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..und wie

mit 92 Millionen shares zu 0,28 USD :cool:
Das ist überschaubar.

Ich stöbere ab und zu bei dem alten Pusher Jo Lebed.
Dort fand ich eine Empfehlung:

October 7th, 2009:
HepaLife Technologies Inc (HPLF)
Current Price: $0.26
Speculative Rating: 1

HPLF is a long-term play. Please take your time when researching this company. If it trades above $0.30 I would wait for a pullback before considering it.

HPLF is developing its cell-based bioartificial liver system, HepaMate™, as a potentially lifesaving treatment for liver failure patients. The patented technology has previously been tested in clinical Phase I and pivotal Phase II/III studies involving more than 200 patients, making it the most clinically studied bioartificial liver.

Over 50 scientific papers and book chapters have been published on the technology. HPLF expects a new pivotal Phase III clinical trial to be successful in obtaining market approval for its HepaMate™ bioartificial liver system.

HepaMate™ is designed to combine blood detoxification with liver cell therapy to provide whole liver function in patients with the most severe forms of liver failure. A patented liver cell cryopreservation process provides for safe and easy storing and distribution, a significant logistic and commercial advantage.

The World Health Organization estimates that over 650 million people worldwide are affected by some form of liver disease. In the US alone, there are around 500,000 critical episodes of liver problems requiring hospitalization with 80,000 deaths annually. Liver transplantation is currently the only therapy proven to extend survival, but the waiting list for liver transplants is extensive and many on the list will not receive an organ. Additionally, a growing base of hepatitis, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses, liver cancer and other factors all clearly indicate a strong need for a bioartificial liver support system.

GlobalData released a research report in May entitled, "Liver Assist Devices: Decreasing Liver Transplant Waitlists” saying that the market for liver assist devices is over $1.5 billion :eek::eek:and projects HPLF to be one of the two leading companies providing devices.

HPLF's market cap right now at $0.26 is only $23.9 million. The stock previously made a run from $0.22 in late-2002 to a high of $5.80 in late 2004.

HPLF's last private placement was in May of 2008 for $4,530,800 at $0.425 per share. Therefore, the stock is currently trading for a very large discount from the last private placement price.

HPLF currently has $2.36 million in cash and no debt. ;)

HPLF filed an 8-K after the close yesterday that a couple of Directors have resigned. I am not sure what to make of this, but it is very interesting.

(We have not been compensated for HPLF. A large HPLF shareholder has referred us investor relations business concerning other companies worth approximately $345,000. We expect this shareholder to continue to refer us more investor relations business in the future. This could be a conflict of interest and you should assume that our opinion on HPLF is biased. We could be compensated for providing investor relations services regarding HPLF in the future, although no agreements have been made at this time.)

Da hier alle Threads verkommen sind, mache ich einen neuen auf.

Ein "unabhängiger" Report aus dem Juni hat HPLF zum Marktführer erklärt und meint, die Krise sei der einzige Faktor, der das Wachstum behindere..


Ich hab heute mal vorsichtig 10K geordert zu 0,28 USD.
Schaun mer mal. :)

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.236.841 von DIE_GERECHTIGKEIT am 22.10.09 22:45:27Gibt es denn hier über unseren guten alten Patienten auch mal was zu berichten :confused:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.477.729 von hellen09 am 30.11.09 10:23:21..momentan nur, dass der Kurs bei niedrigen Umsätzen sinkt :rolleyes:

Das wird vermutlich auch mit Antigenics zusammenhängen,
die gerade mit ihrem Hauptprodukt an den EU-Betonköpfen gescheitert sind.

Interessant fand ich halt den Wechesel an der Spitze von HPLF im Oktober


Der Dang macht den Job momentan übergangsweise (?) für 7 k im Monat und ein paar options zi 0,32$.

Eigentlich kann es nicht verkehrt sein, sich ein paar Stücke unter 0,20 $ ins Depot zu legen.

Hey Julia, heute noch mal 20000 Dinger nachgelegt :confused:..... der Patient lebt :;)
Gruß Hellen

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