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Ironbark Zinc Awarded Mining Permit for World Class Citronen Project
 Provides Ironbark the right to exploit its 100%-owned Citronen Zinc-Lead Project for a period
of 30 years
 Ironbark to immediately advance Project development and financing to allow Ironbark to
become one of the world’s largest zinc mining companies
30.12.16 08:45:12
Zinc prices remain at near eight year highs; ASX players…

.."Over the past month, zinc has touched an eight year high, trading over US$2,800 per tonne."...

ASX zinc players

.."Ironbark Zinc (ASX:IBG) is currently advancing project development and funding for its flagship 100% owned Citronen zinc-lead project located in Greenland.

The project has a current 2012 JORC resource of 70.8 million tonnes grading 5.7% zinc and lead, which represents over 13.1 billion pounds of zinc and lead.

This gives Ironbark the opportunity to develop one of the world’s largest zinc mining operations.

The company was recently awarded a mining permit at Citronen, a major milestone in the project’s advancement, as it gives the company the right to exploit the project for a 30 year period."...
03.01.17 09:45:14
03.01.17 15:56:46…

..."After years of waiting for the zinc price to rally, Ironbark Zinc managing director Jonathan Downes isn’t wasting time pushing ahead with the company’s Citronen deposit in Greenland. The project has always suffered from investor concerns about its remote location, but Ironbark has persevered through zinc’s time in the doldrums and recently secured a mining permit from the Greenland government.

“It’s been a long wait, longer than we’d initially planned for sure,” Mr Downes said of zinc’s prolonged price slump.

“I’d felt like the boy who cried wolf when it came to the zinc price, but fortunately now it’s started to come to fruition. It’s had a fantastic run, and I think that’s an extremely supportive environment to try to build a giant zinc project.”...
04.01.17 09:49:10

.."The mine at 83°N
One project with Chinese participation that is actually close to realization is the Citronen Fjord zinc and lead deposit. Owned by Australia’s Ironbark and expected to involve an arm of China Nonferrous (中色), it has just received an exploitation permit. Although the partnership with China Nonferrous is based on a non-binding agreement, recent statements from Ironbark seem to indicate they rely on it for financing the project and starting construction in 2018. The agreement leaves construction and the bulk of the financing to the Chinese partner.
Most of the workers at the Citronen site would at first be foreigners (likely Chinese, if we assume a Chinese company will indeed build it). The permit and previous agreements, however, establish a goal to train and employ as many local employees as possible. The license states that some of the ores can be processed abroad, subject to the authorisation of the Greenland government.
If financing materializes and China Nonferrous does enter the project as expected, Citronen Fjord will become not just the world’s northernmost mine, but also its northernmost settlement. Citronen Fjord is located at 83°N, just 800 km from the North Pole."...
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Ironbark Zinc Limited (ASX:IBG) Half Yearly Report and Accounts…
12.04.17 12:45:04
Ironbark Zinc Limited (ASX:IBG) Company Update on Citronen Zinc Project…
13.04.17 13:36:46
Ironbark Zinc Limited (ASX:IBG) Says It’s Undervalued Despite Unmatched Zinc Assets…
11.05.17 09:21:32
Ironbark Zinc Limited: Becoming a Major Base Metal Miner…
12.05.17 10:28:00
Ironbark Zinc to play part in solving zinc shortage
17.07.17 12:36:42
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