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Ex-President Bush Says Son Misunderstood on Europe
Fri May 23, 8:46 AM ET

MADRID (Reuters) - Former President George Bush said Friday some people had misunderstood his son`s attitude toward Europe.

"I know there is a perception in some quarters here in Europe that this administration of his hasn`t reached out to our friends and allies as much as some would like. I know that this is a misperception," the father of the current President Bush (news - web sites) told a business conference in Madrid.

The elder Bush, 79, cited his son`s close work with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as an example of how the president had reached out to Europe in the run-up to the war in Iraq (news - web sites).

"This is not true that we are in some kind of an isolationistic mood or that we don`t care about Europe or that we want to go it alone. ... The coalition (against Iraq) was indeed a real and active coalition," Bush said.

President Bush rankled many in Europe by refusing to join the Kyoto accord on global warming (news - web sites) and the International Criminal Court. Then his defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, famously wrote off Germany and France as "old Europe."

Projecting a kinder and gentler image, the elder Bush sprinkled his speech with anecdotes about how he planned to parachute from 13,000 feet on his 80th birthday next year and how his wife Barbara still scolded the president to "get your feet off the table" at the family home in Maine.

He also said he wanted to see the Middle East peace process resume and commented on the significance of China participating in talks about nuclear arms on the Korean peninsula.



Könnte eine deutsche Übersetzung in etwa so lauten:
"Liebe Europäer, ich weiß, er ist der Familientrottel, aber er meint es doch nur gut..." ??


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