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Hier eine Diskussion für den Mediswipe-Ableger 800commerce.com.

Alle Mediswipe-Aktionäre bekommen für 142 Aktien eine Gratisaktie von 800commerce.com.
Die SEC hat schon genehmigt - jetzt fehlt noch das Datum, bis wann man die Mediswipe-Aktien halten muss.


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.899.221 von Blankerhanz am 21.06.13 22:52:09Bitte unbedingt auch den MediSwipe - Thread lesen.
Das Ding ist so heiss wie nur was.

Das wird m.E. einer der Top-Firmen im Sektor werden.

Verkaufen bei Amazon
Zeichnen 10.000e von Patienten monatlich
Stellen neue Mitarbeiter ein
Umsätze ziehen stark an
Verwässern nur unwesentlich über die letzten 2 Jahre

keine Garantie/ Handelsempfehlung!
About 800Commerce
800 COMMERCE Inc. engages in the development and distribution of wireless applications through mobile marketing platforms that enable any business to integrate brands, promotions, video, and other digital content through the Internet and mobile devices. The Company additionally provides merchant and mobile payment solutions to bricks and mortar and e-commerce businesses across the United States.

Industry Background

According to CTIA – The Wireless Association (June 2011), there were 327 million wireless subscribers in the US, representing 103.9% of the US population. The combined minutes and messages of this group have risen 9.5% year over year in this same June period. It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email yet only 90 seconds to respond to a SMS or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) text message; that’s a 300% increase in opens for SMS/MMS vs. emails.

eMarketer reports that revenue from mobile text messaging will rise this year to almost $12 billion. The rise can be attributed to the relatively low number of businesses who have implemented text marketing in the past, and the continued rise of businesses who say they plan on adding text marketing to their advertising budget in 2012. We believe 800 Commerce is on the cusp of an exploding sector to more adeptly help businesses connect with their customers, establish awareness with prospects and motivate time-honored accounts to purchase more. We seek to create the purest play in mobile marketing, as Mmobile marketing will swell at a pace far greater than the growth of mobile handsets and eventually exceed the number of desktop computers. Simply put, we are taking the investment approach of investing in the unbelievable growth of Apple’s i-phones, Droids, mobile applications, eCommerce and mobile demographic marketing as well as the many other aspects of the mobile economy all wrapped up into one investment vehicle.

Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of 800 Commerce is due to the following:

Knowledge. Through our strategic relationships with the largest Payment Processing companies and online brands, 800 Commerce has access to leading edge technology,innovative wireless concepts, and the technical expertise to be propelled as an immediate competitor in the mobile marketing and payment processing industries.

Leading Edge Technology. We have access to a tremendously adaptableproduct line. Extensive research was done in order to determine the best technology partners for both our proprietary mobile marketing applications and B2B software.

People. We have a history in software development, marketing and licensing as well as intimate knowledge of building online brands through sales and marketing campaigns.

Promotion and Marketing Strategy

800 Commerce will sell its payment processing products through a direct sales team and online marketing campaigns that will also service our customer network. Theinside sales team will interact with customers, and supplement the outside sales team with the materials needed for a successful sales program. 800 Commerce will pursue an international expansion strategy, which will includes partnerships in high-growth, online markets including the United States andworldwide.

Strengthen Our payment Processing Relationships. We plan to strengthen our existing relationships with our payment processing and wireless partners by continuing to support their strategic needs and by launching new, high-quality, innovative e-commerce applications and online brands. We alsointend to build relationships with international partners to reach a larger client base. We also plan to establish relationships in certain emerging markets as wireless infrastructure improves and the availability of next-generation mobile phones and technology increases. Where appropriate, we intend to enter new markets to leverage our expertise, brands, application portfolio and technologies.

Build Our Future Online Brands. We intend to build our own online brands within the medical, travel, entertainment and e-commerce B2B sectors to include:
SMS prescription, banking and financial alerts.
m coupons for businesses both bricks and mortar and online
Proximity advertising models to wireless devices

Expand Our Global Presence. We will continue to expand organically as well as pursue attractive acquisition opportunities, including other mobile marketing, payment processors or related companies, both in the United States and abroad, to access additional merchant revenues, brands, technology and talent.

We believe we can compete favorably in the principal competitive factors in our market, which consist of the following:

Broad and deep licensing agreements and third party content providers with strong payment processing relationships;

Building of a diverse portfolio of high-quality repetitive payment merchant accounts

Technical capability and management experience and expertise.

For businesses who have not implemented mobile, the time window to begin and capture new market share is now. 800 Commerce seeks to be the first to enter the mobile marketing sector, with a robust platform and innovative concepts including the MY800 mobile search engine, combined with a complete suite of mobile payment services for merchants. The cost of mobile also provides a very high ROI environment that no other paid marketing medium can match.

Sales Strategy

Mobile campaigns offer businesses some of the best return on investment in the world of marketing today. With more than 2.4 billion mobile phone users in the world, marketers can easily introduce and promote their products and services to a larger audience. Short message service (SMS) marketing focuses on the use of text messaging to spread a message. Mobile marketing has far more advantages than traditional marketing methods, including customization, lower costs and easy tracking – thereby reducing manpower and giving the entrepreneur bigger profits and better business benefits.

Our strategy focuses first on establishing our payment processing gateway as both cost effective and easy to integrate. By maintaining strong relationships fostered from previous business relationships, we have an existing list of prominent contacts and decision makers that we can continually approach with our new and innovative e-commerce products. We will focus on capitalizing the relationships and industry contacts we have established in the past. We will work with established brands with meaningful online traffic, large client and databases for e-commerce transactions for our mobile application placement. We will work with an independent sales force, focusing on both online and hightraffic bricks and mortar businesses.

Investor conference am 01.JULI 2013 !!!

"The Company will be holding an investor conference including video simulcast from its corporate headquarters on July 1, 2013
which will include our plan of revenue streams for upcoming quarters, updates on the health and wellness division, new opportunities regarding potential licensing agreements and acquisitions as well as provide up to date guidance of the record date. "We look forward to giving our institutional partners and long term shareholders management's view and perspective on our current state of business, our short term strategy for growth and long term goals to emerge as the leader in this sector" stated B. Michael Friedman, CEO of MediSwipe Inc.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 44.912.769 von Blankerhanz am 24.06.13 21:49:52Investor conference um eine Woche verschoben auf Montag, den 08.JULI 2013

MediSwipe Inc. Announces Status of Filing of Its Form S-1 Registration Statement Amendment Related to Spinoff of 800 Commerce...
Date : 08/06/2013 @ 10:03AM

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - August 06, 2013) - MediSwipe Inc. (www.MediSwipe.com) (OTCQB: MWIP), a patient security solutions and software development company for the medicinal marijuana and health care industry, and 800 Commerce Inc., an innovative online directory and mobile marketing company, today announced the status of the fifth round of comments and filing of the amended S-1A registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The amended S-1/A was filed after the market close yesterday Monday, August 5th, 2013.
MediSwipe Inc. and 800 Commerce Inc. Announce Its S-1/A Registration Declared Effective by SEC

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 08/12/13 --
MediSwipe Inc. (www.MediSwipe.com) (OTCQB: MWIP), a patient security solutions and software development company for the medicinal marijuana and health care industry, and 800 Commerce Inc., an innovative online directory and mobile marketing company, today announced that its Registration Statement on Form S-1/A has been declared effective by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (the "SEC") as of August 9, 2013. The effective notice is available at the SEC's website www.sec.gov, under the Company's SEC filings.

Das record date für die Dividende folgt in Kürze....
So ,das record date ist nun vorbei und das Bezugsverhältniss liegt nun bei 150:1.
Mal sehen, wann die divi-shares im Depot landen...:yawn:
Die meisten haben ihre freeshares im Depot, es fehlen noch die CUSIP- Nr. und der Wert.....

Go 800commerce

Nach dem 10-Q mehren sich im Ami-board die Stimmen, die einen baldigen Handelsbeginn an der OTC sehen.
Kann man sich gut vorstellen - es scheint alles vorbereitet zu sein.
Nachricht vom Chef: :D

Wednesday, 10/16/13 08:31:36 AM

My Fellow shareholders and friends...as the onion peels again on yet another deal within our sector, you will soon see how your Company in my opinion will move from the dark horse to the leader of the pack. We have some much to tell you and share, and you will soon see over the next few weeks how you have been in the right place all along.:eek: Do not be fooled by the doubters and haters. I thank you for your continued support and praise. It will not go unanswered.



und NEWS gab´s auch:

MediSwipe Inc. Announces Exclusive Agreement for Canada With MarijuanaDoctors.com Online Search-and-Booking Platform as Count...
Date : 10/16/2013 @ 12:35PM

LOS ANGELES, CA-(Marketwired - October 16, 2013) - MediSwipe Inc. (OTCQB: MWIP) (www.MediSwipe.com) (MWIP), the leader in Compassionate Care Technology Solutions for the medicinal marijuana industry today announced the Company has signed an exclusive agreement with MCN on behalf of www.MarijuanaDoctors.com, the nation's first online search-and-booking platform to the medicinal cannabis industry for all rights to the Country of Canada.:eek: The Canadian site link can be found at:


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