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Corporate Profile

NewOcean Energy Holdings Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 342) and has its headquarter in Hong Kong. The principal activities of the Group are sales and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas ("LPG"), oil products business and sales of electronic products.

Group Overall Performance

The Group has newly established its LNG business in 2014, which was still in the stage of sales network building and therefore has not generated any revenue during the period. In 2014, the businesses of the Group recorded a turnover of approximately HK$19,633,037,000 in total, up by 36.02% from the turnover of approximately HK$14,433,446,000 in 2013. Profit attributable to owners of the Company was approximately HK$900,270,000, representing an increase of 14.93% as compared to approximately HK$783,308,000 for the same period of 2013.

The Group's principal businesses of LPG and oil products along with its secondary business of electronics business and property investment and development in China recorded an aggregate gross profit of approximately HK$1,377,227,000 in 2014, representing an increase of approximately HK$161,719,000 from the aggregate gross profit of approximately HK$1,215,508,000 for the same period of 2013 (an increase by approximately 13.30%).

LPG Business

According to our estimation, a structural change has emerged in the LPG market in China. It is undeniable that the application of LPG as a fuel will gradually be replaced by natural gas as its pipe network expanded. However, applying LPG as a chemical raw material is relatively new and there is plenty of room for further development. In addition, it will not be replaced by natural gas. Although there are no factors to boost the need for LPG on the market, there are neither factors diminishing it, therefore, the need for LPG will not be greatly reduced.

In 2013, the Group has established a LPG business strategy that emphasizes on quality rather than quantity. We will continue to explore markets with better profitability, with a focus on close collaboration with production entities that apply LPG as a chemical raw material in order to secure a large group of stable targets in the long run. In terms of our collaboration with Sinopec Guangdong branch, on top of building LNG autogas refueling stations, LPG autogas refueling facilities are also added to the existing gas stations of Sinopec, to provide convenience services for more taxi drivers. For the development of our bottled LPG business, we will leverage on the existing gas station network of Sinopec to enhance higher delivery efficiency, as well as the available land resources of Sinopec, to build new LPG bottling plant in order to compensate for customer loss due to shut down or relocation of existing bottling plants.

The Group always has high hope in Hong Kong LPG market, we will continue to devote more human resources into the LPG bottling market, overcome existing challenges and rapidly enhance market share. We will strive even harder to capture opportunities to enter the Hong Kong autogas refueling market with innovative and practical business model, with an aim to become a major LPG supplier in Hong Kong.

Oil Products Business

The Group has spent the past two years laying down a sound foundation in marine bunkering market in Hong Kong. As of today, bunker ships and marine bunker station placed within territorial waters of Hong Kong are enough for us to take up 60% of the Hong Kong marine diesel market. In addition, the Group is equipped with two efficient and high-speed large scale bunker ships, which greatly benefits us in attracting international bulking ship oil supply contracts. Sales of marine fuel oil will be further increased in the near future.

The two new 4,500 tons bunker ships are the largest and fastest bunker ships within territorial waters of Hong Kong. They have provided us with a list of competitive advantages: (1) with this bunker ship, we could apply diesel import and export permit from relevant Hong Kong government authorities and directly import diesel from oversea countries and directly deliver the marine diesel to our customers from the bunker ship once they arrived Hong Kong. This method of purchase allows us to stay independent of oil companies and largely reduce our purchase cost; (2) in terms of handling marine fuel oil, our bunker ship is capable of performing various tasks at the same time, including oil transport, delivery and internal distribution. With these two bunker ships, we do not have to rent bunker ships from the others, which in turn would lower the operation cost.

In terms of developing oil products business in the Pearl Delta area, (1) through our cooperation with Sinopec, we supply bonded marine fuel to vessels anchored in the territorial waters of China by way of rental license; (2) we set up a joint venture with Conch which engages in the provision of other traditional energy products in addition to LNG related business, including marine bunkering (provide oil to over 1,000 vessels of Conch in the sea), fuel wholesale on land (provide fuel for Conch's production base for its own use) and acquire or build gas and oil station (provide autogas diesel to large scale carrier vehicles in Conch's production base).

Oil storage depots and terminal projects in Zhuhai have acquired all necessary permits in February 2015 and have commenced operation. They will act as a major base for oil products business development in the Pearl Delta area. The Group will actively set up marine bunkering stations in the Pearl River and Xijiang River, continuously perfect the storage and delivery system in the Pearl Delta area, acquire or establish bunkering network, to setup a complete operating chain for the oil products business and enhance the long term development of oil products business in Mainland China. It is expected that these establishment will bring us significant business growth and revenue contribution.

NG Business

The Group has determined NG business to be its development highlight back in 2012 and has selected autogas refueling as its entry point. We strive to establish joint ventures with a group of end users to build and operate LNG autogas refueling stations, and secure the group of end users.

Since April 2013, the Group has been seeking cooperation with various large scale enterprises including bus companies, transportation companies, cross boarder logistic companies and mega construction material base. Among which, the first refueling station built by a joint venture with Sinopec has commenced operation in May 2014. It is expected that approximately 10 LNG autogas refueling stations will commence operation in the next two years and contribute to the Group's revenue growth.

Apart from the cooperation projects that have already kicked off, the Group has entered into other cooperative agreements in 2014, including:

establish joint venture with Guangzhou Xinshui Bus Company, prepare to build 2 LNG autogas refueling stations in the public bus stations of Xinshui Bus Company;
enter into cooperative frame agreement with YATFAI Group (a cross boarder logistic company), to build a LNG autogas refueling station in a desirable location in Dongguan through a collectively established joint venture;
collectively establish joint venture with Zhuhai City Gas Pipe Company Limited, prepare to seek to build more than one L-CNG autogas refueling station in Zhuhai;
by way of a 20 years operation lease, invest, build and operate a LNG autogas refueling station in Shunde.
In addition, the Group is currently negotiating with various companies regarding joint venture cooperation, and intends to set up no less than 20 LNG autogas refueling stations in Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Foshan and Shenzhen etc.
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Aktie ist EXTREM billig geworden:
es gab zum Halbjahr zwar einen kleinen (rund 5%) Gewinnrückgang, aber laut Gut ist man weiter solide profitabel...

KGV unter 4 und EK-Rendite ca. 15% bei Notiz zu fast halbem Buchwert

einziger Haken: die Bilanz verschlechtert sich, trotz Umsatzrückgang sind die receivables massiv angestiegen

Was tun?
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wenn ich den HK-Kurs von Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 53.932.457 von R-BgO am 21.12.16 14:39:07,58 zugrunde lege,
haben wir ein KGV von 2,8 und ein KBV von 0,33....


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Kurs hat zuletzt massiv nach oben gezuckt,
auf Basis aktueller Zahlen nun:

KGV 4,2
KBV 0,42

Receivables schienen mir nicht mehr so problematisch.

Vielleicht ist es einfach ein extrem unterverfolgter China-Wert und ich traue den Jungs nach so vielen Betrügereien einfach nicht mehr...

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