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Xoma shares soar on diabetes drug data hopes

BANGALORE, Dec 21 (Reuters) - Shares of biotechnology company Xoma Ltd jumped 50 percent on Tuesday on hopes of positive mid-stage data from its experimental diabetes drug.

Xoma is expected to report data from two mid-stage trials of its diabetes drug XOMA052 in early 2011, which could help the company in securing a partnership for the drug.

'With Phase II data on XOMA052 in diabetes expected in H1:11 we see an opportunity for meaningful near-term appreciation,' said Summer Street Research Partners analyst Bart Classen.

XOMAO52 works by blocking an inflammation-causing protein called Interleukin-1, which damages and destroy insulin-producing islet cells.

'We believe anti-IL-1 therapy could play an important role in diabetes due to its impact on islet cell function which could allow glucose control with a reduced risk of hypoglycemia or heart attacks,' Classen said.

The analyst said data from the mid-stage trials could confirm XOMA052's potential to become a blockbuster drug.

The Berkeley, California-based company's shares, which have lost three-fourth of their value in the last one year, were up 38 percent at $3.28 on Tuesday on Nasdaq.

More than 5.4 million shares changed hands, which was more than 19 times the stock's ten-day average volumes. (Reporting by Anand Basu in Bangalore; Editing by Vyas Mohan) Keywords: XOMA/SHARES

(anand.basu@thomsonreuters.com; within U.S. +1 646 223 8780; outside U.S. +91 80 4135 5800; Reuters Messaging:anand.basu.reuters.com@reuters.net)


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21.12.2010 19:35
Xoma Aktien steigen auf Diabetes-Medikament Daten Hoffnungen

BANGALORE, 21. Dezember (Reuters) - Die Aktien der Biotechnologie-Unternehmen Xoma Ltd sprang 50 Prozent am Dienstag auf der Hoffnung, positive Mid-Stage Daten aus der experimentellen Diabetes-Medikament.

Xoma wird erwartet, dass Daten aus zwei Studien Mitte der Bühne seiner Diabetes-Medikament XOMA052 Anfang 2011 Bericht, der konnte das Unternehmen bei der Sicherung einer Partnerschaft für das Medikament helfen.

"Mit Phase II-Daten auf XOMA052 bei Diabetes im 1. Halbjahr erwartet: 11 haben wir eine Chance für sinnvolle kurzfristige Aufwertung sehen «, sagte Summer Street Research Partners Analyst Bart Classen.

XOMAO52 wirkt durch Hemmung einer Entzündung verursachenden Protein namens Interleukin-1, die Schäden und zerstören Insulin-produzierenden Inselzellen.

"Wir glauben, Anti-IL-1-Therapie könnte eine wichtige Rolle bei Diabetes aufgrund ihrer Auswirkungen auf die Inselzellen der Funktion, die Glucose-Kontrolle mit einem reduzierten Risiko von Hypoglykämie oder Herzinfarkte werden könnte spielen", sagte Classen.

Der Analyst sagte Daten aus der Mitte der Bühne Studien konnte XOMA052 das Potenzial bestätigen zu einer Blockbuster-Medikament zu werden.

Die Berkeley, Kalifornien ansässige Unternehmen die Aktien, die drei Viertel ihres Wertes verloren haben in den letzten ein Jahr, um 38 Prozent auf 3,28 $ am Dienstag an der Nasdaq.

Mehr als 5.400.000 Aktien wechselten den Besitzer, die mehr als 19-fachen der Aktie zehntägigen durchschnittlichen Volumina wurde. (Reporter: Anand Basu in Bangalore; Bearbeiten von Vyas Mohan) Stichwort: XOMA / Aktien
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.762.120 von Aktientitan am 26.12.10 11:58:11Top 10 Institutional Holders: XOMA

Platinum Asset Management Limited 520,513
QVT Financial LP 941,068
BlackRock Inst. Trust Company, N.A. 533,962
Principal Global Investors (Equity) 230,370
Vanguard Group, Inc. 220,849 673,589
William Harris Investors Inc. 107,139
California Pub. Empl. Ret. System 67,307
Renaissance Technologies Corp. 55,139
Geode Capital Management, L.L.C. 51,471
JPMorgan Asset Management U.K. Limited 38,833

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Hallo Aktientitan,

da ich mich erst seit kurzem mit Aktien aus Schwellenländern auseinandersetze, erlaube mir bitte eine Frage:

Wo kauft Ihr diese Aktien? Es gibt für Xoma keinen ADR oder ähnliches?
Bei welchem Broker ( Online ) habe ich die Möglichkeit, solche Aktien aus Indien oder China zu erwerben?

Vielen Dank für Info.

Beste Grüße

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.762.292 von schotter2010 am 26.12.10 14:44:06Für mich kein Problem, ganz einfach über DEINEN Broker, Handelsplatz NASDAQ auswählen, WKN:A1C37S eingeben ...KAUFEN !
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.762.292 von schotter2010 am 26.12.10 14:44:06USA gehört jetzt nicht unbedingt zu den Schwellenländern dieser Welt.... :rolleyes:
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.763.308 von Aktientitan am 27.12.10 09:56:08Is BioSante Pharmaceuticals Next in Line to Receive Institutional Praise?
December 27, 2010 | about: ACAD / BPAX / RPRX / XOMA

The biotech universe has been a hot investment option towards the end of the year for those looking for high risk high reward equities. This industry offers investors a chance to find companies where price per share is valuated based on science rather than heavy influence from major indices and economic news around the world. Though often times it is hard to distinguish the golden eggs among the rotten ones, it is becoming increasingly popular to see investors and firms begin buying up companies prior to their upcoming FDA catalysts in anticipation of the news, often a few weeks or months in advance.

One of the companies looking to take advantage of the recent inflow of attention to the small cap biotechs is BioSante Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BPAX), who has 2 upcoming catalysts for the first half of 2011 which could easily propel the company to new 52-week highs. It is expected in the coming weeks that the company begin phase 2 study at Johns Hopkins cancer center for GVAX (therapeutic cancer vaccine) and also to receive phase 3 results for its flagship product, LibiGel to support an NDA filing.

With a market capitalization of only 112M, it isn’t a surprise the company’s Director, Ross Manango has been scooping up shares at $1.47 during December in anticipation of the company’s forward looking events during the new year. The company has also increased cash on hand by nearly $6M from product revenues and partnerships year-over-year as its clinical pipeline continues to grow stronger, dispelling any worries of future dilution. (source: 11/12/2010 10-Q EDGAR ONLINE)

Such occurences have recently been witnessed in XOMA (NASDAQ:XOMA) whose shares rose a whopping 204.68% since last Monday’s trading, Repros (NASDAQ:RPRX) who jumped 82% on Thursday, and ACADIA (NASDAQ:ACAD) who went on to gain 31% on Wednesday and Friday’s market. Though no material news was formally announced neither XOMA nor ACADIA, the shares jumped solely in anticipation of upcoming FDA catalysts, with Repros being the exception of the three. Repros reported positive developments for its experimental testosterone deficiency drug, Androxal.

What’s most important to note is that all three of these companies saw heavy institutional accumulation during the last three months leading up to their anticipated catalysts, something BioSante has yet to experience. Of the 62 institutional holders, 8 are new positions, 24 have increased positions during the last 3 months as reported by NASDAQ. These include prominent names, of the likes including, Condor Capital, WMS Partners, JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas and Comerica Bank.

Product Porftolio

Click to enlarge

BioSante specializes in developing products for female sexual health and oncology, and one of them is LibiGel, which most investors anticipate as having blockbuster market potential. It is a gel formulation of testosterone, designed to be quickly absorbed through the skin after a once-daily application on the upper arm, delivering testosterone to the bloodstream evenly over time and in a non-invasive and painless manner. The topical application of LibiGel has the added advantage of reduced skin reactions compared to other forms of transdermal delivery systems (i.e. patches).

Treatment with LibiGel in BioSante’s Phase II clinical trial significantly increased satisfying sexual events in surgically menopausal women suffering from FSD. The Phase II trial results showed LibiGel significantly increased the number of satisfying sexual events by 238% versus baseline (p<0.0001); this increase also was significant versus placebo (p<0.05). In this study, the effective dose of LibiGel produced testosterone blood levels within the normal range for pre-menopausal women and had a safety profile similar to that observed in the placebo group. In addition, no serious adverse events and no discontinuations due to adverse events occurred in any subject receiving LibiGel. The Phase II clinical trial was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, conducted in the United States, in surgically menopausal women distressed by their low sexual desire and activity.

“There still is no FDA approved pharmaceutical product for the treatment of HSDD and it is clear from the extensive off-label use of testosterone products for HSDD, that women need an approved therapy. We believe LibiGel can be the first product to market for this unmet medical need,” said Dr. Snabes, MD, PhD, BioSante's vice president of clinical development.


Probably the most overlooked aspect of this company is its ability to gather partnerships for its products, thus eliminating any pressure on its balance sheet and allowing it to profit handsomely from the increasing revenue streams. During the last 3 years it has teamed up with the likes of Teva (TEVA) for the development of Bio-T-Gel, Pantarhei for development and marketing of The-Pill-Plus, Azur Pharma for marketing of Elestrin in the US, and PharmaSwiss for marketing of Elestrin in Israel.

Technical Analysis

Click to enlarge

During the last three months money has been flowing out of the stock, which coincides rather similarly to the July, August, September period. The relative strength index, price patterns, MACD divergence and full stochastic all point to a potential breakout should history repeat itself. The reason for this might be that market makers and institutional buyers have been keen on keeping the price low in order to buy up cheap shares in anticipation of the upcoming events that are bound to stir up investor appetite.

Based on this, it becomes more clear as to why during the last six months, three analysts have recommended the stock as a strong buy, and one as a buy. Of these, Roth Capital in October was the latest to come in and give it a price target of $4, representing nearly a 325% gain from current levels.

Disclosure: I am long BPAX.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.763.758 von Aktientitan am 27.12.10 11:38:37MAbs. 2011 Jan 1;3(1). [Epub ahead of print]
XOMA 052, a potent, high-affinity monoclonal antibody for the treatment of IL-1β-mediated diseases.

Owyang AM, Issafras H, Corbin J, Ahluwalia K, Larsen P, Pongo E, Handa M, Horwitz AH, Roell MK, Haak-Frendscho M, Masat L.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.776.197 von Bonderman am 29.12.10 21:48:44:cool:

Kann es nicht rauslesen ?

Wieviele gibt es jetzt ?

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.776.273 von tesaa am 29.12.10 22:02:3928,489,121 common shares outstanding
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.800.771 von Aktientitan am 05.01.11 08:09:40Volume Spike Detected in Shares of XOMA as They Move Higher on 4.6x Above-Average Volume (XOMA)
Written on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 11:02am
By Sarah Hashim-Waris

Shares of XOMA (NASDAQ:XOMA) are trading up 25.8% to $6.67 today on above average volume. Approximately 19.3 million shares have traded hands today vs. average 30-day volume of 4.2 million shares.
Spikes in volume can validate a breakout or signify a potential turning point. As such, SmarTrend will continue to monitor shares of XOMA to see if this bullish momentum will continue.
SmarTrend currently has shares of XOMA in an Uptrend and issued the Uptrend alert on December 21, 2010 at $3.32. The stock has risen 59.6% since the Uptrend alert was issued.
In the last five trading sessions, the 50-day MA has climbed 4.93% while the 200-day MA has slid 0.75%.
In the past 52 weeks, shares of XOMA have traded between a low of $2.24 and a high of $12.60 and are now at $6.71, which is 200% above that low price.

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Stock Upgrades: (Amazon.com, Inc., QCOM, WAG, XOMA, VECO)
January 4th, 2011 at 10:38 am Posted by Taylor Baker
Dear Students

QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) jumped 1.40% to $50.88 after analysts at Roth Capital this morning upgraded the stock to Buy from Neutral and upped the price target by 20% to $60.

Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG) rose 1% to $39.70 after analysts at Goldman Sachs this morning upgraded the stock to Buy from Neutral and set a price target of $46.

XOMA Limited (NASDAQ:XOMA) climbed 28% to $6.79. This morning the stock was upgraded to Outperform from Sector Performat RBC Capital, following news of a development agreement for its XOMA 052 product and set a price target of $27.

Veeco Instruments Inc. (NASDAQ:VECO) was upgraded to Outperform from Underperform at Credit Agricole and has a price target to $50. Shares of VECO are up 2.70% to $44.78.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) was upgraded to Buy from Hold at Benchmark and also raised their price target by $10 to $210. Shares of AMZN are up 1.32% to $186.65.

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Happy Trading, The Dean

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.801.277 von Aktientitan am 05.01.11 09:42:46Form 8-K for XOMA LTD /DE/


Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement

Item 1.01. Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.

On December 30, 2010, XOMA Ltd. ("XOMA") and Les Laboratoires Servier ("Servier") entered into a regional agreement to jointly develop and commercialize XOMA 052, XOMA's anti-inflammatory drug candidate, in multiple indications. XOMA 052 is designed to inhibit the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1 beta. XOMA will receive approximately $35 million in an upfront payment consisting of $15 million and a 15 million euro loan. XOMA will also be eligible to receive up to approximately 355 million euros (or up to approximately $470 million at the current exchange rate) in future development and commercialization milestones for multiple indications and royalties on XOMA 052 sales, which are tiered based on sales levels and range from a mid-single digit to up to a mid-teens percentage rate.

Under this agreement, XOMA retains XOMA 052 development and commercialization rights for Beh�et's uveitis and other inflammatory and oncology indications in the U.S. and Japan, and Servier receives similar rights in the rest of the world. Servier will fund $50 million of future XOMA 052 development expenses and then will fund 50% of further expenses for the Beh�et's uveitis indication. For diabetes and cardiovascular disease indications, Servier will have worldwide rights to XOMA 052 and will fully fund all development. XOMA retains an option to reacquire the development and commercialization rights to the diabetes and cardiovascular disease indications in the U.S. and Japan by paying an option fee and partial reimbursement of incurred development expenses. Regarding milestone payments, if XOMA reacquires diabetes and cardiovascular rights in the U.S. and Japan, then the milestone payments could be up to approximately $470 million as mentioned above. If XOMA does not reacquire these rights, then the milestone payments could be up to approximately $800 million (or up to approximately 610 million euros at the currrent exchange rate).

Milestone payments for which XOMA will be eligible under the agreement include $20 million upon initiation of the first Phase 3 clinical trial for XOMA 052 by Servier in its licensed territory in Type 2 diabetes.

Under the agreement, XOMA will be responsible for manufacturing XOMA 052 throughout clinical development and launch.

The loan is secured by an interest in certain of XOMA's intellectual property rights relating to XOMA 052 in Servier's territory and does not have to be repaid until 2016.

The collaboration will be carried out and managed by committees mutually established by the parties. In general, in the event of any disputes, each party will have decision-making authority over matters relating to its areas of responsibility and territory, but neither party will have unilateral decision-making rights if the decision would have a material adverse impact on the other party's rights in its territory.

Servier's obligation to pay development and commercialization milestones will continue for so long as Servier is developing or selling products under the agreement. Servier's obligation to pay royalties with respect to a particular product and country will continue for so long as such product is sold in such country. The agreement contains customary termination rights relating to

matters such as material breach by either party, safety issues and patents. Servier also has a unilateral right to terminate the agreement on a country-by-country basis or in its entirety on 6 months' notice.

Item 9.01. Exhibits.

99.1. Press Release dated January 4, 2011.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.801.113 von Aktientitan am 05.01.11 09:23:24January 4, 2011 1:07 PM EST

16.- USD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedbush maintains an 'Outperform' on XOMA, Ltd. (XOMA); Believe Servier Partnership for XOMA-052 is Transforming

Wedbush maintains an 'Outperform' on XOMA, Ltd. (NASDAQ: XOMA), raises PT from $12 to $16.

Wedbush analyst says, "The increase in our fair value is primarily due to changes in our XOMA-052 royalty assumptions and the inclusion of milestone payments in our XOMA-052 fair value (PT). With a potentially disease modifying treatment for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other blockbuster indications like rheumatoid arthritis, we believe today’s announcement of a regional development and commercial partnership with Servier is transforming for the company financially as well as for the stock. We calculate fair value as a sum of parts with each part derived from a 30% annual discount from our peak net sales estimate and apply a 1-10x multiple depending on stage of development to reflect risk."

For more ratings news on XOMA, Ltd. click here and for the rating history of XOMA, Ltd. click here.

Shares of XOMA, Ltd. closed at $5.30 yesterday, with a 52 week range of $0.25-$3.40.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.801.407 von Aktientitan am 05.01.11 09:57:28XOMA, Servier ink XOMA 05 development, commercialization pact
PBR Staff Writer Published 05 January 2011

XOMA and a France-based pharmaceutical firm, Les Laboratoires Servier (Servier), have entered into an agreement for the development and commercialization of XOMA's anti-inflammatory drug candidate, XOMA 052 for multiple indications.

Under the agreement, Servier will pay around $35m as an upfront payment and, approximately $470m of milestone payment and tiered royalties.

The agreement gives development and commercialization rights for Behcet's uveitis and other inflammatory and oncology indications to Servier for rest of the world except US, as the US right will be retained by XOMA.

XOMA will be responsible for XOMA 052 manufacturing throughout clinical development and launch and anticipates being a long-term manufacturer. This adds to the company's potential profit participation during the life of the commercial product.

Additionally, Servier is entitled to pay around $35m in an upfront payment consisting of $15m and a 15 euro loan, which does not have to be repaid until 2016.

XOMA chairman and CEO Steven Engle said that this agreement substantially increases their cash resources while reducing future cash requirements, provides a pathway to commercialization of XOMA 052 in the near term, and supports development in diabetes and cardiovascular disease while maintaining the ability to participate in these programs.

Interim Three Month Data From Ongoing Six Month XOMA 052 Phase 2a Trial Support Safety and Biological Activity

BERKELEY, Calif., Jan. 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XOMA Ltd. (Nasdaq:XOMA - News), a leader in the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, today announced that it has conducted an interim review of three-month data from a Phase 2a clinical trial of XOMA 052 in a small group of 74 patients with Type 2 diabetes focused on evaluating safety where XOMA 052 was shown to be well-tolerated, the primary goal of the study. This Phase 2a trial was designed as an exploratory trial focused on overall safety and kinetics and was not designed to show statistically significant differences in measures of biological activity. XOMA 052 is being studied in an ongoing 420 patient, six month Phase 2b dose-ranging clinical trial where results are expected by the end of this quarter and the primary goal of the study is reduction in levels of hemoglobin A1c. The primary goal of the Phase 2a trial was to gain additional XOMA 052 safety information in Type 2 diabetes patients on a background of stable metformin monotherapy. In this study, XOMA 052 was well tolerated with no significant differences in adverse events, lab abnormalities and vital signs between XOMA 052 and placebo and no drug-related adverse events. At the time of this three month interim review, evidence of biological activity was observed, including a reduction in C-reactive protein levels and a modest reduction in hemoglobin A1c levels. XOMA 052 is designed to inhibit the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1 beta that is believed to be a primary trigger of pathologic inflammation in Type 2 diabetes. XOMA is jointly developing XOMA 052 in collaboration with Servier.

"The interim data from this ongoing trial in a small group of patients treated over three months continue to support the hypothesis that reducing inflammation through IL-1 inhibition is a safe approach to treating diabetic patients," said Marc Y. Donath, M.D., Professor and Chief, Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, a pioneer in the therapeutic use of IL-1 inhibition in patients with Type 2 diabetes and principal investigator in the landmark study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007.

The primary goal of the Phase 2a trial is to gain additional XOMA 052 safety information in Type 2 diabetes patients on a background of stable metformin monotherapy. Secondarily, the trial is designed to explore the kinetics of XOMA 052's effects on several measures of biological activity. Most of the kinetics will not be evaluable until completion of the study. A total of 74 patients were treated, 55 on XOMA 052 at a single dose level and 19 on placebo, on days 0, 14, 28 and 56. In the final three months of the trial, patients in the XOMA 052 group receive the same, higher or lower dose level for an additional four doses. Patients in the placebo group will continue to receive placebo. XOMA anticipates reporting the Phase 2a results from the full six months' treatment in the second quarter of 2011.

The interim data measured at day 84 indicate that XOMA 052 was well-tolerated, with no significant differences between the XOMA 052 and placebo groups in observations of adverse events including hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, infections, injection site reactions, lab abnormalities or alterations in vital signs. There were no drug-related adverse events. Even though this Phase 2a trial is an exploratory trial not powered to show statistically significant differences in measures of biological activity, C-reactive protein levels decreased by a median of 49% in the XOMA 052-treated group and 2% in the placebo group. Median reduction from baseline in hemoglobin A1c levels at day 84 was 0.2% in the XOMA 052 group versus 0.1% in the placebo group. C-reactive protein is a biomarker of cardiovascular risk. Hemoglobin A1c is a measure indirectly reflecting blood glucose levels as averaged over a 90 to 120 day period.

"We are encouraged by these results, which are consistent with those observed in our Phase 1 program, and we look forward to obtaining the full six month data from this trial and our Phase 2b trial, also in Type 2 diabetes patients," said Steven B. Engle, XOMA's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "The results we have reported to date in a proof-of-concept Phase 2 trial in patients with Behcet's uveitis, an orphan indication, and in Type 2 diabetes patients, support continued XOMA 052 development as an entirely new approach to the treatment of Type 2 diabetes."

"We are pleased to see these initial results of the ongoing Phase 2 program for XOMA 052. We look forward to evaluating the results of longer-term treatment from this trial and the larger, ongoing Phase 2b dose-ranging trial as we advance this exciting antibody in clinical development for multiple indications," said Emmanuel Canet, M.D., Ph.D., Servier's President, Research & Development.

XOMA 052 and Interleukin-1 Inhibition

XOMA 052 is a potent monoclonal antibody with the potential to improve the treatment of patients with a wide variety of inflammatory diseases and other diseases including cancer. XOMA 052 binds strongly to interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta), a pro-inflammatory cytokine involved in Behcet's uveitis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other auto-inflammatory diseases. IL-1 is a well-validated therapeutic target, with three marketed IL-1 inhibitors that have been used by more than 200,000 patients overall. By binding to IL-1 beta, XOMA 052 inhibits the activation of the IL-1 receptor, thereby preventing the cellular signaling events that produce inflammation.

To date, nearly 600 patients have been enrolled in XOMA 052 clinical trials. XOMA has completed enrollment in two Phase 2 clinical trials in patients with Type 2 diabetes and expects top line six month results from the Phase 2b trial in this quarter. The Phase 2 trials follow a successful 98 patient Phase 1 program in Type 2 diabetes in which XOMA 052 was shown to be well-tolerated, demonstrated evidence of biological activity in diabetes measures and cardiovascular biomarkers, and had a half-life that may provide convenient dosing of once per month or less frequently. The company has also demonstrated the potential for XOMA 052 in in vivo models of cardiovascular disease and in an in vitro model using human myeloma or plasma cell cancer cells.

2 Berichte aus denen hervor geht, dass mit den Phase 2b-Ergebnissen zu XOMA 052 im Januar gerechnet wurde / wird:

"The anticipation of positive results from the Company’s Phase 2b trial of XOMA 052 in January and consequently XOMA’s ability to raise capital required by the Company, resulted in high volume trading in the shares of the Company. So far this year the Company has lost 61.36% year-to-date"...

"The interim results for the 3 month ended for the Phase 2 trial will be released by the Company in early January 2011. The Company expects to report encouraging interim results from the Phase 2b trial conducted on 420 patients. The trial has been designed to evaluate the effect of XOMA 052 in diabetes patients over six months of treatment and positive results could bring a potentially disease-modifying therapeutic for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes."


"Investors are expecting positive results from the Company’s Phase 2b trial of XOMA 052 in January and consequently XOMA’s ability to raise required capital."


Vielen Dank an Lemming123 und an Ottl2000 für das Suchen! Ich hatte schon Zweifel an meiner Geistesverfassung!

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.825.068 von mosbach am 08.01.11 12:26:22Den wichtigsten Teil hast du natürlich gleich mal weggelassen,

ich hab ihn hier für alle die sich des hohen Risikos dieses Wertes nicht bewusst sind gleich mal übersetzten lassen und die entscheidenden Punkte markiert...;)

Forward-Looking Statements

Bestimmte hierin enthaltenen Aussagen über die Ergebnisse klinischer Prüfungen und die Produktentwicklung oder die sonst beziehen sich auf zukünftige Zeiträume sind zukunftsbezogene Aussagen im Sinne von Abschnitt 27A des Securities Act von 1933 und Abschnitt 21E des Securities Exchange Act von 1934.Diese Aussagen basieren auf Annahmen, die nichts beweisen.:rolleyes:Tatsächliche Resultate können erheblich von diesen Erwartungen abweichen aufgrund bestimmter Risiken der Biotechnologie-Branche und für Unternehmen in der Entwicklung neuer Produkte in einem regulierten Markt. Unter anderem können die Ergebnisse der frühen Phase der klinischen Studien nicht später Feststellungen größere Studien und / oder anderen Aktionen für die behördliche Zulassung erforderlich ist möglicherweise nicht wirtschaftlich machbar ist, und die Ergebnisse der klinischen Studien unterstützt werden kann in jedem Fall nicht mit den vorklinischen Einklang oder Zwischenergebnisse.

Diese und andere Risiken, einschließlich der allgemeinen Instabilität der aktuellen wirtschaftlichen und Finanzmärkte; die Ergebnisse der Forschung zur Entdeckung und präklinische Testung, das Timing oder die Ergebnisse der anstehenden und zukünftigen klinischen Studien (einschließlich der Gestaltung und den Fortschritt der klinischen Studien, Sicherheit und Wirksamkeit der Produkte getestet, Handlung, Verzögerung durch die FDA, europäischer oder anderer Aufsichtsbehörden oder ihrer beratenden Gremien sowie Analyse:) und Auslegung durch oder Duldung, diese Einrichtungen oder andere wissenschaftliche Daten), Änderungen in den Status der bestehenden Zusammenarbeit und Lizenzierung Beziehungen, die Fähigkeit der Mitarbeiter, Lizenznehmer und andere dritte Parteien, ihren Verpflichtungen nachzukommen; XOMA's Fähigkeit, die Anforderungen der US-Behörden, mit denen sie in seine Regierung Verträge hat treffen, Wettbewerb, Markt verlangt nach Produkten, Scale- und Marketing-Fähigkeiten, die Verfügbarkeit von zusätzlichen Lizenzen oder Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit, internationale Operationen, teilen Volatilität XOMA Finanzierung Bedürfnisse und Chancen, Unsicherheiten in Bezug auf den Status von Biotechnologie-Patenten, Unsicherheiten bezüglich der Kosten für den Schutz geistigen Eigentums; und Risiken XOMA Status verbunden als Bermuda-Gesellschaft, sind detaillierter im jüngsten Einreichung XOMA auf Formblatt 10-K und in anderen SEC-Unterlagen beschrieben. Betrachten Sie diese Risiken sorgfältig bei der Prüfung XOMA Aussichten. :eek: ;)

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.825.945 von Ca_sH am 08.01.11 17:00:43Cash, bis vor kurzem hast du, als du in deinen postings von Kurszielen von 15$ usw. geschrieben hast, selbst nicht auf eventuelle Risiken hingewiesen. Ich meine die Risiken sind ja nicht erst mit der Veröffentlichung der 2a-Interim Results entstanden. Kann es sein, dass es an deinem aktuellen Depotstand liegt, dass dir das auf einmal so wichtig ist? Versteh mich nicht falsch, ich habe nichts dagegen, wenn jemand grundsätzlich alle Seiten zu beleuchten versucht, aber wenn jemand eigentlich nur pro geschrieben hat und dann auf einmal den Samariter spielt, dann kauf ich persönlich ihm das nicht ab. Ich beziehe mich jetzt nicht nur auf dieses posting, sondern deine Art zu posten hat sich in meinen Augen schlagartig um 360° gewendet. Ich weiß, dass dieser Thread eigentlich nicht für postings solcher Art bestimmt ist. Ich schreibe es allerdings trotzdem ganz bewußt hier hinein, da du ebenfalls persönliche Kommentare postest, welche hier eigentlich nichts zu suchen haben...
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.825.945 von Ca_sH am 08.01.11 17:00:43Für das zu lesen gibts den Link.

Man kann von einem Investor doch erwarten, dass er eine solche News bis zum Ende durchliest.

OF TOPIC: Damit sich solche Diskussionen erübrigen und der Thread übersichtlich bleibt schlage ich folgendes Vorgehen vor:

1. Überschrift des Artiekls oder der News...
2. Als Zitat gekennzeichnete zentrale aussage im Artiekel
3. Quellenangabe
4. Bei Bedarf kurzes Eigenstatement zur zentralen Aussage, falls ein Bezug zu einer anderen Aussage oder ähnliches hergestellt werden soll.

Das Problem, wenn hier die ganzen Artikel reingestellt werden ist neben einer verminderten Übersichtlichkeit auch die Verletzung des Urheberrechts. Zitieren aus fremden Quellen ist hingegen erlaubt.

Nur meine Meinung, ich habe selbst schon oft genug gegen Urheberrechte verstoßen, bin mir aber der Problematik bewußt.


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