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Ist super gelaufen in der letzten Zeit und klingt (trotzdem) noch recht

Hier die letzten News:

01.10.2009 15:47

Ebix Acquires E-Z Data For $50.35 Million and Adds On-Demand CRM For Financial Services To EbixExchange

Acquisition likely to be accretive to Ebix EPS

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, announced today that it has acquired California-based E-Z Data, Inc. effective the 1st of October 2009. The signing of the binding agreement and the closing of the transaction was completed today. The acquisition is expected to be accretive to Ebix Earnings per Share (EPS).

With over 20 years of successful adoption, E-Z Data currently services many of the top 20 Fortune 500® life insurance companies and more than 250,000 professionals worldwide. E-Z Data Life CRM solutions are now considered the industry standard for agency management, practice management, and enterprise CRM. E-Z Data solutions cover the full gamut of financial services distribution - including insurance companies, general agents, banks, investment dealers, agents, and financial advisors.

All E-Z Data exchange solutions are available in an On-Demand basis. 85% of E-Z Data revenues are subscription-based and recurring in nature. Further, E-Z Data has offices in California, Virginia, 2 development centers in India, and various offices around the world in emerging markets like China and Japan.

E-Z Data has the majority share of the life insurance broker CRM market in the United States and supports the unique requirements of investment and insurance advisors, brokerage GAs, broker/dealers and carriers on a common, On-Demand CRM and distribution platform.

Under terms of the agreement, Ebix has acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of E-Z Data for an aggregate purchase price of $50,350,000 payable as follows: $25,350,000 paid in cash at closing, and $25,000,000 payable in 496,328 shares of the common stock of Ebix issued at the time of closing. The Ebix shares carry a put option whereby E-Z Data shareholders can sell the stock back to Ebix at a 10% discounted value of $22,500,000 in the month of October 2011. No financial advisors were involved in the transaction from the Ebix side.

Robin Raina, Chairman, president and CEO of Ebix, said, ”This is one of our most strategic acquisitions since this will provide us access to a majority of the life and annuity brokers’ desktop in the United States. We have always had the vision to include CRM into the core fabric of the information exchanged in the insurance business. E-Z Data CRM when blended into our life and annuity exchanges provides the insurance industry with a giant leap forward, in terms of making end-to-end, enterprise-wide information exchange rather seamless for the majority of the industry. We believe that this can serve as a catalyst for industry-wide exchange adoption at a faster pace as this will also help us sell CRM solutions in an enterprise manner to our existing exchange clients.”

Raina said, "E-Z Data has been a market leader in On-Demand CRM for the financial services industry and has helped industry professionals better leverage vital client information in a new way. It was attractive to Ebix that E-Z Data serves and covers the full spectrum of financial services distribution. The addition of these services to EbixExchange will strengthen our position in the global On-Demand CRM market, which according to analysts, is poised to reach $3.8 billion by 2013.”

”Our belief has always been that we needed a cutting edge On-Demand CRM to best leverage our life and annuity exchanges across the world and the United States. We looked at many CRM vendors across the world and chose E-Z Data not only because it has the majority of the market share in the United States, but also because of the technology edge that E-Z Data had over all other players in the market. Legacy systems and declining revenue streams, besides having a diminishing customer base, plagued all E-Z Data competitors in the life markets.” Raina added, ”The fact that E-Z Data already had an international presence with bases in strategic countries like Japan, China and India was an added plus. We believe that this acquisition will open new life and annuity channels for Ebix in international markets, including Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America and beyond.”

Raina concluded, ”Financially speaking, we are excited about this acquisition on many accounts. This acquisition brings a revenue base to the company that is subscription-based and 85% recurring. In addition, with the E-Z Data international reach and general market share dominance in the United States, Ebix can quickly help financial services organizations achieve organic growth, decrease the cost of service, and improve operational efficiencies.”

About E-Z Data

Leading financial services organizations and top financial advisors worldwide rely on E-Z Data’s practice management, agency management, and CRM solutions to systematize proactive, high-touch communication with clients, increase sales, and reduce operational costs. E-Z Data solutions are used by more than a quarter million financial services professionals and industry-leading firms including HSBC, M Financial, MetLife, National Financial Partners, ProEquities, Prudential, Royal Alliance, and Securian. For more information about E-Z Data’s solutions, go to http://www.ezdata.com

About EbixExchange

A division of Ebix, Inc., EbixExchange is the premier On-Demand Software Exchange that offers products and services that automate, expedite, and improve the process for the life insurance, annuity, property& casualty, and health insurance industries. Seen as a leading developer of electronic Straight Through Processing, EbixExchange currently supports a broad range of insurance agencies, brokerage and clearing firms, and operations centers at over 100 of the leading insurance carriers and their affiliates. EbixExchange products include WinFlex (multi-carrier compliant illustrations), VitalSales Suite (research/quotes/forms), AnnuityNet (annuity order-entry), LifeSpeed (advanced application processing), EbixHealth (employee benefits and claims) and various P&C exchanges across the world. For more information, please visit http://www.ebixexchange.com

About Ebix, Inc.

A leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, Ebix, Inc., (NASDAQ: EBIX) provides end-to-end solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, carrier systems, agency systems and BPO services to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance industry.

With 23 offices across Singapore, Australia, the US, New Zealand, India and Canada, Ebix powers multiple exchanges across the world in the field of life, annuity, health and property&casualty insurance while conducting in excess of $100 billion in insurance premiums on its platforms. Through its various SaaS-based software platforms, Ebix employs hundreds of insurance and technology professionals to provide products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents. Ebix’s focus on quality has enabled it to be awarded Level 5 status of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Ebix has also earned ISO 9001:2000 certification for both its development and BPO units in India. For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.ebix.com


Ebix, Inc.
Steve Horneman, 678-281-0309
Aaron Tikkoo, IR, 678-281-2027
13.10.2009 14:53

Ebix CEO Robin Raina Receives Multiple Awards Including Being Named the Top Performing CEO In Georgia by Atlanta Business Chronicle

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, announced today a series of awards that it has won in recent times.

Firstly, Ebix announced that Atlanta Business Chronicle has ranked its CEO Robin Raina as the No.1 Top Performing CEO in Georgia. The list appeared in the October 9-15, 2009 issue of the newspaper, which is already on the stands. This is the second consecutive year that Robin has been ranked No.1 on the list by Atlanta Business Chronicle. The newspaper ranking was based on the performance of the CEOs of Georgia’s publicly-owned companies during the five-year period Dec. 31, 2003, to Dec. 31, 2008. As per the article, an investment of $100 in Ebix stock at the end of 2003 would have been worth $583 by the end of 2008.

The company also announced that Raina was recently awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) group, on Sep. 26th 2009 in a glittering ceremony at the Georgia Aquarium Ballroom. Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot received TiE Atlanta's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, given in recognition for his numerous contributions as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

These awards follow a series of other recognitions awarded to Raina and the company this year. Fortune Magazine in August 2009 ranked Ebix 2nd on its list of Best Investments in the world. Fortune Magazine also ranked Ebix No.4 on its list of the 100 hundred fastest growing companies, named ”the World’s supercharged performers.”

Raina is credited today with leading one of the most successful turnarounds and explosive growth stories in the U.S. in the last decade. In 1999, when he took over as CEO of Ebix, the company had 23 years of continuous losses, with a loss of $19 million that year. Since then, Raina has led the company through 10 years of continuous sequential growth in earnings, revenues and net income. Along the way the company has created new benchmarks in profitability while continuously reporting 40% plus net margins.
04.11.2009 14:47

Ebix Announces Record Results with 76 Cents EPS

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ:EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, today reported record financial results for the third quarter of 2009. The results marked the highest revenue, net income and diluted EPS in any one-quarter that the company has reported in its thirty-three year history.

The company reported total revenue of $23.29 million for the third quarter of 2009, compared to $20.17 million for the third quarter of 2008, marking a 16 percent increase in revenues. These revenues do not include any revenue from the recent acquisitions made by Ebix effective 1st October 2009, of EZDATA Corp. and Peak Performance Solutions Inc.

The company's operating income for the quarter rose 21 percent to $9.78 million, as compared to $8.12 million in the third quarter of 2008. Net income after taxes for the quarter rose 28 percent to $9.43 million, or $0.76 per diluted share, up from $7.40 million, or $0.62 per diluted share, in the third quarter of 2008— earnings per share growth of 22 percent. The company also reported basic earnings per share in the third quarter of 2009 of $0.91 as compared to $0.77 in the third quarter of 2008.

Currency adjusted revenues in third quarter of 2009 grew to $23.73 million, a 17.6 percent increase over the third quarter of 2008. Currency adjusted net income after taxes in the third quarter of 2009 grew to $ 9.61 million, a 30.0 percent increase over the third quarter of 2008. ”Currency Adjusted” is a non-GAAP financial measure that we use solely for comparing numbers from two different periods without the impact of foreign exchange.

The company's operating expenses for the quarter grew by 12 percent to $13.51 million as compared to $12.05 million for the third quarter of 2008. Results for the third quarter of 2009 were based on 12.61 million weighted average diluted shares outstanding, as compared to 12.17 million in the third quarter of 2008.

The company also reported that its cumulative net income at the end of nine months of 2009 grew by 38 percent to $ 26.73 million as compared to cumulative net income of $ 19.40 million at the end of nine months of 2008. The nine-month cumulative diluted EPS for 2009 also grew by 32 percent to $2.17 as compared to cumulative diluted EPS of $1.65 at the end of nine months of 2008.

The company also declared that in the third quarter of 2009, Exchange channel became 61% of Ebix's total revenues while the BPO channel accounted for 15% of its revenues. Broker systems business accounted for 13% and the carrier channel accounted for 11% of Ebix's worldwide revenues.

Robin Raina, president and CEO, Ebix said, ”We are pleased that the third quarter results are in line with our expectations. We are especially pleased that net margins after taxes in the third quarter grew to 41% from 37% in the same quarter last year. We feel good about our consistent revenue streams and believe that the company has the ability to continue our growth both organically and through strategic acquisitions.”

Robin added, ”These are both very strategic acquisitions that allow us cross selling opportunities, as also help us take a giant leap forward in terms of making the dream of end-to-end computing possible. We intend integrating them within Ebix on a war footing and in the most sensible fashion with the aim of leading the industry, accompanied by short term and long term accretiveness for our shareholders ”

Robin also said, ”In recent times, we have been repeatedly asked by investors, for some guidance on the impact of EZDATA and Peak on our financial results. Clearly we remain focused on getting the same level of net margins from these two deals, as we are used to today. While we are not yet fully prepared to discuss the complete positive impact of the EZ Data and Peak acquisitions on our results, yet we feel comfortable enough to define some floor metrics in terms of revenues and net income from these acquisitions. We expect the two deals to contribute a combined minimum of $26 million in revenues and $7.5 million in net income, over the next 12 months.”

Ebix Chief Financial Officer Robert Kerris commented: ”During nine months ending September 30, 2009 the Company generated $22.1 million from our operating activities which represents a 14% improvement over the same period a year earlier. Net income for the third quarter of $9.43 million is up $483 thousand or 5% from the second quarter, representing the thirteenth consecutive quarter of sequential quarter over quarter net income growth. Our operating margins remain strong at 42% for the quarter and 41% the nine-month period ending September 30, 2009, respectively. We are also pleased by the fact that to date $26.6 million of the original $35.0 million of convertible debt issued during 2007 and 2008 has been paid or converted into Ebix common stock, leaving a remaining balance due on those obligations of $8.4 million.”
04.11.2009 15:29

Ebix Announces Unified Ebix CRM Division for On-Demand CRM and further Enhanced Integration of LifeSpeed and AnnuityNet

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, announced today that it has created a new business unit focused on CRM services to life insurance agents, advisors and insurance companies. Called Ebix CRM, this new division consists of California-based E-Z Data, Inc. which will continue to provide superior customer value and a simplified user experience under the new Ebix CRM name.

Through E-Z Data offerings and the SmartOffice® solution, Ebix CRM currently services many of the top 20 Fortune 500® life insurance companies, leading broker dealers, while being a clear leader in the Life CRM space in the United States. Ebix now offers more customer value through the only combination of insurance focused CRM unified with electronic transaction capabilities for Life Insurance and Annuities.

Ebix CRM will focus on improving seamless workflows and integrations with other EbixExchange products, such as LifeSpeed, AnnuityNet, WinFlex and Vital Sales Suite. It will also support existing integrations with WinFlex Web and Data Exchange to continue to provide SmartOffice users with the ability to leverage customer data within SmartOffice to create illustrations, launch new business application processing and aggregate customer service data from a wide range of participating life insurance companies.

The integration between SmartOffice and EbixExchange solutions helps deliver fast, efficient client service for both insurance manufacturers and distributors by improving workflow and reducing the rework associated with outmoded data entry. SmartOffice users can easily launch these bundled EbixExchange applications and populate the associated fields with contact, family, and financial information from within SmartOffice.

Ebix CRM customers can now have the ability to move seamlessly from CRM to Life Insurance Illustration to Life Application. Similarly, users can also move from CRM to Annuity processing, all in good order while cutting processing time and reducing back office costs and mailing costs. Rapid improvement in IGO (In Good Order) rates and reduced redundant data entry helps shrink the risk of litigation and FINRA issues as well.

The centerpiece of customer value is achieved through bundling SmartOffice with LifeSpeed and AnnuityNet for expanded operational efficiencies. The ability to manage clients and mine data to define service needs and sales opportunities in SmartOffice coupled with transacting new business in LifeSpeed and AnnuityNet provides superior opportunity to grow an agency or brokerage.

The new Ebix CRM division will be headed by Senior Vice President Dale Okuno and will be headquartered in Pasadena, California. Existing products and support methods will continue as previously managed with strong commitment. In order to make Ebix CRM and EbixExchange easy to work with, all integrated sales activities will be headed by Dan Delity, SVP and Division Head of EbixExchange.

Dale Okuno, SVP Ebix CRM, said, ”The combined value proposition of SmartOffice + Ebix Exchange capabilities will deliver superior business value to our customers. For example, pre-integrated straight through processing using AnnuityNet and LifeSpeed will speed order entry, reduce errors, and reduce processing costs for advisors, distributors and carriers.”

Dan Delity, SVP and Division Head of EbixExchange, said, ”Life insurance companies and their distribution partners can really benefit from streamlined workflows within SmartOffice as it relates to matured, established integrations and alignment with other EbixExchange solutions like LifeSpeed for order processing for example.”

Delity said, ”The EbixExchange Division is very pleased by the initial overwhelming interest and industry excitement for immediate term customer value. Customers are expressing excitement with the ability to rapidly complement CRM with the EbixExchange illustration tools, agent sales tools and electronic applications integrated. The complete agent desktop solution is now a reality with a single vision and vendor.”
Kein schlechter Wert. Es gibt aber interessantere Aktien an der NASDAQ.
10.12.2009 14:31

Ebix Announces Summary Highlights from the Investor Meeting at New York

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, today released the summary highlights from the investor meeting at the NASDAQ Marketsite building in New York. 85 analysts&investors, 21 Ebix senior Executives in addition to the EBIX CEO, CFO and three of the independent Ebix Board members attended the meeting and received the opportunity to interact with the senior management, Ebix CFO and the CEO.

The Company announced that while the meeting registration request had an overwhelming response, Ebix had to prioritize the attendee list due to limited space at the meeting place and could only confirm registration of 85 attendees to the meeting.

To ensure that all investors had access to any important topics discussed in the meeting, the Company decided to summarize the highlights of the topics discussed during the presentations as well as one on one question and answer sessions held between the Company's CEO and CFO and individual investors and analysts. The summary highlights discussed during the meeting were as follows -

Organic growth Rate for 2010 and 2011: The Company forecasted its organic growth rate for 2010 and 2011 to be between 10 to 15%.
Primary Growth Areas in 2010: The Company expects primary growth to come from the area of Exchanges and BPO, especially from its life, annuity and certificate processing businesses. The Company also expects its risk exchanges, property& casualty exchanges, employee benefit and broker businesses internationally to keep growing organically.
Exchange customer deals: The Company announced that since 1st October 2009, it has won a number of key deals in the exchange area that are forecasted to help the Company's revenues to keep growing organically. Some of the new deals announced at the meeting were Fidelity Investments, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, National Western Life Insurance Company, Genworth Financial, Principal Financial Group, AXA Equitable Life, American General Life insurance, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Ameriprise, Clearview Correspondent Services and Consolidated Health Plans.
BPO customer deals: The Company also announced that since October 1, 2009 it has signed new deals in the BPO arena like FED-EX, Anheuser Busch, Meritage Homes, City of Phoenix, Bechtel Jacobs, Los Angeles County Office, Disney Consumer Products, AON Risk Services Southwest, Sempra, Marsh, Logan Property Management, Greenspoint Plaza, Business Finance Group, Alachua County, Los Angeles County office of Education, Calpine Corporation, EBS-RMSCO, Westcore Properties, United Stationary Supply Co. and Pioneer Natural resource.
Workers Compensation and Risk Exchange Deals: The company's Division head for the Risk management and Workers Compensation Division (Formerly Peak) announced that the division had signed 27 new customer contracts since its acquisition by Ebix.
Impact of Peak&EZ Data: The Company reiterated its earlier floor forecast of $26 million in revenue and $7.5 million in income from the two acquisitions over the next 12 months.
Reiterated its forecasted effective tax rate: The Company CFO reiterated its already announced forecast of 8-12% effective worldwide tax rate for the company over the next 24 months. In response to questions, the Company also disclosed that its effective tax rate in India is likely to be zero till the year 2014/2015.
Use of cash in international subsidiaries: In response to a question, the Company CFO explained that any excess cash available in its international subsidiaries is likely to be utilized for making international acquisitions. The Company has no intention of repatriating any cash to the United States in the form of dividends, and thus would not be subject to any taxes on dividend repatriations.
Acquisition in Latin America: The Company's Division head for Latin American operations announced that it is likely to make an acquisition in the Latin American markets in the near future, to grow its exchange business in that region.
Possible Acquisitions in BPO Arena: In response to questions, the Company announced that it is likely to make some acquisitions in the BPO arena in Australia as also in the health imaging area in the United States, in its bid to take a good position in the health insurance markets.
Available Cash: The Company CFO announced at the conference that its consolidated cash balance at 11/30/2009 was approximately $15 million. The Company's short-term debt, net of cash balances was $9.2 million at 11/30/2009. The Company currently has available cash and accessible cash funds in the amount of $35.8 million using the expanded credit facility with the accordion feature to fund future business growth.
Post Conference Disclosure: The Company also announced today that it has received a further conversion of $4 million promissory note from WhiteBox today. The shares converted are already counted in the diluted share count.

Stock Split: The Company also announced that its upcoming stock split will be effective no later than December 31, 2009 so long as a majority of the Company's shareholders vote to approve an increase in the Company's authorized shares of common stock, as detailed in its proxy statement mailed on or about November 20, 2009.

So, 3 für 1 ist durch.

In Frankfurt hat einer wohl den alten Dollarkurs gedrittelt. 17!
07.01.2010 14:55

Ebix CRM Receives ISO 27001 Certification

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international developer and supplier of software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance industry, today announced that its Ebix CRM Division (formerly known as E-Z Data, Inc.), a leading provider of front-office systems for insurance companies, general agents, banks, investment dealers, agents, and financial advisors, has completed the external periodic audit for ISO 27001 certification successfully. ISO, the International Standards Organization, creates standards that specify worldwide requirements for products, services, processes, materials and systems. ISO 27001 is the new international standard created specifically for Information Security Management Systems.

"Penn Mutual is pleased to be partnering with an organization that takes information security and risk management as seriously as Ebix does," said Mark Wutt, Senior Vice President of Sales Support, Penn Mutual. "It is assuring to know that the facility where we host our agent and client data meets the rigorous information security standards and policies required for ISO 27001 certification, and that the information of our producers and their clients is protected. We are assured by the security of our data at Ebix."

ISO 27001 certification gives enterprises seeking hosted systems a method through which they can effectively compare each provider's ability to ensure data security and business continuity. Ebix CRM's clients, the majority of whom are financial institutions such as Insurance carriers, Broker-Dealers, Banks, Credit Unions and Brokerage General Agencies require ongoing assurance that their hosted data is not at risk in order to help comply with various regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (also known as the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act), HIPPA, PIPEDA etc., ISO 27001 is a step toward effecting and demonstrating compliance with these legislations.

"Ebix CRM Division has always taken great pride in our system security, but the third-party validation of this fact by a trusted organization is vital as our customers, from large financial services enterprises to individual financial advisors, seek to identify vendors that can deliver a truly secure system," said Dale Okuno, Senior Vice President, Ebix CRM Division. "Our ISO 27001 certification further ensures our prospects and our current clients that their data is indeed secure on Ebix CRM systems."

The first Ebix CRM ISO 27001 certification audit included the company's collocation hosting facilities in US and Canada, Hosting Services Group, Database Group, Network Operations Center, MIS, Conversion Services Group, Technical Support, Human Resources, and Administration and Legal department, and resulted in Ebix CRM's official certification on November 6, 2007. Since then Ebix CRM has passed two annual periodic audits successfully.


Ebix, Inc.
Steve Horneman, 404-839-1988

© 2010 Business Wire
11.01.2010 14:51

Ebix Sets Base in Latin America with the Strategic Acquisition of Brazilian Company MCN


Und bar bezahlt das Ganze. kein Aktien-Gepansche.

28.01.2010 14:41

Ebix Announces Strong Growth in Cash Flows for Q4 2009 and Resumption of Share Buy Back Program

Ebix, Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX), a leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, today announced that it will be reporting its fourth quarter and full year results around the 8th of March 2010.

The Company also announced strong growth in cash generated by operating activities during the fourth quarter of 2009 in the approximate amount of $10.3 million. After paying approximately $34.6 million in cash for two acquisitions (Peak and EZ Data) and the purchase of a new building in India in Q4 of 2009, the Company's cash balance as of 31st December 2009 was approximately $19.1 million.

Furthermore, Ebix also announced that it intends to resume buy back of Ebix shares under the previously Board approved share repurchase program.

Robin Raina, president and CEO of Ebix, Inc. said, "In recent times, I have been asked about the decline in stock price and the rather high shorting numbers on our stock. As the CEO of Ebix and one of the largest stakeholders, I continue to believe in Ebix and the opportunity to make Ebix the largest insurance player globally. The Company continues to do well on all fronts and we expect Q4 results to be in line with our expectations. We have always believed in letting our numbers speak for themselves and towards that extent we will continue our efforts to create new benchmarks in terms of revenues, cash growth, earnings, and net margins for Ebix."

About Ebix

A leading international supplier of On-Demand software and E-commerce services to the insurance industry, Ebix, Inc., (NASDAQ:EBIX) provides end to end solutions ranging from infrastructure Exchanges, carrier systems, agency systems and BPO services to custom software development for all entities involved in the insurance industry.

With 30+ offices across Brazil, Singapore, Australia, the US, New Zealand, India, China, Japan and Canada, Ebix powers multiple exchanges across the world in the field of life, annuity, health and property& casualty insurance, while conducting in excess of $100 billion in insurance premiums on its platforms. Through its various SaaS based software platforms, Ebix employs hundreds of insurance and technology professionals that provide products, support and consultancy to thousands of customers on six continents. Ebix's focus on quality has enabled it to be awarded Level 5 status of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (CMM). Ebix has also earned ISO 9001:2000 certification for both its development and BPO units in India. For more information, visit the Company's website at www.ebix.com.

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