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By: clamgetar 19 Sep 2005, 04:59 PM EDT Msg. 1000 of 1008

A loooonnnngggg....I have been in this stock since 10-1-03 so guess I qualify as a long. It has been a slow process but I can see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel at this time. Last week while talking with the T/A about SiteWorks O/S the lady turned me over to a man who seemed to have a lot of information and enthusiasm for SiteWorks. He told me that other of their clients had informed him that various governmental agencies had been in contact with SiteWorks concerning reconstruction work along the gulf coast. :eek: I have never had a T/A offer any information about any of the companies they work with...not sure if it was hype but was hopefully factual. Next time someone talks with them you might see if he has any additional updates that could be relayed to the board.
Posted by: ChartFreak Date:9/19/2005 10:03:28 PM
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Ah yes, this just keeps getting better...

Hey Wolfandbear, and Freemoney: thanks for the comments!

SWKJ is setting up in classic fashion. I love this stuff. Probably one of the best plays of the Fall. Holding at the 50-day exp MA after a gap-up and partial retracement. Very positive sign, which is partially why money showed up today, again on a Monday. Closed at HOD, or close to it, so expect a bump up to mid (maybe high) .05`s tomorrow AM, with minor selling by weak hands who failed to pull the trigger on Sept 12th. However, this week should be the building of this new base between .045 and .06. Don`t mean to be so technical, and I know some traders don`t believe in charts for pennies, but it`s really just machine language of the stock`s behavior, and a LOT can be gleaned from it. If PRs of continued positive development are released once a week or so, it`s my humble opinion we will continue to see this kind of climb, ie: big gains on large volume, followed by slight retracements, followed by reduced volume and a stablizided PPS, then repeat. My guess is next move to .10 with new base at .06, maybe .07, possibly by month`s end (only 9 more trading days). However, if SWKJ comes out with news of locked Thailand govt. contracts, and by that time the PPS has set a good base in the .04-.05 area, then a move to the .35-.40 range :eek: is not at all uncommon. The low float is the big factor and its hard to say the extent of the move, but it will be significant. Today was a clear sign that bigger money was waiting on the sidelines for the right time to get in. I mean, a 22% move on no news? Word is out and eyes are on this one. There will be more of this going forward and it might get a little bumpy, but I say strap in, buckle up, hold on tight to your shares, and allow yourself to be patient.


0,35$ bis 0,40$ nach Big-News :)
Antwort von einem Großaktionär:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your email.
The main reason we are confident is because we are involved in its expansion in
From the projects that we are engaged them into we are happy that we are one of
the major shareholders.


Sutida Suwunnavid
Prestige Procurement& Networking Services Co., Ltd.
Call Center
Level 27 Bangkok City Tower
179/114-116 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120
Tel: +662-343-1631
Fax: +662-343-1818
Mobile: +666-888-4665
Email: sutida@prestigeasia.com

Die haben im August 8,500,000 Aktien von SWKJ erworben und wollen unter Umständen noch mehr kaufen:

Prestige has further demonstrated its commitment to SiteWorks by agreeing to purchase all outstanding shares in the float. Prestige has already bought 8,500,000 shares on the open market. Their primary goal is to continue buying shares on the open market until they capture as many shares as possible remaining within the float. :) Their secondary goal will be to then convert their position into certificate form to remove them out of ``street name`` as shares held by CEDE&CO to not allow them to be borrowed against for shorting.
Guten Morgen Leute,

was muss ich sehen? Da bin ich einen Abend mal nicht online und Siteworks geht ab...:eek: Gab es Gründe für den Anstieg? News, etc...

Desweiteren werden hier meine Mails repliziert, unglaublich...;)

Siteworks wird noch ne spannende Story.
desweiteren gehört siteworks zu den hurrican-gewinnern (wenn man das eigentlich so sagen kann und darf)- die immo-preise steigen bedingt durch die reduzierte anzahl an verfügbarem wohnraum stark an - daran partipiziert siteworks überproportional
umsätze und gewinne steigen ebenfalls weit über planung - größere investoren decken sich ein - börsenbriefe kommen nach bei dem potential - die bewerben dann 100-200 %-anstieg bei 0,16 euro - da hat man hier schon 400% gewinn !!!:):):)
[posting]17.961.979 von Nina_Trader am 20.09.05 10:07:08[/posting]...die grossen kommen nach - wirst sehen - wie immer spät, aber dann heftig - kursniveau dann mind. 0,16 euro - der frühe vogel fängt den wurm....:):):)

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