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Significant Orders Received by its Subsidiary Fleischhauer Zwenkau: DM 3 million - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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wieder ne neue VÖ:) wir haben hier zwar keine miliarden umsätze oder aussichten, aber immerhin fundierte Aufträge. Die Anleger werden hier mit echten Infos versorgt und nicht mit Spekulationen wie ach so viele NMler...

Algo Vision plc : Significant Orders Received by its Subsidiary Fleischhauer Zwenkau

9 August 2001

Algo Vision plc ("Algo Vision" or the "Company") is
pleased to announce that its subsidiary Fleischhauer
Zwenkau has received several significant orders in the
German market totalling approximately DM 3 million.

Koln-Wahn Air force Base

Fleischhauer Zwenkau has received an order of DM 480,000,
for the reconstruction of building 216 of the Koln-Wahn
air force base. Significant funds have been invested in
the course of the restructuring and reorientation of the
German air force, from Token Ring technology to Gigabit
applications, and the Koln-Wahn air force base plays a
key role in this process. In reconstructing building 216,
Fleischhauer Zwenkau will install a data structure with
250 LWL connections and two Cisco Catalyst 6509 Multi-
Layer-Performance Switches with a transfer rate of 150
Mbps. This high-performance project constitutes a further
step in the orientation of Fleischhauer Zwenkau as high-
tech company which, in connection with Algo Vision,
strongly addresses the future-oriented IT market. The
project is estimated to be completed by October 2001.

Siemens Gebaudewirtschaft GmbH

In the course of the reconstruction of the Helios clinic
in Borna Fleischhauer Zwenkau has received an order
amounting to DM 250,000 by Siemens Gebaudewirtschaft GmbH
to install the low voltage technical requirements for the
reception area. The main focuses of this project are:
cable networking, telephones, intercoms, fire alarms and
video systems, active and passive components and electro-
acoustic systems. The whole installation was carried out
without disruption to the customer`s trading, short-term
requirements of the customer were taken into
consideration during the installation process. The
acceptance of the project took place last week and the
customer has already placed a successive order for the
medical sector. This supplemental project will not be
concluded until the end of August 2001.

Museum der Bildenden Kunste

On the centrally located Sachsenplatz in Leipzig a new
extension of the Museum der Bildenden Kunste is being
erected for a total cost of approximately DM 120 million.
The building timetable is February 2000 until March 2002.
Last week, Fleischhauer Zwenkau started the installation
of communication and security technology. The total size
of Fleischhauer`s order is approximately DM 1.5 million
(net). The project comprises the following
deliveries/services: Telecommunications system and data
network, elevator and handicapped WC alarms, electro-
acoustic installation, intercom systems, broadband cable
systems, access control and video control systems,
central user and information systems, smoke and heat
outlet systems, and escape door controls.


Fleischhauer Zwenkau currently delivers and installs
substantial communications engineering and low voltage
technology for the press-plant Polynorm-Grau, Schwabisch-
Gmund, Germany. The company Polynorm-Grau manufactures
compacting tools and small series components for the
automobile industry, employing approximately 400
employees. Since spring 2001 a new plant, with a fully
automated press, is being built in Schwabisch Gmund.
Fleischhauer Zwenkau, through the general contractor ABB
Dresden, received the general commission for the
communication and low voltage installations. The order
includes the installation of a fire alarm, burglar alarm,
video and emergency call systems, data communications,
intercoms, telephone systems and access control systems.
The total order amounts to approx. DM 750,000 and will be
completed in October 2001.

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