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Kann mir mal jemand erklären, warum der Kurs immer mehr in den Keller rutscht???????

mfG daily
warte mal ab, bis die ganzen zocker aus dem wert raus sind. danach geht es sicherlich wieder (langsam) bergauf. in frankfurt gerade 2,20 EUR. wird schon wieder. bin gestern nochmal zu 2,10 EUR rein.


gelesen bei www.the-bulls.de/news/news_27518.html

Vancouver (ots-PRNewswire) - Imagis Technologies Inc. ("Imagis")
is pleased to announce the official launch and installation of
CASINO-ID and its biometric Facial Recognition Software at Gateway
Casinos Inc. in Canada. Gateway Casinos will install software
licenses in all three of its locations in the greater Vancouver area
of British Columbia. Upon installation, CASINO-ID will allow
integration between all Gateway locations with the capability to
connect, share database information and photography. By year-end,
Gateway Casinos anticipates adding their Edmonton, Alberta facility
to the list of connected CASINO- ID users.

CASINO-ID was designed to allow any casino or gaming establishment
to utilise biometric technology to capture images using existing
surveillance cameras, and then create suspect databases and compare
images based on facial features only. "The technology allows us to
be proactive instead of reactive. We can now use the facial
recognition software to identify a "barred" individual as he enters
the casino instead of at the table and then having to remove him,"
advises Mr. Bill Openshaw, Director of Security, Gateway Casinos.
"By being proactive we can better identify undesirable customers
before they do harm and protect our facility, our staff and our

CASINO-ID allows for the security and surveillance personnel to
track suspicious behaviour, collect data and photo information,
produce colour reports for audit and reporting criterion and share
information digitally with security personnel, other locations and
other gaming facilities. Having instant access to the information
and verification using biometric facial recognition, allows security
personnel to respond to situations before they do any harm. "We are
looking forward to connecting all four of our facilities over the
next few months. We believe the real strength in CASINO-ID is the
ability to share data and images quickly and easily", reports Moniqe
Wilberg, Director of Operations for Gateway Casinos. "If we share
information electronically we are 50 steps further along than not.
There is a lot we can do to stop criminal activity within the gaming
industry. CASINO-ID is a technology software tool that helps us do

"Gateway Casinos have been an integral partner in the development
and design of CASINO-ID software after having been referred to Imagis
from a detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP),"
stated Iain Drummond, President & CEO. "The RCMP have been
successfully using Imagis flagship Computerised Arrest and Booking
software (CABS) for approximately 5 years. We have undertaken
extensive beta testing for a number of months at Gateway and with
this expertise we plan to aggressively market our products in the
gaming sector." Mr. Drummond added, "We are one of very few
companies that own a biometric application used in the gaming
industry, that inherently utilises biometric facial recognition
technology as the unique identifier, to identify "undesirables"
with the use of the facility"s existing surveillance cameras."

In addition, Mr. Drummond announces that Imagis Technologies Inc.
has become a member of the International Biometric Industry
Association ("IBIA") located in Washington, D.C.

Imagis Technologies Inc. is an international developer and
distributor of biometric and other software applications for digital
identification and image management for the law enforcement, gaming
and security sectors.

This document contains forward-looking statements including
statements regarding the anticipated benefits of the installation of
Imagis" CASINO-ID product in three Gateway Casinos locations and the
anticipated timing of installation of CASINO-ID in a fourth location
of Gateway Casinos. Actual results could differ materially from
those anticipated in these statements based upon a number of factors
including the ability of Imagis and Gateway Casinos to coordinate to
install CASINO-ID successfully and on a timely basis. Forward-looking
statements are based on management"s beliefs, opinions and
projections on the date the statements are made. Imagis" undertakes
no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances
or management"s beliefs, opinions or projections should change.

Imagis trades on the Canadian Venture Exchange, symbol NAB,
Frankfurt: IGY, and OTCBB: IGSTF. http://www.imagis-cascade.com

For further information:
Investor Relations/Media Contact: Sandra Buschau, Director
Tel: +1 604 684-4691, Fax: +1 604 684-4601,
Toll Free: +1 800 667-2066,
e-mail: sandy@ipm.bc.ca

Web site: http://www.imagis-cascade.com

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