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DGAP-Ad hoc: AT&S Austr. T. & Systemt. <AUS> english - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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DGAP-Ad hoc: AT&S Austr. T. & Systemt. <AUS> english

Results for the First Quarter of FY 2002/2003 ended June 30, 2002

Ad-hoc-announcement transmitted by DGAP. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.


AT&S AG, Leoben, July 30, 2002. In an economic environment continuing to be very difficult and with the start-up costs for our new plant in China gradually increasing, in the past quarter AT&S managed to achieve a positive operating result (EBIT) as well as positive net income (EUR 2.3 million; first quarter 2001/2002: EUR 1.5 million).

In the first quarter of 2002/2003 we posted total revenues of EUR 62.7 million, which was only slightly down (1.3%) on the first quarter of last fiscal year. A gross profit margin of 15.6% could be achieved, compared with 12.6% for the same period of last fiscal year.

Key figures (in EUR million, earnings/share in EUR): 1Q 2002/2003 Margin 1Q 2001/2002 Margin EBIT 3.4 5.4% 2.6 4.2% EBITDA 13.7 21.9% 11.7 18.4% Earnings/share 0.08 0.06 CF from operating activities 23.2 13.8 Net debt 18.1 34.1 Net gearing 8.7% 15.0%

Net cash provided by operating activities increased from EUR 13.8 million in the first quarter of the previous business year to EUR 23.2 million in the first quarter of 2002/2003. As a result, net debt could be further reduced and AT&S´s strong equity structure could be further improved.

Market conditions are still characterized by great uncertainties and continuing intense pressure on prices. Despite the given low visibility it appears to be feasible that revenues for the total fiscal year 2002/2003 should slightly increase compared to last fiscal year and that operating results should improve.

The First Quarter Report as well as the result presentation can be retrieved from our website, (Investor Relations, Downloads, Letters to Shareholders and Conference Calls, resp.), as of today at 08h00 (CET). For any inquiries please contact Manfred Weierer, Investor Relations, Tel: +43-3842-200- 211, E-Mail:

end of ad-hoc-announcement (c)DGAP 30.07.2002


WKN: 922 230; ISIN: AT0000969985; Index: NEMAX 50 Listed: Neuer Markt in Frankfurt; Freiverkehr in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, München, Stuttgart

Autor: DGAP import (),07:30 30.07.2002

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