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By: dude_ily
Reply To: None Thursday, 27 Jan 2000 at 10:16 AM EST
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CMGi up 898% in only 24 days...................

Why you should stay long and hold onto your CMGi shares:

Last week I promised to do some digging on the relatively small number of days you had to hold CMGi in 1999 to have equaled the 898% gain for the entire year.

Well, the results are in and may I have the envelope please: (drum roll/rim shot) And the answer is --- just 7 brief periods totalling only 24 days! You figure it out -- miss even one of those days and you lost out on an average of 37% !!

It gets better (or worse depending on your point of view). You could have gotten HALF of that 898% on the NINE strongest up days of 1999. Miss any one of those SUPERDAYS
and you lost out on an average of about 50% !!

Where am I going with this? Well, to have jumped in & out and catch all those days you`d have to:

1. Be unrealistically lucky
2. Own a time machine
3. Have Nostredamus as your broker
4. Or, be an even better trader than Mulan!

The easier way? Yup, just buy and hold. And anyone who thinks those other 341 days represented "dead money" is being just plain greedy ...

Not that you should not trade when the momentum is high to the upside. But to avoid losing out on the SUPERDAYS, establish your permanent position and HOLD it.

Below is a summary of the 24 days it took to snag 898%. The nine SUPERDAYS to get half of that are asterisked [*]. All prices are adjusted to most recent split on 1/11/00:

Jan. 1...............Price = $ 13.88

Jan. 05-11.....5 days....$ 20.23 gain.....146%
Mar. 04-08...*3 days....$ 15.18 gain.....109%
Apr. 05-06.....2 days....$ 07.59 gain.......55%
Apr. 08-12....*3 days....$ 18.19 gain.....131%
Dec. 02-09....6 days....$ 23.48 gain.....169%
Dec. 15-16....2 days....$ 12.09 gain.......87%
Dec. 20-22...*3 days....$ 27.84 gain.....201%

Dec. 31...........Price = $138.48

(P.S. -- Posted this late last night when most would have missed it, posted again now for those who did.)

(Voluntary Disclosure: Position- Long; ST Rating- Strong Buy; LT Rating- Strong Buy)

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