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Afghanistan : Deutsche Truppen vor Evakuierung ? - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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Taliban starten " Offensive " !

In his recent statement published in Peshawar newspapers former Prime Minister of Afghanistan and leader of Hizb-e-Islami party Gulbuddin Hekmatyar stated that the anarchy that the Afghans encounter today was caused by the presence of American and British troops in the country. Hekmatyar stated that peace could come back to Afghanistan only after these troops leave the country.

Hekmatyar welcomed the decision made by the German government to pull-out their troops from Afghanistan if the war in Iraq starts. He stated that the governments of other countries, whose troops are stationed in Afghanistan, must follow the example of Germany and assume «similar fundamental position to get this country free from the infidels».

According to Afghan former Prime Minister, the Afghan resistance to the presence of foreign troops will be continuing until these troops are either withdrawn or eliminated.

In his statement Hizb-e-Islami leader is calling for Jihad against the US and its Western allies, who occupied part of Afghanistan and who are trying to impose their rule and their dictates on the Afghan people.

Hekmatyar’s statement sounded right at the moment when the entire world was expecting the American-British aggression against Iraq.

In this regard Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rayi Al-Aam expressed its own opinion about the true motive of the forthcoming war operations against Iraq. According to the newspaper, Bush is first concerned about remaining in the president’s seat. For this purpose he would need merits, and these merits must be earned by «blitzkriegs against weak states». The war in Afghanistan however brought him totally opposite results. As a result, Bush lost the confidence of his own country. The way America is going to solve «the Iraqi problem» only isolates it and will cause even bigger hatred to it all around the world.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan combats did not only NOT stop, but on the contrary, they are getting even fiercer. Along with permanent combats and attacks by the Taliban in the south and southeastern parts of the country, northern regions of Afghanistan are at war as well. Here battles are continuing between armed formations of generals Abdurashid Dostum and Muhammad Atto. In spite of all efforts of US representatives, acting as intermediaries during the periodic negotiations in Mazar-e-Sharif on reaching armistice between these warlords (both of them are in the puppet administration of Hamid Karzai), active combats are going on in Fariab and Balkh Provinces.

According to Western sources, over 60% of the territory of Fariab are controlled by the troops of Tajik general Atto. About 30 men, - supporters of Dostum, have been taken captive and over 50 killed. At the same time in Balkh over 50 were wounded or killed on both sides.

Humanitarian organizations working in that province have virtually stopped their activities, fearing attacks from armed groups operating there.

There is some unrest in Kabul as well. A representative of the UN humanitarian mission reported that one of the mission’s warehouses was attacked by the unknown. As a result, all food that was stored in there, as well as all the equipment including communication devices were stolen.

Fierce clashes occurred between Shiite Hazaris and Karzai’s formations in Kabul several days ago. What caused the clash was that Karzai’s men were trying to capture a Hazari woman under the guise of a police operation. The attempt ended with bloodshed.

Mussa Stone, Kavkaz-Center
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