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By Willem Middelkoop and Robert Proby

As promised here finally our special on Victoria Resources. But unfortunately the most interesting section is not part of it. On request of the management of Victoria we decided to withhold publication of the interviews with several geologists of Victoria. Victoria still finds itself in a transition period in which the company can’t disclose any material information.

Bema Gold used to have a 30% stake in the company. In fact they managed the company since key positions were taken by Bema people. This also explains part of the lack of openness from Victoria. Normally junior exploration companies need all the publicity they can get. But for Bema Gold, since February 28 owned by Kinross, publicity would not be very helpful. They didn’t need the retail investors and so doesn’t Newmont Mining, which actually owned much of these properties before they gave the projects to explore to Victoria. They have a guaranteed back-in right for 51% of the project, in case Victoria finds more than 500.000 ounces of gold.

After the press release by Victoria January 9 of holes NW-1 and NW-3, the discovery of such a deposit seems to be a question of time only. So we are dealing here with two majors who have a very large interest in a small junior exploration company and both decided to stay as much under the radar as possible so they could stake as much of the area as possible.

The following picture, from the new website, proofs we are not dealing here with the average exploration company. More than 10 geologists, 4 of them top guys with Dr. titles, are working on the Victoria properties.

When Victoria made the discovery in hole NW-1 and NW-3 the company was, by law, obliged to inform all investors. But in the press release the news was buried as much as possible. The best grades in years, “225 meters of 2.72 g/ton gold from a depth of 435 meters down to 661 meters”, found by an exploration company in Nevada were mentioned only halfway the release.

Our intuition told us this was a story we had to research as deep as possible. This was the first time after the first Aurelian discovery news of April 2006, we spend so much time studying one exploration company. Hours of research led to the main players of this exciting new discovery. We even interviewed two of the main geologist on the project. But when we showed the trans to the management of Victoria we were asked not to publish because this could cause serious distress, given the sensitive change of ownership and the position of some of the people we talked to so we decided to give Victoria some more time. The company is in the process of sharing more information with investors. This can also be seen on the first pages of their new website which is currently being constructed

UND HIER GEHT'S ZUR NEUEN WEBSEITE ===>>>http://www.victoriaresourcecorp.com/

hat ja auch lange genug gedauert;)

Gruß KN:cool:RPEL
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.809.607 von KNORPEL am 01.10.07 20:13:06Newmont Mining darf ich natuerlich auch nicht vergessen


Lately I sent 2 e-mails to IR of VIT.
2 Questions : when website, when possible drilresults ?
I got a quick reply from Chad Williams.
Website soon......and drilling maybe December (now no (!!!) drilling .
E-mail response :

Will depend on when we start drilling ... by December most likely
(we are not drilling now)

Chad Williams

Thanks for your continued interest.
I can assure you that we are working hard on it.
Unfortunately we are a few more days away from the launch

Chad Williams


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.810.207 von KNORPEL am 01.10.07 21:01:02Hey Vitme, i don't portend to have any advanced knowledge of drill results coming out at any particular time but i am also not sure if they have past drilling that is still being assayed and yet to be released. My point is that there is no set schedule for when these items of information come out. Since things can't get any quieter on the VIT front and the stock has been ridden down...that there is very little risk it goes down more but a WHOLE lot of reasons that at any new information that it could go higher, so why wait to stake a position. i wish i had dropped all in at the .60 to .70 level but i bought higher mostly in the 1.20 range...but i am still a happy holder.
cheers and glad you are on board.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.810.361 von KNORPEL am 01.10.07 21:13:13
Victoria Resource Corp AGM - This is the Bomb

July 31/07

Victoria Resources Corporation

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cypress Room

Present: Dr Raul Madrid, Manager, Nevada Operations

Chad Williams, director

John McConnell, director

Dr Marcus Johnson, Dr Mike Russel plus 5 other geologists

The skinny: Your AGM reporter has been to 20-30 AGMs over the last 2-3 yrs and this was absolutely the most informative session I've ever seen. We were there for 3 hours.

Bottom line- expect new marketing, new website (approx 2 weeks), expecting larger drill rig in about 3 weeks to end of month at Cove-McCoy, probably working on NW-5 – it's being set up for re-entry, being 300 ft from their target. You can see VIT is being set up to fly. Higher gold prices, better marketing, lots of targets. 8 shareholders this year at the AGM, up from the 2 last yr. – a 400% increase. We met Norge, Mrs Norge, Eldreco there and we later spoke by phone with Bemabeamer. Thank you to Norge for setting it up.

In the formal part of the meeting, exiting exec Roger Richer presided. 4 new directors were elected – Chad Williams, Hugh Agro, Sean Harvey, John McConnell.

Formal meeting over, the room was given over to Dr Raul Madrid. Looking svelte after trimming 80 lbs from same time last year, Dr Madrid looked to be taking on the leadership mantle with aplomb. He spoke for much of that time, (there were 2 breaks). And there was much to talk about. VIT is awash in projects. He explained the what, when and why of VIT's methodology in working their projects.

You have to remember that Dr Madrid headed a group with the US Geological Survey so he is used to guiding geologists. He will be the Obi-Wan to the other 9 geologists, which include two other Phds – Drs. Marcus Johnson and Mike Russel. It appears the legendary Dr Ralph J Roberts, who is 96 years old, has been retained as a consultant. So you have 4 Phds working for Victoria.

Dr Madrid was very professorial in tone and he noted that VIT is a company known for the care they take in mapping out the geological structural systems in detail so that they can plan where to drill with laser-like accuracy.

The first thing he talked about were all the gold belts in the world, focusing on Witwatersand in South Africa, where 1.5 B tonnes of gold has been mined. His theory is that there are 1.5B tonnes of gold in the various belts in Nevada and Utah. That's a lot of gold.

In looking for the gold, VIT choses properties based on the following –

1-all represent old gold districts

2- they are present within known or recently mapped gold belts; some by VIT personnel

3-previous drilling with good gold results or well-defined as high grade gold districts

4-close to or includes older gold mines or recently exploited gold mines such as Cove-McCoy;

5-some contain gold inventories, defined by previous company, which can be significantly expanded

6-gold bearing structural systems > 55 metres width to 655 m with multiple orientations; useful for deep exploration

7-have high potential for large gold system development > 2 M oz/property.

These are, in essence, the rules VIT follows in determining whether gold projects are worthwhile or not.


C-M can be drilled year-round.

NW5 is set for re-entry. Only bad news was one drill rig right now, but the larger drill will be arriving in 3 weeks to end of the month. (It sounded like there may be drill rigs available in Vancouver.)

The $2 M from PP needs to make an impact, but that can come from the many targets that can easily cause a sensation. NW5 is 300 metres away from their target, Summit holes can be twinned to meet 43-101 standards, etc.

VIT spends their money for quality diamond drills at $100/ft, not $30/ft as with reverse circulation drills.

If I heard correctly, the scramble for more land to the west was due to Newmont NOT also transferring rights to land within a mile(?) of the JV land, which is apparently how things are handled normally. This subtle difference led VIT to speculate that Newmont may have discovered a new gold belt going from NE to SW.

There was a graphic showing the following but it went by so quickly I only got this: Drilling to define down and up plunge portion, shaped like upside down smiley face/cigar.

Similar to deep systems within the Carlin/Battle Mountain gold belt and Cortez Hills (same geometries).

-deep drilling revitalized McCoy district – large number of targets NOT found by previous companies.

(But don't worry, I'm assuming that graphic will be on the website when it goes live in about 2 weeks. The website will be a great marketing tool).

Black Canyon -

Management Discussion and Analysis in the Report to Shareholders mentioned completion of a drill access road. All permits have been approved.

The drill rig that was at Relief Canyon is likely here right now.

It's high up 5000ft, so needs to be drilled in the summer.

Grades up to 3699 g/t have been found by Victoria.

From one of the rock samples in the room, one can see visible gold. The gold specks show up when the sample is tilted.

Black Canyon has never been drilled before.

A potential problem might be the actress Sandra Bullock, as she owns land in the area.

Mill Canyon

Same as last year when I reported - only 4 out of 26 targets have been drilled.

Higher Open Cut and RJR are the areas of interest.

Drilling could be problematic as they need a dry winter.

How Raul Madrid described the drilling at Mill Canyon:

Imagine the system looks like an open hand. They have found 3 fingers, but they want to find the palm (as represented by RJR) and they know it's there as mapping has revealed a significant offset target for the larger RJR gold system. It's an area dominated by fluidized breccias and they planned to drill it this year.

Mapping also indicated that Higher Open Cut contains a high grade gold system and is an excellent candidate for step out drilling.

Next time they drill, there will be tighter spacing between holes and not the wider spacing that was done previously.


Can be drilled all year round.

Awaiting permit in about 3 month

High grade nature determined by previous drilling, demonstrating it to be a Carlin-type gold system with excellent potential.

Incomplete drilling

Hilltop – drill maybe next spring, instead of drilling at a slant, they intend to drill straight down.

Relief Canyon – difficult drilling – but mapping continues.

Other tidbits

Victoria holds 106,531 acres of land of which 39,462 acres are 100% Victoria's while

they hold 67,109 acres with Newmont, for which they incur no fees.

Cortez Trend may be a misnomer as it is rootless and the land below falls off and may have shifted.

After the AGM and chatting with Norge and Bemabeamer, the following questions are swirling in my head -

Why can't VIT have US Gold's market cap? $50 M vs $373 M

Robert McEwen has a solid reputation and is a brand name. He has done it before and can probably do it again.

But has he been involved in 12 major discoveries like Raul Madrid has?

How many Ph.Ds do they have? VIT has 4, including the legendary Dr Ralph J Roberts, whose autobiography Passion for Gold, is still available at Amazon and Chapters.

How many other companies do as many detailed mapping as Victoria?

Drilling to Re-Start at Victoria's Cove-McCoy Gold Project in Nevada to Follow-Up on Previous Encouraging Results

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Oct 2, 2007 (Marketwire via COMTEX News Network) --

Victoria Resource Corporation (the "Company" or "Victoria") (TSX VENTURE:VIT) today announces plans to re-start core drilling in early October at the Cove-McCoy Property located in Nevada. The goal is to further define a new zone of gold mineralization first identified on the property through Victoria's limited Phase 1 exploration program.


- Four core holes were drilled by Victoria in an area called "NW-Cove" in the first half of 2007. The best results were(1):

- Core drill hole NW-1 intersected 126 feet (38 metres ("m") of 0.32 ounce per ton ("oz/ton") (11 grams per tonne ("g/t")) gold, within which were two zones of 34 feet (10 m) of 0.64 oz/ton (22 g/t) gold and 68 feet (20 m) of 0.27 oz/ton (9 g/t) gold.

- Core drill hole NW-4 intersected 46 feet (14 m) grading 0.24 oz/ton (8 g/t) gold.

- The Phase 1 drill program by Victoria consisted of only four holes because of limited access to drills(2). The upcoming campaign is intended to consist of at least 7 more holes targeting the definition of a gold inventory that may lead to economic gold concentrations located just 2,000 feet (660 m) on average from the side wall of the abandoned Cove open pit. More holes could be drilled if warranted by exploration success. NW-5 is scheduled to be the first hole drilled in this campaign because it is an estimated 500 feet from the new zone of gold mineralization at NW-Cove which remains open in all directions. NW-Cove is just one of fourteen high-potential targets defined by Victoria's geologists located on the large Cove-McCoy property.

- Previous mining at the Cove-McCoy property produced over 3 million ounces of gold plus over 100 million ounces of silver until operations ceased in 2001. Victoria is earning up to a 100% interest in this property through annual work commitments, subject to a back-in right by Newmont Mining Corporation ("Newmont") of either a 51% stake or a maximum royalty of up to 5% after the delivery of a positive feasibility study (additional information concerning this agreement can be found on www.sedar.com or on Victoria's new website.

- Cove-McCoy is located in a very prospective region of gold mineralization in North-Central Nevada. This region contains many multi-million ounce deposits such as the 8 million ounce Phoenix project located nine miles (14 kilometres) away. If a new zone of economic mineralization is defined at NW-Cove, access to mine the area could possibly be achieved relatively quickly and inexpensively through a side wall of the large existing Cove open pit, especially if it is de-watered. The availability of miners, equipment, and other items required to mine this zone tends to be better in this region compared to most places in the world. And because the area was formerly mined, the operational permitting process may be simplified and accelerated.

New Web Site

- Victoria has launched its new website which can be accessed at www.victoriaresourcecorp.com. Further information about Cove-McCoy and all of the Company's other projects can be found on this site.

The Company

- Victoria Resource Corporation is a high-growth, lower-risk company focused on gold. The Company endeavors to add value per share through efficient exploration and accretive acquisitions. In addition, Victoria's management keeps a constant vigilance on lowering the Company's risk profile through project diversification, prudent management of its financial resources, and choosing to operate in lower-risk jurisdictions.

- The Company's competitive advantages include the proven track-record of gold discovery by its team and its management's

Victoria Announces the Appointment of a New Chief Financial Officer and a Vice President of Exploration

Monday October 15, 7:59 pm ET

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2007) - Victoria Resource Corporation (the "Company" or "Victoria") (TSX VENTURE:VIT - News) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Marty Rendall, CFA as the Company's new Chief Financial Officer, effective October 23, 2007. In addition, Dr. Raul Madrid has been appointed Vice President of Exploration effective immediately.

Mr. Rendall was employed by De Beers Canada Inc. since January 2002, most recently serving as Senior Financial Analyst. He held various roles at De Beers such as Project Accountant, Cost Accountant and Financial Superintendent. Mr. Rendall held the position of Financial Analyst for Breakwater Resources from November 1997 through December 2001.

Dr. Madrid is a specialist in sedimentary-rock-hosted gold deposits as well as other types of precious metal epithermal and mesothermal deposits. He was the leader of the U.S. Geological Survey 's (USGS) "Disseminated Gold Project" which was created to uncover the origins of Carlin-type gold mineralization in Nevada. Dr. Madrid was President and Chairman of the Board of Conquistador Mines Ltd., a public gold exploration company from 1995 to 2001.

"The addition of Mr. Rendall will provide sure footing to Victoria in terms of financial reporting," said Chad Williams, CEO, President & Director, "but his strength in the financial evaluation of mineral assets in particular is also very important since the Company intends to embark on a campaign of growth in the gold industry". "Dr. Madrid will continue to lead the Company's exploration efforts in Nevada using his vast experience and proven techniques of finding gold deposits but will have greater scope to assist the Company in other regions as well."

The Company

Victoria Resource Corporation is a high-growth, lower-risk company focused on gold. The Company endeavors to add value per share through efficient exploration and completing accretive acquisitions. In addition, Victoria's management keeps a constant vigilance on lowering the Company's risk profile through project diversification, prudent management of its financial resources, and choosing to operate in lower-risk jurisdictions. Victoria currently has interests in eight promising gold exploration projects located in Nevada covering an area of more than 100,000 acres. The Company's strengths lie in its exceptional property portfolio and its experienced and dedicated exploration team. Near-term catalysts related to exploration results, the constant evaluation of accretive corporate transactions, and other factors such as a higher gold price environment should assist the Company in adding value per share.


Chad Williams, CEO, President & Director

The TSX Venture Exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Victoria to Begin Drilling at Black Canyon; Kinross Gold Corporation Intends to Participate in Previously Announced Private Placement; Options Granted

Thursday October 25, 1:54 pm ET

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(MARKET WIRE)--Oct 25, 2007 -- Victoria Resource Corporation (the "Company" or "Victoria") (CDNX:VIT.V - News) announces the intent to start drilling at the 100%-owned Black Canyon gold exploration project imminently.
About Black Canyon

- Victoria's Black Canyon property is located approximately two kilometres (1.25 miles) southeast of the Florida Canyon mine and three kilometres (1.9 miles) northeast of the Standard mine in North-central Nevada.

- The property contains an unusually wide (over 700 m or 2,100 feet) structural system containing quartz-tourmaline-galena sheeted vein swarms.

- Although it was the site of high-grade, narrow-vein gold mining activity that peaked in the 1880s, Victoria understands that this property has never been drilled.

- Further details about this property can be found in Victoria's October 18, 2005 news release and at the Company's website (www.victoriaresourcecorp.com).


Victoria's Phase 1 Drilling Campaign Strategy at Black Canyon

- Drilling is to focus on a large structural intersection zone. It has an estimated width of greater than 700 meters or 2,100 feet as delineated by Victoria's recent detailed structural mapping. Most visible-gold surface grab-samples taken by Victoria geologists grading up to 108 ounces per ton (3,714 g/t gold) occur within this zone.

- The Company expects to drill at least three holes to a depth of about 700 meters (2,100 feet) each to evaluate the structural orientation of this intersection zone and evaluate its possible deeper gold content.

- The drilling is expected to continue at Black Canyon until the onset of winter conditions. Although newly constructed, the site's drill-access road is not an all-weather road and will therefore not allow the Company to continue drilling over the short three months of winter.

- Should the results of Phase 1 drilling be positive, a Phase 2 program could commence in the Spring of 2008.

"It must be remembered that Black Canyon is one of Victoria's earliest-stage exploration targets", stated Chad Williams, CEO, President and Director. "However, the abundance of visible-gold grab samples taken by our team, the fact that previous gold mines exist on the property, and its location along a major structural belt encompassing many other precious metal mines make this an attractive project for the Company" he added, "and this Phase 1 campaign may only be the beginning of our exploration efforts at Black Canyon.

Participation of Kinross

- Kinross Gold Corporation ("Kinross") has been allocated an amount of approximately $3 million under Victoria's brokered $13.5 million private placement of units announced on October 17, 2007.

Grant of Options

- The Company also announces the granting of stock options to certain officers and a consultant of the Company to purchase in the aggregate up to 900,000 common shares at an exercise price of $0.70 per share until October 23, 2012 pursuant to the Company's stock option plan. The company wishes to clarify that 1.9 million stock options were granted to directors and an officer on August 20, 2007 and not 2.1 million as stated in the press release of the same date.

The Company

Victoria is a high-growth, lower-risk company focused on gold. The Company endeavors to add value per share through efficient exploration and completing accretive acquisitions.

In addition, Victoria's management keeps a constant vigilance on lowering the Company's risk profile through project diversification, prudent management of its financial resources, and choosing to operate in lower-risk jurisdictions.

Victoria currently has interests in 8 promising gold exploration projects located in Nevada covering an area of more than 100,000 acres.

The Company's strengths lie in its exceptional property portfolio and its experienced and dedicated exploration team.

Near-term catalysts related to exploration results, the constant evaluation of accretive corporate transactions, and other factors such as a higher gold price environment should assist the Company in adding value per share.


Market Regulation Services - Trading Halt - Victoria Resource Corp. - VIT

Tuesday December 11, 9:10 am ET

2007-12-11 13:14 ET - News Release

Mr. Chad Williams reports


Victoria Resource Corp. is providing gold assays from recently completed core hole NW-5, at the Cove-McCoy project, located in north-central Nevada.


A composite interval of 61.9 metres (203 feet) of 12.57 grams per tonne (0.367 ounce per ton) gold includes 42.2 m (138.5 feet) of 16.36 g/t (0.478 ounce per ton).
This interval also contains 13.9 m (45.5 feet) of 37.21 g/t (1.087 ounces per ton) plus 12.2 m (40 feet) of 12.59 g/t (0.368 ounce per ton).
All of the above intercepts are contained in an interval of 208.8 m (685 feet) of 4.60 g/t (0.134 ounce per ton).

The drill intercepts are summarized in a table.

HOLE NW-5 (344, -67), COVE-MCCOY PROJECT, NW-COVE TARGET AREAFrom m (ft) To m (ft) Length m (ft) Gold (g/t) Gold (oz/ton)421.5 (1,383) 630.3 (2,068) 208.8 (685) 4.60 0.134Including450.5 (1,478) 456.6 (1,498) 4.6 (20) 7.25 0.212568.5 (1,865) 630.3 (2,068) 61.9 (203) 12.57 0.367588.1 (1,929.5) 630.3 (2,068) 42.2 (138.5) 16.36 0.478588.1 (1,929.5) 602.0 (1,975) 13.9 (45.5) 37.21 1.087593.8 (1,948) 602.0 (1,975) 8.2 (27) 52.22 1.525621.2 (2,038) 630.3 (2,068) 9.1 (30) 16.63 0.486

True widths have not yet been determined.

What these results mean to Victoria

A total of five core holes totalling 4,800 m (15,760 feet) have now been drilled by the company at Cove-McCoy. The best results released prior to NW-5 were:

NW-1 intersected 38.4 m (126 feet) of 10.96 g/t (0.320 ounce per ton) gold.
NW-4 intersected 14.0 m (46 feet) grading 8.16 g/t (0.238 ounce per ton) gold.

Chad Williams, chief executive officer, president and director, commented: "The wide and continuous intercepts and significant gold grades reported by hole NW-5 show that we may be progressing toward the definition of a sizable, new, quality gold system at Cove-McCoy, and highlight the potential of this large property that we have really just started exploring. NW-5 also substantiates Victoria's exploration methods that can be applied to the 14 other targets currently identified at Cove-McCoy and the company's seven other gold exploration projects in Nevada."

The gold-mineralized area, defined by holes NW-1 to NW-5, has been named the Helen zone.

NW-5 hit significant gold mineralization approximately 68.6 m (225 feet) down plunge of the Helen zone, from core hole NW-1. The Helen zone is located just 660 m (2,000 feet) northwest -- and roughly at the same elevation -- as the bottom of the mined Cove open pit.

Cove-McCoy plans

NW-5 was the first hole in Victoria's phase 2 of drilling at Cove-McCoy. A second core drill rig has been added to the site, with a minimum of six more holes planned to further test the Helen zone. A third core drill rig may be added in early 2008, to test other targets on the property.

Although exploration at Cove is at an early stage, underground access to the Helen zone for closer-spaced delineation drilling may be warranted, depending on drilling results over the next few months. Access to the Helen zone could be achieved relatively quickly and inexpensively through the side wall of the existing Cove-McCoy open pit.

We seek Safe Harbor.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.727.370 von KNORPEL am 11.12.07 15:45:01Victoria Reports 61.9 m (203 feet) of 12.57 g/t (0.367 oz/ton) Gold Including 13.9 m (45.5 feet) of 37.21 g/t (1.087 oz/ton) Gold at Cove-McCoy, Nevada:yawn:

Tuesday December 11, 12:51 pm ET


Gruß KN:cool:RPEL
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.731.671 von Popeye82 am 11.12.07 20:36:34@ Popeye

ist noch nicht zu spaet einzusteigen;)

du solltest aber erst mal den ersten Hype abwarten,vielleicht kommt VIctoria noch mal runter auf 1 C$

Ich schaetze die naechste News wird es wohl in so ca. 4-6 Wochen geben (Black Canyon Projekt)

Gruß KN:cool:RPEL
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.731.982 von KNORPEL am 11.12.07 20:58:02waehrend viele über BE die anstehen bei anderen aktien spekulieren,sind sie bei victoria schon eingetroffen ujnd waren sehr gut.der kurs hat auch reaggiert.
trotzdem spekulieren auf W:O die meisten lieber üner hy lake oder maximus.
victoria interesiert trotz hervorgender aussichten niemand.
irgendwie unlogisch.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.784.064 von meagain am 16.12.07 18:23:38victoria legt heute mal wieder um 8 % zu.dies ist wohl fundamental gut begründet,bei den bohrergebnisen.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.793.993 von meagain am 17.12.07 18:21:20beio hylake warten alle auf die BE.bei victoria sind sie schon da.wieder mal 12,5 % +.sie will auch nach kräftigem kurssprung weiter nach oben.was will man mehr.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.846.414 von meagain am 22.12.07 09:58:18und bisher interesiert sich niemand in D für die aktie.......
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.846.474 von meagain am 22.12.07 10:14:50'InsideMetals.com' Adds Four Junior Gold Stocks to Its Popular Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks Shopping Mall

RENO, Nevada, Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- InsideMetals.com, an internet website that provides easy access to a detailed value-added WORLD VIEW of Gold Producer Stocks, Mineral Producer Stocks, and Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks reported today that it has added four companies to its Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks Shopping Mall. The http://www.insidemetals.com website information resource now includes 97 listed Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks.

The newly featured companies are:

Gold Explorers

Grandview Gold Inc. listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is actively
exploring for Carlin type gold deposits in Nevada, and for Red Lake-type
gold mineralization in Canada.

U.S. Gold Corp. listed on the American Stock Exchange and the Toronto
Stock Exchange, is actively exploring the Cortez Gold Trend in Nevada. In
October they announced gold assay results from their Tonkin Springs and
Limo Projects.

Gateway Gold Corp. listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is actively
exploring for gold deposits in Nevada. Gateway recently announced finding
gold mineralization in diamond drilling at its Lower Mac Ridge project
located in northeastern Nevada.

Gold Prospector

Victoria Resources Corp. listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange, is
actively exploring for gold deposits in Nevada and announced in October
that it will begin drilling on its 100%-owned Black Canyon project located
in North-central Nevada.

"Three of these companies have been classified as Explorers," said InsideMetals.com editor, Mike Mapa. "These companies are actively exploring favorable lower plate rocks in Nevada. The remaining company, Victoria Resources has been added as a Prospector, and has interests in 8 promising gold exploration properties in Nevada covering more than 100,000 acres."

InsideMetals Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks Shopping Mall makes it easier to find and obtain access to Junior Gold & Mineral Stocks, which are development companies, often without revenues, classified according to the stage of development of their property. The three development stages are: Prospector, Explorer, and Developer, and are defined on the website at http://www.insidemetals.com

"InsideMetals.com" is organized to provide convenient worldwide access to detailed value-added Gold and Mineral Stocks information for everyone, from the average investor to sophisticated stockbrokers and fund managers. Insidemetals.com is fast and easy to use and is designed to save time for busy investors, fund managers, stock brokers, financial analysts, and government administrators who need organized up-to-date information about Gold and Mineral Stock


Stimmt, das mit dem Interesse.
Aber in der Regel(die richtige Wahl vorausgesetzt), ist mir
das -gelinde gesagt- sch...egal

-die meisten Leute sollen ja eh nach mir kaufen! :)

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.849.350 von Popeye82 am 22.12.07 17:31:42stimmt.die meisten hier springen erst auf wenn der hype begonnen hat.victoria dürfte da noch einiges vor sich haben.wenn ichs richtig in erinnerung hab,hatten sie 13 mio. $ fürs bohrprogram zur verfügung.da steht noch einiges aus.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.851.974 von meagain am 23.12.07 12:45:05und wieder mal 7 % + in to.das bei schwachem marktumfeld.
@ meagain

Bitte meagain, musst nicht jedes kurzfristige Auf&Ab kommentieren:(

Aber sachdienliche Postings sind natuerlich willkommen:)

Gruß KN:cool:RPEL
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.864.596 von KNORPEL am 25.12.07 19:48:20wieder mal + 20 %.soll ich das nicht komentieren?ich meine das die aktie etwas aufmerkasamkeit verdient.der kurs dürfte dazu beitragen,jedenfalls wenn er sich so entwickelt wie zur zeit.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.904.445 von KNORPEL am 31.12.07 13:47:31sorry aber der link lässt sich nicht öffnen........
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 32.906.346 von meagain am 31.12.07 17:00:32Ist auch kein Link,hab ich aus einzelnen Screenshots zusammengebastelt

Ist mir wohl nicht so gut gelungen:(

Die ganze Slideshow koennt ihr euch auf der Victoria-Webseite anschauen unter "INVESTOR CENTER =>PRESENTATIONS


Gutes NEUES wuenscht

Behind Victoria Resource Corp’s (VIT.V) recent core hole NW-5 at the Cove-McCoy project

By Dirk Masuch Oesterreich


Hier noch einige Beitraege aus dem BULLBOARD :

"Any idea when next set of results are DO?"

I tend to agree. Reading between the lines, my guess is we won't hear anything further on Cove until mid to late spring. Not sure about Black Canyon.

If the company decides to not release drilling results at Cove McCoy until all six holes are completed (Chad has indicated that they do not intend on having a press release everytime they obtain drilling results on single holes), depending on the number of rigs available, we man have to wait until May; however, if any one of the holes drilled have results that are material in nature,the company will no doubt report those results as soon as they are available. Remember, VIT is drilling holes 600 - 800 meters deep. It is a slow process and takes a considerable amount of time. The best we can hope for is that the sixth hole drilling results are material in nature. Should that be the case, I would agree that we could see results reported as early as Feb or March. Black Canyon is another story. If weather conditions have prevented the company from completing their drilling, we could also be waiting a few months for drilling news; on the other hand, if VIT was able to complete the drilling before weather conditions got too bad for drilling, then we could see drilling reports come in within the next two months.
black canyon possibly jan...or feb at latest i would think
cove mccoy likely feb...worst case mar.


SUBJECT: VIT Closing Price - Highest This Yr - MoreYet Posted By: thomas34
Post Time: 12/31/2007 16:56
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Not too long ago I mentioned that I expected Victoria to give up 50% of its gain after running up intraday to 1.60. I suggested that investors use a dip to 1.10 to add to positions or take an initial position. I further stated that in 30 days this stock would re-test its opening price @ 1.40 the day VIT reported stellar drilling results. Everything couldn't have been scripted better. The stock is now trading at 1.43 Canadian. Recently I mentioned when this stock was at 1.27 that I now expect that this stock will take out its intraday yearly high @ 1.60 by February, without any drilling news. We are on our way to that target, and we have some very positive technical factors favoring a surge into all-time highs for gold bullion. Just for your own information, gold bullion, on the monthly closing basis, closed today at its highest price in history - still a long way off from my longer term target near $1,600 per ounce.


SUBJECT: RE: long in vit Posted By: touareg
Post Time: 12/30/2007 14:21
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My opinion may be biased but I have a strong feeling the PMs are in for a nice upwave.. starting with the pog and pos along with the majors and then the mids and the good juniors like VIT.. I wouldnt be at all surprised to see the whole sector really turn around over the next few months and the juniors especially have a lot of cathing up to do.. I dont see VIT losing much ground from here, the evidence of what they have is starting to show itself and the people who know are building positions.. as i said being a big VIT fan i may be biased but I dont see much downside from here and I see a LOT of upside.. all imo ofcourse..
my two cent are hang on to what you got and buy more on dips..
Happy new year all
---------------------- SUBJECT: US GOLD vs V.I.T. Posted By: Norge
Post Time: 12/17/2007 02:29
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I've looked at u s gold since last spring when we were sort of like lost sheep , no info on v i t , we weren't sure who was in charge and I remember there was talk of maybe Rob would step up to the plate and rescue us. Times have changed, we now are well aware of the fact that we have in Raul a guy who has spent the major part of his career figuring out how to locate gold down deep in the ground using a lot of clues that make me dizzy.He's assembled a finely tuned team that are going to establish him as a genius and make a lot of people wealthy.The new board has a pedigree in making things happen and we are now cooking with gas. You're absolutely right touareg, we got at least 3 or 4 chances at a mine, if not more.There isn't another exploration company in Nevada that have the properties and potential Raul and company have assembled, like bemabeamer said, the only thing that changed was the time frame, and we wound up with a better company. 2008- 2009 is going to rock our world, no doubt about it.

Victoria's Marketing Strategy and Management Team Strengthened by Appointment of New Public Affairs Professional

Tuesday January 22, 5:22 pm ET

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 22, 2008 -- Victoria Resource Corporation (the "Company" or "Victoria") (CDNX:VIT.V - News) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Linda Dorrington as the Company's Director of Public and Corporate Affairs.

Ms. Linda Dorrington joins the Company from De Beers Canada Inc. (De Beers) where she established and headed up their Public and Corporate Affairs Department for five years. She served on the De Beers Executive Committee and was responsible for communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement and was a key member of their strategy team. Prior to that, Ms. Dorrington provided communications consultancy services in Canada to De Beers and to AngloGold Limited (now AngloGold Ashanti Limited). Ms. Dorrington has also worked in corporate communications for Anglo American PLC in Johannesburg, South Africa and in London, England for a global law firm. Ms. Dorrington will receive 150,000 options to purchase shares in the Company with an exercise price equal to the closing price on January 21, 2007 of C$1.00. The options have a term to expiry of five years and will vest over an 18 month period.

"Ms. Dorrington's appointment is a clear signal that one of Victoria's key missions is to add shareholder value through effective communication with our external stakeholders. Ms. Dorrington is a high energy individual who brings a wealth of experience in communication and marketing at the most senior level of some of the world's largest and highest quality mining companies. We are absolutely delighted to have her join the Victoria team," said Chad Williams, CEO, President & Director of the Company.

The Company

Victoria Resource Corporation is a high-growth, lower-risk company focused on gold. The Company's strategy is to add value per share through efficient exploration, accretive acquisitions and effective marketing. Maintaining a low risk profile through vigilance, project diversification, sound financial management and operating in secure jurisdictions are key priorities for Victoria's management team. Victoria currently has interests in eight promising gold exploration projects covering over 100,000 acres in Nevada, USA. Victoria is distinguished by its exceptional property portfolio and the quality, experience and dedication of its management and exploration team. The Company's exploration results, active evaluation of growth opportunities through corporate transactions and the higher gold price are all factors which should add to the Company's value per share.


Chad Williams, CEO, President & Director

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 33.161.142 von KNORPEL am 24.01.08 20:37:44Hi Kn:cool:rpel,

danke für die Infos.
Scheint ja recht Ruhig hier zu sein. ;)
Kennt kaum einer den Wert in DE, erinnert mich an Aurelian.

Wenn die noch schöne BE hervor zaubern, dann kann's auch eine werden. ;)

Viele Grüße


Wer einsteigen will sollte es jetzt tun :)

Kurse um 1 CAN$ sind absolute Kaufkurse

natuerlich in Kanada

in D ist ja tote Hose,da wacht man erst auf bei 1000%:cry::cry::cry:

Gruß KN:cool:RPEL
Victoria Continues to Drill High Grade Gold at Cove-McCoy
Wednesday February 20, 12:55 pm ET


Jetzt wird es interessant. ;)

Gap ist zu, jetzt bin ich mal gespannt.


Durchstoßen der 200er GD, erzeugt gleichzeitig ein Kaufsignal durch MACD. :)

Werde dann mit ner kleinen Posi einsteigen.


Victoria Reports More High Grade Gold Results From Cove-McCoy: Hole NW-6A Intersects 39.6 m (130 feet) of 11.8 g/t (0.343 oz/ton)


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 33.859.424 von KNORPEL am 10.04.08 18:07:16Quelle:GOLDDRIVER

Victoria Continues To Drill High Grade Gold At Cove-McCoy
Hole NW-6A Intersects 39.6 m (130 feet) of 11.8 g/t (0.343 oz/ton)

shares outstanding: 91 million
market cap: $85 million

Dear member,

Victoria Resource Corp came out last week with impressive drilling results from its Cove-McCoy gold project Nevada which included an intersection of 39.6 m grading 11.8 g/t gold.

Seven core holes totalling about 6,400 m (21,000 feet) have now been drilled by the Company at Cove-McCoy and the system seems to get bigger and bigger with each single drill hole. The amount of gold Victoria has discovered given so few holes and only about $5 million spent to date is truly extraordinary. Victoria has three core drill rigs in operation at Cove-McCoy and is going fast forward now. The next few holes will be very important because they could be adding ounces quickly. If Victoria succeeds in demonstrating a multi million ounce deposit at Cove-McCoy that could be mined economically then Victoria will be a winner.

Victoria is trading at 93 cents these days which marks an excellent entry point for those investors who want to buy or add to their existing positions. Victoria traded at $1.60 in December last year and it's only a matter of time to see Victoria clocking new highs again.

MGI Securities just initiated coverage for Victoria as well and maintain a $1.40 target

Technical oriented investors however could opt to wait until Victoria's recent down-trend has been breached to the up-side, see chart below:

Press release highlights:

Victoria Reports More High Grade Gold Results From Cove-McCoy: Hole NW-6A Intersects 39.6 m (130 feet) of 11.8 g/t (0.343 oz/ton)

Thursday April 10, 9:00 am ET

Seven core holes totalling about 6,400 m (21,000 feet) have now been drilled by the Company at Cove-McCoy. Hole NW-6A is part of a new campaign started in late 2007 to determine the size and grade of the Helen Zone's gold mineralization. The Helen Zone, a new discovery by Victoria, is located just 625 m (2,000 feet) north-west of the large Cove open-pit

Chad Williams, President and CEO of Victoria Resource Corporation comments:

We are very pleased with the length and grade of the assays returned by NW-6A. The size of the Helen Zone appears to be growing with each new hole that we drill. Victoria's exploration at the Helen Zone is still in its infancy and the results thus far are encouraging with the geometry of the mineralized system remaining open in multiple directions."

Cove-McCoy Background

The Helen Zone is one of eight postulated significant structural intersection zones located within the "NW-Cove" target. In turn, the NW-Cove target is just the first of fourteen larger target areas on the Cove-McCoy property to be drilled by Victoria.

Seit gestern bin ich nun auch drin.

Ich habe einen Tip vom CEO von Mexivada erhalten, das man bei Victoria Resources letzte Woche vielleicht eine hervorragende Bohrung zu tage gebracht hat, deswegen ist der Kurs auch die letzten 2 Tage in Kanada so gestiegen.

Nun heißt es abwarten und Daumen drücken. :)
Victoria Reports Further High Grade Gold Results From Cove-McCoy: Hole NW-8 Intersects 9.1 m (30 feet) Grading 13.89 g/t (0.403 oz/ton)

Friday June 20, 8:30 am ET


Hier mal ein Paar Einschaetzungen zu Victoria aus dem BULLBOARD
Ich persoenlich halte VIT.V fuer 0,80C$ fuer nen klaren Kauf,aber macht euch euer eigenes Bild

Drilling Results Analysis & Victoria Outlook

6/20/2008 11:38:11 AM | | 215 reads | Post #23480973

Recent drilling: Allthough NW8 drilling results indicated further high grade gold results @ .403 oz. per ton for the longest intersect of 30ft., drilling results from hole NW1 through NW7 had longer intercepts:

(NW1 34 feet @ .642 o/p/t)
(NW5 45.5 feet @ 1.087 o/p/t - 138.5 feet @ .0478 o/p/t - 203 feet @ .37 o/p/t) (NW6 65 feet @ .457 o/p/t)
(NW7 50 feet @ .0475 o/p/t)

Today's drilling results were not as robust as some of the past drilling results, but they were still pretty much in line with the intercepts mentioned above. Should drilling results from NW9 - NW12 have similar results, IMO, Vitoria will announce its next drilling phase at Cove McCoy - that phase could include another 40 holes that could be drilled from an adit near the bottom of the Cove Open Pit. I believe this phase of drilling, should it occur, will be designed to identify how much commercial gold reserves are actually available possibly leading to an eventual feasibility study.

I believe we have finally seen a bottom in VIT. With my expectation that
Gold will easily take out its old highs near $1035 this year, its hard to
believe that VIT and the majority of junior gold exploration companies won't see a major upmove. In the case of VIT its astounding that this stock is so cheap given all the good drilling news, the new management team at VIT, and a host of positive developments within the company. Despite all the positive things happening with VIT, its stock remains near the price it was in December 2007 - just before the company reported robust drilling results (in Dec 2007 VIT was trading near .75 C and right after the positive drilling news the stock hit 1.60 C). There are at least four analyst now covering VIT and all of them have a price targets ranging between 1.40 and 1.50 C - and those price objectives are based on very conservative assumptions. Should VIT continue to report drilling results at Cove McCoy comparable to what we have seen on average over the last year, I wouldn't be surprised to see the analyst raise their targeted price for VIT. I truly believe that risk oriented clients should be stepping up to the plate and adding to their holdings.

Victoria's stock (.76 C today) has continued to fall on reduced volume - and much of that weakness is already reflected in its stock IMO. Current wekness, IMO, has been due to: management's lack of providing adequate information flow as it relates its drilling activities and other corporate activity to increase shareholder value; investors fear that drilling results would not be as robust as former drilling results; Victoria's problems obtaining a qualifed drilling crew for a third rig; poor invetor sentiment for the entire junior gold exploration sector; and the recent $150 dollar drop in gold bullion prices.

IMO, most of the issues mentioned above should show a significant improvement in the coming months: IMO, gold bullion has already established a low for this year, and I expect its price to be well above $1,000 an ounce before year-end. I also expect to see a substantial improvement in market sentiment toward the entire junior gold exploration sector, which will eventually lead to higher prices for most of the stocks in this sector - including Victoria Resources. Also, one shoud note the seasonal patterns will start favoring high gold stock prices towards the end of this summer. I believe that management at Victoria will eventually be successful in hiring a qualifed drilling crew that will enable this company to operate a third drilling rig. With a third drilling rig, information flow on drilling activity is bound to increase incrementially. The more frequent the news flow, the more likely its stock price will be supported at a higher price level than its current price. Regarding information flow, Victoria should have another press release on NW10 in the next couple of weeks. I also believe management will continue to find new ways of marketing this company to the public and expanding its shareholder base.

The bottom line, IMO, investors would be well served to take advantage of today's low price for Victoria and add to their positions.

Cautionary statement: Investing in Junior gold exploration companies involves a high degree of risk and also substantial upside appreciation potential. You should limit your investments to risk capital that you can afford to lose a substantial portion of. Also, you should note that I personally own a substantial position in this company. The statements above reflect my opinions, and I urge all investors to do their own due diligence before making any investment decision to buy this stock.


Victoria Resource Corporation: Drill Hole NW-10 at Cove-McCoy Intersects 6.1 m (20 ft) Grading 6.33 g/t (0.185 oz/ton) Gold Within 162 m (535 ft) Mineralized Interval
Monday July 14, 8:30 am ET


Victoria's Drill Hole NW-9 Hits 33.5 m of 11.48 g/t Gold Including 9.1 m of 20.68 g/t Plus 9.1 m of 15.22 g/t
Thursday October 2, 11:07 am ET


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