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CNES jemand war vor Ort!!!!!! Da ist was im Busch!!!! Thread für Aussagen von CNES!!! - 500 Beiträge pro Seite


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ich möchte einen neuen Thread nur für Aussagen von CNES-Mitarbeitern oder PR´s sowie News eröffnen. Die anderen Threads sind für Neulinge einfach zu unüberschaubar.

Aus Amerika hat ein Shareholder vor Ort und hat mit Mitarbeitern gesprochen.

Hört sich toll an!!! Übersetzt selbst!!!

Nice 3 story building in a nice business.It is split into two sections (A&B). Conectisy is in "A" which is the reason for "A"320. The directory has their name and their name is also posted on the outside of the office door. Very nice.
Upon entering, this place is SMALL. Didn't measure it but I would guess approx. 25/30x35/40. The clean room was approx. 10x8 at best. There was 4 offices (desk,chairs and computers) set up alone with the clean room. The clean room is not done completely but they are using it for testing at this time.
There is several boxes with files on the floor and gave the appearance they had just moved.
SORRY; Too tired to write anymore without missing things so I will continue tomorrow night.
I did talk to Robert and Luca and I will say it was a positive conversation IMO.

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By: gotcha187
27 May 2006, 04:40 AM EDT
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To continue info on the office at 24911 Stanford.
Upon on my arrival (approx 3:30 pm) the only person present was Bobby Spigno. He was a very nice young man, wearing working cloths. He appeared to be monitoring a pilot lab test when I arrived. The test was with 48 meters, mounted on two walls within the "clean room".
It appeared that Bobby was very knowledgeable about their product (then again I have limited knowledge, SO??), if not he sounded good.
Bobby said the clean room wasn't completely done yet but fully expected it to be done before the SH meeting. He said the building was pre-wired to handle several computer hard drives inwhich would handle thousands of readings from meters.
It appeared they had two large hard drives in place ready to go and were currently reading the meters. I'm not sure of the process.

Bobby stated there was room to expand within the building and would so when things pick up.

In closing about the building and as I had stated in my previous post about the building "it appeared to me as being very cramped" but that is just my own opinion.

Now the Q & A's:
I talked to Bobby first and he appeared to be at ease with me being there, offered to show me around and explain things. He showed me the test meters and explained that they were ongoing internal tests being conducted so when Power Companies inspect their product they have something to review and see the end results.
Bobby stated that some of the meters are hooked up to the same electrical outlets, thus to determine/compare the accuracy on the readings.

I asked Bobby about the base units.
Bobby stated the units are expensive to make and that each base unit would handle about 7500 meters.
I asked him how many base units they had in surplus and he stated they were all being used and wouldn't/couldn't give me a number.
I asked him if it was under 10? and he stated "yes" but couldn't state the amount.
I asked him if they had anything going on? He wouldn't/couldn't answer me, but by his body language IMO I think something is going on but is not final yet.
" Please " it is just my feeling ( I've interviewed people for 36 years and I haven't miss too many ).

Approx. 4 pm Luca arrived. He was dressed in work clothing and was very nice about me being there. He stated that I was the first person (SH) that has been at there new office and that only one other SH (thought his name was "Kav" or something similar to that) had called and was going to visit but he didn't show up. Luca stated I was welcome to visit anytime when I came though town.
He talked about increasing the A/S and I told him he better have some raw meat (should of told him DONE MEAT) to throw at the SH because there is some mad tigers that will be at the meeting. He did say there was something (but he played it down as nothing big) and only stated "you/they really need to be at the SH Meeting".
He and Bobby both emphasize that we need to come to the SH meeting. It gave me a feeling something is going on and they might be telling us then (hopeing) "but"??

That is all I can remember at this time. If you have Q's feel free to ask, it might spark my memory.HAHA

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By: gotcha187
27 May 2006, 01:31 PM EDT
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In regards to the base units. My take was he didn't want to say how many because he might be giving up info the company didn't want out yet. ie; more pilot projects we aren't aware of yet???
But your take is similar to what I was thinking when I asked Bobby if it was under 10 units.
My follow up Q to Bobby was "if the company got a 100K meter contract, how long would it take for them to be ready to start reading meters? Bobby stated it would take about 2 to 3 weeks to build the base units needed and as soon as they arrive they would be working within two to three days. Bobby stated everything else would already be in place. So the answer was two to three weeks.

I also asked Bobby if the company technology has lost it's edge to other similar companies in the same business?
Bobby stated "no", even though there is one or two companies that have the same/similar type meter Conectisys is different on how it reads and compiles the information and he feels they are still on the leading edge of that technology.

I'm sure I'll think of more things that was asked and answered or statements made in the next few days. Sorry old memory with limited space.

Hört sich für mich gut an, gerade das, dass sie binnen 2-3 WOchen ne Anlage von 100 Geräten hochziehen könnten.

Da kommt ne Bombe bei der Hauptversammlung, die brauchen Geld für die Produktion, Aufträge haben die. Kommt mir jedenfalls so vor.

Hoffen wir das Beste!!!!
ConectiSys (CNES) Receives FCC Certification for their 8C-BaseStation Utility System

Staff Reporter

March. 04, 2006 - 12:10 PM EDT


- March. 04, 2006 -

ConectiSys Corporation (OTC: CNES) received certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their H-Net™ 8C-BaseStation network equipment, part of their wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, for commercialization and sales for both the residential and commercial utility markets.

On July 19, 2005, ConectiSys (CNES) submitted their 8-C BaseStation to the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) for product certification, but approval was delayed due the complex nature of the system. Now with FCC grant approval complete for both their H-Net 8C BaseStation and MeterSystem, this may position ConectiSys to begin the commercialization of their wireless automated utility meter reading system.

What is the H-Net™ MeterSystem?

Many people may already be aware of utility meters that read the usage of electricity and gas consumption in ones home or place of business. (see photo right) With energy costs becoming more of a factor these days, the H-Net system would now allow both individual and businesses the ability to monitor their energy consumption to control soaring energy costs.

The H-Net core is a unique proprietary architecture that allows for two-way communications between the advanced MeterSystem and the C-NES Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC displays real-time consumption data, 4 times an hour, 24 hours a day, via the Internet at traditional cost; all within a wireless, tower-less private network.
gestern kam der bericht vo Q1/06 :


ich frag mich wie die in Q1 cash-flow positiv sein können ?

hat jemand ne ahnung wie das bei denen geht ?
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