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Verschluckt sich Sky an dieser Wirtin?

Köln –

Gestatten, Murphy. Karen Murphy. Seit Dienstag die berühmteste Pubbesitzerin Europas. Ihre Kneipe „Red, White & Blue“ im englischen Portsmouth war gerammelt voll, aber nicht mit Pegeltrinkern, sondern mit Kamerateams.

Die Wirtin könnte den Fußball in Europa auf den Kopf stellen: Sie hatte gegen den englischen Bezahlsender BSkyB geklagt, der ihr gerichtlich verboten hatte, in ihrer Kneipe griechisches Pay-TV zu übertragen. Mit der Decorder-Karte des Anbieters Nova sparte die findige Murphy im Vergleich zu BSkyB rund 6.000 Euro jährlich. Und das völlig legal, wie der Europäische Gerichtshof (EuGH) am Dienstag entschied: Verbote, mit ausländischen Decoderkarten internationale Pay-TV-Sender zu empfangen, verstoßen gegen europäisches Recht. Rumms!

Bayern-Boss Karl-Heinz-Rummenigge fürchtet nach dem europaweiten TV-Beben „gefährliche Zeiten für den Profi-Fußball“. Die Sky-Aktie rauschte spontan zehn Prozent in den Keller - verschluckt sich der TV-Riese an einer kleinen englischen Wirtin?

ECJ ruling a boost for Nova satellite TV

A ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Tuesday could pave the way for Greek satellite TV broadcaster Nova to have subscribers in other European countries, according to reports.

The ECJ was hearing the case of British pub owner Karen Murphy, who acquired a Nova decoder from Greece to show Premier League games on her pub TV, on the grounds that the BSkyB Sky Sports monthly subscription was too expensive.

A monthly subscription to Nova, which has about 350,000 customers, costs between 27 and 58 euros compared to a reported outlay of between 500 and 2,000 pounds (600 and 2,300 euros) per month that Sky demands from some 50,000 pubs that subscribe to its service in the UK.

Murphy had to pay nearly 8,000 pounds in fines and costs for using the cheaper Greek decoder in her Portsmouth pub to bypass controls over match screening, under national legislation that the ECJ found could not “be justified either in light of the objective of protecting intellectual property rights or by the objective of encouraging the public to attend [soccer] stadiums.”

The pub landlady appealed to the Luxembourg-based ECJ after losing a lawsuit in an English court brought against her six years ago by a body representing the broadcasting interests of the 20 English Premier League clubs.

In February, a nonbinding opinion by Advocate General Juliane Kokott at the ECJ on whether a rights holder such as the English Premier League can license its content on a country-by-country basis suggested that such deals were in contravention of European law.

“The exclusivity agreement relating to transmission of football matches is contrary to European Union law,” Kokott said in her opinion, adding that “exclusivity of the rights in question have the effect of partitioning the internal market into quite separate national markets, something which constitutes a serious impairment of freedom to provide services.”

Upholding that opinion the ECJ judges on Tuesday further said that the Premier League could not claim copyright over Premier League matches as they could not considered to be an author's own “intellectual creation” and, therefore, to be “works” for the purposes of EU copyright law.

The ruling may hold implications not just for the Premier League, but also for UEFA’s Champions League and any other sport that sells broadcast rights on a country-by-country basis.

A spokesman for Murphy told BBC Radio Solent that she was “overwhelmed with relief” and looking forward to getting the case back to the High Court.

“She's overwhelmed with relief at the moment,” Murphy's lawyer, Paul Dixon, said. “It's been a long road for her but she's delighted to be getting the case back to the High Court now in London where it will be finalized, before very long we hope.

“It will mean increased competition in the broadcast market that's for sure,” Dixon added.

Forthnet Group consists, among other companies, of Forthnet, the major private broadband company in Greece and of Netmed Hellas and Multichoice Hellas (Nova), which constitute the major private entity of radio and television services provision in the country. It provides data, internet and fixed telephony services to five hundred thousand (500,000) private individuals and enterprises, as well as pay TV services to three hundred fifty thousand (350.000) subscribers in Greece and Cyprus.

Since December of 1999, Multichoice Hellas, holder of a license for the provision of pay TV and radio programs via satellite, offers to more than 350,000 subscribers the most popular pay TV channels worldwide, with a satellite sound and image quality, via Nova, the first digital satellite TV platform in Greece. The wide variety of channels and services included in Nova bouquet, offer to the viewes a broad selection ability, 24 hours per day, according to his mood and preferences. 5 cinema channels with the most recent movies and series from all Hollywood studios , 10 sports channels with the major sports events such as Superleague, Champions League, UEFA Europa League, European Cups, Euroleague etc., 4 kids’ channels, 6 documentary channels, 10 music channels, 4 fashion and entertainment channels, 10 international news channels, 3 adult channels, 11 major Greek free-to-air channels and more than 150 free channels and 50 free radio programs.

Die Griechenkrise hat Ihre Spuren hinterlassen: Marktkapital. 22,07 Mio. EUR

Enormes Erholungspotential ist gegeben.
Habe das Teil heute wieder verkauft. Hatte einen schnelleren und steileren Anstieg erwartet.

Jetzt macht auch noch OTE Konkurrenz:

OTE satellite platform to rival Nova
OTE telecom made available to the public on Monday its new satellite television platform, offering a variety of channels to subscribers for prices starting from 14.90 euros per month.

The Family Pack, which is the basic package, consists of at least 45 channels, including the analogue and digital services of state broadcaster ERT as well as a large variety of international themed channels.

The Full Pack, at an additional cost of 5 euros per month includes the three OTE sports channels that until now had only been available to cable subscribers.

Broadcasting from the Eurobird 9A satellite, the package also includes eight high definition channels at no extra charge.

The OTE package is destined to rival established satellite platform Nova, which has over 350,000 subscribers.

Nach den Kapitalmassnahmen werde ich über einen Wiedereinstieg nachdenken.

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