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Quelle: http://www.unioncapital.com.au/latestnews/index.htm
24 May 2001
RE: Commonwealth Bank Group adopts Jabmail™ technology

Union Capital Limited ("Union") announces that the Commonwealth Bank Group has adopted Jabmail™, a highly effective embedded email marketing tool created by Union`s subsidiary, Jab Creative Ltd ("JAB").

Based on the high degree of successful interaction in previous campaigns created for the group, the Commonwealth Bank Group plan to use Jabmail™ to complement their printed direct mail, targeting internal staff and customers.

JAB believes that the Commonwealth Bank Group`s use of the product is endorsement of Jabmail`s™ innovative technology, technology that was recently recognized at the Australian Technology Awards 2001 where JAB won the Most Innovative Multimedia Start-Up award.

Integrating Jabmail™ into their marketing strategy has also allowed customers like the Commonwealth Bank Group to take advantage of the Jabmail™ suite of tools, such as the Jabmail™ Catcher, Jabmail™ Launcher and Jabmail™ Campaign Manager which allow for more efficient planning, control and analysis of a campaign.

Union`s subsidiary, Union Technologies, currently is entitled to a 67.5% equity in JAB and with further funding, can move up to an 82% equity interest.


23 May 2001
RE: Mehdiabad Zinc Project, Iran - Expansion of Major Zinc Discovery.

Further to the outstanding drilling results from Hole 7931 released on the 18th May, Union Capital Limited ("Union") advises that another major zinc intersection has been located in adjacent drilling on the southern end of the Black Hill Area at Mehdiabad in Central Iran.

Assay results from Hole 8001 intersected 154 metres of sulphide and oxide mineralisation from a depth of 100 metres, including 77 metres of zinc oxide at 3% zinc and a further 77 metres of zinc sulphide at 7.7% zinc. This hole was inclined at 70° from the collar position of vertical Hole 7931 and the mineralisation was truncated by the Black Hill Fault.

Designed to test mineralisation extensions, Hole 8001 intersected the sulphide zone 50-70 metres to the west of Hole 7931 and the assay results confirm the continuity of similar grades for a width of at least 50-70 metres. The details of Hole 8001are as follows.

Drill Hole
Best Results

Black Hill
Zinc Oxide Intersection


Low Grade Oxide

Medium Grade Oxide

High Grade Oxide

100.0 – 177.3 m

100.0 – 138.0 m

138.0 – 146.0 m

146.0 – 177.3 m

77.3 m

38 m

8 m

31.3 m

@ 3.03% Zn, 2.27% Pb, 37 g/t Ag

@ 1.10% Zn, 1.26% Pb, 20 g/t Ag

@ 2.84% Zn, 2.96% Pb, 58 g/t Ag

@ 5.41% Zn, 3.32% Pb, 52 g/t Ag

Zinc Sulphide Intersection


177.3 – 254.0 m

188.0 – 202.0 m

216.0 – 227.0 m

76.7 m

14 m

11 m

@ 7.69% Zn, 2.00% Pb, 43 g/t Ag

@ 11.46% Zn, 3.05% Pb, 71 g/t Ag

@ 10.09% Zn, 1.95% Pb, 49 g/t Ag

Both holes are 200 metres south of the previous drilling defining the current resource area.

Also, visual assessment of two additional holes drilled a further 200 metres south of holes 7931/8001 has confirmed the existence of thick mineralisation intersections to the south. Assay results will be released when available.

At Hole 7923, 200 metres north of hole`s 7931/8001 at Black Hill, a thick zone of oxide mineralisation has been intersected at shallow depths, which include the following results

Drill Hole
Best Results

Black Hill
Zinc Oxide Intersection


29.8 – 115.0 m

76.0 – 84.9 m

85.2 m

8.9 m

@ 2.10% Zn, 2.08% Pb, 43 g/t Ag, 0.36% Cu

@ 1.05% Cu, 2.37% Zn, 1.18% Pb, 44 g/t Ag

The current indicated and inferred resources calculated by SRK Consulting are in excess of 186 million tonnes at 7.01% Zn and 2.14% Pb and 54 g/t Ag. These latest holes demonstrate continuity of the mineralisation outside of the previously defined resource area and with zinc assays >4%, will add considerably to the current resource estimates.

Drilling also continues at East Ridge. Significant sulphide mineralisation has been intersected in Hole 7926, including 25 metres at 9.25% Zn and a very high-grade intersection of 6 metres at 21.6% Zn. The results include the following.

Drill Hole
Best Results

East Ridge
Zinc Sulphide Intersection

139.7 – 141.7 m

153.7 – 178.7 m

181.7 – 182.7 m

158.7 – 164.7m
2 m

25 m

1 m

6 m
@ 5.66% Zn, 1.93% Pb, 18 g/t Ag

@ 9.25% Zn, 3.10% Pb, 14 g/t Ag

@ 4.24% Zn, 0.22% Pb, 1 g/t Ag

@ 21.60% Zn, 9.45% Pb, 38 g/t Ag

All drill holes reported form part of the Mehdiabad drilling program which commenced in September 2000. It includes combined Diamond core and Reverse Circulation drilling for a total of 27,000 metres. The expected completion date is late 2001.

Union also advises it is currently finalising a prospectus for the Initial Public Offering ("IPO") of its 25% share in the Mehdiabad Zinc Project. Further details on the IPO are expected to be released within the next month.
Folgendes Posting bei Stockhouse habe ich gefunden, allerdings ohne Quellenangabe. Vielleicht hat ja der eine oder andere von Euch den "financial review" (autralische Version????) zur Hand und kann das nachprüfen.
Ich stelle dieses Posting trotzdem einfach mal so rein - klingt auf jeden Fall so, als ob da was größeres Anlaufen könnte. Schaun mer mal.

stinkinc (ID#: 308325)
RE: UCL-interesting
27/5/01 4:10:23 PM
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have a look in the weekends financial review on page 17, there is an article on Union Capital. The headline reads "Union`s
lucky strike in Iran wins shareholders` thanks", it then goes on to say that UCL hopes to attract a major mining group as a
joint-venture partner,and market talk is that UCL has been in major talks with BHP Billiton. Quote "It`s the type of project
Billiton could find attractive. it is used to working in countries such as Iran and could go for it," one stockbroker analyst told
NL, adding that if it did, Union`s share price could soar past the highs it reached when it took the high-tech road.
nur noch ordnungshalber: mit "Quelle" meinte ich einen direkten Link, die Quelle (Financial Review, Seite 17) ist ja angegeben.

Gruß an alle
Kurs... steige... Kurs steige! beschwör.. bsssss bsss bssssss steige.. UCL... steige.. bsss bssssss bsssss
das heißt pffff pfffff pffffff ;)


Bei Stockhouse hat wieder jemand was zu dem Artikel in der Financial Review gepostet. Er hat den vollen Artikel reingestellt.
Hier genießt es - am besten langsam lesen - so richtig in vollen Zügen genießen ... :)

gpoobar (ID#: 303277)
UCL article from weekend AFR
28/5/01 8:49:56 PM
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Union`s lucky strike in Iran wins shareholders` thanks 26/05/01

AFR News - 26.05.01 08:27

Bruce Hextall

Last year, it was the new economy driving Brisbane-based Union Capital - getting involved in four separate information
technology business. The minerals explorer-cum-technology company`s share price jumped to 60¢ before tumbling to 1¢ after
the tech bubble burst.

Now it`s the old economy exploration business that h is restoring shareholder value.

Union`s share price doubled this week to 6¢ before finishing on Friday at 4.3¢, driven by impressive assay results from its 25
per cent-owned Mehdiabed zinc project in central Iran - not a country too familiar to the market.

The share price began to take off the week before when Union reported that a drill hole 200 metres south of the previously
drilled area had encountered 221 metres of mineralisation, including 139m at 8.9 per cent zinc.

This added more form to what was already considered one of the world`s largest undeveloped zinc deposits.

During the week, the company reported a 154m intersect, including 77m of zinc oxide grading 3 per cent from a depth of
100m from a second hole.

The report sparked solid trade in the stock as the Union boss, Rob Murdoch, talked positively about the prospect of moving to
development. That will be an expensive task, but Union hopes to stay in the game by spinning its interest in the Mehdiabed
project off through an initial public offering which could see up to $6 million raised.

Murdoch is hopeful that before the IPO, Union would have secured up to 43 per cent of the project, gaining the extra interest
from its Iranian partners through expenditure commitments.

He then hopes to attract a major mining group as a joint- venture partner.

The market view is that the development of the project is beyond the capacity of the current interest holders, making it
essential to attract a major player as a joint-venture partner. The market talk, still to be confirmed, is that Union has held
serious talks with BHP Billiton.

"It`s the type of project Billiton could find attractive. It is used to working in countries such as Iran and could go for it," one
stockbroker analyst told NL, adding that if it did, Union`s share price could soar past the highs reached when it took the
high-tech road.
Hallo all..

Neue Nachricht diesmal über Radio City.

Radio City plays major role in FEAST1 event


HOMEX - Brisbane

Union Capital Limited ("Union") announces that Union`s wholly owned
subsidiary, Radio City will play a major role in this month`s Forum
for European-Australian Science and Technology, by webcasting the
important event live to audiences around the globe.

Featuring speakers from several European countries and
Australia, the
conference will be shown live to scientific communities around the
world, using Radio City`s innovative web streaming solutions.

With only 220 delegates invited to attend the event, Radio City will
be crucial to the success of the event, allowing scientists,
researchers and students in many other countries to witness the event
as it occurs, and on-demand for one month after the event.

This opportunity will allow Radio City to demonstrate
internationally the a
dvantages that can be achieved by conference
organiser`s when streaming conferences onto the internet, allowing
far more people than would be normally possible to view and listen to
proceedings without actually attending the conference.

R Murdoch


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