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Hallo, habt Ihr euch schon mal die Aktie ID Biomedical angeschaut !? Stimmt das Gerücht, daß Förtsch die Aktie neulich empfohlen hat ?
Jawohl der Förtsch hatte IDBE sogar in seinem Musterdepot (hatte).
Egal ob Förtsch IDBE schon mal gehört oder in seinem Musterdepot hat.
JEDER sollte IDBE in seinem Depot liegen haben und einfach ein bißchen warten...

Bei 5.0 - 5.5 verläuft die 200 Tage Linie und die hält bisher stand.
Momentan ist sogar eine kleiner Aufwärtstrend zu entdecken. Es kann nicht mehr lang dauern. MACD, RSI, Stochastik zeigen alle nach Norden.
Wer jetzt nicht einsteigt ist selber Schuld.

Noch was:

Bei IDBE kommen a.) bald Zahlen (sehr gute) und b.) die FDA Zulassung
Sollte die Zulassung für das neue Medikament durchgehen, schlägt IDBE ein wie eine Bombe und wir sehen keinen Pennystock mehr...

Go ID Go !!!
Und noch ein STRONG BUY: Auszüge aus den kostenpflichtigen YORKTON-Report:

Recommendation: STRONG BUY
12 to 18-Month Target Price: $18.00
New Agreements for its Genomic Platform. Licensing its Gene-Based Assays, Strong
Subunit Vaccine Portfolio Progessing
We believe that ID Biomedical’s proprietary CPT offers the optimal balance of
speed, accuracy, ease of use and cost, compared to other amplification and detection
The many benefits that
CPT has the potential to offer current genomic analysis prompted Applied
Biosystems to sign a US$5 million non-exclusive licensing agreement for the use
of CPT. Applied Biosystems will apply CPT to its own platforms in the areas of
genomics, high throughput screening and the development of assays to detect
nucleic acids. Applied Biosystems is focused on the development of fully
automated instruments for genomics analysis and it was its ABI Prism® 3700
DNA Analysers which allowed for the sequencing of the human genome by
Celera (CRA, NYSE) and other research groups. Applied Biosystems is now
developing a new platform instrument for genomic analysis called Sequence
Detection Systems (SDS). This illustrates the move from sequencing to detection
that the industry is currently making.
As ID Biomedical enters partnerships and licensing agreements with other biotechnology companies, we believe CPT will
be widely used in a variety of genomic analyses.
We expect clinical testing to be
completed by the end of the year with the Velogene™ Genomic Identification
Assay for VRE to be launched early in 2001.
ID Biomedical’s strategy is to take its vaccine products into late stage clinical
development prior to licensing them to multinational vaccine
manufacturers/distributors. This should allow ID Biomedical to significantly
increase revenues form its vaccine products once they reach the market.
Typically, if companies license out a product early in the development cycle
(i.e., at Phase I), a royalty of about 10% can be expected. If the product is
developed through Phase III clinical trials, a revenue sharing arrangement with
royalties up to 50% is possible.
The company also intends to expand the number of
vaccines in its development pipeline through the licensing or acquisition of
proprietary vaccine candidates that have shown promising potential in early
clinical development or in pre-clinical development.
ID Biomedical has an exceptional management team which we believe provides
the optimal mix of business and research experience and insight.

gruss elbono
News von IDBE:

Der Rechtsstreit mit Third Wave ist wohl erfolgsversprechend. Leider reicht mein Englisch nicht ganz aus. Vielleicht kanns ja

Thursday October 19, 9:16 am Eastern Time

Press Release

ID Biomedical Succeeds in Obtaining Court Order

VANCOUVER, B.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2000--ID Biomedical
(Nasdaq:IDBE - news; TSE:IDB - news) announced today that the United States District
Court for the Western District of Wisconsin granted ID Biomedical`s request to transfer the
Third Wave Technologies, Inc., action (case No. C00-1564R) to the United States District
Court for the Western District of Washington.

ID Biomedical Corporation is a North American based biotechnology company focused on the development of a proprietary
gene identification system, Cycling Probe(TM) Technology, for applications in genomics and diagnostics, and is also focused
the development of proprietary vaccine and immunotherapeutic products.

Using Cycling Probe(TM) Technology, the company is developing rapid tests that identify antibiotic resistant bacteria from
culture. The company is now licensing Cycling Probe(TM) Technology to the genomics and diagnostic industry for further
product and technology development.

Currently, Applied Biosystems (NYSE:PEB - news), Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and Alexon-Trend, Inc., a subsidiary
of Sybron International (NYSE:SYB - news) have obtained nonexclusive licenses to the technology.

The company`s lead vaccine product for the prevention of diseases caused by group A streptococcus, StreptAvax(TM), is in a

Phase I Clinical Trial sponsored and funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Other vaccine products under development include: a vaccine for the prevention of tuberculosis which has been licensed to
Aventis Pasteur, the vaccine subsidiary of Aventis S.A, a therapeutic vaccine for the prevention of AIDS and a vaccine for the
prevention of disease caused by deadly strains of the E. coli bacteria.

The foregoing information contains so-called forward-looking statements. These include statements about our expectations,
beliefs, intentions or strategies for the future, which we indicate by words or phrases such as ``anticipate,`` ``expect,``
``plan,`` ``will,`` ``we believe,`` ``the company believes,`` ``management believes`` and similar language. All forward-looking
statements are based on our current expectations and are subject to risks uncertainties and to assumptions we have made.
Important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such
forward-looking statements include i) the company`s ability to successfully complete preclinical and clinical development of its
products; ii) our ability to obtain and enforce timely patent and intellectual property protection for its technology and products;
iii) our ability to avoid, either by product design, licensing arrangement or otherwise, infringement of third parties` intellectual
property; iv) decisions, and the timing of decisions, made by the health regulatory agencies regarding approval of the
products for human testing; v) the company`s ability to complete and maintain corporate alliances relating to the development
and commercialization of its technology and products, vi) market acceptance of the company`s technology and products, and
(vii) the competitive environment and impact of technological change. We base our forward-looking statements on information
currently available to us, and we assume no obligation to update them.


ID Biomedical Corporation
Dean Linden, 604/431-9314

aus http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/001019/id_biomedi.html

Denke wir werden noch viel Freude an ID Biomedical haben.
Neues von ID Biomedical

ID Biomedical gab heute bekannt, dass das Bezirksgericht in Wisconsin ID Biomedicals Antrag stattgegeben hat, die Third Wave Technologies zu übernehemen.
Die ID Biomedical Corporation ist eine Biotechnologiefirma, die sich auf die Entwicklung eines angemessenen Genidentifikationssystems, der sogenannten "Cycling Probe(TM) Technology", für Applikationen der Genomforschung und Diagnose spezialisiert hat, konzentriert sich zudem auf die Entwicklung von Schutzimpfungen und Immuntherapien.

Durch die Verwendung der Cycling Probe(TM) Technology, ist es dem Unternehmen gelungen schnelle Test zu entwickeln, die resistente Bakterien identifizieren können.

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