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09.07.10 15:06:25
Übernehmer der BP-Modulfertigung in Sydney; haben ganz nette Doku auf der Webseite aus der man auch Einiges über den MArkt insgesamt ableiten kann; aktuell teuer, deswegen nur Guckposi aufgemacht...
09.07.10 15:16:24
12.05.2010 01:00
Suntech Enters New Solar Research Partnership with Silex Solar and the University of New South Wales

WUXI, China and SYDNEY, May 11 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. , one of the world's leading producer of crystalline silicon solar panels, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Silex Solar will together research advanced technology to further improve the power conversion efficiencies of crystalline silicon solar cells. The three-year collaborative research project today received an AUD5 million grant from the Australian Solar Institute (ASI), the largest award given to any of the 87 grant applicants in the ASI's first competitive funding call.

"The ASI, through funding from the Australian Commonwealth Government, invests in Australian research innovation that aims to reduce the costs of solar energy. We are pleased to support the world-renowned team at UNSW in collaboration with its industry partners Suntech and Silex Solar through this ground-breaking project," said the ASI's Executive Director Mark Twidell.

In addition to the AUD5 million research grant from the ASI, both Silex Solar and Suntech will contribute more than AUD6 million in direct funding and in-kind research resources over the next three years to support research operations.

"Silex Solar and UNSW are ideal partners for this solar research project, made possible by the vision and leadership of the Australian Solar Institute. Our long-term research collaborations with Australian organizations are central to driving solar innovation," said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Chairman and CEO of Suntech, a graduate of UNSW, as well as a fellow at the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE). "As our earth suffers under the strains of fossil fuel energy production, we are empowering individuals and communities in Australia and around the world to look up and harness nature's cleanest and most abundant energy resource."

The research project -- another chapter in Suntech's long-standing collaboration with UNSW -- will focus on the development of advanced solar cell device designs and innovative high volume cell manufacturing processes to achieve significant performance improvements and cost reduction breakthroughs. The research is expected to complement Suntech's development of high- efficiency Pluto technology.

"This promising research collaboration will hopefully generate additional enhancements to our industry-leading photovoltaic cells," said Dr. Stuart Wenham, Chief Technology Officer for Suntech and Director of the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics at UNSW. "Our goal, by the end of this project, is to drive solar electricity generation past grid parity against retail electricity prices in more than 50% of the world's markets."

Suntech nearly doubled its R&D investments in 2009 to US$29 million, up from US$15 million in 2008. Globally, Suntech employs 380 full-time solar R&D engineers and professionals who work across China, Japan, Germany, the United States, and Australia. The company expects further R&D investment growth in the coming years, creating cutting-edge technology to advance the use of solar power everywhere under the sun.
09.07.10 15:18:07
Strong Demand for Australian-made Panels
5 July 2010

SilexSolar Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silex Systems Ltd, has
announced a significant expansion in PV Panel production capacity at its Sydney
Olympic Park (SOP) manufacturing facility, in response to strong demand for its
high quality, high efficiency Australian-made panels from the domestic rooftop
solar panel market.

The increase in panel production capacity will be implemented in two stages, the
first of which is planned for the fourth quarter of 2010 with the scheduled
installation of state-of-the-art automated assembly equipment which will take the
capacity from ~13MW p.a. currently to ~20MW p.a. by early 2011 (calendar).

Depending on continuing demand, the second stage of equipment upgrades will
occur in the middle of 2011 (calendar) to further increase the annual panel
production capacity to approximately 35MW. The total capital expenditure for the
two-stage upgrade will be in the order of A$2 million.

“This is good news for SilexSolar” Dr Michael Goldsworthy, Silex CEO said today.
“With the Australian residential rooftop panel market growing strongly from 80MW
in 2009 to a forecast 130MW in 2010, we have seen very strong demand for our
Australian-made PV panels across the country. With margins in the global PV
market tight, it is important that we increase our production capacity and improve
solar cell efficiency in order to remain competitive” he added.

In parallel with the panel assembly line expansion, SilexSolar is also developing
higher efficiency solar cell technology at the SOP plant in collaboration with the
University of NSW and Suntech Power under a research program which was
recently awarded $5 million funding from the Australian Solar Institute (refer ASX
release dated 12 May, 2010). This project aims to increase solar cell efficiency
from around 17% currently to approximately 20% by 2012, which would
potentially increase the plant panel production capacity from 35MW p.a. to
approximately 40MW p.a.

The SilexSolar plant is also planning to ramp up cell production towards the
maximum existing capacity of up to 50MW p.a. Overseas sales of this excess
cell capacity are anticipated to commence in the first half of 2011. If this is the
case, the SOP plant will potentially generate revenues in the order of $100 million
p.a. in 2011/12 FY.
23.10.10 01:46:42
Gesamtjahresverlust war gut 12 Mio. Euro
07.12.10 15:25:01
KE steht an:

Tue, 7 Dec 2010 11:56:00 +1000
NOT FOR RELEASE OR DISTRIBUTION IN THE UNITED STATES 7 December 2010 ASX RELEASE SILEX ANNOUNCES EQUITY RAISING Fully underwritten institutional placement of 16.5 million shares at $5.40 per share to raise $89.1 million Share Purchase Plan for up to $15,000 per eligible shareholder Proceeds to be used to fund the construction of pilot plants for the commercialisation of Silex’s products, particularly in relation to Solar Systems’ technology, and the ongoing development of technologies within Silex’s portfolio Silex trading update Silex Systems Limited (ASX: SLX) (“Silex”) today announced that it will undertake a fully underwritten institutional placement of new ordinary shares (“Placement”) to raise $89.1 million. Proceeds raised will be invested in a range of opportunities and predominantly in solar power technology developed by wholly owned subsidiary Solar Systems Pty Ltd. Silex’s mission is to become a global leader in residential, commercial and utility scale solar energy solutions.

Over the past 18 months, Silex has acquired two leading solar technologies: Solar Systems (utility scale solar power) – Acquired in March 2010, Solar Systems’ Concentrating PV (CPV) technology is based on a unique ‘Dense Array’ concept which is ideal for large utility‐ scale solar power station deployment (typically for projects of 50MW to 100+MW each). Proceeds raised will enable Solar Systems to fund the construction of pilot plants in Australia and potentially the United States, as well as provide flexibility to invest in identified growth opportunities worldwide as they arise. SilexSolar (residential and commercial solar panels) – A wholly owned subsidiary of Silex, acquired the manufacturing assets and equipment of Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) solar panel manufacturing facility, the only PV cell and panel manufacturing facility in Australia, in June 2009 from BP Solar.

The business commenced commercial production in March 2010 at ~10MW solar panels p.a. and is currently operating with a production capacity of ~20MW solar panels p.a. Proceeds raised will enable SilexSolar to meet working capital requirements for growth and ongoing technology commercialisation, with an expansion of the Company’s manufacturing facility, if strong demand continues.

1 In addition to Silex’s solar growth initiatives, commercialisation of Silex’s core laser‐based uranium enrichment technology, ‘SILEX’, remains on track. The initial Test Loop measurement program was successfully completed by Global Laser Enrichment (“GLE”) in April 2010. GLE is a consortium comprising GE (51%), Hitachi (25%) and Cameco (24%).

GLE is currently undertaking the commercial facility Engineering Design Program and Silex expects an ....
18.08.11 12:01:09
Sun sets on Australia's last solar factory

The only Australian company which manufactures solar cells is closing the operation.
Silex Solar has announced it will stop making the cells at its western Sydney facility, with 30 jobs to be lost.

The company will continue to make solar panels, using imported components.

Silex has blamed a "very tough market" for the decision, but the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union is pointing the finger at the New South Wales Government.

Union state secretary Tim Ayres says the Government's decision to cut the state's Solar Bonus Scheme is a major factor.

"We warned that there would be a possibility of job losses in manufacturing and that is exactly what has happened," Mr Ayres said.

"The decision can be blamed on the roll-back of the Solar Bonus Scheme by the O'Farrell Government, and the Government's failure to implement any sort of framework for the clean technology industry.

"We really need urgent Government action to make sure there is a viable clean technology industry in NSW."

A spokeswoman for NSW Energy Minister Chris Hartcher says the scheme was unaffordable, and Silex has made a commercial decision.

The Minister has suggested the company should approach the Federal Government for help, specifically through its proposed $10-billion clean energy fund.
26.05.13 12:11:08
...inzwischen scheinen sie auf Urananreicherung umgesattelt zu haben:

21st May, 2013
 Test Loop Program Phase I Milestone successfully completed at GEHitachi GLE facility in USA.
 US$15 million milestone payment to be paid to Silex in July 2013.
 Technology now being engineered to commercial scale in Phase II

Silex Systems Limited (ASX:SLX) (‘Silex’) is pleased to announce that the Test Loop
Program Phase I Milestone: Technology Demonstration, has been successfully
completed at GE-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment’s (‘GLE’) facility in Wilmington,
North Carolina, USA. Completion of the Phase I milestone triggers a US$15 million
milestone payment from GLE to Silex, to be paid in July 2013.

“The achievement of the Test Loop Phase I Milestone – involving advanced
technology demonstration - is a key step in the commercialisation of the SILEX
uranium enrichment technology,” Dr Michael Goldsworthy, Silex CEO said today.
“This milestone follows receipt of approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory
Commission for a construction and operating license in September last year. Our
teams both in Wilmington, North Carolina and Oak Ridge, Tennessee are now firmly
focused on Phase II, which includes the economic and engineering validation and
scale-up for the construction of the initial commercial production module for the
world’s first laser enrichment plant,” he added.

Chris Monetta, GLE President and CEO, said: “GLE is very pleased with the
successful completion of the Phase I Test Loop Program. It is a great tribute to the
combined GLE-Silex team after several years of excellent work.”

Although the Phase I objectives for the Test Loop program have been achieved, the
Test Loop will continue to be upgraded and optimized as part of the Phase II
program, the objective of which is to provide full economic and engineering validation
of the technology necessary to support the construction and operation of the first
commercial production module.
23.01.14 08:47:45
So langsam kommt der Uran-Bulle in Schwung, doch hier ist tote Hose.


"Still und mehr oder weniger heimlich bahnt sich in der Kerntechnologie ein Paradigmenwechsel an. Involviert sind vier Firmen: Amerikas General Electric (GE), Japans Hitachi, der kanadische Uranförderer Cameco sowie die vergleichsweise kleine Silex Systems aus Australien."

Inzwischen sind die nochmal fast 50% billiger....:confused:
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habe heute geschmissen, bis auf ein Erinnerungsstück
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hier ist mehr los:
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