where applicable.

The ex-dividend date on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is September 16, 2005. The ex-dividend date on the NASDAQ Stock Market ("NASDAQ") will be determined and published by NASDAQ.

Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. is a high technology holding company based in Israel. Through affiliates, Elron is engaged with a group of high technology operating companies in the fields of medical devices, telecom, semiconductors and advanced materials.

José :D
ELRN: An Israeli with a vision
Excerpt from the article of Israel21c.org
By Nicky Blackburn
October 17, 2004

When veteran entrepreneur Uzia Galil opened the Galil Center for Medical Informatics and Telemedicine at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in 1999, he was one of the first people in the world to recognize the significance of this area of medicine.

"We were probably the pioneers," says Galil, who is widely recognized as the founding father of Israel`s high-tech industry. As a result of his perspicacity, today Israel has become a leading player in this field, and looks set to become one of the first nations in the world to introduce an electronic health record for every citizen.

Galil cannot begin to stress how important this development is. "An electronic medical record is absolutely necessary and can dramatically help doctors make the right diagnoses, give the right drugs, and give the most advanced treatments available," Galil told ISRAEL21c. "It can reduce mistakes substantially because doctors will have each patient`s full medical history from the moment they were born."

The idea of an electronic health record, which allows doctors access to updated documentation of every medical test or treatment a patient has undergone, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The United Kingdom has committed $8 billion in funds to introduce such a system to England, while President George Bush has also announced that in the next 10 years every person in the US will have access to an electronic medical record.

In Israel, plans to introduce a health record are already well advanced, and all the relevant bodies, including the the health ministry, other government bodies and the Israel Defense Forces, have agreed to cooperate. There are already a number of Israeli companies working in this field, including dbMotion, which was set up in 1996, and start-up Global Medical Networks.

"This is one of the cases where being a small country is a big advantage," says Galil. "I believe we can be the pilot for the world. We can go to the US and to Europe and say, `look at us, see what we have done`."

When Galil gets enthusiastic about a topic, it is worthwhile listening. Since he first set up Haifa-based Elron Electronic Industries in 1962, this canny and impeccably-mannered man has dominated the Israeli high-tech industry with an unusual combination of charm and strength. Now at 79, with a head of white hair, and dark eyebrows, he walks, talks, and looks like a much younger man. He is as well-dressed and charismatic as ever, and his excitement with new technology is as much in evidence today, as it was in the past.

Galil has always been one of the first entrepreneurs to adopt new innovations, and he is not going to let age change that picture. Aside from the Galil Center, he is also president and CEO of Uzia Initiatives and Management (UIM), and is chairman of the board at the consumer electronics company Zoran, and a director at Partner Communications, Orbotech and NetManage. Galil says that today he works as many, if not more, hours than he did when he was running the Elron empire.

Born in Romania in 1925, Galil is a graduate of the Technion in Israel and Purdue University in the US. In 1954 he returned to Israel after working for a stint in R&D at Motorola, determined to turn the remarkable wealth of research he discovered in Israel`s scientific establishments into an industry of money-making companies. It seemed an impossible dream. Israel then was just 15 years old and its economy was dominated by oranges and defense. There was no high-tech industry, only a great deal of R&D.

Galil founded Elron with $160,000 in financing from the Discount Investment Corporation and Rockerfeller Venture Fund. The company began producing a range of electronic products, and after five years began to diversify, spinning off segments of the company into new independent entities each focused on specific markets. Elbit, a specialist in defense and communications systems, was the first spin-off, and Elscint, which focused on advanced computerized imaging systems, followed soon after.

In 1971, Elron became a high-tech holding company and operations moved to subsidiaries. The following year, Elscint became the first Israeli high-tech company to go public in the US, a move that many Elron subsidiaries have since taken. Companies from the Elron stable include Elbit Systems, Given Imaging, Partner Communcations, Zoran, Orbotech, NetManage, and ChipX.

In 1999, after 37 years in the business, Galil announced that he was retiring from his post as president and CEO of Elron, and passed the reigns to Ami Erel, who later appointed Doron Birger to the post. Even then, Galil made it clear that this was not retirement, merely an opportunity to do something else.
"There`s a great deal of talent in Israel," says Galil. "People here are developing very original advanced technology, not just in the fields of defense or medicine, but also in telecommunications and electronic consumer goods. I believe these fields will offer major opportunities in the future."

Galil also believes that the Israeli high-tech industry has matured significantly in the last decade. "Today, people recognize that R&D is not enough by itself," he explains. "We have better managers, better service, and a much more dramatic awareness of marketing needs. If I compare Israel to Silicon Valley or Europe, I think Israel has advanced at a higher rate during this period than either of these alternative locations. Israeli companies today are very well regarded, and there are some areas like homeland security, biotech, and medical devices, where everyone recognizes that Israel has the advantage."

Galil still enjoys his work. "It`s like starting all over again, except that this time I am starting from a position of experience," he says with a smile. "All my life I have tried to focus on my mistakes and to learn from them."

Has he achieved everything he set out to do? "I`m the kind of person who could never say that I have done enough," admits Galil. "Through Elron, I`ve built 25-30 major companies, but there`s a lot more to do. I can recognize the things I have achieved, but look at how much more there is to accomplish. The rate of change in science and technology is growing faster and faster every day. Yesterday has already gone. Tomorrow is the future," adds Galil, with a shrug. "I`m always looking ahead."

23 Oct 2004 by editor
hier ein Artikel welcher bereits über ein Jahr alt ist und wo wir in den Invest.-Bereichen von ELRN noch auf ganz anderen Kursniveau´s (TIEFS) waren ...

ELRN: How much is Elron worth?
Reprint from TheMarker: 15/8/2004
By Eli Daniel

It has been a month since Discount Investment Corporation (TASE: DISI) offered to buy Elron Electronic Industries (Nasdaq:ELRN) stock at a 10% premium. The IDB group company offered $15 per share, valuing Elron at $431 million. Is that too much?

The truth is there`s value hidden in that there Elron, even though the company has lost 7% of its value since Discount Investment made its offer. It is the same value that induced Suny Electronic (TASE: SUNY ) leader Ilan Ben-Dov to invest more and more in Elron.

Last week Elron published its financial statement for the second quarter, indicating among other things that it has $240 million cash, after selling its stake in Elbit Systems (Nasdaq:ESLT) for $197.7 million to Mickey Federmann. Consolidated, Elron owes $28 million, guaranteed by the parent Elron.

Elron also owns 15.9 million shares in Partner Communications (LSE:PCCD; TASE, Nasdaq: PTNR ), worth $103 million, which it apparently means to sell. Yes, the banks have liens on the shares, but a selloff is looking likely. Elron says it`s taking steps to shake off the lien and that it will subsequently sell. UBS has offered to buy the shares, as well as Partner shares held by Matav Cable Systems (NASDAQ:MATV) and Polar Communications (TASE: PLRC ).

Elron also owns a 16.9% interest in Given Imaging (NASDAQ:GIVN). This isn`t for sale, if anything the IDB group seems to see gold in the intestinal tracts of the world, for which the Israeli firm sells noninvasive diagnostic tools in the form of a mini-video camera in a capsule, the M2A.

At Given Imaging`s present share price, Elron`s stake in the company is worth a cool $152 million
Wie schaut`s eigentlich aus:
In Tel Aviv ist "ex-dividend" ja erst am 16.09.2005 oder zählt für uns der 15.09.2005 (NASDAQ)?
Wenn ich heute noch kaufe, komme ich dann noch in Genuß der Dividende?
Elron Announces That Nasdaq`s Ex Dividend Date is September 16, 2005
Tuesday September 13, 8:40 am ET

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 13, 2005--Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ & TASE: ELRN) (the "Company") today announced that further to its dividend announcement on September 5, 2005, the ex-dividend date on the Nasdaq Stock Market ("Nasdaq"), as published by Nasdaq, is September 16, 2005, which corresponds with the ex-dividend date on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It has been brought to the Company`s attention that certain financial services have incorrectly reported the ex-dividend date on Nasdaq as being September 13, 2005.
Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. is a high technology holding company based in Israel. Through affiliates, Elron is engaged with a group of high technology operating companies in the fields of medical devices, telecom, semiconductors and advanced materials.

For further information, visit http://www.elron.com
[posting]17.888.303 von JosedelaVega am 14.09.05 07:38:00[/posting]Und das heißt nun?
[posting]17.888.631 von Stanload am 14.09.05 08:00:51[/posting]Unglaublich viel Angebot und Nachfrage *g*.

Einer versucht seine 750 Stücke zu 11,50 EUR loszuwerden, obwohl man sie umgerechnet in den USA billiger bekommt, und Andere bekommen ihre lächerlichen 200 Stück nicht *lol*.

Wer in dieses Unternehmen investiert, sollte wohl wirklich besser auf den amerikanischen Markt tätig werden.
stimmt, das bedeutet man kann heute bereits verkaufen und bekommt die Sonderdividende (hier ist der Bestand per 15.09 Abends entscheident). Die Dividenden wird per 27.09 gutgeschrieben (So ist zumindest mein Kenntnisstand).:lick:

kurze frage:

habt ihr die Dividende schon bekommen?

würde mich auch interessieren, bitte um Info der Wissenden - danke.

Wann muß die Aktie in meinem Depot gelegen haben, um die Dividende zu erhalten.

Ich hab Sie noch nicht. Sie sollte aber per 27.09.05 eingehen. Denke diese Woche ist Sie auf dem Konto.
denke dass nächste Woche mit Wert 27. eingebucht wird

Elron Announces New Investment of $4 Million in Gaia
Sunday October 2, 5:40 am ET

TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 2, 2005--Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ & TASE: ELRN) today announced that it has completed a new investment of $4 million in Gaia Broadband Services Management Ltd ("Gaia"), an Israeli software company engaged in developing unique solutions in the field of broadband services management and home networks. Following the investment, Elron will become a significant shareholder in Gaia.

Doron Birger, Elron`s President and CEO, said: "Gaia develops unique and modern solutions in the field of broadband services management and home networks. Gaia`s products will be instrumental in the ability to deploy advanced services, such as telephony and television (VOIP, IPTV) over the internet. The market for these services is rapidly developing and becoming a major focus of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. Gaia has experienced management who are very familiar with the market. We are confident that together with Gaia`s management, we will be able to build a successful and valuable company in the field of broadband services management and home networks".

José :D
Teledata Networks Selects Octasic for Cooperation in NGN VoIP Solutions

October 11, 2005 08:01:01 (ET)

AMSTERDAM and MONTREAL, Oct 11, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Teledata Networks, a leading global provider of innovative access products and Next Generation Network (NGN) solutions for telecom operators and service providers, announced today its technological cooperation with Octasic for development of Next Generation Network VoIP capabilities. This cooperation is based on Teledata Networks` BroadAccess and HighPGate Multiservice Access Gateways (MSAGs), containing Octasic Semiconductor`s advanced OCT9360, one of the major building blocks in Teledata Networks` integrated Media Gateway card.

Teledata Networks has selected Octasic technology to enhance BroadAccess and HighPGate with high-quality VoIP features, including uncompromising voice quality supported by innovative echo cancellation, packet loss concealment and adaptive noise reduction. In addition, the solution supports several VoIP protocols (MGCP, H.248/Megaco), and functionalities such as fax relay and low bit-rate codecs.

Teledata Networks` MSAGs provide a single, compact solution combining the functionalities of an Access Gateway and a broadband access platform. They deliver a complete set of traditional and Next Generation Network access services, from POTS to xDSL and IP, supporting Triple Play applications. Highly scalable, the systems support between dozens and thousands of subscribers.

The exceptional modularity and open interfaces of Teledata Networks` and Octasic`s technology accelerated the integration process, enabling the new solution to respond to the prevailing market trends of Class 5 switch replacement and the shortening of the copper loop. The new solutions are custom-tailored to this environment, as it enables service providers to deliver advanced Next Generation Network services while still utilizing the existing infrastructure, in both Central Offices and remote sites.

"Teledata Networks` VoIP solutions mark a key milestone in our presence as a major player in the Next Generation game," said Eli Lotan, CTO, Teledata Networks. "With these solutions, service providers can focus on offering superior voice quality over the existing networks, while seamlessly implementing the migration to Next Generation Networks."

"Octasic is proud to work with Teledata Networks to deliver leading-edge NGN Solutions to the market," explains Michel Laurence, CEO, Octasic. "This close collaboration has reinforced Teledata Networks` leading position in the VoIP access space, demonstrated through their successful equipment interoperability tests and customer field trials."

About Teledata Networks

Teledata Networks is a leading global provider of innovative access products and Next Generation Network (NGN) solutions for telecom operators and service providers.

The company has accumulated a wide installed base spanning millions of lines in over 50 countries. Its twenty years of experience have yielded outstanding technological leadership, a high level of expertise and a strong foundation of intellectual property.

Teledata Networks is a private company, in which the major shareholders are the Kardan group (Euronext: KARD), Elron Investements (ELRN, Trade) and Infinity venture capital fund. Learn more about Teledata Networks at www.teledata-networks.com or at www.teledata-networks.cn (Chinese).

About BroadAccess

Teledata Networks` BroadAccess is a Multiservice Access Gateway (MSAG) which provides a smooth migration path to Next Generation Networks while delivering a mix of traditional and advanced services, from POTS to various flavors of xDSL and IP.

About HighPGate

HighPGate is a premier Multiservice Access Gateway which performs convergence of voice and data over Next Generation Networks.

About Octasic

Octasic is a fabless semiconductor company designing, marketing, and supporting best-in-class silicon solutions that deliver exceptional voice quality for network equipment providers within the wireless, VoP, and TDM segments of the telecommunications industry. Octasic`s innovative approach involves processors that are optimized to perform key voice functions such as carrier-grade echo cancellation, packetization, and compression. For more information about Octasic and its products, please visit www.octasic.com .


Paige McEachren, Communications Manager, Octasic Inc., (514) 282-8863, Cell: (514)
814-1554, www.octasic.com
Copyright (C) 2005 PR Newswire. All rights reserved.
WOW, die schwimmen ja förmlich in Dollars ... Warum sind die tägl. Umsatzvolumen so gering .... wie hoch ist eigentlich der Float ?
die Firma ist nicht gerade "bekannt"

lediglich die Ausschüttung vor Kurzem hat einige Leute angezogen ( es wurden 3 US Dollar je Aktie Cash ausgeschüttet )

Stimmt es, daß die Dividende von ursprüuglich 3 Dollar gekürzt wurde?

Meine Bank hat mir so etwas mitgeteilt.

was ? das wäre mir neu

hab die volle Div. erhalten und bisher auch keine Mitteilung dass dies nicht i.O. ist

ansonsten hätte ELRN sich m.E. auch per AdH gemeldet

was auf alle Fälle enttäuschend ist - die Kursentwicklung (wenn auch unter min.Umsätzen)

hallo jose!

überprüf mal dein Konto. bei mir wurde der ursprüngliche Betrag ausgebucht und ein geringerer eingebucht.

Auf Rückfrage hat mir die Bank gesagt, daß die Div. gekürzt wurde.

bitte um Info, falls du etwas herausfindest.

halte dich auch am laufenden!
wie gesagt bei mir Gutschrift
und sonst nichts

würde mich interessieren - lass dir das Schreiben von deiner Bank geben und stell es mir doch mal per mail rein

hallo jose!

hab nochmal nachgschaut bzw. nachgefragt:

hatte ursprünglich mit 27.9:

2480,67, die wurden dann storniert und ich habe jetzt



Lt. Bank wurde direkt irgendeine Steuer einbehalten.

ich warte mal auf die neue Abrechnung.

was meinst du?

was kaufst du sonst im Moment so?

Quellensteuerabzug (25%), deshalb hast du weniger gutgeschrieben bekommen.

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