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Wenn mir jemand sagen kann warum Starnet auf einmal rießige
Sprünge macht wäre ich Ihm dankbar (Giga hast Du was auf Lager?). Ich bin zu 4.45 Euro in dem Wert investiert und überlege gerade ein 4 Euro Stop Loss zu setzen, habe aber Angst, dass mir die Aktie da Morgen darunter fällt. Für Tips und Anregungen bin ich ganz Ohr.



die Gründe für den fulminanten Anstieg sind hinreichend bekannt und in den postings
gestern abgehandelt. Wer Angst hat, sollte nicht in SNMM investiert sein.

mfg moneyfuchs
Revolutionary Software Positions Company for
Long-Term Growth

St. Johns, Antigua, July 18, 2000 - Starnet
Communications International Inc.
(OTC-BB: "SNMM") ("Starnet"), an online
provider of interactive media and information
systems and a recognized leader in Internet
gaming, announced today the scheduled rollout
of its new suite of I-gaming software,

Beyond2000 is a comprehensive suite of gaming
products including multi-player bingo,
instant play and downloadable casino and
lottery games, pari-mutuel wagering, and
sports betting. The software`s customization
features and maximum functionality will make
it the most advanced and effective I-gaming
solution available. Starnet developed
Beyond2000 in response to demand from
licensees and players to recreate a more
complete gaming experience. Starnet`s
Beyond2000 will accomplish this by creating a
"one-stop shop" of the most entertaining and
interactive games in the Internet marketplace
to date.

Meldon Ellis, president and chief executive
officer of Starnet said, "With Beyond2000,
Starnet will offer more products than any
other I-gaming company on the Internet today.
The breadth, technology and features of our
products, including maximum functionality
from both online and downloadable versions of
Beyond2000, reaffirm our status as the
leading I-gaming software provider. We are
excited about the launch of our new software,
and the revenue it is projected to generate
for Starnet going forward."

Benefits to existing and potential licensees
of Beyond2000 will be extensive, and include
the following:

* Licensees will be able to differentiate
themselves from competitors by providing
customers the ability to open one account and
play the broadest, most exciting array of I-
gaming products available.
* Comprehensive management, accounting and
marketing software will provide unparalleled
data and customer behavior analysis for
licensees and partners.
* A "Command Center" will provide licensees
greater control over aspects of their casino
such as slot machine payouts, "comp" points
and promotions and increase customization
* Advanced customer service tools and state
of the art fraud screening utilizing ANNs
(Artificial Neural Networks) will enhance
licensee abilities to manage customer

The Beyond2000 product line will also deliver
significant strategic benefits to Starnet:

* Upon completion of the software rollout,
Starnet will be the only company to provide a
full suite of gaming products in both C++ and
* By delivering maximum flexibility and
choice to customers, Starnet will establish a
distinct competitive advantage in a
fragmented market.
* Beyond2000 will make Starnet the clear
choice for partners looking to tap into the
dynamic I-gaming industry, as well as for
prospective licensees, whether they are land-
based operators, major Internet
organizations, or governments.

Jason King, chief executive officer of
Inphinity Interactive Inc., Starnet`s
software development arm, said, "The open
architecture and scalability of our new
software suite will enable Starnet to
capitalize on the anticipated consolidation
within the I-gaming industry. Our products
are engineered to facilitate integration.

"In addition," King added, "unlike our
competitors, who have opted to upgrade their
products on old platforms, the entire
Beyond2000 product line has been totally
rebuilt from the ground up, introducing a new
code base and creating a platform that can
quickly accommodate additional components,
games and upgrades. What this means is that,
while in the future we will be able to simply
upgrade our packages, our competitors will be
forced to follow our lead and develop new
solutions. We have effectively raised the bar
for software and services in I-gaming and
positioned Starnet as a leader."

The initial software release will begin in
August with the launch of the Beyond2000 Java
Games, which include a wide variety of
lottery and casino games as well as a multi-
player bingo game. Initial rollouts of the
company`s new e-commerce system, as well as
brand new reporting and backend tools for all
Starnet licensees, are also scheduled. All
of these components will be available by the
end of August on Starnet`s Worldgaming.com
Web site, and then gradually phased in on
each Starnet licensee Web site.

The Beyond2000 product line will offer
numerous innovative features, such as 3D
graphics, multi-player games, chat functions,
private tables, a player rewards program and
multi-language formats. Open architecture and
a flexible component structure will also
allow licensees to add new games and products
easily, customize payout ratios on individual
games and offer instant special promotions.
The Starnet Seal of Approval, which, through
independent testing, guarantees the integrity
of Starnet`s software, will back all new and
existing offerings.

A preview of many of these products is
currently available on the Starnet Systems
Web site at

For more detailed information on these new
products or background on the I-gaming
sector, please visit our Web site at

About Starnet

Starnet is a leading developer and producer
of Internet technologies for gaming
applications. Products currently offered and
under development comprise a full suite of
gaming products, including casinos, sports
betting, bingo, lotteries, and horse racing.
Games are available in a number of different
formats including Java, C++ and HTML, and
comprehensive marketing support software is
also provided. For more information, please
visit www.snmm.com or email

Starnet is a fully reporting US (Delaware)
corporation, which currently trades on the
National Association of Security Dealers
("NASD") Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board. The
company began trading in September of 1997
under the symbol "SNMM". Starnet is also
listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange, where it
is traded on the Over-The-Counter market
under the symbol "SNM".


Starnet Communications International Inc.

Carey Nelson, Investor Relations Manager

Ph: (604) 608-1818 Fax: (604) 608-6163
Rob Grace, Investor Relations Manager
Ph: (604) 608-8733 Fax: (604) 608-6163
North American Toll - 1-888-883-0833
Outside N. America - 800-883-88338
Email - ir@snmm.com


Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Brad Miller
Ph: (212) 880-5345

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The
statements contained herein which are not
historical fact are forward-looking
statements that are subject to risks and
uncertainties that could cause actual results
to differ materially from those expressed in
the forward-looking statements, including,
but not limited to, certain delays in testing
and evaluation of products and other risks
detailed from time to time in Starnet`s
filings with the Securities & Exchange
Danke für die schnellen Antworten,

ich denke ich lass das mit dem Stop Loss und bleibe Long.
Könnte ja noch eine lustige Entwicklung nehmen.


Das ist nicht der Grund, warum die Aktie explodiert...

DAS ist der Grund:

Tuesday July 18 4:55 AM ET
House Fails to Ban Most Internet Gambling
By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The House failed to pass a bill that would criminalize most forms of Internet gambling, an industry that has grown explosively in the past several years.

Proponents of the bill had a majority of the votes but failed to reach the two-thirds mark required by a special process that would have expedited the bill`s passage.

The final vote was 245-159, with 30 abstentions.

The bill would have banned online wagers on sporting events and casino games, as well as the sale of lottery tickets online.

Horse racing, greyhound racing and jai alai were exempted from the bill after a deal was reached Friday with lawmakers and lobbyists concerned that the bill would prohibit the use of closed-circuit television for off-track betting.

The bill would have required U.S. Internet service providers to block access to gambling sites but did not hold them liable if they failed to do so.

Under a special process known as suspension of the rules, debate on the issue was limited to 40 minutes Monday, but that meant proponents needed a two-thirds majority to win passage of the bill.

In the end, they were 45 votes shy of the total needed. Proponents can try to push for another vote on a simple majority later.

Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte, sponsor of the bill, said in a statement released after the vote that he hoped the House leadership would bring up the bill for another vote.

Passage ``Of Utmost Importance``

``It is of utmost importance that this legislation is passed and signed into law this year,`` Goodlatte said.

The Republican leadership is divided on the issue. Majority Leader Dick Armey of Texas voted for the bill, while House Whip Tom DeLay, also of Texas, voted against it. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, an Illinoisan, did not vote.

A similar bill was passed by a voice vote in the Senate last November.

The Clinton administration issued a statement Monday saying it strongly opposed the bill and was ``especially troubled`` by the horse racing, dog racing and jai alai exemptions.

``The administration strongly opposes (the measure), which appears to be designed to protect certain forms of Internet gambling that currently are illegal while opening the floodgates for other forms of illegal gambling,`` it said.

The vote did not break down neatly along party lines, as 165 Republicans and 79 Democrats voted for the bill, and 44 Republicans and 114 Democrats voted against it. One independent voted for and one against the measure.

Revenues from online gambling jumped 80 percent last year to $1.67 billion and are expected to top $3 billion by 2002, according to industry trackers Christiansen Capital Advisors.

Online gambling is legal in many parts of Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and the Caribbean

Sue Schneider, chairwoman of the Interactive Gaming Council, an industry group, said that she would continue her lobbying campaign.

``Obviously, it`s not over,`` Schneider said. ``But hopefully, it`s an opportunity to open up other avenues of discussion at this point.``

Quelle: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000718/wr/congress_gamblin…

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