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ZSTN Nasdaqwert mit einem lächerlichen KGV von nur 0.74 - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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Die Aktie weißt aktuell ein Kursgewinnverhältnis von nur 0.74 bei einem Kurs von $1.62 auf!
Der aktuelle Cashbestand beläuft sich auf $4.34 pro Aktie und der Gewinn beläuft sich auf $2.28 pro Aktie .
Der Buchwert liegt aktuell bei $7.26 pro Aktie!!!
For the full year 2011, the Company reiterates its estimates that revenues will range between US$160 million and US$175 million, and net income will range between US$28 million and US$30 million.
(Source: PR Newswire, 2011-05-05)
Das einzige was ZSTN im Moment noch brauch ist Handelsvolumen!
Dann kann es hier sehr schnell zu einem Kursverdoppler kommen imo.
ZST Digital Networks, Inc. Announces Completion of Share Repurchase Program

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. ("ZST" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: ZSTN), a major developer, manufacturer and supplier of digital and optical network equipment to cable system operators and provider of GPS tracking devices and support services for transport-related enterprises in China, today announced the completion of its US$1 million share repurchase program, authorized in August 2010. Further details of the completion of the stock buyback including number of shares and average price will be provided in the Company's fourth quarter and fiscal year 2011 earnings release.

Mr. Zhong Bo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZST, commented, "The completion of our share repurchase program underscores our commitment to increasing value for our shareholders. Given our consistent performance and the continuing strong demand for our products and services, repurchase of our shares at what we believe to be compelling valuations have constituted an effective use of capital. The growth opportunities in the IPTV and commercial GPS products and services markets in Henan province remain robust, and we believe we are well positioned to continue expanding our share of these growing markets. We will remain focused on the execution of our growth strategy in the year ahead while evaluating additional options to increase shareholder returns."

About ZST Digital Network, Inc.

ZST Digital Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZSTN) is a China-based company, principally engaged in (1) supplying digital and optical network equipment and providing installation services to cable system operators in China and (2) providing GPS location and tracking services to local logistics and transportation companies in China. The Company has developed a line of IPTV devices that are used to provide bundled cable television, Internet and telephone services to residential and commercial customers. The Company has assisted in the installation and construction of over 400 local cable networks in more than 90 municipal districts, counties, townships, and enterprises. The Company has also launched a commercial line of vehicle tracking devices utilizing our GPS tracking technologies and support services for transport-related enterprises to track, monitor and optimize their businesses. For more information about ZST Digital Networks, Inc., please visit: http://www.zstdigital.com/english
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.735.946 von Kursziel1000 am 11.02.12 00:26:22hey kursziel, Bei Akiten aus China bekomme ich immer Angst. :p Hast du ein 100% top Gefühl?
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 42.756.918 von bluechipII am 15.02.12 20:36:26Ich würde hier nicht mehr einsteigen. Da kommst Du ein bißchen spät (siehe Datum und Kurs der Threaderöffnung)
Aktuell erwarte ich erst einmal einen pullback bis $2.29 (gap fill)

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