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On June 12, ARISE announced that Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) has
contracted with ARISE to purchase 120 tonnes of 7N+ solar-grade polysilicon. SAS
will purchase 40 tonnes in each of 2011, 2012, and 2013. ARISE plans to
manufacture the 7N+ high-purity (99.99999 percent purity) silicon at its new pilot plant
in Kitchener-Waterloo. The contract with SAS is consistent with ARISE's plan to use
the output from the planned silicon plant to meet the requirements of its growing PV
cell production at its plant in Germany as well as for sale to other companies. Under a
second three-year agreement signed between the companies, ARISE will consign
7N+ polysilicon to SAS. SAS will use the material to process silicon wafers for
ARISE, which will use them for its PV cell manufacturing operations. Under this
agreement, the processing will consist of 40 tonnes in 2010, 80 tonnes in 2011, and
160 tonnes in 2012.
14.08.08 13:48:09
About SAS
Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., the leading and the first public company specializing in the manufacturing of medium-and small-diameter silicon wafers in Taiwan, possesses all of the technology required for silicon ingot growth, slicing, etching, diffusing, polishing, epitaxial and Sapphire wafer fabrication. The products can be applied in the field of Discrete, Optoelectronic, Analog and Photo Voltaic. The most advanced, high-precision equipment is installed in the SAS plants. Rigorous quality control procedures are implemented during production. SAS is also aggressively pursuing the business of high value-added products such as:

· CZ/FZ/NTD Silicon ingots

· Epi wafers

· Polished wafers

· Antimony-doped wafers

· Arsenic-doped wafers

· Etched wafers

· TVS wafers

· Ultra thin wafers

· Heavily diffused wafers

· Solar ingot and wafers and

· Sapphire wafers

in both domestic and international markets.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of the management and the entire staff, our company's business has risen consistently since 1998. Whether in terms of providing technology and information, developing products cooperatively, or sales/service quality, SAS has received firm approval from both domestic and foreign customers. Moreover, the amount of silicon wafer produced by SAS also leads the industry. These products are sold both to well-known domestic companies and internationally, including China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and America.

Established SST in China
Since its establishment, SAS has strategically allied with upstream producers, downstream producers and every foreign route business, so as to improve its international competitive edge. In addition, to internationalize our products and to realize the idea of international industry cooperation—“Global vision, rooted in Taiwan”—SAS established Kunshan Sino Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. in the PRC. As a matter of fact, this subsidiary can increase the elasticity of producing control, develop potential marketing, and service local customers as near as possible. As demand exceeds supply, SAS has positively planned to expand the branch factory in Kunshan, China, so the production quality and quantity of polished wafers can grow exponentially.

Established SSC in Chunan, Taiwan
Having foreseen that there were good business opportunities in developing global alternate resources, the company started to develop upstream materials for the solar industry in 2002. SAS is also the first producer of high-quality solar ingots. Responding to market demand, our branch company in Chunan (SSC), Taiwan, set up in 2005, formally produced high-quality solar mono ingots and wafers in the second quarter of 2006. To meet the emerging market trends of multi crystal, SSC started to develop and successfully mass produce solar multi ingots and wafers in the fourth quarter of 2006. With our aggressive efforts, SAS becomes one of the few manufacturers who possess not only solar mono crystal technology but also solar multi crystal technology in the global market. Furthermore, SSC established Optoelectronics Business Unit (OBU) to develop LED technology in 2007. Then, it started to have mass production of sapphire wafers in the third quarter of 2007. SSC will continually devote itself to expand solar energy and optoelectronics products, improve quality, satisfy customers' needs, and provide comprehensive service.

Acquired American company Globitech Incorporated (GTI)
SAS acquired American company Globitech (GTI) 100% shares on April 1, 2008. The purpose of this acquisition is to combine the strong technical capability and the value of the customers from Globitech with the superior management experience of SAS. Through this acquisition, SAS is able to extend its process capability from ingot growing, slicing, grinding, polishing to epitaxial deposition. Also, It enables SAS to up-grade its technology of polished wafers and help SAS to enter into high added value 6” polished wafer and 8” barrier layer EPI wafer production and business. SAS not only has an excellent technical team with experts used to work at TI and MEMC, but also is able to contact and sell directly to well-known global companies that Globitech has established.

Company Strategy
In an ever competitive market, the whole staff at SAS should continually develop existing core technologies and endeavor to develop our core products: power devices, energy, optoelectronics, consumable ICs, and Tele-communication by using strictly-monitored R&D processes. In addition, SAS starts also to develop the non-wafer silicon products to seize a precious opportunity to expedite corporate growth into a diversified and truly global enterprise. With continuously advancing technology, SAS will provide a wide variety of products and comprehensive professional service. SAS will expand its strength worldwide and strive to be the best.

Full Company Name:Sino-America Silicon Products Inc.

Founded Date:1981/1/21

Number of Employees:More than 1,350

Products:Semiconductor Ingots/Wafers , Solar Ingots/Wafers , Sapphire Wafers

Chairman & CEO:M.K. Lu

Vice Chairman & Deputy CEO:Tom Yao

President:Doris Hsu



Web Site Address:
03.09.08 07:42:29
Sino-American Silicon Invests In Silfab

In addition to the investment, SAS has agreed to a long term purchase contract of 500 metric tons per year of ultra-pure polysilicon for six years, starting in 2010.
by Staff Writers
Padova, Italy (SPX) Sep 02, 2008
Silfab announced this week that SAS' Board has approved to invest in Silfab an amount of 30 million euros equity, Sino-American Silicon Product, a Taiwanese manufacturer of polysilicon wafers for use in both photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

According to Franco Traverso, Silfab Chairman and CEO, Silfab will use the funds from the investment to build its initial polysilicon manufacturing plant, located in Borgofranco d'Ivrea (Turin), in Italy's Piedmont region.

Production of up to 5,000 metric tons per year of ultra-high quality 9N grade polysilicon is scheduled to begin Q4 2009, making Silfab one of the largest manufacturers of high-purity polysilicon destined for use in the fast-growing PV industry.

In addition to the investment, SAS has agreed to a long term purchase contract of 500 metric tons per year of ultra-pure polysilicon for six years, starting in 2010.

"We are pleased that an experienced photovoltaic and semiconductor player such as SAS has chosen to partner with Silfab." said Traverso. "SAS has a strong history of supplying these industries and recognizes the considerable value of the high purity nature of our product."

Traverso, a pioneer in the photovoltaic sector with more than 25 years experience, announced in August that he and a strategic partner, Pan Asia Solar, had invested the initial 54 million euros in Silfab, which in addition to the 30 million euros invested by SAS, brings the total equity capital raised to date of 84 million euros.

"With this investment, we have met our initial capital-raising goals, and are squarely on track to meet our original project schedule." said Traverso.

"Silfab is building strategic relationships with partners who truly understand the PV industry, and who will support our growth in very meaningful ways."

Doris Hsu, President of SAS, commented that "Finding reliable, high-quality producers of polysilicon has been a significant challenge for many fast-growing companies in the solar industry, and we believe that this will continue to be true in the future. Our investment in Silfab provides SAS with a fast-growing partner capable of providing a high-purity solution to meet this challenge."

"We look forward to working with Silfab to support their growth and identifying more ways our companies can collaborate." Hsu added.
22.10.08 10:02:01
Silicon wafer makers SAS and Wafer Works relying more on solar sector than semiconductor sector

Latest news
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 22 October 2008]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and Wafer Works, two Taiwan-based producers of semiconductor-grade and solar-grade silicon wafers, have shifted business focus from semiconductors to solar cells because business outlook is unclear for the former segment but appears to be optimistic for the latter, according to the two companies at an institutional investor conference on October 21.

Stepping into production of solar-grade crystalline silicon ingots/wafers in 2000, SAS expects 69% of its total revenues in 2008 to come from sales of such products, consisting of 52% for polycrystalline silicon and 17% for monocrystalline silicon, the company indicated.

SAS is constructing a new plant of solar crystalline silicon ingots/wafers with an initial annual production capacity equivalent to 500MWp (megawatt-peak) in Taiwan, with completion slated for March 2009, the company pointed out. In addition, SAS is setting up a facility to produce crystalline silicon at Sino Silicon Technology, its subsidiary maker in Kunshan, eastern China, with an initial annual capacity of 50MWp in equivalent, the company noted.

Wafer Works' involvement in solar energy business is primarily through setting up a fully responsible subsidiary in China, Solargiga Energy, Wafer Works indicated. Solargiga, with a factory in Shanghai and another in northeastern China, will expand its total annual production capacity of monocrystalline silicon ingots/wafers from 200MWp currently to 400MWp in 2009, Wafer Works pointed out.

In addition, Solargiga is setting up an initial annual production capacity of 200MWp of polycrystalline silicon ingots/wafers at the factory in northeastern China, with completion scheduled for 2009, Wafer Works noted. Solargiga also plans to set up production lines of solar cells and modules there, Wafer Works pointed out.
03.11.08 11:14:51
October 29, 2008

Yilan, Taiwan: Sunrise Signs Long Term Wafer Supply Contract

Sunrise Global Solar Company, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, has signed a long-term silicon wafer supply agreement with Sino-American Silicon Products, Inc. (SAS), a leading supplier of high purity ingots and wafers to the solar energy and semiconductor industries.

Under the terms of the contract, Sunrise has agreed to buy approximately $150 million dollars of silicon wafers from SAS starting in January 2009. This contract, which continues through 2017, builds on the existing strategic relationship between the two firms, SAS being one of Sunrise's founding investors.

"We are pleased to have finalized this wafer supply contract with SAS, a company that Sunrise views as an important strategic long-term partner," said Hsu Kuei-Chang, CEO of Sunrise. "The experience of the SAS team and the high-quality of the SAS wafers allows Sunrise to continue developing industry-leading solar cells in terms of conversion-efficiency and consistency."

Doris Hsu, President of SAS, said: "We are looking forward to building upon our strong partnership with Sunrise and in the process create a cleaner environment for future generations. We share Sunrise's vision to expand the scope of the solar industry by delivering cost-effective and high-efficiency solar cells."
06.11.08 15:23:17
Taiwan wafer makers SAS and Wafer Works hit record revenues in October

Latest news
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 6 November 2008]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and Wafer Works, two Taiwan-based producers of semiconductor-grade and solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, have both reported record high revenues for October.

SAS has hit record revenues for 39 consecutive months, the company noted.

SAS and Wafer Works: Revenues, October 2008

Amount (NT$m)



YTD (NT$b)








Wafer Works






Source: Companies, compiled by Digitimes, November 2008
25.11.08 09:32:28
Wafer supplier SAS likely to benefit from Panasonic's plan to strengthen Sanyo PV operations

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Latest news
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 25 November 2008]

Panasonic's plan to strengthen Sanyo Electric's solar energy business after acquiring the company is expected to bring more orders for solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers for Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), which is currently the only supplier in Taiwan of such products for Sanyo, according to industry sources.

Sanyo has an existing factory of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers in California, US, with annual capacity of 30MWp, and it will set up a new factory in Oregon, US, with a capacity of 70MWp, the sources said.

As Sanyo plans to expand its capacity of crystalline silicon solar cells from 260MWp currently to 600MWp in 2010, the company is expected to increase outsourcing of wafers to facilitate solar cell production, the sources explained.

SAS's outsourced production for Sanyo is mainly of monocrystalline silicon wafers, and the company's utilization for such wafers has increased from 50% in June 2008 to 100% currently, the sources indicated.
13.01.09 22:51:11
Solar wafer maker SAS expected to see 30% growth in 2009 revenues PDF Print E-mail

Posted by Debasish Choudhury on 13 January 2009 at 07:25

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Published in: News, News

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), a Taiwan-based maker of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, has significant business prospect for 2009, with revenues expected to grow at least 30% from 2008, reported Digitimes.

In addition to existing long-term supply contracts, SAS has received additional orders from Sharp and is expected to obtain orders from new clients mainly in Europe, quoted from an unnamed source.

SAS is constructing a new factory with an annual production capacity of 500MWp in northern Taiwan, and will start operation ahead of schedule in March 2009, the sources said.

SAS has made a few non-operating investments, including in Italy-based polycrystalline silicon maker Silfab SpA, Taiwan-based monocrystalline silicon solar cell maker Sunrise Global Solar Energy, and Japan-based spherical silicon solar module maker Clean Venture 21, the sources indicated.

Last update: 13 January 2009 at 07:25
20.02.09 11:20:18
Solar cell maker Gintech amends wafer contracts with MEMC

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Latest news
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 19 February 2009]

Gintech Energy, a Taiwan-based maker of crystalline silicon solar cells, has announced the amendment to two contracts it signed with US-based MEMC Electronic Materials in 2006 and 2007 for supply of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, with contract prices downward adjusted and total supply volume upward adjusted specifically for the year of 2009 to make the 2009 total shipment value the same as specified in the original contract.

Gintech and MEMC signed a 10-year supply contract worth NT$100 billion (about US$3.05 billion) in 2006 and another 10-year contract with total value of NT$25 billion in 2007, according to Gintech.

MEMC also amended a 10-year US$6 billion supply contract signed in 2006 with Suntech Power, a China-based maker of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, in the same model, according to industry sources in Taiwan. Because MEMC's shipments to Gintech and Suntech will increase in total volume in 2009, MEMC may increase outsourced production of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers by its two Taiwan-based partners, Sino-American Silicon Products and Green Energy Technology, the sources pointed out.
09.07.09 16:45:01
23.07.09 16:15:56
Solar-grade wafer maker SAS to add 80MWp capacity

Latest news
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 22 July 2009]

Taiwan-based Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) will expand its annual production capacity of crystalline silicon wafer capacity by an equivalent of 80MWp to 360MWp in total, with the additional capacity to be set up at a newly completed factory in northern Taiwan beginning the end of July, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

SAA originally planned to add 100MWp at the new factory, but delayed installation of equipment when the factory structure was completed at the end of March 2009 due to weakened demand in the global PV market, the sources said. As the global market has shown signs of a rebound since June 2009, SAS has decided to carry out capacity expansion, but at a smaller scale, the sources indicated.
24.07.09 01:28:48

Month Monthly Net Sales (Unit:NTD thousand) YoY Change
Jan. 800,179 13.78%
Feb. 712,496 0.47%
Mar. 809,592 12.98%
Apr. 791,863 10.13%
May. 752,744 3.43%
Jun. 829,128 9.87%
Total 4,696,002 8.44%
13.09.09 17:47:02
Solar wafer supplier SAS sees increased revenues in August

Latest news
DIGITIMES Research - quarterly ICT and FPD shipments data and charts

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 8 September 2009]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), a Taiwan-based producer of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, has reported self-estimated August consolidated revenues of NT$1.017 billion (US$30.9 million), up 2.32% on month and 5.59% on year, while its January-August consolidated revenues of NT$7.188 billion were also up 3.72% on year.

Taiwan-based solar cell makers DelSolar and Solartech Energy have also released self-estimated revenues for August.

SAS, DelSolar, Solartech: Self-estimated revenues, August 2009 (NT$m)

Company Amount M/M Y/Y YTD Y/Y

SAS 1,017* / 2.32% / 5.59% / 7,188* / 3.72% / 852.1 / 1.03% / 5.99% / 6,392 / 7.95%

DelSolar 448.4 / 10.06% / (36.27%) / 2,567 / (46.31%)

Solartech 247.6 / 7.95% / (52.20%) / 1,861 / (43.71%)

* Consolidated, including US and China subsidiaries
Source: Companies, compiled by Digitimes, September 2009
13.09.09 17:52:09
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 37.970.156 von R-BgO am 13.09.09 17:47:02Link dazu:
08.11.09 12:40:53
14.11.09 10:11:59
Sino-American looks for 30% rise in shipment for next year
13 November 2009 | By Syanne Olson | News > Materials

Sino-American Silicon Products told that it expects its shipments to rise around 30% in 2010 as it sees that global market for solar power improving. Sino-American president Doris Hsu, told Reuters that the company is looking to raise cash by issuing shares and will see an increase in profit next year due to a higher demand for solar products, better wafer prices and lower raw material costs.

Sino-American is looking to ship around 400MW of wafers in 2010, which would be an increase from the 280MW they shipped this year. In addition the company is looking to take advantage of the solar markets in China and the US, where there are more incentives for solar projects.

Currently, Sino-American is negotiating the acquisition of a company in the US and, with its GlobiTech unit, will undertake the solar panel-making business with a 100MW solar module facility in the next three years, which Hsu hopes to eventually list on the Nasdaq.

Hsu concluded that although the company has not yet determined the size or timing for the share issue, they are still planning to issue new shares and target to raise less than $100 million.
10.12.09 00:21:07
08.01.10 17:59:22
SAS and Gintech post mixed results for December

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 7 January 2010]

Taiwan-based solar wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and solar cell maker Gintech Energy on January 6 reported their respective unaudited revenues for December 2009, with the former hittig a record and the latter seeing a sequential decrease.

SAS is expanding its annual capacity, adding 100MWp in first-quarter 2010 and another 100MWp in the next quarter, according to the company.

Gintech is also expanding its capacity to attain an annual total of 810MWp with target output of 660MW in 2010, the company indicated. Japan is Ginteck's largest overseas market currently, followed by Germany, China, the US, South Korea and India, the company said.

SAS, Gintech: Unaudited revenues, December 2009 (NT$ b)

Dec 2009






1.157 (US$35.8m)










06.02.10 09:14:10
SAS semi, solar and sapphire wafer capacity booked up in 1Q10

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 2 February 2010]

Taiwan-based Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) expects to continue running at full utilization for semiconductor silicon wafers, solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, as well as sapphire polished wafers and patterned sapphire substrates over the first quarter of 2010, based on its current order visibility, according to the company.
08.02.10 21:02:26
SAS aims at revenues of NT$31.5 billion in 2013

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Monday 8 February 2010]

Taiwan-based silicon wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) has set a goal of gradually increasing its consolidated revenues to NT$31.5 billion (US$984 million) in 2013, 2.66 times the NT$11.832 billion posted in 2009, according to company chairman MK Lu.

The 2013 target consists of NT$20 billion for solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, NT$10 billion for semiconductor silicon wafers and NT$1.5 billion for patterned sapphire substrates, Lu indicated. SAS will become the largest Taiwan-based producer of solar-grade wafers and the world's largest producer of semiconductor wafers below 6-inch in 2010, Lu pointed out.

SAS will expand its annual solar-grade wafer capacity from 500MWp currently to 600MWp at the end of June and 800-900MWp in the second half of 2010, according to company president Doris Hsu.

SAS on February 5 reported revenues of NT$1.195 billion for January 2010, hitting a record for the second consecutive month.
28.03.10 13:45:58
Wafer maker SAS in talks for Texas PV project, say sources

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Friday 26 March 2010]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), a Taiwan-based maker of semiconductor and solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, is talking with the Texas state government in an attempt to secure a project for setting up a PV power-generating station with an installation capacity of 30-50MWp, according to market sources in Taiwan.

According to the sources, GlobiTech, SAS's wholly owned subsidiary of semiconductor-grade epitaxial wafers based in the US state of Texas, will set up a subsidiary to provide photovoltaic (PV) modules and systems in the US. SAS is trying to secure the PV project for the new company, the sources said.

SAS declined to make any comment.

SAS will distribute a dividend per share of NT$1.7 - NT$1.0 in cash and NT$0.7 in stock - for 2009, and issue up to 80 million new shares for GDRs (global depositary receipts), according to the company.
08.04.10 18:35:47
SAS March revenues hit consecutive high

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 8 April 2010]

Solar-grade wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) has reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.607 billion (US$50.3 million) for March 2010, hitting a monthly record for the second consecutive time.
10.04.10 13:47:53
SAS, GET adopt diamond square to increase solar-grade wafer yield rates

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Friday 9 April 2010]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and Green Energy Technology (GET) have introduced diamond square, a new ingot slicing process that can increase wafer output 30-40% compared to conventional processes, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Switzerland-based HCT Shaping Systems SA and Meyer Burger AG as well as a few makers in China are the main suppliers of diamond square equipment, which costs slightly more than conventional ingot-slicing equipment, the sources indicated.
03.08.10 12:24:58
SAS terminates GDR issue; Neo Solar Power to issue 70 million new shares

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Willie Teng, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 27 July 2010]

Solar-grade wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) has terminated plans to issue 80 million GDR (global depository receipts) shares citing the need for further evaluation due to the current market and the company's stock price.

The board of solar cell maker Neo Solar Power on July 26 approved plans to issue 70 million new shares for purchasing production equipment.
31.08.10 08:17:43
2.Versuch; vielleicht kann man die Aktie bald auch in D kaufen:

Sino-American Silicon to Augraise up to US$190 mln via GDR sales
Published: 30 Aug 2010 20:03:10 PST

Aug. 31, 2010 (China Knowledge) - Sino-American Silicon Products Inc, a Taiwanese maker of wafers for solar cells, will raise up to US$190 million through selling Global Depositary Receipts that will trade on the London Stock Exchange's international order book, sources reported citing an insider familiar with the situation.

The company plans to sell 48.8 million shares, and it has an option to raise the size to 61 million shares.

The roadshow for the deal started on Monday. The GDRs are set to price late Thursday and will start trading on Friday.

Nomura Holdings Inc is sole bookrunner of the deal.
31.08.10 08:18:46
SAS Reports First Quarter EPS of NT$3.21, an Increase of 60 Percent Compared to the Same Period in 2009(2010/8/12)
SAS announced unconsolidated revenue of NT$8,497.27 million for the 1st half of 2010 on Aug.10th representing an increase of 81.25% compared to the same period in 2009. On a consolidated basis, net sales were NT$9,523.84 million, an increase of 84.47% compared to the same period in 2009.

The record of continuous 41 months high revenue in SAS stopped in January 2009 because of financial crisis. With the global economic recovery, demand for semiconductor, solar energy and LED continues to be strong. The revenue in SAS has been continuous 11 month high till July in 2010 since September 2009. SAS announced profit after tax of NT$1,030.62 million, earnings per share of NT$3.21 for the first half of 2010, an increase of 60% compared to the same period. Compared to the first quarter of 2010, revenue for second quarter was NT$5,165 million representing an 18.86% increase in revenue and 144.95 % increase in earnings per share. The continued out performance in revenue and profits showed a significant trend toward constant and strong growth.
SAS is committed to capacity expansion and strategic planning. The project to expand in Taiwan, China and US to meet customers’ needs is proceeding as planned. The order visibility for the three major production lines is high and global research institutes also estimated that the products demands for solar energy, sapphire will be in steady growth. Therefore, it will help contribute to the revenue this year. In addition, the process improvement and launch of the competitive products will further enhance our profits in the second half.
24.09.10 17:18:16
SAS to push ahead construction of new plants

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Friday 24 September 2010]

Sino American Silicon (SAS) plans to complete construction of three new plants for its silicon, solar and sapphire wafer lines each in three years instead of five years as originally planned in order to meet increasing demand, according to the company.

Crystalline wafers currently account for 70% of SAS's total revenues and silicon wafers make up nearly 30%. Sapphire wafers and substrates take up about 2%.

The move to push ahead the construction of new plants reflects heated market demand and the company's confidence over its business outlook, SAS said. All three new plants will be built in Taiwan although the company has yet to decide the locations.

SAS's annual production of solar wafers is expected to top 800MWp in 2010 and all of its production capacity has been booked to the end of the year, said the company, noting that prices for solar wafers will remain steady in November and December.

SAS plans to ramp up its solar wafer capacity to 1-1.1GWp in the first half of 2011 due to strong order visibility, said the company.
24.09.10 17:19:05
SAS becomes second largest shareholder of Sunrise Global Solar Energy

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES [Thursday 23 September 2010]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS), a Taiwan-based producer of solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers, has invested NT$950.18 million (US$29.8 million) to increase its stake in Sunrise Global Solar Energy, a Taiwan-based maker of monocrystalline silicon solar cells to 26.94%, becoming the second largest shareholder, according to SAS.

The investment was made through subscription to new shares issued by Sunrise Global to raise its paid-in capital, SAS said.

Through technological cooperation with New South Wales University in Australia, Sunrise Global has advanced the energy conversion rate for its solar cells to 18.1%, the company indicated. The additional capital will be used to expand its annual production capacity from 140MWp currently to 210MWp at the end of 2010 and to 320MWp in 2011, Sunrise Global indicated.
20.10.10 21:45:27
SAS to report NT$3.5 3Q10 EPS

Nuying Huang, Taipei; Willie Teng, DIGITIMES [Wednesday 20 October 2010]

Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) is expected to report an EPS of NT$3.50 (US$0.113) for the third quarter of 2010, according to market watchers. The positive result is largely due to persistent supply shortage for its three main product lines, semiconductor wafers, solar wafers and sapphire substrates, and minimal impact from currency exchange.

Semiconductor wafers, solar wafers and sapphire substrates represented nearly 30%, 70% and 2% of SAS' revenues, and capacity utilization is currently full across its product portfolio. The company has plans to add a new facility for each of its product lines with completion scheduled for the next two to three years.

SAS will have a solar wafer capacity of 800MWp by the end of the year, which has been completely reserved. In October, the company allocated more capacity for A++ high-performance wafers, and hence its ASP should continue to rise into November, and third-quarter gross margin should climb to 25% from 21% in the first half. Margins for semiconductor wafers and sapphire substrates are even higher at above 30%.

In related news, fellow solar wafer maker Danen Technology is projected to report NT$1 in EPS for the third quarter, and even stronger results in the fourth.
29.11.10 10:57:35
SAS and Solartech form solar cell and wafer joint venture

Oct 29, 10:46

Solar wafer maker Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) and solar cell producer Solartech Energy on October 28 announced plans to establish a solar wafer and cell joint venture, with the Taiwan-based companies each controlling a 45% stake. The other 10% share will be held by the personal investment firm of Cher Wang, chairman of smartphone vendor HTC.
07.04.11 12:27:20

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