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17.02.11 18:46:25
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Mit steigenden Oelpreisen kommt auch die Story mit dem Schiefergar wieder in Schwung.

GMR kommt runter von > 3 cad
hab hier heute etwas investiert.

Nachdem nun Mainland einen riesigen Fund melden konnte, steigen allle Firmen in derselben Region

Mainland's Initial Shale Gas Analysis From Its First Mississippi Well Demonstrates 331 Billion Cubic Feet Gas In Place (290 Billion Cubic Feet Free Gas In Place) Per 640 Acre Section
HOUSTON, Feb. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Mainland Resources, Inc. (the “Company” or “Mainland”) (OTCQB: MNLU;)

Gastem Inc. (Gastem) is an oil and gas exploration and development company with exploration properties, rights and interests located in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Magdalen Islands and the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. The Company also has properties situated in New York State and Virginia, held and operated by a wholly owned American subsidiary named Gastem-USA. It is also in the process of obtaining new properties in Appalachia. On the Matapedia-Cyr block, located in the heart of Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, Gastem undertook two geochemical surveys to identify possible live oil seeps in the surface soils that would indicate potential subsurface oil accumulations. In July 2009, Gastem reduced its land position in the Matapedia-Cyr area by relinquishing three exploration permits in the Matapedia-Cyr block and resizing two more. During the year ended December 31, 2009, Gasten acquired permits in the Appalache area in order to carry out exploration and development programs.
17.02.11 18:49:47
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und tatsächlich ist da ein Drive drauf

GASTEM ORD (GMR) Aktualisieren

Volume 8'777'843 :cool:

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Venture CAD .305 +0.065 (+27.1%) :):):):):)
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17.02.11 22:55:05
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Hier wahrscheinlich der Auslöser des Anstieges der Gastitel

Operators take a closer look at the Utica

2/13/2011 1:55:58 AM | No Recommendation | 313 reads | Post #29266521 Rate thisclarity

This enormous shale play could be the largest natural gas field ever discovered.
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22.02.11 23:23:41
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.062.413 von hasi22 am 17.02.11 22:55:05eine der wenigen Positiven :)

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07.03.11 18:19:29
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sie hält sich gut
GASTEM ORD (GMR) Börsenplatz Währung Letzter Preis 11:53:28 Veränderung
Venture CAD .265 +0.01 (+3.9%) :)
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hier noch ein Auszug aus dem Bericht der NY Sitzung:

Richard Nyahay, a geologist and manager of geology for New York State with energy company Gastem, also addressed the group. Among the points he emphasized is that the Marcellus Shale is the most organic of the shale layers, with a totalorganic content (TOC) rate between 3 and 16 percent. It is thischaracteristic of the Marcellus that makes it so attractive to drillers.It means that the Marcellus is one of, if not the highestnatural gas producing shale that can be drilled. Nyahay’s slide includedillustrations of “conventional” gas pools versus “unconventional” gastrapped in shale layers.…
19.03.11 16:39:05
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umsteigen auf Gas !!
Verdoppler ist programmiert :)

GMR TSX-V $0.195 +0.015 +8.33% :) vol 368,204

Zusätzliche Finanzierung:

Gastem Inc. Closes $2,765,750 Financing
Tuesday, 17 Aug 2010 04:05pm EDT
Gastem Inc. announced that it has closed a marketed offering of units by short-form prospectus for a total of up to 8,510,000 units at a price of $0.325 per unit, for a gross amount of $2,765,750. Each unit consists of one common share and one common share purchase warrant at $0.45 valid for two years. The Offering was conducted through a syndicate of agents led by Industrial Alliance Securities and including Fraser Mackenzie Limited and Mackie Research Capital Corporation. The Agents exercised their option to purchase units for an additional 15% from 7,400,000 units to 8,510,000 to cover over-allotments. A commission equal to 7.5% of the gross proceeds is payable by the Company to Industrial Alliance Securities on behalf of the Agents. Proceeds of the financing will be used to finance exploration and development work in New York State, specifically on the conventional Oneida Sandstone Formation, and for general operating expenses. - - - - - (repeated)
14.04.11 21:33:27
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Energy & Capital
ist der Meinung, dass die Gasnachfrage massiv steigt :)

Japan's Growing LNG Demand

As troubling news over Japan's nuclear reactors continues to surface, the country's oil and LNG demands are set to increase.

After the March 11th disaster, production at six of Japan's refineries was halted. This week, only three had started back up.

Although they'll be able to meet their oil needs during the rebuilding phase, they may come up short when their electricity demand peaks this summer. The shortfall could be as much as 15 million kw.

Furthermore, roughly 30% of Japan's electricity comes from its nuclear power plants.

So why the surge in LNG imports? Because it's happened before.

After a 2007 earthquake disrupted Japan's nuclear power generation, the island nation boosted LNG imports. Last year, Japan's LNG imports hit a new record of 70 million tonnes.

The country was already the world's largest LNG importer, and is on its way to another record in 2011.
28.05.11 13:34:47
Beitrag Nr. 8 ()
bin auch etwas enttäuscht, aber derzeit zieht der Gaspreis wieder mal an. Auch ist wohl umsteigen von Atom auf Gas 10 bis 20 Jahre unausweichlich.

Wow this is unreal. They got $8M in the bank and we're trading right around there. Quebec and NY and Magdaline given zero value here. I want to see some drilling in those Islands, correct me if I'm wrong is conventional drilling so not bound by the new rules. Here's the thing, with a good result this thing would go wild, but I hope they get on that soon...well right now I got no money, but I'm dying to get in on some shares here...would be my best investment this year at this price.

ein sehr günstiger Titel: P/B Ratio = 0.432
31.08.11 22:38:11
Beitrag Nr. 9 ()
Das Drillingprogramm wird ausgeweitet:

GMR TSX-V $0.13 +0.02 +18.18% :) vol 95,200

Smart money is loading up and you are talking about Gastem 'running out of money' and 'wildcat drilling'. I think you should sell GMR & buy ATI if you want to own a company that will sit on its hands until the SES is complete.

Es besteht natürlich auch ein Risiko nichts zu finden.
21.12.12 17:33:12
Beitrag Nr. 10 ()
05-12-2011 15:18 BRIEF-Gastem updates on Oneida program
Dec 5 (Reuters) - Gastem Inc:

* Oneida program in Central New York state underway

* Subsidiary, Gastem USA, received drilling permit for conventional gas well

near town of Sidney in Central New York state

* Says expects to proceed with the drilling program as soon as possible.

* Total depth of the proposed vertical well will be approximately 5,500 feet

and is expected to take about four weeks
19.01.13 12:34:30
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Vergiß alles was Gastem aktuell schreibt. Entscheidend ist, was im September beim SEA Hearing rauskommt. Sollte Gastem in Quebec nach Shale Gas bohren dürfen und Fracking einsetzen dürfen, dann geht hier gewaltig die Post ab. Falls nicht, fallen die Vorhänge hier für immer. Das ist eine gewagte Wette, auf die sich 9 Monate vorher noch Niemand im großen Stil einlassen wird, da die gesamtwirtschaftliche Lage noch zu unsicher ist.

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