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Bin über einen Focus-Money Artikel drauf gestossen.

Zu 2/3 machen sie Zutaten für die globale Nahrungsmittelindustrie, mit Kunden wie: Nestle, Unilever,...

Zu 1/3 Markennahrungsmittel primär UK

für 2010 etwa 25% EK-Rendite...:

February 22, 2011

By Sarah Kirkwood
Kerry Group has today reported pre-tax profits of €392.8m for the year ending December 31 2010.

This compares to pre-tax profits of €251.9m for the preceding year.

The Chief Executive is pleased with the development the company has made

Sales at the company rose by 9.7% to €5bn over the 12 months under review while the firm also announced a trading profit increase of 11.3% to €470m.

Sales revenues for the group’s ingredients and flavours division rose by 12.7% to €3.67m. The consumer foods division recorded sales revenue of €1.76m, up 3.2% on the preceding year.

Continuing business volumes were 5.5% ahead on a group-wide basis over the full year, the group said.

Adjusted earnings per share increased by 16.8% to 194.5 cent. The board has recommended a final dividend of 20 cent per share, an increase of 15.6% on 2009.

Chief Executive Stan McCarthy said: “Kerry Group achieved excellent results in 2010. Business development in the group’s established and emerging markets proved highly successful delivering strong volume growth and good margin progression.”
14.03.11 09:11:05
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Sunday March 13 2011
LAST week Greencore chief executive Patrick Coveney, brother of new Agriculture Minister Simon, finally bowed to the inevitable and walked away from his company's proposed merger with UK own-label food producer Northern Foods.

Ever since Ranjit Boparan gatecrashed the Greencore/ Northern Foods merger last January with a blockbuster £342m all-cash bid, it has been clear that Coveney's plan to merge the firms was hanging by a thread. Last week's announcement was merely acknowledgement of what most observers had concluded -- that Greencore couldn't afford to match the price Boparan was offering.

So where does Greencore go from here? With the company capitalised at a mere €243m at the current share price and its debts having been reduced to €193m following last year's disposal of its malting business, Greencore, the largest sandwich producer in the UK, is starting to look like an acquisition target itself.

With its Freshways subsidiary already the largest producer of sandwiches in Ireland, the acquisition of Greencore would give the Kerry Group top slot in the UK sandwich market also. Maybe Coveney should give Kerry boss Stan McCarthy a call.
28.12.12 00:27:59
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31 October 2012 -

Kerry, the global ingredients & flavours and consumer foods group, issues the following Interim Management Statement for the nine months to 30 September 2012 and reaffirms outlook for full year.

The Group continued to achieve good organic growth in the three month period to 30 September 2012. Performance was solid across all regions, notwithstanding the challenging market conditions in Europe and the continuing competitive consumer foods market situation in Ireland and the UK. Further progress was made in the deployment of resources to meet the Group’s growth objectives and customer requirements in developing markets.

Reported sales revenue for the nine months increased by 10.9% to €4.4 billion reflecting like-for-like [LFL] growth of 2% when account is taken of acquisitions net of disposals and currency translation. Continuing business volumes grew by 2.1% and product pricing/mix increased by 0.8%. Rationalisation volumes arising from restructuring of production across the Group’s manufacturing sites amounted to 0.9% for the period.

Trading profit for the nine months increased by 12.1% on a reported basis. In line with the business momentum reported at the half year stage, the Group’s underlying trading margin performance remained strong in the period. Despite increased unallocated development costs relating to the Group’s ongoing 1 Kerry business transformation programme and global IT project and the dilutive impact of 2011 acquisitions, the Group trading profit margin increased by 10 basis points relative to the same period of 2011. This reflects a 10 basis points increased margin in Ingredients & Flavours and an unchanged margin in Consumer Foods.
24.05.14 12:30:31
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Ist das eine Konsolidierung auf hohem Niveau? Bei uns hat diese Aktie fast keiner auf seinem Radar, aber die Kurssteigerungen der letzten 3 Jahre sind top.
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03.03.15 10:52:53
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 47.040.080 von geldspender am 24.05.14 12:30:31yep;

und die Maschine läuft immer weiter...

Habe viel zu früh verkauft
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17.07.16 13:11:04
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 49.224.239 von R-BgO am 03.03.15 10:52:53
zuletzt ist der Kurs nicht mehr gar so weit vorgeprescht,
Bewertung derzeit mal wieder knapp unter KBV 5
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05.10.16 14:20:57
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 52.850.896 von R-BgO am 17.07.16 13:11:04
ein paar
Ansichtsstücke zurückgekauft
13.07.17 16:06:48
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Butterpreis steigt weiter ohne Ende
10.06.18 22:00:27
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komisch: der Chart oben heißt "Butter";

wenn ich aber mit der WKN suche, lande ich trotzdem hier
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dann eben so:
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