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ist die Nutzung von Kohle bzw. Kohlevergasung die Antwort auf die Atomkatastrophe von Japan. Meiner Meinung ja. Kohle kann inzwischen als relativ saubere Ressource angesehen werden. Inzwischen sind alle großen Ölproduzenten und Technologiekonzerne am Thema CCS dran. Canada und USA stecken Milliarden in Testphasen/Pilotprojekte, die bis 2015 Realität werden sollen. HTC Purenergy ist bei Projekten in China und GB beteiligt und mit EOR in den USA. Kann diese kleine und unbekannte Ca.-Firma den Durchbruch schaffen?
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08.04.11 12:43:46
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.337.081 von bluesrock am 07.04.11 22:06:30weitere Informationen gibt es auch unter der
Bis Ende April sollten Q.-Zahlen kommen, die über die momentane Entwicklung Auskunft geben.
Weitere Infos meinerseits folgen übers Wochenende. Über Diskussionsbeiträge zum Thema
CCS oder EOR würde ich mich freuen.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.339.803 von bluesrock am 08.04.11 12:43:46Hi,
zum Thema "Dornröschenschlaf:
Antelope Valley Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: Basin Electric, HTC Pure energy, Burns and McDonnell , Doosan Babcock

Location: Antelope Valley Station, Beulah, North Dakota, USA,

Feedstock: Coal

Size: 120MW slipstream from 450MW electric generating unit.
(90% capture target with an estimated 1 million tonnes of CO2 per year to be captured).

Capture Technology: Post-combustion with ammonia

CO2 Fate: EOR. The CO2 will be cleaned and pressurized before it is feed into the adjacent Dakota Gasification's Synfuels Plant existing 205-mile (330 km) CO2 pipeline for EOR in Canada.

Timing: Commercial operation (2012). Basin Electric announced that it was shelving Antelope Valley indefiently due to cost and timing dificulties ( December 2010)

Motivation/Economics: Awarded a US $100 million grant from DOE (July 2009). Awarded a $300 million loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in January 2009. Powerspan's carbon capture technique (ECO2) was originally selected by Basin Electric as the most promising low cost option for commercial deployment and for its ability to best integrate with Basin Electric's operations. In December 2009 Basin Electric replaced Powerspan with HTC pure energy to operate the CO2 capture.

Comments: Basin Electric announced (December 2010) that the cost and timing of a proposed CCS project at Antelope Valley Station have caused the plant’s directors to table the project indefinitely.
The USDA award on January 15th 2009 makes the Antelope valley carbon capture project the first demonstration project in the US. Basin Electric's wholly owned subsidiary, Dakota Gasification Company, is the only current company in the U.S. that captures CO2 from Coal and delivers it for EOR. Basin Electric has a diverse energy portfolio and is looking to become a world leader in CCS.

Kopie Ende

Am 20.10.2010 wurde gemeldet, das das Projekt auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben wird. Gleichzeitig sagt Basin Electric das sie an weiteren Projekten arbeiten werden.

American Electric Power schreibt am 1.03.2011 unter bestehenden CCS Projekten immer noch das Basin Electric/Htc Purenergy Projekt. Vielleicht haben sie doch noch die Kurve gekriegt. Ist nur Spekulation aber, aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben.
Der wachsende Druck auf die Energie/Kohleindustrie in den USA könnte die Blockadehaltung der Industrie endlich zum Einlenken bewegen um die minimalen Klimaziele der USA zu erreichen. Wobei es ja in den USA nicht um die Klimaerwärmung (von Menschenhand bewirkt nicht anerkannt) sondern um "saubere Luft" geht.
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10.04.11 23:20:24
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.343.443 von bluesrock am 09.04.11 02:06:42HIer mal ein paar interessante Details zu Kooperationen von HTC Purennergy

Kopie: December 6 th , 2007


Global Energy Homepage:

Global Energy has launched USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation as an independent public company to focus on commercial deployment of Ultra Clean Btu Converters in America. Please visit the website at usasfc.com.

USA Synethicc Fuel Corp. Homepage:

USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation (OTCQB:USFC) is an environmental energy technology company focused on building ultra clean btu converters that enable America's solid hydrocarbon resources to be transformed into low cost synthetic fuel products: pipeline quality synthetic natural gas (SNG), transportation fuel (diesel, jet, gasoline), hydrogen, and power. USA Synthetic Fuel's goal is to deliver top environmental, economic, and social performance. The company's leading btu converters are in development and/or construction and, when completed, are designed to produce 100,000 BOE (barrels of oil equivalent) per day. The company has established the long term business objective of manufacturing and delivering 2 million BOE/day of low cost synthetic fuel in the USA by 2030. The company owns 1.02 Billion BOE in solid hydrocarbon energy.

Upon Agreed Benchmarks, Socius Capital Group will Commit $10 million in Equity Capital to Fund Growth at USA Synthetic Fuel

CINCINNATI & NEW YORK, Jan 18, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation of Cincinnati has entered into a non-binding term sheet with Socius CG II, a subsidiary of Socius Capital Group, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, under which Socius would invest up to $10 million in equity capital to fund corporate growth. The non-binding agreement is based on the company achieving certain benchmarks, including, but not limited to, a NASDAQ listing.

Socius Capital Group (SCG), with a focus on life sciences, energy, natural resources and technology, is well positioned to be an equity growth partner for USA Synthetic Fuel (USASF). SCG targets transactions in the $5 to $125+ million range and provides growth capital to emerging companies. USASF believes that additional capital would be available as milestones are achieved and as high growth opportunities call for additional equity capital from an investor that shares the vision of low cost clean energy in America.

USASF's business objective is to be the leader in the development, construction, ownership and operation of environmentally responsible ultra clean Btu Converter facilities.

USASF has major near-term projects representing 38.6 million barrels of oil equivalent* (BOE) (229 billion cubic feet) per year of synthetic natural gas and 516 megawatts net of electric power in development or construction. We also may produce and sell hydrogen gas in the future if this market develops further.

Kopie Ende

Laut Homepage ist Ehanced Hydrocarbon Recovery auch in Ohio tätig, dort wo das größte Projekt von USASF liegt. Von Feb. bis Heute ist der Kurs von usasf von 2$ auf 6$ gestiegen, bei 75 Mil. Aktien.

Ist HTC bei usasf-Projekten mit im Boot , müßte sich dies in den Auftragsbüchern und den kommenden Q-Zahlen wiederspiegeln.

11.04.11 23:33:15
-International test center for CO2 capture ITC
U.A. May 2008 Projekte - HTC Prozeßptimierung für 700 T/T Abscheidungsanlage, HTC/Bechtel Machbarkeitsstudie für 800MW Anlage, HTC/Bechtel Europ.CO2 Testcenter , Mongstad, Norwegen

-Carbon Capture Journal-

-Cormark Securities Inc.-October 5, 2009-
Reason to Watch
Data Sources: Capital IQ, Thompson One, Company Reports

HTC Purenergy fits directly with our investible theme of putting a
price on carbon, as large-scale power producers and other
industrial manufacturers may use its systems to reduce their
carbon output and avoid exposure to federal emissions regulations
when they develop.
- The Company is in the infancy stage, and meaningful uptake of
the Company's products and/or services or a demonstratively
viable large-scale deployment would be necessary to better
evaluate the Company's financial prospects.

Entscheidend ist die Umsetzung des CO2 -Zertifikatehandels. Sollte sich 2011/2012 entscheidenes tun, ist HTC der Gewinner.

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12.04.11 01:34:44
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.351.671 von bluesrock am 11.04.11 23:33:15etwas aktueller:
25 ideas shaping Canada’s energy landscape

From household solar to biofuel and oil sands know-how, innovation is everywhere

February 01, 2011
25 ideas shaping Canada’s energy landscape

From household solar to biofuel and oil sands know-how, innovation is everywhere
Carbon Experts
HTC Purenergy Inc.
Made-in-canada expertise on carbon management....
The firm is teamed up with a global British engeenering empire, Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd, on a growing string of projects. In the United States, for instance, the firm is working on adding a carbon capture, storage and enhanced oil recovery system to a mammoth coal-fired power station in North Dakota.

Hierbei könnte es sich, nach meiner Recherge, um folgendes Kohlekraftwerk handeln:

Coyote Station
Coyote Power Station near Beulah ND Location: Near Beulah, North Dakota
Fuel source: North Dakota lignite
Age: Online since 1981
Employees: Approximately 80
Nameplate capacity: 414 megawatts
Otter Tail Power Company - 35%
Northern Municipal Power Agency - 30%
Montana Dakota Utilities - 25%
NorthWestern Energy - 10%

Falls dies zutrifft, wäre dies der Durchbruch

13.04.11 18:19:56
CO2 Speicherung bekommt gesetzl. Grundlage in Deutschland. Step by step - Umsätze in Übersee ziehen wieder an - Jetzt muß nur noch das Runde ins Eckige.
15.04.11 00:35:11

GCCSI bio-energy report - BECCSProjects 2010 - März 2011

Das Biomasse als Energyträger kommt, ist kein Geheimnis mehr. Kombiniert mit CCS haben wir eine tatsächliche CO2 Reduktion, da die Enregieerzeugung aus Biomasse C02 neutral ist. Um die Klimaerwärmung auf gewünschte 2 Grad einzudämmen, muß die CO2 Emissionen massiv reduziert werden. Eingesetzt in EOR werden in der Erde schlummernde Ölreserven gefördert und die ganze Sache wird zusätzlich rentabel.

An EOR geht sowieso kein weg mehr vorbei, da bei der herkömmlichen Erdölförderung nur 30% der Vorkommen gefördert werden, da irgendwann der Druck in den Kammern nicht mehr ausreicht um das Öl zu fördern. Mit EOR können zusätzlich bis zu 15% gefördert werden.

Bei schwinndenden Vorkommen und erhöhtem Bedarf durch das Wachstum in den "Schwellenländern" in den kommenden Jahren bedeuted dies ein must have für z.B. die USA. Hier spielt ja die Unabhängigkeit von Erdölimporten eine große Rolle. Zudem liegen dort noch zig Milliarden Barrel ungeförderte Rohölvorkommen.

26.04.11 00:34:14
HTC Hydrogen Technologies Corp. Operations in the US in Conjunction with the Washington DC ‘Clean Energy Roundtable Conference’
Posted on January 27, 2011 by admin

Canadian-primarily based HTC Purenergy (HTC: TSX-V) announced today the launch of the HTC Purenergy industrial advertising and marketing operations in the United States.

HTC has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with the Vista Power Group Inc (“Vista Energy”). Vista Energy, under the direction of Dr. John N. O’Brien, President and CEO, are prolonged-time advisors, facilitators, and analysts to the US energy markets. Vista Vitality will put into action a US commercialization tactic deploying HTC’s “Carbon Clear Solutions”.
Kopie Ende

Das Warten auf die Zahlen beginnt. Viel tiefer wie zur Zeit gehts kaum.
30.04.11 22:07:32
eine Projektentwicklung für die Ölsandindustrie aus dem Jahr 2010.
Quelle: ccemc.ca


The Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCMEC) Corporation announced funding for five clean technology projects totalling more than $28.1 million on June 30. The projects include two pilot projects to produce cleaner energy from fossil fuels and three carbon capture and storage projects.
The following summary of funded projects by the CCEMC includes deive information provided by project proponents.

Organization: HTC Purenergy Inc.
CCEMC Funding: $315,000
Project: HTC Purenergy CO2 Capture FEED Study for Devon’s Jackfish SAGD Facility
HTC Purenergy Inc. was founded in 1997 and is fully dedicated to carbon management including carbon capture, CO2 enhanced oil recovery and CO2 geological storage. HTC has significant intellectual property related to its modular CO2 capture technology called the Purenergy CCS® System. The company is closely aligned with the University of Regina for its past and on-going research and development capabilities. Headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, it has commercial offices in Calgary, Vermont and Sydney, Australia. HTC is publicly traded on the TSX-V and has 30 employees.

HTC Purenergy will provide process design and Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for a 1,000-tonne/day Purenergy CCS® System to capture CO2 from Devon Energy’s SAGD boilers at its Jackfish in-situ oil sands developments located near Conklin, Alberta. The study will show how HTC’s post combustion advanced amine CO2 capture technology can be progressively added to Devon’s existing SAGD facilities and integrated into the design of new SAGD boilers. This modular phased approach could be applied across the oil sands and other industries in Alberta and worldwide.

Bis 2015 will, wenn ich es richtig in Erinnerung habe, die Kan. Regierung 2 Milliarden Can.$ in bis zu fünf Projekte investieren.

Es ist knapp ein Jahr vergangen - erste Ergebnisse müßten vorliegen.
Wenn der erste Auftrag für ein Purenergy CCS-System vorliegt, klettert die Aktie mühelos über 10$.

02.05.11 00:22:05
zum thema EOR:

Laut Internationaler Energie Agentur (IEA) geht die Erdölförderung jährlich um 6,7% zurück.

Nur jede 10te Probebohrung ist erfogreich.

Bis 2020 werden nur 4 neue Ölfelder in Saudi Arabien erschlossen werden können.

Tiefseebohrungen sind hoch riskant, kostenintensiv und benötigen eine lange Bauzeit.

Laut DAR Energy sind von den Ölproduzendten 100 Milliarden $ für EOR in den nächsten fünf Jahren eingeplant - 600 Milliarden Barrel sollen in den nächsten 50 Jahren mit EOR gefördert werden.

Linde ist auch mit im Geschäft:

Quelle: the-linde-group.com

An excellent example of our contribution to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is construction of air separators to generate nitrogen for flooding.

We opened the world’s largest air separation plant in the Gulf of Mexico in 2000, going on to expand it in 2006.

Our customer is the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos Coportivo (Pemex) oil company, which has been drilling the Cantarell oil field since 1976. This field is located in a giant crater below the seabed in the Bay of Campeche.

Cantarell, one of the world’s largest offshore oil fields, is also Mexico’s most significant source of crude oil, accounting for around a third of that nation’s total output.

Warum Pemex mit HTC Purenergy ins Geschäft kommen will, wenn sie schon mit einem BigPlayer arbeiten, ist mir ein Rätsel.

Kopie EHR News Romm Feb.7, 2011
Recently, EHR and EHR’s CO2 management technology provider, HTC Purenergy, hosted Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company. The purpose and focus of the visit was to discuss the details around a commercial engagement amongst EHR, HTC and Pemex. The delegation included nine Pemex oil & gas production personnel and representatives from the National University of Mexico and the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City. The meeting was designed with a view to participate in MOU’s and agree on the objectives, focus and scope of early commercial projects.
EHR Head Office:
#150 – 10 Research Drive
Regina SK Canada S4S 7J7
T: (306) 352-3448

Die Aussichten sind hervorragend - jetzt müßen Fakten und Zahlen kommen, die dem entsprechen. Sonst bleibt das ganze eine Spielerei von Technologieveteranen.


06.05.11 00:18:11
Auszug/Kopie aus piplinenews Dez.2010

Working gobally aon CO2 capture

“We’re in Abu Dhabai in January,” Kambeitz said. There they will be
working on a project that has historically used natural gas as an agent for
tertiary recovery. Now they are looking to use CO2.
The Gulf is starting to realize it doesn’t have infinite natural gas, Kambeitz
noted. It is more useful to them for power production and desalination
of sea water into fresh water. He pointed to the irony that the countries
with the most energy in the world have the least water.
“They are beginning to use those enhanced tools. They are just on the
cusp of using CO2,” he said.
That carbon dioxide will be sourced from natural gas production, big
refineries, and upgraders.
In the back rooms, a team of engineers could be found designing a
carbon capture project for Italian power producer Enel. The project is at
Porto Tello, south of Venice. It is a large CO2 capture plant that will be
incorporated into a power plant conversion. It is going from oil-fired to
The project will capture about one million tonnes of CO2 per year,
about the same size as SaskPower’s Boundary Dam 3 project. It is also
similar in size to the Basin Electric project at Beulah, North Dakota, that
HTC and its partner Doosan Babcock Energy are working on. The project
will capture about 20 per cent of the carbon dioxide from the Enel plant.
HTC has been working on CO2-based enhanced oil recovery for both
heavy and light crudes, according to Kambeitz.
“We were awarded a design package by the Alberta government with
Devon. We’re working with other heavy oil producers as well,” he said.
“We’re involved with several companies right on the cutting edge of
using CO2.
The source of carbon dioxide may very well be the SAGD boilers used
to generate the steam used in SAGD operations. That capture technology
has also been developed by HTC.

Kopie Ende

Italien Projekt mit Enel!!

Ein anderer Artikel vom Petroleum Technoloy Reserch centre beschreibt die Möglichkeiten/Potential der SAGD Technologie:

“Indeed, some of those technologies, such
as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), opened
up a whole new set of reserves. It was just ten years
ago that oil industry experts considered Alberta’ s oil
sands to contain only eight billion barrels of actual
reserves. Th at changed with the advent of SAGD
and other thermal technologies, such that the United
States Department of Energy and international
groups like the International Energy Agency now
consider the oilsands to hold 170 billion barrels of
recoverable reserves. What has that fact done to the
notion of ‘peak oil?’”
Sacuta said, “Th e PTRC in Regina is committed
to helping the Saskatchewan and Canadian oil
industry increase its recovery rates from existing,
producing reservoirs by developing new technologies
that will lessen the environmental footprint of
the industry while also increasing recovery. Right
now, a good return from a heavy oil reservoir in the
province of Saskatchewan is between eight and 10
per cent of the oil in place. Conventional oilfi elds,
worldwide, often recover no more than 30 per cent
of the oil in place. By developing technologies to increase
these recovery rates, the peak oil curve is going
to be pushed continually forward.”

Kopie Ende

Arbeit schient es genug zu geben - ich will jetzt Zahlen sehen.

06.05.11 00:20:15
YEP - mir schient es ist spät
06.05.11 01:28:53
Zahlen!!! - Quelle. stockwatch:

HTC Purenergy loses $1.37-million in 2010

2011-04-29 18:11 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeff Allison eports


HTC Purenergy Inc. has released its audited financial results for fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2010.

Year 2010 operating results

The corporation's operations during the 2010 year are showing results from the initiatives taken in the previous year, which is demonstrated by the improvement in revenues and cash flow excluding amortization. Year 2010 has seen an increased interest in carbon capture projects utilizing the carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery.

During the 2010 year, HTC commenced the development of its CCS FEEDengine, a proprietary modelling and simulation software engine which will provide HTC with a significant advantage in the accuracy and speed of designing CO2 capture systems. In addition, HTC has been working toward the completion a new CO2 capture solvent reclaiming system that will be more efficient in the cleanup of mixed amine solvent systems that will reduce the operating costs of a CO2 capture system.

HTC engineering services completed the process design for two of the world's largest CCS capture systems in 2010 and was awarded additional design engineering projects that will extend through 2011.

The corporation has set up a new operating division called HTC CO2 Systems. HTC CO2 Systems will focus on smaller-scale modular CO2 capture primarily from steam-assisted gravity drainage cyclic steam stimulation boilers for use in expanded oil recovery and for small industrial purposes.

During the 2010 year, HTC incorporated EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Inc. and continues to increase marketing activity on EHR's products and services, such as evaluating a number of oil and gas asset acquisition targets, as well as production joint venture opportunities that focus on the company's core product offerings. EHR is a Canadian-based production, exploration and technology services firm that acquires, develops, and manages oil and natural gas assets in Western Canada and the northern United States. To this end, a number of initiatives and/or joint ventures have been identified, and financing initiatives are under consideration. Also during the fourth quarter, HTC identified a number new and/or expanded strategic alliances which are being evaluated and pursued. HTC continues initiatives in new energy technology development and commercial deployment.

Financial results

When amortization and stock compensation (non-cash flow) are removed from the reported losses, earnings before amortization interest and tax (EBITDA) for the year ended Dec. 31, 2010, was negative $398, 023 as compared with negative $4,194,431 for 2009 based on a net loss for the year of $1,374,479 as compared with a loss of $5,814,069 for 2009. The improvement in income is primarily attributable to the increase in revenues.

Fiscal year ended Fiscal year ended
Dec. 31, 2010 Dec. 31, 2009

Revenue $3,358,591 $384,640
Expenses $4,859,812 $5,364,226
Net income (loss) from operations $(1,547,793) $(4,833,441)
Net income (loss) $(1,374,479) $(5,814,069)
Comprehensive net (loss) $(1,563,009) $(5,814,069)
Profit (loss) per common share (weighted $(.08) $(.32)

Diluted net loss per common share is not presented, as the effect would be anti-dilutive.

HTC's cash and accounts receivable position at the end of 2010 was $5,523,771 providing the corporation with a good liquidity position.

HTC's total assets for the year were $23,063,286, as compared with $24,371,462 as at Dec. 31, 2009. The decrease in total assets is largely attributable to the reduction in short-term and cash positions to meet operational expenditure requirements and amortization. Included in total assets for 2010 are short-term investments totalling $3,704,723 in term deposits and accrued interest compared with $6,966,165 at Dec. 31, 2009.

For the year, the corporation had operating revenue of $3,358,591 (2009 $384,640). Revenues arose primarily from engineering services and design projects in the United States and Italy. The increases in revenues are reflective of groundwork laid during the prior year and the renewed worldwide interest in carbon-related technologies.

For the year, the corporation had a loss of $1,547,793 from operations as compared with a loss of $4,833,441 from operations for the prior year. The improvement in operations is primarily attributable to the increase in revenues generated during the year ($2,973,951), combined with the recognition of work in progress ($83,490), which is due to the existence of continuing projects in the fourth quarter. The 2010 results were reduced by 485,000 relating to stock options: this is a non-cash flow item and is offset by a corresponding increase in contributed capital.

Commercialization, product development and administrative expenses for the year were $3,754,493 as compared with $3,660,003 for the previous year. The increase in 2010 is primarily due to more activity and costs associated with new initiatives and the recognition of work in progress to better match revenue streams, as well as various projects involving consultants.

Research and development expenses for the year were $613,863 as compared with $1,149,684 for the previous year. The decrease in research and development expense is attributable to reallocation of resources to ongoing projects, as well as the capitalization of various development costs that meet capitalization criteria.

A significant portion of expenses, in the amount of $434,132, represents amortization of intangibles associated with the acquisitions of subsidiaries. The remaining amortization is attributable to operating assets.

Other income and expense includes a dividend of $319,938, which is not expected to reoccur and a stock-based compensation expense of $485,000 relating to the Black Scholes estimate of options assuming they are exercised at some point in the future before expiration. The options do not represent a cash expense and are offset by an increase in contributed surplus.

The unrealized loss on available for sale financial assets of $188,530 represents a reduction in the carrying value of the investment in EESTech Inc. to the quoted value in a limited market. This adjustment does not involve cash.

Comprehensive net loss for the year is $1,563,009 after considering the effects of the unrealized loss versus $5,814,069 in the prior year.

We seek Safe Harbor.

Verluste haben sich von 5,8 mill auf 1,5 mill oder von 0.30 auf 0.08 je Aktie reduziert. Einnahmen erhöhten sich von 384 T. auf 3.3 Mil. .
Bei den Aussichten für CCS und EOR, den Aktivitäten der neuen Ableger HTC CO2 Systems und Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery, kann das für dieses Jahr nur satte Gewinne heißen. Gold sind auch die 5 Mil. in Cash!
Das erste HTC-CCS System wird nicht mehr lange auf sich warten lassen. Eins ist klar - wer jetzt einsteigt und Geduld mitbringt - wird definitiv belohnt werden.

09.05.11 22:23:08
O.K. es geht noch tiefer, aber das ist nur eine Momentaufnahme. Wieviel Prozent entspricht eigentlich die Steigerung von kanpp 400T. auf 3.3Mil.Umsatz?

Mit Maxx Energy Solutions Inc.(maxxenergysolutions.com) bietet HTC alles außer einer Hand und kann bei allen Aufträgen ein Rund-um-sorglos-Paket anbieten.
Ich hoffe die basteln schon an der ersten CCS Anlage.

17.05.11 00:33:00
Info Homepage Kingsland Energy Corp.
Kingsland Energy Corp. is a Saskatchewan based oil company utilizing advanced drilling and production optimization technology to secure and develop significant oil reserves in Saskatchewan/ Manitoba/ Alberta, Canada. KEC holds a differentiated capability to acquire and optimize existing production with a comprehensive range of recovery technologies that can significantly enhance the producible life of a reserve.

KEC is uniquely positioned as the only resident Saskatchewan Oil company with the capabilities, technologies and in house skills to extract the full value from oil assets: managing whole of life oil field production from primary production, through optimized water flood, then through optimized tertiary polymer flood and CO­2 flood ; for both light and heavy oil.

Kopie Ende

Management und Adresse wie EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery

Paßt irgenwie zum Jahresbericht - Auszug/Kopie:

During the 2010 year, HTC incorporated EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Inc. and continues to increase marketing activity on EHR's products and services, such as evaluating a number of oil and gas asset acquisition targets, as well as production joint venture opportunities that focus on the company's core product offerings. EHR is a Canadian-based production, exploration and technology services firm that acquires, develops, and manages oil and natural gas assets in Western Canada and the northern United States. To this end, a number of initiatives and/or joint ventures have been identified, and financing initiatives are under consideration. Also during the fourth quarter, HTC identified a number new and/or expanded strategic alliances which are being evaluated and pursued. HTC continues initiatives in new energy technology development and commercial deployment.

"A Saskatchewan based oil company..."

Gehöhrt Kingsland Energy zu HTC, was ich nicht bestätigen kann, aber vermute, dann sind wir nun Ölförderer im beginnenden Stadium.

06.06.11 23:07:02
Raymond James LTD kauft Aktien von HTC. Für sich - im Kundenauftrag ?
Schau mer mal was diesen Monat noch geht - auf jedenfall sollte sich mal was Bewegendes tun!
30.06.11 23:35:45
HTC Purenergy loses $855,892 in Q1 2011

2011-06-30 14:24 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeff Allison reports


HTC Purenergy Inc. has released its unaudited financial results for the first-quarter period ending March 31, 2011.

Quarter highlights

The corporation's operations this year are showing results from the initiatives taken in the previous year, which is demonstrated by continuation of revenue streams. Fiscal 2011 has seen a continued interest in carbon-capture projects utilizing carbon dioxide for heavy oil and enhanced oil recovery.

Product development

HTC continued work on products that facilitate the continual reduction in postcombustion carbon-capture process costs while at the same time improving efficiency. Some of these product development initiatives HTC worked on during the quarter included:

Refining of its PDO Engine II (process design optimization engine); this modelling and simulation software engine has already provided HTC with significant advantage in the accuracy and speed of designing CO2 capture systems;
HTC continues working on developing CO2 capture solvents and solvent management reclaiming systems that will be more efficient in the management and cleanup of mixed amine solvent systems, which reduce the operating costs of a CO2 capture system.

Revenue generation

The corporation continued focus on engineering services, while rolling out various new initiatives that focus on projects that have an immediate commercial need for CO2 versus the larger greenhouse-gas-reduction projects that the company has typically worked on in the past.

To expand its market share in the commercial CO2 small capture market, the corporation has set up a new operating division called HTC CO2 Systems. HTC CO2 Systems will focus on smaller-scale, modular CO2 capture systems that will be sold primarily for use in the heavy oil and EOR (enhanced oil recovery) markets. During the quarter, the corporation had some success in this new market focus and is currently working on process design engineering projects for two large oil and gas companies. The projects are focused on capturing CO2 from SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage) and CSS (cyclic steam stimulation) boilers for use with heavy oil and tertiary production. HTC CO2 Systems has been negotiating with a number of partners to raise capital to finance the accelerated business growth for this division.

During the quarter, the corporation has also geared up its EHR enhanced hydrocarbon recovery division, with a mandate to develop oil and gas properties that can benefit from tertiary recovery techniques for enhanced oil recovery such as polymers and CO2 injection for EOR. EHR has been negotiating with a number of partners to raise capital to finance the successful launch of this division.


Kopie Ende

Zahlen sind nicht von Bedeutung - wichtig ist was mit dem Geld passierte und da siehst possitiv aus.

Mein untrügliches Bauchgefühl spricht :
Es kommt Musik rein!

an Bluesrock

P.S.: Danke
05.07.11 23:47:15
Der Dornröschenschlaf endet - diese Woche, nächste Woche?
1 Antwort
26.07.11 21:16:57
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 41.746.854 von bluesrock am 05.07.11 23:47:15Nächste Woche - wenns dann noch jemand interessiert!
09.08.11 22:02:05
HTC Purenergy cancels options to buy 1.6 million shares

2011-08-09 14:14 ET - News Release

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Mr. Jeff Allison reports


On Aug. 8, 2011, by agreement amongst all parties, HTC Purenergy Inc. cancelled 1.34 million stock options granted on June 14, 2010, and 300,000 stock options granted on Nov. 24, 2008. Subsequent to the cancellation, the corporation has 1,645,920 stock options reserved under its stock option plan.

HTC further announced, under the terms and conditions of the corporation's stock option plan, it has granted 1,599,184 stock options at an exercise price of 50 cents. The stock options will expire on Aug. 8, 2021, or such earlier date on which the stock options are exercised. The grant, and the terms and conditions of the stock option agreements have been approved by the board of directors of HTC, and are subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval.

Nun gut oder schlecht. Wurst! - Ich will jetzt endlich nen fetten Auftrag sehen - bäääh!

15.08.11 16:54:43
Homepage Kingsland Energy

Aug 16, 2011KEC acquires 1000 acres in the Hastings Frobisher oil pool

Aug 14, 2011KEC executes a strategic technology co licensing agreement

Aug 08, 2011KEC embarks on a 2011 land acquisition strategy targeting conventional Mississippian oil pools in South East Saskatchewan.

Aug 05, 2011KEC acquires13 additional development drilling locations at Tyvan Saskatchewan

Aug 05, 2011KEC adds 12 additional drill locations at Carnduff Saskatchewan

Wenn Htc auch mal die PR-Maschine anwerfen würde,dann würde sich das Potential auch im Aktienkurs wiederspiegel. Solange sie dies nicht tun - geht hier nischt.

Übrigends bin ich einst in meinen künhsten Träumen von 60-70euro pro Aktie ausgegangen.

Gruß mit Blues
29.08.11 18:39:53
Der Laden ist kein Pfifferling wert. Bei der nächsten Gelgenheit verabschiede ich mich.Sorry

30.08.11 19:17:32
Vielleicht gibts hier ja doch noch einen - Entschuldigung - Scheiß Hoffnungsschimmer

UK Trade & Investment at
Offshore Technology Conference 2011
Diversity in Energy, People and Resources | 2 – 5 May 2011, Houston, Texas, USA


Around 55% of Mexico's oil reserves are in deep waters, which poses an enormous challenge for PEMEX whose operations to date has been restricted to exploration of shallow and medium depth waters. As of January 1st 2009, total reserves reached 43 billion boe, of which proven reserves represented 13.99 billion boe, with a potential of 14.85 billion probable boe.

PEMEX 's development strategy lies around offshore and deepwater development and enhanced oil recovery of mature fields and they are looking to incorporate the new technologies and know-how to enable this. The company plans to invest some US$20 bn annually in the coming years.

On March 1st, Pemex launched the long-awaited tender for three incentive-based E&P service contracts, which are expected to be awarded this August. Further onshore contracts are expected to be announced later this year. Incentive-based contracts could make up one fourth of Pemex's new projects through 2024.

Kopie Ende

Ergebnisse im August. Nun ja - ist nur nen Scheiß Hoffnungsschimmer

01.09.11 17:49:51
EHR News Room
www.hydrocarbonrecovery.com August 31, 2011

EHR Completes Collaborative Engineering Project with PetroChina

EHR Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Inc. (“EHR”) has recently completed an 18-month engineering project pertaining to CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) for the Jilin Oilfield through the Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED), PetroChina. Although CO2 EOR has been used as a commercial process for enhancing oil recovery since the 1970’s in North America, the successful application of these techniques has not been demonstrated in China’s oilfields. It has been estimated that about 80% of oil reservoirs worldwide might be suitable for CO2 injection based on oil recovery criteria alone. EHR secured the engineering project to verify and simulate the CO2 EOR performance in the Jilin Oilfield.

06.01.12 23:58:06
falls noch jemand interesse hat. Schaut mal auf Kingsland Energy, seit 23.12.2011 gelistet. Da geht mit geringen Stückszahlen ordentlich was ab. Hat übrigends fast das selbe Management wie Htc und Enhancedhydrocarbonrecovery.
Bin mal gespannt was noch so alles passiert. Die gehandelten Stückzahlen bei HTC sind ja passabel. Verluste auszugleichen war ja auch noch nie besser als jetzt.

time will show

08.02.12 21:02:59
keine Ahnung ob ich das wirklich schreiben soll, aber in meiner Glaskugel seh ich die erste CCS-Anlage von HTC Purenergy. Ich trette freiwillig zur Steinigung an wenns nicht so kommt.

13.02.12 22:01:19
HTC Purenergy/Graymont
CO2 Capture Project
Graymont’s Exshaw limestone plant emits 800-900 tons/day of CO2.
HTC/Graymont/Partners are planning a CO2 capture facility for the
Graymont Exshaw, AB site. The proposed plant will demonstrate how
Graymont can cost effectively reduce its CO2 footprint from their
20 existing lime manufacturing plants. Several oil companies have
approached HTC regarding the supply of CO2 for (EOR). A partnership
is planned with the Turner Valley oil field producers to compress and
pipeline CO2 for EOR and storage.

Gefunden auf Stockhouse 10.2.2012 Quelle unbekannt:
Husky Oil Operations Ltd.

Husky-HTC OTSG C02 Capture Demonstration Plant

The Husky-HTC OSTG CO2 Capture Demonstration Project will capture 35 tonnes/day of CO2 from the exhaust gas of a once-through-steam-generator (OTSG) at Husky’s Lashburn, Saskatchewan heavy oil production operations. The CO2 will be injected into heavy oil cold production wells. Husky selected HTC Purenergy as the technology provider for the project. HTC is an energy technology company headquartered in Regina, SK. The completed plant will be commissioned and begin delivery of CO2 to the injection system for a pilot demonstration period of three to four years. The project will improve understanding in the thermal in-situ oil production industry of the feasibility of HTC’s CO2 capture technology to help address environmental issues.

Kopie Ende

Volumen steigt

14.02.12 22:31:00
Nur eine einzige Bestätigung für eine Anlage und die Aktie macht Purzelbäume. Ich denke es wird nicht mehr lange dauern.
21.02.12 21:20:17
Quelle carbon Capture Journal:

U.S. Budget seeks more funds for CCS
Projects / Policy, Feb 19 2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)

- $275.9 million for CCS research has been requested in President Obama’s FY 2013 budget announcement.

While the U.S. demonstration programme continues to be funded through the Recovery Act, more funds are needed for research and development.

The program announced supports research to significantly reduce coal power plant emissions, including CO2, and substantially improve efficiency to reduce carbon emissions, leading to a viable near-zero atmospheric emissions coal energy system, and supporting carbon capture, use and storage. It also includes $35 million for NETL staff to conduct in-house coal R&D.

Kopie Ende

Es werden weiterhin Millionen und Milliarden in die Technik investiert, heute, morgen und voraussichtlich noch die nächsten 30 Jahre.

CCS wird an Bedeutung gewinnen. Man kann dazu stehen wie man will, es ist definitiv politisch so gewollt.
21.02.12 21:48:41
Moin Bluesrock,
du bist da ja drin in der Thematik ... wie siehts denn mit Konkurrenten aus ???
Gibts da was von GE oder so????

Grüße ...
1 Antwort
22.02.12 22:21:11
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.785.484 von Wallaby11 am 21.02.12 21:48:41Konkurrenten gibts jede Menge. Einige BigPlayer - BP, Shell, Siemens, etliche
Htc hat ja auch Doosan Babcock mit im Boot.
Sollte der CO2 Zertifikatehandel irgendwann einmal funktionieren, dann wollen alle davon profitieren. Zum anderen sollte man nicht vergessen, Canada ist aus dem Kioto-Abkommen ausgeschieden. Die werden eine Alternative anbieten und müßen um International nicht als die Umweltverpester hingestellt zu werden.
Bis 2015 sollen in CA 4-5 Projekte mit einem staatl. Zuschuß von 4 Mrd.$ angestoßen werden.
23.02.12 23:28:24
HTC ist ja schon mit im Rennen. Gugst du:

Quelle Carbon Capture Journal:

Ferrybridge power station carbon capture plant opens
Capture, Dec 03 2011 (Carbon Capture Journal)

- The UK’s largest carbon capture pilot plant has opened at SSE’s Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire.

The project is the first of its size to be integrated into a live power plant in the UK. It is a collaboration between SSE, Doosan Power Systems and Vattenfall.

The plant bridges the gap between the various pilot-scale trials that are under way and the commercial-scale demonstration projects envisaged by the UK government, as it captures 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day from the equivalent five megawatts (MW) of coal-fired power generating capacity.

Industry regulators such as the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive will also be able to learn from the project, says SSE.

Kopie Ende

Die Anlage wird die größte seiner Art, Pilot- und Vorzeigeprojekt.

28.02.12 23:49:07
die Richtung stimmt
12.03.12 20:52:02
Quelle CCJournal:

U.S. plan to boost CO2-EOR
Projects / Policy, Mar 03 2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)

- The National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative (NEORI) has called for federal and state incentives to stimulate the expansion of enhanced oil recovery using CO2 from power plants and industrial facilities.

NEORI, a coalition of industry, state, environmental and labour leaders, suggests that the proposed measures would boost domestic U.S. oil production while reducing the nation’s CO2 emissions.

In CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR), oil producers inject CO2 into wells to draw more oil to the surface. The practice helps sustain production in otherwise declining oil fields but limited supplies of CO2 constrain the expansion of EOR.

NEORI recommends a proposed federal tax incentive focused on companies that capture and transport CO2, not oil companies. It is estimated that the tax credit would quadruple U.S. oil production from EOR, to 400 million barrels a year, while reducing CO2 emissions by 4 billion tons over the next 40 years. The U.S. Treasury Department would administer the competitively awarded tax credit.
In total, an estimated 26 billion to 61 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil could be produced in the United States using currently available CO2-EOR technologies and practices, or potentially more than twice the country’s proved reserves. Expanded use of CO2-EOR also can advance the development of infrastructure needed for long-term capture, transportation and storage of carbon emissions.

Kopie ende

Jetzt kann das Geschäft mit Basin Electric Power realität werden.

Auszug 21.12.2009 - Quelle HTC.com:
The eventual aim of the project is to use the captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery close to the power plant with the CO2 subsequently stored underground.
Kopie Ende

Jetzt bitte Butter bei de Fische!

12.03.12 20:59:13
Und noch ne gute Nachricht:

Quelle CC Journal:
U.S. DOE offers funding for CO2 storage techologies
Projects / Policy, Mar 10 2012 (Carbon Capture Journal)

- The Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory has issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-FOA-0000652 in support of the Carbon Storage Program titled "Technologies to Ensure Permanent Geologic Carbon Storage."
The award ceiling is US$1,250,000 and it is expected that 20 awards will be made.

Applications must be received by April 17, 2012, not later than 8:00:00 PM Eastern Time.
Kopie Ende

Auf gehts Jungs - Deadline 17.04.2012 - da müßte doch was gehen?
12.03.12 21:25:16
Und weils gerade so viel Spaß macht, noch was zu guter Letzt:

Quelle HTC.com / News Release
For Immediate Release March 1, 2012
HTC Purenergy Inc. (dba “HTC Purenergy”) Announces Appointment of New Director
Regina, Saskatchewan - HTC Purenergy (“HTC”) announces that Mr. Eleftherios Panayiotou, of
Crawley, West Sussex, UK, Executive Managing Director at Doosan Power Systems, has been appointed
to the board of directors of HTC and has replaced Mr. Richard Dennis, Doosan Babcock Energy
Limited’s former Director of Research and Development.

Quelle doosanpowersystems.com:

• Carbon capture and Storage (CCS)
Doosan Power Systems has been a leading player in the development of unique and advanced carbon capture solutions for 15 years. We offer both post-combustion and OxyCoalTM solutions, and are currently undertaking the largest OxyCoalTM firing demonstration of its kind in the world.
To learn more about this project click here.

Contact Details:

Eleftherios ‘Lefty’ Panayiotou
Managing Director, Plant Group,
Tel: +44 (0) 1293 584 833
Email: eleftherios.panayiotou@doosan.com

We are installing carbon dioxide capture technology at Ferrybridge, an SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy)Power Station, working in collaboration with Vattenfall.
A total of £21 million is being invested in the plant, including £6.3 million from DECC, the Technology Strategy Board and Northern Way.
Construction work is progressing, with the trial itself already underway and the build phase is due to be complete by the end of 2012.
The significance of this project lies both in its scale, and its ability to demonstrate the operational characteristics of a carbon capture facility on an actual power station as well as the performance of the amine compound on real flue gas.

Development of viable carbon capture technology is central to the UK’s climate change and energy security objectives and we believe demonstration projects such as this and other carbon capture and storage initiatives in which we're involved will be crucial in establishing when and how the technology will be developed and deployed.

Kopie Ende

Hoffentlich tritt der Lefty dem Lionel mal kräftig in den Popo.

04.04.12 23:39:07
Quelle Stockwatch.com

HTC Purenergy 4.5-million-share private placement

2012-04-03 16:50 ET - Private Placement

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The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to a non-brokered private placement announced Feb. 16, 2012.

Number of shares: 4.5 million common shares

Purchase price: 27.9 cents per share

Number of placees: One placee

Insider: ASCO Carbon Dioxide Ltd. (Hans-Gerd Wienands-Adelsbach), 4.5 million

Kopie Ende

Jetzt aber Butter bei de Fische !!
04.04.12 23:50:32
Firmenname: MESSER Group GmbH
Rechtsform: GmbH
Name: Hans Gerd Wienands-Adelsbach

Quelle firma-24.de
04.04.12 23:55:07
Messer | Messer Group GmbH
Messer ist das weltweit größte Eigentümer geführte Industriegaseunternehmen. Mit seinen Gasen und anwendungstechnischem Know-How bedient es u.a. die ...

Wann endet der Dornröschenschlaf?

05.04.12 00:04:29
Kopie ASCOO2.com


ASCO CO2- und Trockeneis-Anlagen wie auch CO2-Zubehör sind in über 100 Ländern auf der ganzen Welt installiert und mit einer über 80 jährigen praktischen Erfahrung hergestellt worden. Der folgende Auszug aus unserer Referenzliste präsentiert nur eine kleine Zahl unserer Kunden auf der ganzen Welt:

Internationale Gasfirmen
Air Liquide
Air Products
Arabian Industrial Gases Company
Carburos Metallicos
Carbonic International FZCO
Common Wealth Industrial Gases
Ekika Tansan
Hoek Loos
Liquid Air Pacific
Liquid Carbonic
National Industrial Gas Plants
SOC (Sharjah Oxygen Company)

Kopie Ende

O.K. jetzt Ruhe
20.04.12 18:54:05
also wenns jetzt nicht bald rappelt, dann wes ick och nich mer.

ASCO Kohlensäure erwirbt CO2-Lizenzen von HTC Purenergy

(PR-inside.com 16.04.2012 16:30:31) - ASCO Kohlensäure AG mit Sitz in Romanshorn, Schweiz, eine 100%ige Tochtergesellschaft der Messer Schweiz AG, hat mit der HTC Purenergy Inc. in Regina, Kanada, eine Vereinbarung zur langfristigen Zusammenarbeit geschlossen.
Drucken Ausdrucken
(NL/1240086829) HTC räumt ASCO für die Dauer von 21 Jahren eine Alleinlizenz zur Nutzung der Kohlenstoffabscheidungsprozesse von HTC für die Konstruktion, die Errichtung und die Produktion von CO2-Anlagen mit einer maximalen Kapazität von 250 Tagestonnen ein, die von ASCO außerhalb Nordamerikas verkauft werden. Im Rahmen ihrer Zusammenarbeit und der Umsetzung der HTC-Kohlenstoffabscheidungsprozesse wird ASCO in der Lage sein, den Energieverbrauch seiner CO2-Anlagen um mehr als
50 Prozent zu reduzieren. Die Kohlenstoffabscheidungsprozesse von HTC sind zudem auf vorhandene CO2-Anlagen anwendbar und führen zu einer 75- bis 80%igen Senkung der Brennstoffkosten. Damit erzielt ASCO in diesem Geschäftszweig einen erheblichen Wettbewerbsvorteil.

ASCO deckt den gesamten Bereich der CO2-Technologie ab: von automatischen Trockeneisproduktionsanlagen bis zu CO2-Produktions- und Rückgewinnungsanlagen, von der Trockeneisstrahltechnologie bis hin zu Flaschenabfüllanlagen, Verdampfern und anderem CO2-Zubehör.
20.04.12 18:56:51
Halli Hallöchen,

Gott, wenns nich bald rappelt, dann...

HTC Purenergy arranges $552,000 in financings

2012-04-19 16:27 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeff Allison reports


HTC Purenergy Inc., conditional upon TSX Venture Exchange approval and shareholder approval, will issue 4.35 million units at a price of 12 cents per unit resulting in gross proceeds of $522,000. Each unit will comprise one common share and one common share purchase warrant, with each warrant entitling the holder to purchase one additional common share at a price of 16 cents for a period of five years after issuance. Two directors, two officers and one employee of the corporation will be among the placees for this issuance.

The corporation also announces that, conditional upon TSX Venture Exchange approval, it will issue 250,000 common voting shares at a price of 12 cents per share for gross proceeds of $30,000 to one consultant of the corporation.

The private placements are non-brokered private placements. Proceeds of the private placements will be used for business development, including commercialization of HTC's energy and services product offer, and general corporate purposes.

Also, wat is´n da los

Gruß mit Blues? oder Rock?
20.04.12 19:00:49
Die Kundenliste von ASCO liest sich einfach geil.

UNd dann das noch:
ASCO deckt den gesamten Bereich der CO2-Technologie ab: von automatischen Trockeneisproduktionsanlagen bis zu CO2-Produktions- und Rückgewinnungsanlagen, von der Trockeneisstrahltechnologie bis hin zu Flaschenabfüllanlagen, Verdampfern und anderem CO2-Zubehör.

26.04.12 21:52:21
Auf gehts Jungs,
jetzt rollt mal die PR-Maschine an und tut was für die Aktionäre, die schon Jahre auf den Durchbruch warten. Hop-Hop, HTC lauf galopp.

10.05.12 22:45:49
die Jungs von HTC sind doch die größten Schlafmützen. Nerv!

Gruß an Mitleidende
27.09.12 22:58:00
bin immer noch investiert und bleib es auch. Die Firma ist auf jedenfall nicht bakrott zu kriegen und wer weiß - vielleicht funktioniert ja mal das Geschäftsmodell.
Nur wie das aussehen soll, wieß wahrschnlich keiner. Ich hoffe das endlich mal Ergenisse bezüglich CCS und der Deal mit ASCO was bringt.

Die letzten Tage zogen die Umsätze ja ein wenig an, was daruf hindeuted das veileicht eine positive Meldung ansteht.

27.09.12 23:00:15
jesus, ih musss schlaf - sov iele Rechtsschreibfehler
10.01.13 19:09:59
es muß nur eine Nachricht kommen und HTC geht nur noch nach Norden.
Das sie ihre Produkte integiert bekommen ist super und macht die Hütte rentabel - was das ganze zereißt wäre der Bau einer CCS Anlage - und dann noch eine und nocheine und...

Please - only Rock`n Roll
14.01.13 21:01:39
Hi Friends,

erkläglich gutes Volumen drüben. Da muß noch was auf die Schippe, damit wir aufsehen erregen. Also auf gehts - vielleicht ist was im Busch. Könnt mir vorstellen, dass die China-Connection endlich Früchte trägt.

In Peking und andernorts wären sie sicherlich erfreut, wenn endlich die Kohlendioxidabscheidung großflächig eingesetzt wird.

Only Rock`n Roll

21.01.13 22:43:34
naja - 1% gehandelte Stücke ist wenig - es müssen 10% her.
Die Chancen sind da und realistisch:

September 7, 2012
Regina Based HTC Purenergy, Business Partners with Chenglin Hi-Tech Industry Co. from Dongying, China, will Host the Dongying City Government and Oil Industry Delegation to Regina, Saskatchewan
Kopie Ende
Kopie 31.10.2012
Dr. Ahmed Aboudheir, Chief Technology Officer of HTC and designer/inventor of the new patent pending HTC SRS™ Solvent Reclaimer System stated, “We are very happy with the results the unit has demonstrated so far. We are planning on completing the final commercial field tests in California on a 800 ton per day CO2 capture system over the next few months, and will have the product available for the market place in 2013”.
Lionel Kambeitz CEO of HTC commented, “There ... The reclaimer system can substantially reduce the day to day operating costs and the environmental foot print of an amine based CO2 capture system, and as such we believe that there will be a substantial demand for our new HTC SRS™ Solvent Reclaimer System world-wide when it is released for sale in 2013”.
Kopie Ende
Kopie 5.11.2012
HTC to present in Kyoto Japan at the world’s largest International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-11); its latest advances in CO2 capture technology
HTC News Express
Kopie Ende
Kopie 30.11.2012
 Subsequent to quarter end, the company is completing the final commercial field tests in California on a 800 ton per day CO2 capture system, and will have the product available for the market place in 2013
HTC works in conjunction with its collaborative partners - Doosan Babcock Energy Limited and Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd. (together “Doosan Power Systems”), and other leading companies and research institutions to assist in delivering the CO2 capture and reclaimer
services. HTC CO2 Systems continues to collaborate, acquire, develop product and license technologies from world leading institutions and companies to facilitate the “Best Commercial Technologies” in the CO2 management and oil production business.
Working with Doosan, HTC CO2 Systems designs, engineers and constructs large CO2 capture plants for the power generation and petrochemical industries using the Thermal Kinetic Optimization (TKO™) designs and RS™ brand of CO2 capture solvents. The HTC TKO™ and RS™ capture technologies are now being incorporated into commercial food grade CO2 capture systems manufactured by Messer ASCO of Switzerland/New Zealand. Messer ASCO will be commercially supplying HTC designed products and solvents to global food grade CO2 markets in 2013.
Kopie Ende

Eine saubere Nachricht und die Kuh fliegt!!

21.01.13 23:37:02
verdammt einseitiger Threat hier. Schade für dich Bluesrock, du machst dir ja wohl total viel Mühe mit dem Info-Sammeln. Ich befürchte nur, daß der Wert zu einer Depotleiche werden wird. Wünsch dir dennoch Erfolg damit, vielleicht klappt´s ja noch. :)
22.01.13 12:09:50
Grüß dich Blumenbaer,

Ja, verdammt einseitig. Gelegentlich verirrt sich ja jemand auf die Seite. Wie kams bei dir?


P.S.: Für die Wünsche herzlichen Dank!
23.01.13 21:59:20
09.08.13 23:42:06

das wäre der Durchbruch gewesen! Wenn die fuc... Uni nicht doof ist, machen sie einen Deal und lassen das Pferd laufen

Was nicht ist kann ja noch werden !
16.09.13 21:23:15
Gehts jetzt los?:


Schau mer mal - und das nach dem 0.14 C. je Aktei Gewinn gemacht wurde ;-)

Ich bin dabei!
16.09.13 22:21:22
Steam, chemical sweeps, push heavy oil growth

Category: General News
Created on 03 March 2013

Necessity is the mother of all invention, goes the old saying. The need to increase production from western Canada's 30 billion barrels of heavy oil in place in eastern Alberta and western Saskatchewan is driving a lot of inventive schemes in recent years. Operators are using a mix of thermal technologies, polymer floods and even carbon dioxide floods to capture more of the massive heavy oil resource.

Husky Energy Inc., which has been operating in the Lloydminster heavy oil fields for 70 years, is leading the charge. Speaking at Husky's Investor Day, company president and chief executive officer Asim Ghosh said after years of decline in its heavy oil division, Husky is now reversing the trend. Ghosh said much of the credit for this reversal has been the application of steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in its fields around Lloydminster.


The smaller SAGD projects are easier to execute, as well. Peabody points to the success Husky had at Pikes Peak and Paradise Hill as examples.

"Both of the projects were delivered about eight per cent under our budgets, and were delivered with capital efficiencies in the $24,000- to $28,000-a-flowing-barrel range. This delivery was worth about an extra $50 million of net income this year, compared to going on as planned for commissioning these projects."

Peabody says Husky has a robust pipeline of thermal projects to be developed in the next few years. A pilot project at Rush Lake is currently producing, with plans for a 10,000-barrel-per-day commercial project. A smaller, 3,500-barrel-per-day project is under construction at Sandall. Further ahead, the company has identified seven more thermal projects with potential production totalling more than 30,000 barrels per day.


Kopie Ende

...robust pipline of SAGD Projects...
17.09.13 23:06:20

wäre schön wenn die Käufer heute nicht njur aus good old germany kamen.
Ein paar Schwitzer dürfen gerne auch dabei sein,

Kopie 29.08.2013

During the first two quarters of 2013, the corporation's market sector achievements are as follows:

Energy technologies and CO2 systems market sector completed the design and early building of food grade CO2 Capture systems with Messer ASCO.
Kopie Ende

Die Produktpipline ist prall gefüllt, erprobt und kann am Markt eingeführt werden. Nicht nur der Bereich CO2 Rückgewinnung!!

Ich bin gespannt ob wir eine nachhaltige Kurskorrektur sehen. Theoretisch müßten Minimum 1.50 drin sein.

18.09.13 22:05:46
Nur nochmal zur Erinnerung

Bad Soden, Deutschland / Romanshorn, Schweiz, 16.04.2012
ASCO Kohlensäure erwirbt CO2-Lizenzen von HTC Purenergy

ASCO Kohlensäure AG mit Sitz in Romanshorn, Schweiz, eine 100%ige Tochtergesellschaft der Messer Schweiz AG, hat mit der HTC Purenergy Inc. in Regina, Kanada, eine Vereinbarung zur langfristigen Zusammenarbeit geschlossen.

HTC räumt ASCO für die Dauer von 21 Jahren eine Alleinlizenz zur Nutzung der Kohlendioxidabscheidungsprozesse von HTC für die Konstruktion, die Errichtung und die Produktion von CO2-Anlagen mit einer maximalen Kapazität von 250 Tagestonnen ein, die von ASCO außerhalb Nordamerikas verkauft werden. Im Rahmen ihrer Zusammenarbeit und der Umsetzung der HTC-Kohlendioxidabscheidungsprozesse wird ASCO in der Lage sein, den Energieverbrauch seiner CO2-Anlagen um mehr als 50 Prozent zu reduzieren. Die Kohlendioxidabscheidungsprozesse von HTC sind zudem auf vorhandene CO2-Anlagen anwendbar und führen zu einer 75- bis 80%igen Senkung der Brennstoffkosten. Damit erzielt ASCO in diesem Geschäftszweig einen erheblichen Wettbewerbsvorteil.
Kopie Ende

Den Energieverbrauch um 50% zu reduzieren. 75 - 80 % weniger Brennstoffkosten!
Das gilt natürlich auf für alle andren Nutzer der HTC Technik. Messer ist ein Global Player.

Zu Messer:
Messer zählt zu den führenden Industriegaseunternehmen und ist in über 30 Ländern in Europa sowie in Asien und Peru mit mehr als 60 operativen Gesellschaften aktiv. Die internationalen Aktivitäten werden aus dem Raum Frankfurt am Main gelenkt, die Steuerung der technischen Zentralfunktionen Logistik, Engineering und Produktion sowie Anwendungstechnik erfolgt aus Krefeld. Über 5.200 Mitarbeiter erwirtschafteten im Jahr 2011 einen voraussichtlichen Umsatz im Bereich von 1 Mrd. Euro.
Kopie Ende
20.09.13 07:34:55
Kopie Messer PDF 2013:

Wertvoll für Babys
Die Molkerei Tolnatej verarbeitet als größter Hersteller
von halbfestem Käse in Ungarn täglich 250.000 Liter
Molke. Dabei nutzt sie Kohlendioxid von Messer, um
den pH-Wert des wertvollen Rohstoffs bei der Produktion von Molkepulver zu regulieren. Dieses ist ein gefragter Zusatz für Babynahrung und andere Lebensmittelprodukte. Molke enthält gesunde Mineralstoffe sowie
Eiweiße, die denen der Muttermilch ähneln und bei Babys die Verdauung fördern.
Mónika Csere, Messer Hungarogáz

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20.09.13 07:44:35
Kopie messer PDF 2013:

Ungarn: CO2-Düngung für Gewächshäuser
Mehr Letscho
Die Großgärtnerei Floratom im südungarischen Szeged setzt
von Messer geliefertes Kohlendioxid ein, um den Ertrag ihrer
Gewächshäuser zu steigern. Wenn die Atmosphäre in den
Treibhäusern mit CO2
angereichert wird, vertragen die Pflanzen höhere Temperaturen ohne Einbußen bei der Qualität derFrüchte. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Düngemethoden wird mit dem Gas keine zusätzliche Feuchtigkeit in die Gewächshäuser eingebracht. Floratom war die erste Gärtnerei Ungarns, die diese Methode eingesetzt hat – unter anderem bei der Zucht
von Tomaten und Paprika, aus denen die nationale Spezialität,
das Schmorgericht Letscho zubereitet wird.
Mónika Csere, Messer Hungarogáz
24.09.13 21:04:35

heute erst im Carbon Capture Journal gemeldet:
HTC technology selected for CO2 capture plant

Sep 24 2013

HTC CO2 Systems Corp. has been selected to build the CO2 capture unit at Husky Energy’s Pikes Peak South heavy oil facility in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Die Meldung ist bekannt. Mit der aktuellen Veröffentlichung im führenden Branchenjournal wird die Aufmerkamkeit stark wachsen.
Und es können Folgeaufträge generiert werden! Messer hat rechzeitig gehandelt!

Warten wir ab, wie sich das im Kurs wiederspiegelt.

Grüße Bluesrock
24.09.13 21:21:13
Quelle CCEMC:

Founded in 1997, HTC Purenergy is a Regina-based organization that is aligned with the University of Regina and has commercial offices in Calgary, Vermont, and Sydney, Australia. With a staff of more than 30 scientists, the company is dedicated to implementing full-scale carbon capture and storage techniques. Using their patented Purenergy CCS System, the company provided process design, Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for a 1,000-tonne/day capture method in Devon Energy’s SAGD boilers at its Jackfish in situ oil sands development. This plant will allow Purenergy to demonstrate the success of its post-combustion amine CO2 capture technology, and illustrate the feasibility of applying it across industries, and around the world. - See more at: http://ccemc.ca/project/htc-purenergy-co2-capture-feed-study…

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Devon Energy

War möglicherweise der multimillionen Auftrag, der durch die Patentstreitigkeiten mit der University of Regina durch die Lappen ging.

Was ja aber noch ist , kann ja noch werden!

Reine Spekulation!
24.09.13 21:36:41
19.09.2013 Quelle Stockhouse Community:

RE:Nice Job If You Can get it.....And HTC Did !
This plant was listed at $67.5 million about 2 years ago.

I assume that the price is now closer to $90 million.

Undervalued and undiscovered, HTC should kick up a lot of upslope dust with this contract
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.htc/htc-pure…

kopie ende

wenn die Zahlen stimmen, dann ist das der DURCHBRUCH
24.09.13 21:47:15
Der Kurs ist lächerlich

Auch in den USA werden die Gesetze für Kohlekraftwerke verschärft. Auch China verschärft die Regeln. Mit der Beauftragung von Husky Energy sind wir jetzt def. im Geschäft.

Ich reibe mir die Hände und warte gespannt...

18.10.13 07:37:56
Ein Anfang, ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung :-)
17.07.14 10:44:43
Hello again,

auch wenn ich der Einzig bin der es liest.

Kommt endlich der lang erwartete Ausbruch gen Norden?

Verkaufen sie Maxx Energy, das Schmuckstück was Fracking und Explorationstechnik betrifft?

Oder es gibt erste CCS Abschlüße mit dem chinesischen Partner?

Auf jedenfall passiert endlich mal wieder etwas!Umsätze steigen und es werden höhere Preise aufgerufen.

30.07.14 14:33:14

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