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08.01.11 15:13:02
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Hat sich schon jemand mit Bigstring befasst?

Hier wird fleißig diskutiert:…
14.01.11 22:47:27
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Sieht ja schonmal gut aus heute.
Wenn es nächste Woche evtl. soweit ist, dass der Peoplestring (Social Network) IPO ansteht, könnte das Teil schnell abheben.
Bigstring hält ca. 30 % an Peoplestring und Social Network-Werte sind ja momentan sehr gefragt...

Ist außer mir keiner in dem Teil investiert??
22.01.11 10:53:55
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So, es ist soweit. Mit Peoplestring (PLPE) geht am kommenden Dienstag ein weiters Social Network an die Börse.
Bigstring besitzt 10 Mio. Anteile an Peoplestring und dürfte auch stark profitieren, wenn der IPO erfolgreich ist.

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03.04.11 01:55:43
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.906.931 von Greilomat am 22.01.11 10:53:55Hier ein Beitrag, den ich auf und auf Yahoo Message Board gepostet habe. Ich denke Bigstring ist massivst unterbewertet:

Fair Value of BSGC is 70% higher - Factual Analysis

Just a quick back of the envelope valuation analysis on BSGC based on facts revealed in the 10K of PLPE.

Bigstring is trading at 0.0204 at the moment... which gives it a market cap of around USD 1.8m with 91m outstanding shares.
- As per PLPE 10k, BSGC owns 6.125m shares of Peoplestring.
- At a current PLPE price of 0.77 USD/share this implies a value of USD 4.72m. Not taking into account BSGC's other business and seeing the company as purely determined by PLPE as per BSGC's press release in February - this represents the value of BSGC's assets side.
- To determine fair Equity value, I deduct BSGC's debt of roughly USD 1.5m as per last 10q (and this is the total of current liabilities!).
==> This calculation ends up in a fair equity value of USD 3.22m for BSGC's stock. Dividing this by 91m shares, gives me a fair share price of USD 0.035/share, which represents an upside of over 70% to the current share price.

If BSGC theoretically decided to give out its PLPE shares to BSGC shareholders, this would mean the value gets realized (probably after debt gets redeemed). But anyway, even with the current 6.1m shares in posession, BSGC is for me a clear buy with a floor value depending on PLPE's share price.

If PLPE moves higher from here and more attention gets to the BSGC-PLPE ownership structure, at some point people will realize the implied value in BSGC. Of course, if PLPE falls, the implied value falls accordingly and the analysis has to be adapted. BSGC became effectively a derivative of PLPE in my point of view.

This is my own analysis and please let me know what I probably missed in my calculations. Input much appreciated. I'm not trying to pump this stock, just think I identified a severely undervalued stock. To get many opinions, I also posted this on other forums since it doesn't seem people realize the implied value of BSGC!
12.01.13 22:44:41
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.906.931 von Greilomat am 22.01.11 10:53:55was ist mit Bigstring los? -haben die die Vorhänge jetzt zugezogen?

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