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Timeless Software Limited Results Announcement (2000/3/31)

Hong Kong (ots-PRNewswire) -
Financial Highlights

-- Revenue increased by 254% to reach HK$155.2 millions

-- Expenses reduced by 16.8%

-- Profit for the year reached HK$68.9 millions, exceeding the
forecast made at the time of the prospectus by 241%

-- Profit margin achieved for the year was as high as 44.4%

-- Earning per share was 12.75 cents

-- Revenue from the PRC grew by over 30 times

Timeless Software Limited today released the following:

The Company (stock code: 8028) became the first company listed on
GEM on 25 November 1999.

The profit made in this year alone is sufficient to offset the
total accumulated deficit of the Group in the preceding three years.

After over three years of intensive R&D, we launched our cross
platform, multilingual Internet Technology Platform in the 2nd
quarter of the year and in a few months it became a major contributor
to the Group`s revenue and margin.

Internet technology is expected to remain the Group`s major source
of revenue and profit margin in the coming years.

Globalization technology is set to be another important source of
revenue for the Group. Timeless has established a solid reputation in
the market and is able to continually attract a new generation of IT
talents for its expansion. The Group is an early entrant to the
software market in the PRC and has formed a very good relationship
with MII, the government authority overseeing IT and
telecommunications development in the PRC, through a co-operation in
the Zhuhai Southern Software Park.

The Company is a clear leader among Internet Technology Providers
("ITP"s). Our capabilities in building high-end, sophisticated
portals rapidly have been elegantly demonstrated by our success in
the like of www.gznet.com for China Telecom, www.tdctrade.com for the
Trade Development Council of Hong Kong, and the www.asia-steel.com
and www.echinasteel.com series of B2B portals. We have provided over
30 customers from the United States, China and the rest of Asia with
mission-critical Internet and e-commerce initiatives.

While our Internet Technology Platform is becoming more mature and
complete. We are among the few ITPs that can provide a standard
product covering over 80% of the requirement of most Internet-centric

We are the only major ITP known for offering portal solutions
compatible with all major languages. We have been partnering with
companies offering European languages processing technology and
integrating those into our Internet Technology Platform.

Our success today rests upon our earlier vision in the trend of
technological and market development, which is paying off now.

Our technological focus is centered around software building
blocks and infrastructure to support future trends in internet
application. These cover but are not limited to the:

-- Broadband software (generic components and horizontal
-- Wireless application including WAP;
-- ASP backend technologies;
-- 3G mobile telecommunication; and
-- InfraNet.

ots Original Text Service: Timeless Software Ltd.
Internet: http://recherche.newsaktuell.de

Contact: Mandy Wong of Timeless Software Ltd.,

Web site: http://www.timeless.com.hk
Ja, in der Tat, das Warten hat sich wirklich gelohnt:

Momentan nur noch 0,62€ das Stück

Die Musik wird ja nicht hier in Deutschland gemacht.
Sell on good news?!

Gestern noch schlimmes Umfeld....
Ich hoffe doch das der Kurs bald wieder anzieht.Vielleicht schon Morgen.Das die Firma gut ist beweisen immer wieder die guten Adhocs.


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