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Geheimdienste - „ OUT OF CONTROL " - ???

Die Figuren, die hinter solchen Aktionen stehen, haben absolut nichts ‘ Gutes ‘ mit Ihrer Bevolkerung im Sinn. Das ist schlicht - TERROR - gegen die eigene Bevölkerung !

In diesem Zusammenhang denke ich an die Datenschutz-Diskussion die z. Zt. gerade bei uns läuft. Militär-Einsätze etc. !!! - Was will man uns damit mitteilen ? Probelauf bzw. evtl. Testlauf z. Übergang
auf - Martial Law / Kriegsrecht - wie in den USA ?

Geben Sie dem Staat noch mehr „ Überwachungs-Kompetenzen " - vielleicht erleiden Sie dann, wenn
Sie genügend observiert wurden und nicht die entsprechende richtige „ Einstellung " zum System haben, z. B. einen Verkehrsunfall ? !! - oder verschwinden ganz plötzlich ! - Alles Quatsch !!!
Passiert bei uns garantiert - NICHT - , oder etwa doch ? Etwa leise Zweifel ?

Zumindest in den USA haben trotz immer weiter eingeschränkter ‘ Civil Rights ‘ bereits unter Clinton u. jetzt Bush nicht dazu beigetragen, solche Desaster wie „ WTC - Bombing; Oklahoma / Murrah-Building; und jetzt NY nicht verhindert !

Mag’s jeder für sich interpretieren wie er will !

Wenn soetwas wie nachstehend mögl. ist, dann ist eines ‘ absolut ‘ sicher, wer künftig nicht ‘ System-konform ‘ denkt, der könnte wie in den Banana-Republiken ..... ! - Ekelhafter Gedanke !

Als schäbigestes Szenario einer Bananen-Republik, nur auf sog. zivilisiertem ‘ Playground ‘, als etwas anderes ist dieses Drecksspiel wohl nicht bezeichnen... In diesem Sinne


Am besten Sie kopieren diese Artikel schnellstmöglich in Ihre Schreibprogramm !
Es soll ein Internet-Virus umhergehen, der das Internet weitgehend ausser Funktion setzen soll ??

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FBI Linked To Bombing
by Louis Beam

Tapes made secretly by an FBI informant of conversations between him and his agency handlers have linked the nations largest law enforcement agency to the "the most destructive terrorist act in U.S. history."

Emid Ali Salem, an FBI informant used hidden microphones given him by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to record his conversations with agents of the bureau. A Los Angles Times article on 10/28/93 revealed to shocked readers details of FBI involvement in the terrorist act. FBI spokesmen in Washington refused comment.

The tapes became public knowledge when they were ordered released by a federal judge presiding over the case of the indicted suspects. The Justice Department fought hard to prevent their release. The terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center left six dead and over a thousand people injured. The tapes which have been published by the New York Times reveal that Salem warned his FBI bosses that the World Trade center was soon to be bombed and urged them to prevent it.

Speculation is now rampant in political circles that certain factions within the government may have desired the bombing in order to speed passage of new "anti-crime legislation." This suspicion was further fueled by the startling revelation that the FBI denied Salem`s request to use phony explosives in the bomb he was helping to build under FBI supervision -- the bomb ultimately used in the World Trade Center explosion.

Former Watergate associate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste warned that these tapes pose "an absolute night-mare for federal prosecutors." One high-ranking law enforcement officer who insisted on secrecy said that in less than a years time the FBI has been linked to criminal abuse of power and the mishandling of cases in three different instances. "First we had Weaver, where an HRT member shot a mother with a baby in her arms, then Waco, where mishandling led to the deaths of a hundred people, and now the World Trade Center, where it appears the bombing could not have happened unless the agency let it."

All of this comes on the heals of a internal affairs report by the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility, linking FBI agents to everything from drug abuse to shoplifting. OPR`s annual report provided further startling proof that the agency formally most respected for it`s law enforcement skills - has gone bad. The report compiled by Michael Shaheen, the only person ever to hold the position of counsel to the Office of Professional Responsibility, cites drug use, bribery, brutality, and other crimes as "representative examples of misconduct investigated by the office." Shaheen dutifully noted that his office also monitored several hundred misconduct cases being handled by the internal investigative unit of the FBI. The FBI is facing wide spread criticism that the bureau has become a police state agency enforcing political programs considered unpopular by the American people.

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Who Bombed The World Trade Center ?
Fbi Bomb Builders Exposed!!

Combined report by Paul DeRienzo, Frank Morales and Chris Flash
From newspaper _The_Shadow_ Oct. 1994/Jan. 1995 Issue

Two cassette tape recordings, obtained by SHADOW reporter Paul DiRienzo
of telephone conversations between FBI informant Emad Salem and his
Bureau contacts reveal secret U.S. Government complicity in the February
26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City in which six
people were killed and more than a thousand were injured.

After careful deliberation, the SHADOW believes the question regarding
the bombing boils down to the following: Did the FBI do the bombing,
utilizing informant Salem as an "agent provocateur" or did it fail to
prevent an independent Salem and his associates from doing it? The
taped conversations obtained by the SHADOW seem to indicate the former:

FBI Informant Edam Salem: "...we was start already building the bomb
which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by
supervising supervision from the Bureau and the DA and we was all
informed about it and we know that the bomb start to be built. By who?
By your confidential informant. What a wonderful great case!"

Who is Emad Salem? FBI bomber, Arab double-agent or just greedy?
Possibly a combination of all three. Salem is a former Egyptian Army
officer who is currently the U.S. government`s star witness against
Egyptian cleric Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the FBI says was the
ringleader in several bombing plots, including the World Trade Center.
Shortly after the bombing at the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) the
U.S. government moved to take Salem into the Witness Protection program.

According to the FBI, Salem was aware of the plot ostensibly because he
had infiltrated Sheik Rahman and his associates. He was recruited as a
government informant shortly after the 1991 assassination of of right-
wing militant Rabbi Meir Kahane. As an associate of Rahman, Salem
traveled in the cleric`s inner circle, surreptitiously recording
conversations, and selling his information to the Bureau. But unknown
to his FBI handlers, Salem was also secretly recording his conversations
with them, most likely to protect himself.

According to attorney Ron Kuby, after Salem was taken into the Witness
Protection program on June 24, 1993, he told the feds about the more
than 1,000 conversations he had recorded sometime between December, 1991
and June, 1993. Kuby says that while some of these tapes are not
significant, others contain substantive dealings with Salem and his FBI
handlers. Salem was actually bugging the FBI.

The World Trade Center bombing, along with subsequent alleged plots to
bomb prominent targets in New York City, spawned a number of federal
indictments and trials resulting in the conviction of more than a dozen
men, all of Arabic descent. Salem`s exposure as a government informant
who had a year earlier infiltrated the group of men later charged in the
bombing conspiracy caused many to wonder why he and the FBI failed to
provide any warning of the pending World Trade Center bombing.

The answer now appears self-evident. According to William Kuntsler,
attorney for Ibrahim El-Gabrowny, one of those accused in the larger
bombing case, the entire conspiracy was the product of Salem, the
government informant. Kuntsler`s law partner Ronald Kuby told the
SHADOW that within hours of the World Trade Center blast, Salem checked
into a midtown hospital, complaining of a loud ringing in his ears.
There is a growing belief that some of the four men charged and since
convicted and jailed for the World Trade Center bombing, Mohammed
Aboulihma, Mohammed Salameh, Nidal Ayyad and Ahmad Ajaj, may be innocent
[victims] of a government frame-up.

Attorneys for those convicted have maintained that the government`s case
is circumstantial at best, with no evidence or motive linking the
accused with the bombing. The FBI and federal prosecutors have not as
yet responded to questions over the lack of warning of the attack on the
Twin Towers, despite the strategic placement of their informant.

Two possible scenarios emerge. One: Salem is a rogue FBI informant who
created the conspiracy to bomb the World Trade Center for the money his
information about the plot (minus his role) would bring. An attorney
for one of the convicted men told the SHADOW that Salem was an FBI
informant from November of 1991 to the summer of 1992. The attorney
says that the FBI became aware of the World Trade Center bombing plot
through informant Salem during this period, but they refused to believe
his information or pay Salem`s exhorbitant fees. In fact, the feds
claimed that they dropped Salem as an informant during the summer of
1992 after he refused or failed a lie detector test. This left Salem
with a bombing plot but no one to sell it to.

According to the attorney, Salem let the plot that he hatched go forward
and the World Trade Center was bombed so that he could get money and
publicity. The attorney says that within 48 hours of the bombing, the
FBI requested Salem to help them solve the case. Salem quickly pointed
the fingers at the defendants, all followers of Sheik Rahman.

So, who did it? From the above point of view, Salem constructed the
bomb plot with those whom he subsequently set up. The U.S. government
and its FBI were innocent bystanders who failed to prevent the carnage
due to their unwillingness to take Salem`s claims seriously, despite his
close collaboration with Bureau agents for the better part of a year.

The other scenario looks like this: Informant Salem organized the bomb
plot with the "supervision" of the FBI and the District Attorney as part
of a classic entrapment setup. He befriended certain individuals,
possibly some of the defendants, convinced them that his intentions to
bomb the World Trade Center were sincere, and convinced them to get
involved. The bomb goes off. Greedy Salem, with his ears still
ringing, sells out his accomplices while attempting to sell more
information to the Bureau. In order to protect him and their
relationship, the FBI sequesters Salem and utilizes him against the real
target of the FBI, Sheik Rahman.

In one of the taped conversations between Salem and "Special Agent" John
Anticev, Salem refers to him and the Bureau`s involvement in making the
bomb that blew up the World Trade Center. As Salem is pressing for
money while emphasizing his value as a Bureau asset, the conversation
moves in and out of references to the bombing and the FBI`s knowledge of
the bomb making:

FBI: But ah basically nothing has changed. I`m just telling you for my
own sake that nothing, that this isn`t a salary but you got paid
regularly for good information. I mean the expenses were a little bit
out of the ordinary and it was really questioned. Don`t tell Nancy I
told you this. (Nancy Floyd is another FBI agent who worked with Salem
in his informant capacity. The second tape obtained by the SHADOW is of
a telephone conversation between Salem and Floyd -Ed.)

SALEM: Well, I have to tell her of course.

FBI: Well then, if you have to, you have to.

SALEM: Yeah, I mean because the lady was being honest and I was being
honest and everything was submitted with receipts and now it`s

FBI: It`s not questionable, it`s like a little out of the` ordinary.

SALEM: Okay. I don`t think it was. If that what you think guys, fine,
but I don`t think that because we was start already building the bomb
which is went off in the World Trade Center. It was built by supervising
supervision from the Bureau and the DA and we was all informed about it
and we know what the bomb start to be built. By who? By your
confidential informant. What a wonderful great case! And then he put
his head in the sand I said "Oh, no, no, that`s not true, he is son of a
bitch." (Deep breath) Okay. It`s built with a different way in another
place and that`s it.

FBI: No, don`t make any rash decisions. I`m just trying to be as honest
with you as I can.

SALEM: Of course, I appreciate that.
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Who did it and why?


1. The World Trade Center in New York suffered a big blast causing large craters in the basement floors of the building. However, there was no structural damage and the building remains standing.

2. Mohammad Salameh, a Palestinian, age 26 years, entering the U.S. on a Jordanian passport was arrested in connection with the blast.

3. Nidal Ayyad, age 25, years, a U.S. citizen was arrested in connection with the blast.

4. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad have a reputation of being a decent young men, mild mannered with no record of crime, terrorism or indecency.

5. Mohammad Salameh rented a Ryder Econoline van in his own name but gave the phone number of another person, Josie Hadas, living in Jersey City, New Jersey.

6. Mohammad Salameh rented the van to haul some material for Josie Hadas, yet it has remained unreported his point of pick up and his destination.

7. A day before the blast Mohammad Salameh tried to make a report of the theft of the rented van to the police but the police refused to take the report because he did not have the van`s license plate number.

8. The day of the blast Mohammed Salameh reported the theft of the rented van to Ryder, obtained the license plate number and made a report at the police station.

9. The day after the blast Mohammad Salameh went back to Ryder and demanded his deposit of $400.00 but was returned only $200.00. He was arrested before he boarded a bus.

10. Police reported that they had recovered some wiring, bomb making instructions in the English language and traces of explosives from a closet of JOSIE HADAS`s apartment.

11. It has been reported that Josie Hadas is an operative of the Israeli terrorist organization, MOSSAD; Josie Hadas` whereabouts remain unreported to the media and the people of the U.S.

12. Nothing of a suspicious nature was found at the apartment of Mohammad Salameh or at the mosque where he, allegedly, went for his prayers.

13. Three days later the police reported that they found at the outer fringe of the blast crater some metal scrap, allegedly, belonging to the van rented by Mohammad Salameh.

14. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman, an Egyptian scholar, was arrested, tried and acquitted in Egypt in connection with the assassination of Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian President most hated by his people but loved by the West and Israel.

15. Shaikh Omar Abderrahman is a respected blind scholar with a doctorate degree and Hafiz (memorizer) of the Qur`an and he has never been convicted of any crime in the U.S. or any other country of the world.

16. Accusation and allegation is not the same as conviction; until a conviction is obtained the story of the accused is the most probable truth and should be told to the people.

17. Israel is trying to make a connection between the blast at the World Trade Center, Mohammad Salameh and HAMAS (an Islamic reform and revival movement in Palestine), that is, in part Israel searches for justification for exiling 415 Palestinian scholars, doctors, professors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.

18. The media was quick in associating Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad with "Islamic fundamentalism" and Masjid Al-Salam; however, they withheld the information about the identity of the religious denomination and the church to which Michael F. Griffin, the accused killer of Dr. David Gunn of Florida, belonged and the identity of the pastor whose sermons he listened to.


1. The World Trade Center was bombed by terrorists.

2. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad were involved in the bombing operation and it was the work of some Middle Eastern group.

3. The World Trade Center blast, if it was a terrorist bombing, was the work of Israeli terrorism agency, MOSSAD, to frame Muslims, defame "Islamic fundamentalism" and to continue with criminal policy of exiling Muslim leaders.

4. Josie Hadas, an Israeli intelligence, espionage and terrorism agency MOSSAD operative, and employer of Mohammad Salameh, has disappeared.

5. Josie Hadas, Israeli MOSSAD operative, was taken into custody by the police and was quietly sent back to Israel.

6. Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad are followers of Shaikh Omar Abderrahman.

7. Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad and Shaikh Omar Abderrahman are "Islamic Fundamentalists". The connotation given is that they are terrorists; it is a subliminal suggestion to equate terrorism and "Islamic fundamentalism".

8. Israelis have been planning to bomb World Trade Center for over two years and accuse Muslim Arabs of committing the crime (see "EARLY WARNING" in TIME, March 22, 1993, page 19).


1. Israel is suffering bad public relations all over the world since the exile of 415 Palestinian scholars, professors, doctors and Muslim leaders from their ancestral homeland.

2. For twenty-five years Israelis, Zionists and their sympathizers have been trying to make the term "Islamic fundamentalism" an ugly, unpopular term implying terrorism, cruelty, backwardness, religious fervor and anti-modernism without ever defining the term.

3. If Israel cannot find any basis to establish its propaganda slogans against her perceived enemies it implants evidence and creates grounds for publicity; read BY WAY OF DECEPTION by Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli.

4. Israelis believe that "the end justifies the means", therefore, loss of life or property, lies, deceit and cheating to achieve Israeli goals are valid and honorable means; those Israelis who achieve goals by any means are honored.

5. Israelis are already linking the World Trade Center blast to HAMAS in Israeli occupied lands in search of justification of the exile of 415 Muslim scholars, leaders, professors and doctors from their ancestral homeland.


1. Where is Josie Hadas, the Israeli employer of Mohammad Salameh?

2. What was the nature of the cargo which Mohammad Salameh was hired by Israeli agent Josie Hadas to move?

3. Why have the police and the media not explicitly reported that bomb related wiring, instruction sheets and traces of explosives were found in the apartment of Israeli agent Josie Hadas and not in the apartment of Mohammad Salameh?

4. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the police station twice to make a report of the theft of the van, if he was a terrorist?

5. Why did Mohammad Salameh go to the Ryder van rental agency twice to collect a paltry $400.00, if he was a terrorist? Why did he rent the van in his own name, if the implied use was bombing? Why not steal a van?

6. Why did Mohammad Salameh not run away or try to hide if he was a terrorist?

7. Is there any record or history of crime, terrorism or abnormal behavior of Mohammad Salameh since his arrival in the U.S.? Why have the police not made his records available to the public?

8. Did Mohammad Salameh have any links to any of the "terrorist" organizations before his arrival in the U.S.?

9. Why is Mohammad Salameh`s link to a given mosque so important whereas other criminals, such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Oliver North, Mike Milken and other famous convicted criminals were never linked to their religious affiliation or the church they attended.

10. What are the explanations and responses of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad, regarding respective allegations?

11. What is the motive of the accused, Mohammad Salameh and Nidal Ayyad for committing such a heinous crime of bombing the World Trade Center? However, the motives of Isreal for committing the crime are clear.


1. There will be one or more attempts by MOSSAD to kill Salameh and Ayyad and make it look like a suicide or an accident because their trial will link Israel with the blast at the World Trade Center in New York.

2. There will be attempts by the FBI under the pressure of the New York police to hush up the whole incident and leave a case which remains unresolved.

3. This may become one of those incidents engineered by MOSSAD where Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims were accused, but became unresolved cases because all the proof pointed towards MOSSAD, such as the TWA accident over Lockerbie, bombings in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Rome, Cairo, and some of the Beirut bombings, etc. .


1. American Zionist, pro-Israel, anti-Islam, anti-Arab media will do everything possible to give cover to Israel and protect its interests so that Israel continues to collect political, military and financial support of Americans at the cost of their own interests. Muslims must demand answers of questions given above.

2. Muslims, Arabs, Arab Americans and their friends should collect information about Israel, Israeli anti-American activities (there are many), American financial, military and technological aid to Israel, Israeli atrocities, military rule in the occupied lands, discrimination of non-Jewish citizens of Israel, lack of democracy in Israel, Israeli socialist system and its failures, discrimination among Jewish citizens; categorize and divide the information in several flyers and distribute them by the millions to the American public. We have to go directly to the public because the media will not help us in the dissemination of this information.

3. We have to pressure the media into publishing information, to bring recognized Muslim leaders on talk shows and documentaries and try to use the media as much as possible. Bring sympathetic Americans, black and white to be our spokespersons.

4. Do not go to sleep. Make copies of this paper and distribute it to the people, Americans, Muslims, Arabs, non-Muslims and the media. Muslims must ask questions and demand equal time with the media.

5. Demand details from the police and the FBI. Ask questions and do not let the FBI and the New York police rest.

6. Organize delegations of local Muslim leadership, obtain appointments with editorial staff of newspapers, heads of news departments of radio and TV stations, talk show hosts and producers and producers of documentaries. Make sure that you are armed with solid information to back up your claims and be bold.

7. Muslims must develop local, regional and national telephone networks and fax networks for mobilization of the Muslim population overnight. Anyone interested in developing a network should contact III&E, P.O. Box 41129, Chicago, Illinois, 60641-0129, or call (773) 777-7443 or fax (773) 777-7199.

E-mail us at

Nachtrag zur „ World Police Organization - THE - F B I "
- Geschichte des - FBI -


History of the FBI
by James Ostrowski

[Posted August 15, 2001]

In his speech appointing the new head of the FBI, President Bush spoke of
the career bureaucrat`s obligation to live up to the FBI`s "great
tradition." He did not give details, so I thought that, as a public
service, I would.

Much of this bureaucracy`s activities have involved economic interventions
of one sort or another, not to mention direct attacks on life and liberty.
The FBI is a case study in how government agencies, programs, and powers
expand, regardless of poor performance.

1908 FBI founded by big-government friend Teddy Roosevelt to
investigate and prosecute various imaginary crimes, such as violations of
the antitrust laws and the interstate shipment of prizefight films.

1909 FBI becomes a glorified vice squad fighting interstate

1919 Young J. Edgar Hoover joins in the Palmer raids, in which
thousands of Americans were arrested for the thought crime of supporting
government ownership of the means of production. (In time, this view
became mainstream in all three branches of government.)

1924 Herbert Hoover is appointed head of the FBI. He would stay in
power for forty-seven years by keeping files on his corrupt and lascivious
enemies and presidents.

1932 FBI crime lab founded; they still are getting the bugs out
sixty-nine years later.

1934 Following the principle that government creates its own demand,
the FBI gets more powers to deal with the crime wave unleashed by the
federal war on alcohol.

1939 FDR gives the FBI responsibility for all matters relating to
espionage, sabotage, and violation of the neutrality laws.

1941 FBI infiltrates and harasses the America First Committee for the
thought crime of opposing U.S. entry in World War II.

1946 Harry Truman authorizes FBI to wiretap persons suspected of
"subversive activities."

1950 FBI passes the decade by keeping track of a dangerous American
named Francis A. Sinatra.

1961 More vice squad/imaginary crime activities. For example, FBI
becomes national gambling police. Gambling continues.

1963 The FBI, in advance, and the Secret Service, on the scene, do
such a good job preventing JFK`s assassination that the FBI gets important
new powers to prevent the killing of the president.

1964 The FBI finds the time to put tape recorders under MLK`s bed.
The FBI sends the tape to King with a veiled suggestion that he kill

1967 Brockport State professor commits suicide after FBI informants
leak his "subversive" (anti-Viet Nam war) activities to the press.
(Source: Hoover`s FBI, by William Turner.)

1968 Apparently, the 1961 law didn`t work, because new laws are
passed giving the FBI even more power over interstate gambling.

1968 Hoover makes Richard Nixon an honorary FBI agent. (Source:
Hoover`s FBI) (Later, in an equally silly oxymoronical act, Nixon made
Elvis an honorary DEA agent.)

1969 FBI infiltrates and harasses groups and individuals for the
thought crime of opposing the Viet Nam war.

1970 The gossipy Hoover informs soul mate Nixon that actress Jean
Seberg is pregnant, possibly by a leader of the Black Panther Party. The
story ends up in the gossip columns. Seberg miscarries and attempts
suicide on the anniversary of the baby`s death.

1972 Director Hoover dies.

1973 FBI Director L. Patrick Gray resigns after it is revealed that
he aided President Nixon`s Watergate cover-up.

1974 $126 million FBI building opened. That`s nearly half a billion
in today`s inflated currency.

1976 Church committee learns that the FBI spied on half a million
Americans for "political crimes" without winning a single conviction.

1982 FBI gets concurrent jurisdiction with DEA over drug war just
about the time drug prohibition begins to tear America apart. Million-man
march to prison begins.

1983 FBI investigates Americans opposed to U.S. wars in Central

1989 FBI gets new powers over local violent crime, expanding its
involvement with local police agencies. Notice that the power of the FBI
is always expanding, never contracting-like government in general.

1992 FBI gun controller Lon Horiuchi shoots woman holding her baby,
proving the gun controllers right: People do get hurt when irresponsible
people have guns.

1993 FBI Director William Sessions accused of misusing FBI aircraft,
cars, personnel, and funds.

1993 The highly professional FBI takes over the scene at Waco from
the bumbling, grumbling, stumbling, mumbling BATF. After the Davidians
make fools of the FBI for fifty-one days, the G-men go in for the kill.
(Timothy McVeigh takes note.)

1993 FBI crime lab scandals.

1996 FBI wrongly targets Richard Jewell as Olympic bomber.

1996 FBI receives evidence that an attorney committed perjury to save
a federal judge from being removed from the bench. They do no
investigation, but somehow the target of the complaint is tipped off.
After their legal adviser tells them perjury is not a crime, they close
the file.

1999 FBI`s Evidence Response teams are sent to Rwanda, Bosnia, and
Kosovo to investigate war crimes. The U. S. really is the world`s
policeman. No word yet on that pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan.

2000 FBI takes credit for peace on New Year`s Eve. Still hasn`t
taken credit for Waco, however.

2001 House committee reveals that, to protect an informant`s
identity, the FBI allowed an innocent man to serve thirty years in prison
for murder. Hoover knew.

2001 FBI Russian spy-hunter Robert Hanssen pleads guilty to spying
for the Russians for fifteen years.

2001 FBI guilty of failing to turn over files to McVeigh`s lawyers.
Gives McVeigh one last laugh.

2001 Freeh goes, after the Clinton administration works to protect
him from serious reprimand for Ruby Ridge.

With the new guy at the FBI trying to live up to this "great tradition,"
you had better watch your wallet, your back, and your Constitution. As
this article was being written, I read the following headline in the local
paper: "FBI says weapons and laptops missing." Scanning the article, I
was disappointed to learn that not all FBI weapons and laptops were

James Ostrowski practices law in Buffalo, N.Y.

© 2001

James Ostrowski practices law in Buffalo, N.Y.


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Kurz vor dem großen Schlag gegen Amerika, nur Tage vorher, erhält Trabelsi einen Anruf, es heißt, aus Italien, der sich im Staubsauger einer telefonischen Abhöraktion verfängt. Sein Gesprächspartner sagt - sie sprechen, zur Tarnung, einen lokalen arabischen Dialekt -, es stehe ein "großes Ding" bevor, "ein ganz großes Ding".,1518,163570,00.html

"Anyone who says this is not an intelligence failure is blowing smoke. This is an intelligence failure and a security failure," said Lt. Gen. (ret.) William Odom, former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the former head of US Army intelligence. "The security guys will blame it on the intelligence guys and the intelligence guys will tell us the great successes they had in the past.",8599,174639,00.htm…

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