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NEWS Web2 Corp. (WBTO.OB): ByIndia.com Launches New Directory to Best Videos on the ‘Net - 500 Beiträge pro Seite


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Bin ich eben durch den aufmerksamen Benutzer TTUser drauf aufmerksam geworden, zu finden ist das ganze (noch) etwas versteckt unter http://www.web2corp.com/investor.asp :

Web2Corp’s (WBTO.OB) ByIndia.com Launches New Directory to Best Videos on the ‘Net
User Submissions Have Already Linked To More Than 4000 Videos, Traffic to Site Increases.

Orlando, FL – Feb 12, 2007– ByIndia.com is launching a new site in its impressive line-up of social offerings, Entertainment.ByIndia.com. This new web address will give ByIndia.com’s visitors access to a directory of user-submitted videos from anywhere across the web. Anyone who is a member of ByIndia.com can submit links and share cool videos they have found with everyone who comes to ByIndia.com

Entertainment.ByIndia.com has been in closed beta for the last week, but it already has more than 4,000 videos linked. ByIndia.com hopes to form a cultural hub where Indians can share videos that are of interest to the Indian internet community with this new page. By skipping over boring searching though large video sites, Entertainment.ByIndia.com lets viewers cut right to the chase & quickly find the video that they want.
Anyone who is a registered member of ByIndia.com is able to submit videos, which are grouped in six different categories: Anime, Cartoons, Comedy, Independent TV, Movies, and Television.

Of course, any users who register at ByIndia.com so that they can upload links to videos that interest them will also be able to enter ByIndia.com’s 5 Million Dollar (USD) Sweepstakes and receive a chance to win the grand prize.

About Web2Corp:
Web2Corp is a Web 2.0 internet technology development firm dedicated to rapid creation and adaptation of technologies. Web2Corp addresses new markets of users by creating and simplifying useful products, reducing the level of user technical skills required, and lowering prices for consumers.
Web 2.0 technologies have become increasingly popular, with the use of Web 2.0 applications such as e-commerce or blogs up more than 25% over the last year, according to comScore networks. The Web 2.0 market generates more than 20 billion dollars of revenue a year, with well-known companies like Google.com, Flickr.com, MySpace.com, eBay.com, Craigslist.com, and Blogger.com making up the majority of the income.

For more information on ByIndia.com or for rules and details of the ByIndia.com 5 Million Dollar Sweepstakes, visit www.ByIndia.com

For more information on Web2Corp or to see Web2Corp’s Safe Harbor Act Disclaimer Notice, go to www.Web2Corp.com


Trevor Longino
Communications Director, Web2Corp
407.540.0452 (Office)
321.256.2939 (Direct)

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