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... Futures in USA sehen sehr gut aus...passiert da was in Asien (Intervention)?
JP Morgan kauft Bear Stearns...war vorhin grad...zahlen ca. $ 2 pro Aktie. Skurrill, aber so ist es.
Updated from 05:44 p.m. EDT
JPMorgan Chase(JPM - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) will buy troubled investment bank Bear Stearns(BSC - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr), The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday on its Web site, citing people familiar with the situation.

JPMorgan Chase will pay $2 a share in a stock-swap transaction, exchanging 0.05473 shares of its common stock for each share of Bear Stearns, the Journal report said.

The parties were working hard to complete a deal before Asian markets opened for trading Monday, according to the report.

The price is a small fraction of where Bear Stearns' shares were trading just last week. The stock fell $27.00, or nearly 50%, during Friday's session after Bear disclosed it had serious liquidity problems that necessitated a rescue by JPMorgan Chase and the New York Fed.

Shares of JPMorgan Chase lost $1.57, or 4.1%, Friday to close at $36.54.

One stumbling block in the weekend's negotiations had been the level of risk JPMorgan Chase would take, according to The Wall Street Journal reported earlier. Although Bear Stearns has a prime brokerage unit that other banks would love to get their hands on, other parts of its business are not so attractive.

Bear Stearns was a big player in the subprime mortgage boom earlier this decade, but has seen the value of its subprime mortgage-linked paper it holds plummet after the market for those securities dried up. Last summer, two of its hedge funds went belly up after making big bets on subprime mortgages.

The 85-year-old investment bank found itself facing a dangerous cash crunch late last week after its clients and counterparties, smelling trouble, began what amounted to a run on the bank. Just days earlier, CEO Alan Schwartz had dismissed rumors of liquidity problems.

Even though JPMorgan Chase agreed to shore up Bear Stearns' finances in the short term on Friday -- through a 28-day secured loan facility backed up by the New York Fed's discount window -- regulators and other Wall Street managers remain concerned that Bear Stearns' woes could have a catastrophic domino effect on other financial firms and the credit markets.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 33.655.902 von Pfandbrief am 17.03.08 00:33:40okay, dann gehen die futures bis heute früh doch noch ins minus, denn das ist wohl kein guter deal ;) - bei dieser art von negotiation...das wird kein merger-monday :keks:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 33.655.862 von mueppel am 17.03.08 00:25:20Futures in USA...um 0:25 UHR MEZ...haha. ;) unfassbar..

HANG SENG -4% (den würde ich momentan als "Future" benutzen) ;-)

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