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Fonx Shares Trading Heavily at New 52-week Low - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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FONX Shares Trading Heavily at New 52-week Low

Ridgeland, MS, AUG 24, 2001 (EventX/ via COMTEX) -- Fonix Corporation (OTCBB FONX) is trading sharply lower today, on
volume 806.107% greater than its 20-day average daily share volume. The company last issued news yesterday, when it was announced that
the company is presenting its speech recognition solutions at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Conference on August 27-30 in San Jose,

The company last filed with the SEC on August 10th, when a Post-Effective Amendment was made to a share registration. Knobias contacted
the company to inquire about recent equity lines that the company included in the filing, but representatives were unavailable for comment at
the time of this writing.

...As of August 6, 2001, we have drawn $15,483,508 on the Equity Line and a related promissory note, which resulted in the issuance of
33,970,235 shares of our Class A common stock. The shares issuable under the Equity Line are not covered by this prospectus...

The stock is a chatroom favorite at this hour, and the sentiment of traders is reflected by the following post from poster
Atoms_to_Bits, ...Looks like we found a bottom...

The stock is trading at a new 52-week low at this time, on its second highest single session share volume of 2001. Shares of the stock have a
30-day closing price range of $0.150 to $0.250.

Fonix Corporation, based in Salt Lake City, is a provider of human-user-interface technology and voice solutions for wireless and mobile
devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics. Chip manufacturers, independent software and hardware vendors, and
Internet content and service providers incorporate Fonix technology to provide their customers with an easier and more convenient user
experience. Fonix products and solutions are sold into two markets based on processor size and speed, and memory and power capacity.
They include server-based solutions and embedded solutions, smaller processors with limited memory and power capacity). Fonix products,
including Text-To-Speech, neural-net-based Automatic Speech Recognition, and Handwriting Recognition, can be implemented on multiple
microprocessors and operating systems, and provide the communication solutions. The Company pursues revenue opportunities through
generation of royalty fees, product and technology licenses, product sales, non-recurring engineering fees, and support agreements.

Date/Time of Daily Brief: 08-24-2001 15:16 ET Company: FONX - Fonix Corporation Stock Price @ Publication: $ 0.092 Volume @
Publication: 15,839,800

KNOBIAS DISCLAIMER: Knobias has received no compensation from the Company or Companies mentioned in this story. Knobias is not a
registered broker-dealer, nor investment advisor, and does not endorse or recommend any securities mentioned. This story is provided for
informational purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. Knobias shall not be liable for any actions taken in reliance of any
information provided herein. Republication or redistribution of Knobias content is expressly prohibited without prior written consent of, LLC.

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monitoring and surveillance. Using proprietary surveillance, Knobias sifts through thousands of stocks daily reporting on breaking news and
unusual trading. Daily Briefs are published in real-time to inform investors on the story "behind the story".

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