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Peptech : Ja ist den schon Weihnachten ? - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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RE: peptech

Peptech, die Aktien werden knapp.
Aufgrund der riesigen Nachfrage schiesst das Papier auf
0,72 EUro ( + 44 % )bzw. 1,23 AUD nach oben.

Es wurde eine Partnerschaft mit der BASF Tochter Knoll geschlossen.

PTD - ASX Company Announcement
15 November 2000
Part 1/1

HOMEX - Sydney
Managing Directors Update -Human Therapeutics No 2

Yesterday, we announced that Peptech has signed a Letter Of Intent
with Knoll AG, the pharmaceutical division of BASF Pharma. This is
viewed as a very significant development in Peptech`s history on
three fronts. Firstly, I consider it as a significant step towards
executing a Licensing Agreement with Knoll. Secondly, for Knoll and
it`s affiliates, it is viewed as a significant step because they
would be licensed to manufacture and sell their D2E7 drug for the
treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Thirdly, Peptech would be able to
receive significant rewards for the discovery of the TNF antibodies
by way of front end payments and annual royalty income. Calculation
of royalty income is to be based on the annual net sales generated by

good trades,


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