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...handelsvolumen und kurs steigen in deutschland wieder an, sollte ich doch noch millionär werden ? :-)...gibt es noch irgendjemanden der ebenfalls im boot sitz ? ............ und mehr weiss ?
... die erste million werde ich bei 0,99 euro verkaufen die anderen werde ich wohl etwas länger halten .... :-)) .... gruss vom optimistischen optimist .... scherz beiseite, gibt es denn irgendetwas neues über "UNSEREN" radlader in der pampa australiens ?
Ich habe in den letzten 12 - 18 Monaten ja schon mehrmals in die Scheiße gegriffen, aber Deepgreen ist (neben Sunburst) mein Knaller schlechthin. Wird die Aktie hier überhaupt noch gehandelt? Umsätze sehe ich jedenfalls schon länger keine mehr!?
Heutiges Trading Deepgreen: 1 441 666 Stueck
Oeffnungspreis 5Cent A, Schlusspreis 6Cent A
wurden von meiner Bank von 0,002 auf 0,003 hochgesetzt. Und schon hatte ich einige 1000er mehr auf meinem Konto! :D
First Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report
Announced on 31 Oct 2001 8:38:56 AM
Part: B 1505 words
Status: Market sensitive (Y)
Industry Sub Group: Coal (45)



HOMEX - Melbourne


Considerable progress has been made during the quarter and since on
construction of the fine coal recovery plant at the wholly-owned
Pageton coal impoundment in McDowell County, West Virginia. Work had
advanced sufficiently during October for commissioning to commence in
mid to late November.

Marshall Miller and Associates completed their assessment of reserves
based on Deepgreen`s drilling program and earlier work. They
estimated the impoundment contained 1.52 million short tons of
recoverable fine coking coal product, sufficient for a six year life
at the proposed at the proposed 250,000 ton per annum production

Marshall Miller were also commissioned to provide an independent
assessment of Deepgreen`s operating plans and financial forecasts, in
effect an independent assessment of the feasibility of the proposed
Pageton operation. Their conclusion was that Pageton should generate
revenue of $US45.9 million and cash flow before tax of $US22.7
million over the life of the project.

Deepgreen signed a sales agreement with US Steel Coal Mining for the
sale of the first year`s proposed production at a price above $US30 a
ton, with an option to extend the agreement. This price was used by
Marshall Miller in its assessment of Pageton`s economics.

Production of unprocessed fines for the quarter was 10,028 tons for
revenue of $US84,508 compared with 14,642 tons for revenue of
$US145,167 in the previous quarter. Lower production reflected a
decision to conserve reserves ahead of commissioning the dredge and
processing plant and the effect of severe flooding in southern West
Virginia. Haulage trucks were utilised in flood relief work in the
surrounding counties, and trucking costs increased.

The contractor engaged for augur mining outcrops of the Pocohontas #3
seam continued with an exploration program on the east side of the
property while rehabilitating the previously mined area. Exploration
was scaled down late in September when it was decided that coal
recoveries from the seam did not justify further work.

The flooding caused some delays to construction of the fine coal
processing plant which, otherwise, has proceeded smoothly and is
scheduled for completion early to mid November.


Deepgreen increased its shareholding in WCC to 23% by taking up
private placements to fund the company`s extensive program of
exploration and assessment of its coal holdings in the Peace River
coal fields of north eastern British Columbia, Canada.

While emphasis remained on drilling the Wolverine deposits, 20km west
of Tumbler Ridge, as part of a feasibility study due for completion
in March next year, the program has been expanded to take in a rapid
assessment of the Burnt River coal deposit near Chetwynd. Initial
indications are that Burnt River`s resource of low volatile coal
could be developed earlier than previously anticipated.

The coal has little overburden and a relatively low ash content. It
is possible the coal is of good enough quality to be a direct
shipping product and as such could lend itself to early, low capital
cost development under BC`s small mines regulations, which simplify
the permitting process.

There has been extensive exploration by other parties previously at
Burnt River. Some 224 drill holes, eight adits and five bulk samples
have been completed to evaluate the surface mining potential of the
coal deposit. Teck Corporation previously identified 23 million
tonnes of coal at an overburden ratio of 5:1. WCC is in the process
of exploring extensions of Burnt River.

Access roads have been cut to the deposit, trenching has commenced
and will be followed by the drilling of four holes. Studies have
commenced on trucking routes and load out facilities from Chetwynd
and an existing rail loading facility in the area. Depending on
results obtained from the current work, Burnt River could be brought
into production in 2002.

On the Wolverine properties, drilling is almost complete on the Perry
Creek underground and the EB Pit area. Seven holes were drilled at
Perry Creek and confirmed WCC`s existing understanding of the
deposit`s geology. At the EB pit 16 holes were completed with three
more scheduled. Results of drilling have confirmed WCC`s
interpretation of the geology.

WCC`s independent consultant, Norwest Mining, has previously
estimated an indicated and inferred resource of 22 million tonnes of
hard coking coal and a speculative resource of an additional 18
million tonnes in the Perry Creek deposit. The calculation was
carried out in accordance with Geological Survey of Canada
definitions, and Canadian Institute of Mines` standards.

Historical coal resources estimates for the EB Open Pit indicate
about 19 million tonnes at a strip ratio of 7.5 cubic metres of
overburden to one tonne of coal.

WCC proposes to complete a full feasibility study on the development
of these two deposits by March next year, with the aim of
establishing mines capable of producing 1.5 million to 2 million
tonnes annually in 2003. Both are located adjacent to the main rail
line linking the coal fields to the loading terminal at Port Ridley.

At the West Brazion deposits, access trails were established and work
is continuing to establish 12 drill site locations to assess a number
of deposits in the area.


Asia Energy Corporation Pty Ltd, owned 65% by Deepgreen, continued
work on the Phulbari deposit during the quarter. One of the company`s
mining licences was renewed and applications for a second licence and
an exploration licence over possible extensions of the deposit were
still on foot.

A caretaker Government was appointed while a general election was
called for early in October. The election resulted in a change of
government and the conduct and process of the election was generally
regarded as a success.

Discussions continued with partners to contribute to the proposed
full feasibility which is expected to cost $US5-$US8 million and to
take two to three years to complete.


Deepgreen holds a 50% interest in a joint venture with AGD Mining Ltd
on the Costerfield gold and antimony field in Victoria. Exploration
drilling was successful during the quarter in outlining a new high
grade resource of gold and antimony.

Deepgreen has reached agreement to sell the 50% interest in the joint
venture to AGD for $2 million (comprising approximately $350,000 cash
and the balance in AGD shares) and a 3% royalty on production from
the joint venture area. The agreement is subject to approval by AGD

AGD as operator has reported the following:

The recent drilling of high grade gold and antimony reefs at
Costerfield has increased by 2.5 times the total Measured and
Indicated Resource. The new resource stands at 401,000 tonnes at 10.9
g/t gold and 5.2% antimony. This resource contains approximately
250,000 ounces of gold equivalent, valued in-situ at $A140 Million
based on current prices (gold at $US280/oz and antimony at
$US1500/tonne) for these metals.

Infill Diamond drilling of the newly discovered MH Zone has been
completed. Measured and Indicated Resources total 242,000 at 12.4 g/t
gold and 6.4% antimony. This resource contains 96,900 ounces of gold
and 15,400 tonnes of antimony.

The MH Zone resource is made up of three sub-parallel reefs that lie
within a 400 metre strike length and extend from 10 metres below
surface to 100 metres below surface. Significant increases could be
possible as the reefs are open in both directions along strike and
below 100 metres.

The Company is now preparing a Feasibility Study that contemplates an
underground mine and minor modifications to the existing processing
plant costing approximately $4 Million.

The Company has taken an option, subject to shareholders approval, to
purchase from Deepgreen the remaining 50% of the Costerfield
Exploration Joint Venture that it does not already own.

Drilling comprised 27 holes totalling 3,200 metres and has achieved
its target, set a year ago, to prove a resource to satisfy the first
stage of development, being for five years production. The Directors
believe that this will provide the basis for the further growth of
the Company.

In the near future the Company plans to test for extensions to the MH
Zone ore system along with drilling of two other high priority
targets. The aim is to both extend the life of the project to at
least ten years and to expand its output.

The geological resources estimates contained in this statement have
been prepared in accordance with the JORC Code for Reporting of
Identified Mineral Resources and Reserves, 1999 by a person who is a
competent person as defined by the Code.

Should AGD shareholders approve the proposed acquisition of
Deepgreen`s interest in the joint venture, Deepgreen will continue to
have an interest through the royalty and as a major shareholder in


As previously advised, Deepgreen has resolved to focus its business
on coal and has decided to sell non-core holdings including it
interests in SA Mineral Resources Corp (Samroc) and Bligh Oil and
Minerals NL. The sales process was commenced after the close of the
quarter. Proceeds will be used to fund and develop Deepgreen`s
investments in coal.

J J Byrne

First Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report
Announced on 30 Oct 2001 5:35:50 PM
Part: C 871 words
Status: Market sensitive (Y)
Industry Sub Group: Coal (45)



HOMEX - Melbourne


Name of entity
Deepgreen Minerals Corporation Limited

ACN or ARBN Quarter ended ("current quarter")
90 008 744 983 30/09/2001


Cash flows related to Current Year to date
operating activities Quarter (3 months)
AUD`000 AUD`000
1.1 Receipts from product sales
and related debtors 252 252
1.2 Payments for
(a) exploration and evaluation (107) (107)
(b) development - -
(c) production (284) (284)
(d) administration (460) (460)
1.3 Dividends received - -
1.4 Interest and other items of
a similar nature received 30 30
1.5 Interest and other costs of
finance paid (7) (7)
1.6 Income taxes paid - -
1.7 Other (provide details if material) - -

Net Operating Cash Flows (576) (576)

Cash flows related to investing activities
1.8 Payment for purchases of:
(a) prospects - -
(b) equity investments (474) (474)
(c) other fixed assets (948) (948)
1.9 Proceeds from sale of:
(a) prospects - -
(b) equity investments 360 360
(c) other fixed assets - -
1.10 Loans to other entities (257) (257)
1.11 Loans repaid by other entities - -
1.12 Other (provide details if material) - -

Net investing cash flows (1,319) (1,319)

1.13 Total operating and
investing cash flows (1,895) (1,895)

Cash flows related to financing activities
1.14 Proceeds from issues of
shares, options, etc. 3 3
1.15 Proceeds from sale of
forfeited shares - -
1.16 Proceeds from borrowings 535 535
1.17 Repayment of borrowings (187) (187)
1.18 Dividends paid - -
1.19 Other (provide details if material) - -

Net financing cash flows 351 351

Net increase (decrease) in cash held (1,544) (1,544)

1.20 Cash at beginning of quarter/
year to date 1,752 1,752

1.21 Exchange rate adjustments to item 1.20 - -

1.22 Cash at end of quarter 208 208


Current Quarter

1.23 Aggregate amount of payments to
the parties included in item 1.2 72

1.24 Aggregate amount of loans to the
parties included in item 1.10 257

1.25 Explanation necessary for an understanding
of the transactions

1.23 Relates to fees paid to executive directors
1.24 Loan to Arcourt Resuorces NL - $41,000 an associate
Loan to SA Mineral Resources Corporation - $124,000 an associate
Loan to AGD Mining Limited - $92,000 a director related company


2.1 Details of financing and investing transactions which have had a
material effect on consolidated assets and liabilities but did
not involve cash flows


2.2 Details of outlays made by other entities to establish or
increase their share in projects in which the reporting entity
has an interest


Add notes as necessary for an understanding of the position.

Amount Amount
available used
AUD`000 AUD`000

3.1 Loan facilities 500 500
3.2 Credit standby arrangements - -


4.1 Exploration and evaluation 50
4.2 Development -

Total 50


Reconciliation of cash at the end Current Previous
of the quarter (as shown in the quarter quarter
consolidated statement of cash flows) AUD`000 AUD`000
to the related items in the accounts
is as follows.

5.1 Cash on hand and at bank 143 352
5.2 Deposits at call 65 1,400
5.3 Bank overdraft - -
5.4 Other (provide details) - -

Total: cash at end of quarter (item 1.22) 208 1,752


Tenement Nature of Interest at Interest
reference interest beginning at end of
(note(2)) of quarter quarter

6.1 Interests in
mining tenements
reduced or lapsed none

6.2 Interests in
mining tenements
acquired or
increased none

Description includes rate of interest and any redemption or
conversion rights together with prices and dates.

Category of Number Number Issue Paid-up
securities issued quoted Price value
(cents) (cents)
7.1 Preference
(description) 18,200,570 18,200,570 - -

7.2 Changes during
current period
(a) increases through
issues - - - -
(b) decreases through
returns of capital
redemptions - - - -

7.3 Ordinary
securities 1,753,023,397 1,753,023,397 - -

7.4 Changes during
current period
(a) increases through
issues 26,879,700 26,879,700 - -
(b) decreases through
returns of capital
buybacks - - - -

7.5 Convertible debt
(description and
conversion factor) - - - -

7.6 Changes during
current period
(a) increases through
issues - - - -
(b) decreases through
securities matured,
converted - - - -

7.7 Options (description Exercise Expiry
and conversion factor) price date

(Convertible to 10%
redeemable convertible
cumulative pref shares) 26,001,640 26,001,640 20 30/06/2002

7.8 Issued during
current period - - - -

7.9 Exercised during
current period 74,409 74,409 20 -

7.10 Expired during
current period 2,404,431 2,404,431 - -

7.11 Debentures
(totals only) - -

7.12 Unsecured notes
(totals only) - -


1 This statement has been prepared under accounting policies which
comply with accounting standards as defined in the Corporations Law
or other standards acceptable to ASX.

2 This statement does/does not give a true and fair view
of the matters disclosed.

J Debrodt Date: -

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