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Press announcement

1st September, 2000

Whatman plc


Whatman, an international separations technology company, which recently moved to the
Healthcare sector of the London Stock Exchange following the disposal of its Industrial
businesses, announces its results for the six months ended 30th June, 2000.


* Industrial and UK Catalogue operations sold for a profit of £21.9 million

* Sales of the established businesses £38.4 million, up 12.5%

* Operating profits of established businesses £7.5 million, up 27%

* Whatman BioScience sales up 100% with losses of £1.6 million, as expected

* Whatman BioScience signed agreement with Life Technologies Inc.

* Dividend increased by 8% to 1.4p per share

Commenting on the results, Chief Executive Dr. David Smith said: "We are making good,
steady progress towards our strategic goals."

Chairman`s statement


The year has started well. Following the successful sale of our industrial operations, the group
now consists of two established and growing businesses, Analytical and Healthcare and our
new BioScience business, which is in its development stage. Comparing the first half of 2000
with that of 1999, sales by the established businesses grew by 12.5% to £38.4 million and
operating profits by 27% to £7.5 million. BioScience doubled its sales, but development
expenditure increased even faster, so that losses rose as expected from £0.6 million to £1.6
million. These figures provide the best guide to the growth of our continuing operations.

The sale of the industrial filtration, gas generation and UK laboratory catalogue operations
resulted in a large non-recurring profit of £21.9 million, heavily distorting the profit attributable
to shareholders. This rose to £20.1 million from £4 million in 1999.


The Analytical business, which services Laboratory markets with fibrous and specialist filters,
grew sales by 10%. Growth was driven by a 19.5% rise in microfiltration among which
multiwell plates are increasingly important. These excellent figures were the result of the
launch of innovative products and successful product line extensions including a new PVDF
membrane incorporated in multiwell plates. The market for traditional filter papers remained at
similar levels.


This business supplies specialist products to the Healthcare sector and achieved a rise of
17.8% in sales, driven by exceptional performances of Clinical Diagnostics and Molecular
Biology. Sales of the former grew 37% and of the latter 22%. We expect this growth to be
maintained through the launch of new and improved membranes and other separation media.

The Healthcare business now also includes Key Components that was formerly included under
Industrial. A profit turnaround in Key Components contributed to the increased profitability.


We are making rapid progress in this new business which focuses on DNA purification. We
need to grow extremely fast in order to exploit fully the opportunities that our DNA discoveries
have opened out in several different fields. This involves a rapid build up of costs in the early
stages. We have already moved into new facilities in Cambridge, UK and Newton;
Massachusetts and are adding to our staff and facilities, so that we have the infrastructure to
meet the demands of our expected sales growth. Even though sales doubled, this necessary
and expected rise in costs meant that losses exceeded sales. We are confident, however,
that this rapid increase in costs will prove a superb investment given the business`s huge

Our products for the separation of DNA from 1 ml of blood have been successfully introduced
and several important products are on track to be launched later this year.

The patent dispute with Schleicher & Schuell has been resolved and we have agreed some
important partnership arrangements.

Because our DNA discoveries have opened so many diverse opportunities we are looking at
different ways to approach the various market segments. The agreement with HemaSure Inc
announced in June this year provides for the sale and marketing of our DNA products to blood
banks and transfusion centres, while Life Technologies Inc will provide access to the research


The disposals of the industrial and other businesses have generated cash of £42 million,
which has left the group with a debt free balance sheet. Excluding acquisitions and disposals,
the group had a positive cash flow in the first half of 2000, due to a lower increase in working

With a tight focus, strong finances and the opportunities provided by the group`s exceptional
technology, the outlook is exciting. The Board has decided to raise the interim dividend by 8%
to 1.4p.

Andrew Smithers, Chairman

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Schon etwas älter,aber längere Zeit unterwegs gewesen,der Ordnung halber hier reingestellt. www.whatman.com

Press announcement

18th September, 2000

Whatman to be included in techMARK

Whatman plc, an international separations technology company, is pleased to announce that, from
Monday 18th September 2000, it will be included in techMARK - the London Stock Exchange market for
innovative technology companies.

Chief Executive Dr. David Smith commented: "I am delighted with Whatman`s inclusion in techMARK
and with it the recognition that we are a technology-driven company."

For further information please contact:

David Smith, Chief Executive, Whatman plc on 01622 624207 (direct)
Harry Cooper, Finance Director, Whatman plc on 01622 624300 (direct)
Charles Ryland, Buchanan Communications on 0207 466 5000

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