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Ad hoc announcement transmitted by DGAP. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ComROAD triples profits

Unterschleißheim, 3rd August 2001 -ComROAD AG, worldwide leading supplier of telematics networks, has, in the second quarter of the business year 2001 and in the first half-year 2001, more than tripled its profits over the same period in the previous year and, thus, once again, exceeded the planned figures. At a growth in turnover to Euro 19.6 million in the second quarter (over the second quarter/2000: Euro 8.5 million), the income (EBIT) at Euro 4.6 million (over the second quarter/2000: Euro 1.4 million) was able to be more than tripled. The EBIT margin increased to 23.7% in the second quarter. The half-year income (profit before tax and interest / EBIT) of Euro 7.57 million as also the half-year net profits (profit after tax) of Euro 5.4 million have also tripled over the previous year`s period (EBIT 1st half-year 2000: Euro 2.45 million, net profit 1st half-year 2000: EURO 1.66 million).Turnover in the first 6 months of the business year 2001 has grown to EURO 33.9 million ( turnover 1st half-year 2000: Euro 13.57 million). Up to today, 36 partners were able to be gained for setting up 45 GTTS telematics service portals worldwide. The objective for the year 2001 are agreements for the setting up of 50 GTTS telematics service portals.The turnover and profit increase result again from the rapid global extension of the ComROAD partner network and from the continuous extension of the telematics service range of Comroad AG by off-board navigation and mobile Internet (Internet in the car). In the 1st half-year 2001, high-capacity vehicle computers were marketed at higher average prices through the partners and higher revenue was achieved. As a result of the high degree of acceptance of the telematics services with fleets, business and consumers , the service/licence income was able to be increased appreciably. The EBIT margin in the first half-year 2001 at 22.3% has increased appreciably over the comparable period of the previous year at 18%.

ComROAD AG Dip. Ing. Bodo A. Schnabel Edisonstr.8, 85716 Unterschleißheim Tel.: +49-(0) 89-315 719-0, Fax: +49-(0) 89-315 16 94 Email: bschnabel@comroad.com

end of ad hoc announcement (c) DGAP 03.08.2001 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WKN: 544940; Index: NEMAX 50 Listed: Neuer Markt Frankfurt; Freiverkehr in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, München und Stuttgart

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