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ganz schön still geworden um research...zumindest hier im board, intesressiert sich denn niemand für diesen wert? ich würde gerne wissen was den wert hat steigen lassen... (sind ja fast ;) 100% seit anfang august)
nur die "guten" marktbedingungen werdens ja wohl nicht sein, oder?
hat vielleicht noch jemand die letzten veröffentlichten zahlen von denen da? hab da nix gefunden :(
okay, dann hoffe ich, dass hier mal wieder ein bißchen leben rein kommt...werd ja wohl nicht der einzige RIM-besitzer sein...

bis dann :)
Friday September 1, 4:41 pm Eastern Time

worldlyinvestor.com Region of the Day
PDA Market Could Ride on RIMs
By Bob Beaty, Canada Columnist

Research in Motion is the upstart in the wireless handheld market. Its stock is

Few of us ever get to talk to programming gurus, let alone ask them questions about such
pedestrian matters as their opinion of handheld computers. Well, I did, and you may live
vicariously through my findings.

I need a handheld thingy to help my weary mid-40 rapidly disorganizing mind bring at least a
modicum of order into a life
becoming far more complicated than I ever dreamed. So, as I found myself in San Francisco
buying this fellow a cup of coffee
in an unrelated matter, handhelds came up in the conversation. To my utter surprise, he yanked
Research in Motion`s
(Nasdaq:RIMM - news) 957 handheld out of a Batman-like utility belt he was wearing.

He`s had a Palm (Nasdaq:PALM - news). He`s had a Visor (Nasdaq:HAND - news). He now has a 957,
loves it, and won`t
ever go back. The guy`s programmed satellites for heaven`s sake -- his opinion matters; at
least to me.

He also made some interesting observations. Unlike the competition, the 957 is always on and
e-mail finds him, as opposed to
having to be retrieved. He can thumb email responses while driving down the freeway (see why I
don`t name him?) and it does
everything he needs it to.

Like most users, I suspect, add-on third-party software is of little use to this fellow.
Purists like him want only features like a
to-do list, calendar/datebook, notepad, e-mail and Web access.

Industry Upstart
RIM is considered the upstart in the handheld sector, coming from relative obscurity to be a
threat. Its stock, which is zooming
at the moment, may not be for conservative, buy-and-hold types. But if you want a little
wireless tang in your portfolio then it
could be perfect. Know going in, however, that you`re in for a bumpy ride.

The shares bounced off a correction low of $24 in late March and has since more than tripled
to a current level of $74.
Twelve-month trailing earnings are growing nicely at $153 million as at May 2000 versus $92
million for the prior twelve
months. Second-quarter earnings should be out soon. First Call consensus for fiscal 2000
earnings is around 45 cents a share
versus 21 cents for fiscal 1999. Still a concern, however, is the high market-cap of nearly $5
billion -- though a lot more
palatable than when the stock peaked at $160 in the first quarter.

My geek buddy also was puzzled as to why RIM hasn`t licensed its software. He saw this as a
potentially huge revenue
generator, unless some behemoth took the company out in the interim. Another small concern is
the cost, though when the 957
is compared to a Palm VIIx, the $500 price tag is very competitive. And with Palm fighting a
rear-guard action against
Handspring`s low-end Visor with its new Palm m100, the high-end mobile business user requiring
less toy-like features is still
very much up for grabs.

Deal to Expand
RIM announced a deal this week with private software firm Brience, Inc, to expand enterprise
applications to the 957
handheld. Brience specializes in adapting and delivering proprietary corporate information to
any handheld in customized form.

The applications for the mobile workforce are obvious. While competitors are going after the
mass market, RIM has apparently
decided that the business market -- with its specific e-mail and enterprise information needs
-- makes a growth niche that will
be easier to dominate rather than trying to be all things handheld. By delivering the
smoothest and best access to business
critical corporate information, the 957 is quickly becoming a tool, as opposed to a toy.

That`s not to say that Palms and Visors aren`t good gizmos -- they are. The smart thing RIM
has done is to realize that it is not
the mass standard, and much like Apple (NYSE:APL - news) computer, has found and continues to
exploit a niche among a
large, particular group -- a business community that needs seamless access both to
communication and corporate enterprise

And among the intelligentsia, at least so far, the 957 reviews continue to be good. And best
of all, there are no little pen-thingies
or stylus to lose.

Bob Beaty is worldlyinvestor.com`s Canada Editor. He worked for 20 years in the brokerage
industry, in both Canada
and the UK. Now primarily Internet-based, he has written extensively on stocks, bonds and
market-related issues for a
variety of Web sites. His column suggests investment and trading opportunities in the Canadian
market. He does not
hold a position in any of the companies mentioned. Positions can change at any time.

In June 2000,
BlackBerry won
the 2000 PC World World Class Award
for Best Wireless Communication Device.
Friday September 29 6:42 PM ET
RIM Shares Top Nasdaq Gainers on Strong
Q3 Revenues

TORONTO (Reuters) - Shares in Research In Motion (NasdaqNM:RIMM
- news) sprinted out of the gate on Friday morning after the maker of the
popular Blackberry two-way wireless pager demonstrated its costly
marketing programs are reaping rewards.

RIM said after the markets closed on Thursday that its revenues in the
second quarter rose 57 percent from the first quarter to $42.5 million.
Analysts` estimates had ranged between $33 million and $36 million.

RIM said 25,000 new Blackberry pager customers were connected to
corporate-based servers in the quarter and that companies deploying the
pagers rose 25 percent to 5,000.

Blackberry is an ``always on, always connected`` two-way wireless pager,
with a small keyboard for sending e-mails and surfing the Internet, plus address book and calendar.

Also, the firm said on Thursday that America Online is scheduled to launch its version of the Blackberry,
targeted at the teenage market, later this year. That will mark RIM`s first big push into the consumer market.

Investors applauded the results on Friday, pushing RIM`s stock up $15-1/8 to close at $98-9/16 on Nasdaq
and topping the net gainers.

Edel Ebbs at UBS Warburg said she had raised her stock target price to $100 from an earlier $77 as visibility
regarding future revenue growth improved, and growth in the quarter topped her forecasts.

``They are demonstrating that what they thought the market required, which was this additional sales and
marketing to really build mass, is paying off in topline growth,`` she added.

RIM`s push into the European marketplace with BT CellNet is also seen as a big boost to revenues, with RIM`s
management saying that ``material volumes`` in Europe will ramp up in the first quarter of 2001.

The company is developing an additional 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space that will meet the demand
for the expected ``hundreds of thousands of new Blackberry users through next year,`` said RIM chief executive
Jim Balsillie in a conference call with analysts.

H.C. Wainwright & Co. analyst Scott Wright issued a morning note on RIM, raising his target price to $115
with a strong buy.

``Research In Motion reported a breakthrough quarter, crossing out of cult status to mainstream brand
awareness and acceptance,`` Wright wrote.

($1-$1.50 Canadian)

So weit die Infos zu RIM, die ich leider viel zu früh verkauft habe...


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