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Dies ist mein Geschenk an Euch : Die 1000 % Chance !! - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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Hallo, ich bin da an deinem Tip interessiert.
Kannst du mir bitte mal die genaue WKN oder den Namen nennen?
579775 Berlin/ Munic

hho-T at toronto stock exchange !

"The trillion Dollar Market"

Siehe auch Grünes Board !

Good luck

@ m-b-s: thanks für dein geschenk.... wie siehst du denn die kursziele kurz- und mittelfristig ? was meinst du mit siehe "grünes board"; in welchem thread steht da was darüber ? danke für eine rasche antwort...
o.k. , wer suchet der findet:

“We are at the peak of the oil age but the beginning of the hydrogen age.
Anything else is an interim solution.
The transition
will be very messy, and will take many technological paths
...but the future will be hydrogen fuel cells.”
Herman Kuipers
Royal Dutch Shell..

na, dann : lasst uns mal über alternative energien nachdenken...und uns freuen, einen noch unentdeckten Wert gefunden zu haben....

gruss shorty
Stuart energy wird explodieren 25 C$ ist jetzt die Basis !


KZ in 2001 min. 150 C$
Stuart Energy is Granted New US Patent-
Enabling significant cost and footprint reductions in Hydrogen Fuel Appliances
TORONTO, Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ - Stuart Energy Systems (TSE: HHO - news), a leading developer of hydrogen generation and supply systems, announced today that it has been granted a new US patent further enhancing Stuart`s electrolyser technology portfolio. The newly patented technology increases energy efficiency and eliminates the need for numerous auxiliary systems, reducing the footprint of Stuart`s fuel appliances by 20-50%. This technology is currently implemented in select new fuel appliances, including those being deployed to the Ford Motor Company.

The patent is focused on the process control of Stuart`s electrolytic cells. Stuart`s new technology uses innovative, low cost, level sensing technology that offers significant cost advantages over conventional, high cost pressure control devices used in other electrolysis systems. This invention permits safe and reliable control systems for the delivery of hydrogen from the DEP(TM) electrolyser, and can effectively maintain a pressure differential across the membrane of the cell.

``The hard work of our team of research and development engineers and scientists has been recognized by the US patent office. The new technology is already in use in our equipment currently in field trials and the feedback has been excellent``, said Matthew Fairlie, Chief Technical Officer at Stuart Energy.

Stuart Energy Systems

Stuart Energy Systems Corporation (TSE: HHO - news) is a leading developer and supplier of hydrogen generation and supply systems, with offices in Canada and the United States. These systems incorporate proprietary water electrolysis technology designed to serve the industrial hydrogen market and the emerging hydrogen fuel market for transportation and regenerative electric power applications. This market has been enabled by the development of electric power technologies such as the hydrogen fuel cell. The Company`s Web site address is www.stuartenergy.com.

SOURCE: Stuart Energy Systems Corporation

Nach Busch ist die Basis 10 C$ :( aber heute +10% :)

Press Release Source: Stuart Energy Systems Corp.

Linde Gas Signs Preferred Supplier Agreement With Vandenborre Technologies, A Stuart Energy Company
Tuesday July 8, 7:31 am ET

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 8, 2003--Stuart Energy Systems Corporation (TSX:HHO - News) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Vandenborre Technologies N.V., has signed a preferred supplier agreement with Linde Gas, a division of Linde AG, a world leading industrial gas supplier based in Germany. Stuart Energy, through Vandenborre, will be Linde`s preferred supplier of on-site water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment. Linde will sell and market the product world-wide under the HYDROSS® brand name.
"With the signing of this agreement, we have significantly expanded our global access to new industrial markets through Linde`s extensive world-wide distribution sales channels," said Jon Slangerup, President and CEO of Stuart Energy. "This agreement is an important step in our strategic plan for growth and will accelerate our goal of building a strong order book for our products in the near term."

The two companies came to the agreement after Linde successfully tested the Vandenborre technology for two years.

"Linde Gas wants to offer their customers a choice of additional hydrogen options including on-site generation through electrolysis. It is a resounding endorsement of our products that Linde Gas has chosen to distribute our solutions to their customers," added Hugo Vandenborre, founder of Vandenborre Technologies.

About Linde

Linde is an international technology group with a leading market position in each of its three business segments, Gas and Engineering, Material Handling, and Refrigeration. With approximately 46,500 employees, Linde is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, and generates more then 8 billion Euros in sales annually. The company website address is http://www.linde.com.

HYDROSS® is a trade mark of the Linde group.

About Stuart Energy

Stuart Energy Systems Corporation (TSX: HHO - News) is a world leading developer and supplier of integrated hydrogen solutions that use the Company`s proprietary hydrogen generation water electrolysis technology with products from corporate partners to serve existing and emerging markets for power generation, transportation and industry. The Company`s website addresses are http://www.stuartenergy.com and http://www.vandenborretechnologies.com.

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