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HOMEX - Perth

The Board of ECAT Development Capital Limited is pleased to announce
that Clinical Cell Culture Pty Ltd ("C3") has reached an agreement to
collaborate with Integra Life Sciences Corporation on research with
C3`s ReCell(R) kits. The attached press release dated 3 October 2002
provides further in formation on the collaborative agreement.

ECAT currently holds a 35.2% interest in Clinical Cell Culture Pty
Ltd ("C3") and recently despatched a notice meeting and information
memorandum to shareholders setting out, amongst other things, a
proposal for the acquisition of 100% of C3.

For more information visit the ECAT website at www.ecatdc.com.au Or
alternatively contact: -

Philip Rees (INVESTMENT MANAGER) on (08) 9355 6201.

Alec Pismiris
COMPANY SECRETARY (08) 9481 3733



Australian biomedical company, Clinical Cell Culture Pty Ltd (C3),
today announced they it has agreed to collaborate with Integra
LifeSciences Corporation (Nasdaq: IART), Plainsboro, NJ in the United
States, on research with C3`s ReCell(R) Kits.

The research commenced recently with a pre-clinical evaluation which
is designed to determine the potential benefit of using epidermal
skin replacement techniques with C3`s ReCell(R) kits in combination
with INTEGRA(R), Dermal Regeneration Template, to improve the
treatment of severe burns and scar contractures.

Fiona Wood, Chief Executive Officer of C3 and a specialist plastic
and burns surgeon said C3 was encouraged by Integra Life Sciences`
interest in the C3`s skin replacement technology.

"ReCell(R) and INTEGRA(R) Template are complementary products when
used individually in the treatment of burns and scar contractures,
but the potential to use them together in a one step process is very
exciting," Dr Wood said.

"Severe burns often result in full thickness skin loss involving
both the outer epidermal and second dermal layers which need to be
replaced quickly to ensure survival. The goal of this collaboration
is to determine if improved epithelialisation can occur using C3`s
ReCell(R) Kits with INTEGRA(R)Template compared to existing treatment

"Any new treatment that comes out of this research could represent a
major advance in the life saving treatment of major burns victims."

C3`s chief scientific officer, Marie Stoner, is assisting with the
ongoing preliminary evaluation to test specific combinations of the
two products in the United States. Following the tests, the outcomes
will be evaluated and a future path for collaboration between the two
companies will be determined.


ReCell(R) (autologous cell harvesting kit) is a self-contained kit
that can be used to harvest and prepare the patient`s own epidermal
cells for reapplication to the wound site within 30 minutes, Surgeons
ran use ReCell(R) to prepare enough cells to treat an area of
approximately two per cent of an adult patient`s body surface area,
which is equal to the size of two adult hands. ReCell(R) is not yet
commercially available pending ongoing clinical trials and submissions
for regulatory approvals.

INTEGRA(R) Dermal Regeneration Template consists of two layers, a
thin collagen- glycosaminoglycan matrix and a silicone membrane. This
bi-layer skin replacement system is designed to provide immediate
wound closure and permanent regeneration of dermis. After the
patient`s dermis is regenerated, the surgeon removes the silicone
outer layer and replace`s it with a thin epidermal autograft.
INTEGRA(R) Template was developed for the treatment of
life-threatening thermal injuries where sufficient autograft is not
available at the time. First approved in the US in 1996, Integra has
been used in more than 10,000 patients worldwide.

Human skin consists of an outer layer (epidermis) and a second layer
(dermis). The epidermis serves as a protective seal for the body, and
the dermis provides structural strength and flexibility and supports
the viability of the epidermis through a vascular network.


C3 is a privately owned biomedical company, which develops and
distributes tissue-engineered cellular products for autologous skin

The company`s lead products and product candidates are CellSpray(R),
cultured epithelial autograft spray suspension for the treatment of
major burns, ReCell(R) autologous cell harvesting kit for the
treatment of small burns, pigment loss and scars and EpiGrow(R)
autologous epidermal derived fluid for the treatment of chronic

Established in 1999, C3 was formed to commercialise products under
licence from the McComb Foundation to advance the research undertaken
by Fiona Wood and Marie Stoner into skin culture technologies. C3 is
based in Perth, Western Australia and provides a worldwide service
from its dedicated skin culture laboratory.

C3`s major shareholder is ECAT Development Capital Limited, which has
subscribed for 35% of its issued capital. ECAT shareholders will vote
on a proposal to acquire C3 on October 25, 2002 that, if approved,
would see C3 become a wholly owned subsidiary of ECAT.

For further information please contact:
Phil Rees or Maree Pickens
Clinical Cell Culture
Ph: +61 (0)8 9355 6288

Paul Downie
Porter Novelli
Ph: +61 (0)8 9386 1233
Mobile: +61 (0)414 947 129

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