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Dear e-mail correspondent,

Thank you for your message. I appreciate your concern about climate change
and its consequences for people and nature. The government of the
Netherlands agrees that, during the upcoming Climate Change Conference, all
countries must make firm agreements about the implementation of the Kyoto
Protocol. As conference president, Minister of the Environment Jan Pronk
will do his absolute best to make sure that they do.

The government of the Netherlands has put together several packages of
measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to bring down
emission levels by taking action not just in our own country, but also
abroad. The Parliament has approved these plans. We will all have to put our
shoulders to the wheel to meet the reduction target for the Netherlands. My
government will make sure that our country lives up to its promises.

I trust you will understand that I cannot respond personally to all the
messages I receive. For more information about the Netherlands` policy on
climate change, visit the website of the Netherlands` environment ministry:

Best regards,

Wim Kok

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