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Corporate-News announcement sent by DGAP. The sender is solely responsible for the contents of this announcement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

INTERSEROH: Half-year results meet expectations

Cologne, Germany, 14. August 2001 Despite an economy mired in the doldrums, Germanys INTERSEROH, the services and raw materials enterprise, turned in satisfactory results for the first half of the year. Raw material prices moderate, when compared to the January-June prices last year prevented profits from reaching preferred levels. Nevertheless, this years result was considerably better than the amount for the first half of 1999. Before taxes, company profits reached DM 23.6 million, based on a turnover of DM 368.3 million.

Consolidated turnover in the area of services and raw materials marketing reached DM 207.1 million. In the area of steel and metals recycling consolidated turnover climbed to DM 161.8 million. Between the two areas, there was consolidation of DM 0.6 million.

Two companies acquired during the reporting period are not included in these results. Hansa Recycling GmbH, a steel recycling company in Dortmund was approved for takeover by the Bonn and Brussels authorities on 30 July. The other acquisition is Fritz Elberg GmbH & Co. KG, an industrial wood and fiber processor in Brakel/Westphalia.

Company profits: 1st half 2001 1st half 2000 1st half 1999 DM 23.6 million DM 47.7 million DM 8.8 million

Company turnover: 1st half 2001 1st half 2000 1st half 1999

Services & raw materials marketing DM 207.1 million DM 268.7 million DM 165.5 million

Steel & metals recycling DM 161.8 million DM 140.2 million DM 92.3 million

Company turnover w/o area overlapping consolidation DM 368.9 million DM 408.9 million

Company turnover w/ overlapping consolidation DM 368.3 million DM 386.3 million

Further information: INTERSEROH AG Investor Relations Dept. Stollwerckstrasse 9a D-51149 Cologne

Tel: +49 2203 / 91 47-121, -241 Fax: +49 2202 / 91 47-406

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