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898464 - Den September werden Tournigan Gold Aktionäre NIEMALS vergessen!!! - 500 Beiträge pro Seite

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Weil heute schon 0,225 € gehandelt wurden...einfach mal ein neuer thread...und die wichtigsten Fakten von morchel:

Das Deposit in der Slovakei enthält über 1 Mio Unzen!

Das Deposit in Nordirland enthält 225k Unzen!

Die Grab Sampels die von den bereits vorhandenen Stollen in Nordirland entnommen wurden enthielten einen Spitzenwert von 161g/t Abbaumaterial!

Man sieht, Gold ist vorhanden.....

genaueren Aufschluß gibt die Webseite von Tournigan

Warum die MK nicht höher ist? Sie wäre schon weitaus höher wenn es keinen Verkaufsdruck von Canaccord gegeben hätte. Canaccord, ein kanadisches Brokerhaus, hat zum Teil die Grundfinanzierung im September letzten Jahres übernommen. Diese Brokerhaus ist berüchtigt dafür sich ohne Rücksicht auf die mögliche größere Gewinnchance sich sofort von den eigelagerten Stücke zu trennen sobald eine günstige Gelegenheit sich ergibt!

Darum ging der Kurs auch nie unter 0.25, denn das ist die Grenze an der man die ausgegebenen Warrants einlösen konnte!

Nun scheint es als würden die zur disposition stehenden Stücke alle sein.

Sehr gewagte These.

Sollte diese Woche nicht der VV in Deutschalnd sein.

Hat er keine News mitgebracht oder hat er schlechte die er nicht verkündet?

Mal sehen:look: :look:
Mining Company moves to allay fears

The Vice President of Tournigan Gold Corporation Ltd, Mr Jason Bak, has this week moved to reassure
Donegal residents that, despite the company’s recent application for 15 prospecting licences, “nothing
will be done without the support of the local community.”
Mr Bak was speaking in response to comments made recently by local Green party member Frank
Gallagher, who said that mining in Donegal would be “a desecration.”
“Naturally I am disappointed that Mr Gallagher did not try to contact me,” the Dublin-based Canadian
said. “I would have been happy to meet with him and set the record straight.”
Mr Bak was keen to point out what he described as ‘a number of inaccuracies’ in Mr Gallagher’s
“The first thing is, we don’t engage in open cast mining at all. Modern mining is not an invasive
process and, if you are going after high-grade ore, you mine well underground, with only a few small
openings at the surface. The effect of the prospecting that we hope to undertake is even less
noticeable – we leave the area as we found it.”
As someone who lived for two years in Inishowen, Mr Bak expressed a great fondness for the area and
said that he hoped he would be able to live here permanently.
“A lot of people I care about live here and I would not be interested in bringing a business here that
would do damage. I believe my own track record, during my time with Cambridge Mineral Resources,
combined with the track record of Tournigan, one of the world’s most respected mining companies,
should help to persuade people that we know what we are doing.”
He trained as a physicist and worked in Artic diamond mines in Canada before coming to Ireland.
Tournigan mine all over the world, always adhering to a environmental protocol which is usually far
stricter than any local, regional or national guidelines.
“When we say that mining can be done in conjunction with preserving the environment and
development tourism, we can prove that we mean it by showing what has been done elsewhere. It is
perfectly feasible to preserve a Special Area of Conservation, as Tournigan have already managed to
do elsewhere, and to develop exhibits, such as the story of geology, what ore looks like in its natural
state and, say, a goldsmith at work, which are fascinating and educational tourism attractions.”
He also pointed to the fact that Ireland had a long history of gold mining, which has left no visible
scars on the landscape.
“Think of all the beautiful Celtic gold jewellery made thousands of years ago. Then look around and
try to guess where the mines were.” More locally, he spoke of the silver mines in Glentogher.
“That is a good example, because the mines are still there. But you would never be able to find the
opening unless you knew exactly where to look.”
Forty Years
Prospecting, or exploring, has been going on throughout Ireland over the last forty years. John Pine,
Senior Geologist at the Minerals Exploration and Mining Unit of the Department of Communications,
Marine and Natural Resources says that many companies have been busy prospecting in nearly every
part of Ireland, but that few people realise it. “Tournigan are only looking for about 15 licenses out of
around 320 that are currently active across the country, and the licenses are just for exploration, not
mining, so I wouldn’t say anyone has anything to worry about at this stage, “ he explained.
Mr Bak says that many companies have known about the possibility of large gold deposits running
from Tyrone through Donegal for at least twenty years.
“But, because of the Troubles, not many companies were prepared to invest in exploration. And that
has probably turned out for the best, because the improvements modern technology have brought
about can be applied to preserve the quality of the landscape and environment.”
Tournigan are currently engaged in a full programme at Gortin, near Omagh.
“The work that we are doing there is about 5-10 years ahead of what might happen in Donegal. So,
people can at least be reassured that nothing is going to happen overnight. No mining project could
possibly succeed without the support of the local community and we’ve plenty of time to address any
At Gortin, drilling, underground trenching, geochemical sampling (analysis of sediment from streams)
and geophysical surveying (analysis of electromagnetic fields to tell you what is under the ground) are
the techniques used in search of gold.
“There is a bit of work done each day, on a piece of ground measuring about 3 metres x 3 metres x 1
metre. Over a period of twenty years, the total area excavated, most of it underground, will amount to
the same size as a small quarry. Any ore that is removed goes to a special industrial unit in Belfast,
where it is crushed, milled and refined.
“It is only at this stage that cyanide is used, not, as incorrectly stated by Mr Gallagher, at the site of
the mine. Contaminated water is safely stored in sealed tanks at the industrial estate in Belfast. The
amount of toxins used are far less than the amount used by the adjacent factory, which manufactures
According to Mr Bak, Tournigan believe that the Gortin site could yield as much as one million troy
ounces of gold, worth $350 million at today’s prices.
“If the Donegal deposits were found to be this rich, then a site the same size as Gortin could keep
50-75 people employed for 20 years,” he emphasised.
“This would mean a lot to the local economy not only in direct jobs, but in secondary monies such as
accommodation, etc. Plus the Irish government would get its share as well. This is why I believe that it
is worth having a good look at Donegal’s potential. When modern mining is done correctly, it can
benefit the whole community.”
Es geht langsam los...Umsätze ziehen an und +14% in FFM...Kennt jemand noch DIAMOND FIELDS???


Wir werden noch ne Menge Freude mit Tournigan haben...

Geduld muss man haben! :cool:
OK...wieder zur Sache..ein Blick nach CAN verrät, daß heute die 0,40 CAN$ in Angriff genommen werden. Und das ganze ohne Meldung...:cool: ...die noch im September kommen wird.

ournigan arranges $2.5-million unit financing

2003-09-16 17:12 ET - News Release

Mr. Damien Reynolds reports


Tournigan Gold has arranged a partially brokered private placement of 10 million units at 25 cents to raise $2.5-million. Each unit consists of one common share and one
non-transferable share purchase warrant. Two share purchase warrants are exercisable to purchase one common share at 30 cents until Dec. 31, 2004.

A significant amount of this placement is being financed by two United Kingdom-based institutional investment funds. Agents assisting on the brokered portion will
attract a cash commission of 7 per cent, as well as such amount of agent`s warrants as is equal to 10 per cent of the units sold, priced at 30 cents per share, exercisable until Dec.
31, 2004. The placement is subject to approval of regulatory authorities.

Proceeds will be used to continue development on the company`s gold projects in Northern Ireland. Phase one drilling in Northern Ireland should be completed shortly, with
results expected by the end of September. The bridge loan from Quest Capital, undertaken to acquire the Kremnica gold project in the Slovak Republic, will also
be repaid in full. This will give Tournigan an unencumbered 100-per-cent interest in the Kremnica gold project. In the near future, Tournigan anticipates reporting on the
continuing development of both the Kremnica and Northern Irish gold projects.
Oh shit, die options sind ja auch schon im Geld.....das tut weh.

Eine solche Verarsche tut euch Intelligenzbestien richtig gut.

Der welcher echtes Geld gab war nicht bereit mehr als 20 cent zu der Hoffnung das Zeug zum doppelten Preis zu verhökern.

Culogrande sacht am Rande
14: war zwar nicht immer so aber hier sind wir uns einig.
die aktie wird noch hochgepusht, um dann gnadenloß eins übergebraten zu bekommen. wenn sich die positiven news überschlagen, sofort verkaufen, dann liegt man hier "GOLDRICHTIG" !
und der September ist nicht mehr sehr lange. Die Bohrergebnisse stehen aus.

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