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22Nov2000 USA: Met@box Offers a Holiday Rebate on the New MetaDrive Express Firewire Line of Portable Harddrives and ...
Met@box Offers a Holiday Rebate on the New MetaDrive Express Firewire Line of Portable Harddrives and the joeCARD Processor Upgrades for MacIntosh OS Based Systems.

AUSTIN, Texas-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Nov. 22, 2000-Met@box is now shipping a portable line of Firewire or IEEE1394 compatible portable MetaDrive(tm) Express 2.5" drives.
The drives are currently available in 10GB, 20GB and 30GB formats and are compatible with Mac OS version 8.6 or greater and Windows 98SE or greater.
According to Clint Giles, President of Metabox Corporation, "Firewire or IEEE1394 is quickly becoming the standard for the convergence of the electronics industry from Apple and PC Computers to Consumer Electronics and eventually Digital Set-Top Boxes and Digital TV. With the proliferation of digital video and music you have to have a place to keep it all, and the convenience, ease of use and stability of the Firewire platform are unsurpassed."
Met@box offers the lowest price available after rebates on the portable 2.5" Firewire harddrives. Owners of PCI based Apple or Apple clones and Apple Beige or Blue & White G3`s can now experience an even greater value by taking advantage of our mail-in rebate program to save an extra $30 to $80 dollars on joeCARD(tm) processor upgrades for the MacIntosh or MacIntosh clones. For a complete compatibility list check the Web site at www.metaboxUSA.com.
Met@box products are available at Outpost.com, Other World Computing, Small Dog Electronics, soon to be MacWarehouse, other fine retailers and the Met@box on-line store.
To learn more about Metabox visit the Web site, www.metaboxUSA.com or contact us at 512/320-9145. Metabox AG is listed on the Neuer Stock Exchange; www.neuer-markt.de under the symbol; mbx.
The Met@box logo, MetaDrive and joeCARD are registered trademarks of Metabox.
All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

CONTACT: Met@box, Austin Rachael Rome, 512/320-9145 rrome@metaboxUSA.com.

Quelle: BUSINESS WIRE 22/11/2000


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