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High Grade Nickel Intersected at West Raglan Project
08.09.03 11:00

Donner Minerals Ltd.: High
Grade Nickel Intersected at West Raglan Project

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 2003--Mr.
Harvey Keats, President of Donner Minerals Ltd. is pleased to report
that Knight Resources Ltd. (`Knight`) has announced a significant
nickel discovery at the West Raglan Project, located in Northern
Quebec. Donner owns approximately 26% of Knight`s common shares.
The entire Knight news release has been reproduced below.
Knight Resources Ltd. announced that high grade nickel sulphides
have been intersected on the West Raglan Project located in northern
Quebec and operated by Anglo American Exploration (Canada) Limited.
Partial assays have been received for three diamond drill holes.
Assays for additional holes are pending and will be released as they
are received.
Hole Core Length (m) Nickel % Copper % Cobalt %
WR-08 14.75 3.04 1.13 0.08
WR-12 15.50 1.20 0.84 0.04
including 8.50 1.60 1.13 0.05
WR-13 7.62 2.54 1.41 0.09
Assays for platinum and palladium are pending and will be released
as they are received.
The mineralization is hosted by ultramafic bodies within the lower
part of the Chukotat Group and displays a strong similarity in terms
of host rocks, textures and grades, to ore bodies currently being
mined by Falconbridge Limited at their Raglan operations.
Results from this year`s drilling program indicate that the Raglan
Formation, host to most of the published reserves on Falconbridge
Limited`s Raglan property, is present at or near surface across most
of the West Raglan property. Furthermore, initial drilling has
confirmed that, as at Raglan, the ultramafic unit hosts high grade and
high tenor magmatic sulphide mineralization. Results to date show that
the Raglan Formation identified on the West Raglan property is hosted
by a steeply-dipping, locally overturned sequence of massive and
pillow basalt flows and interflow sulphidic sediments and cherts. This
contrasts with the shallowly north-dipping stratigraphy observed at
Drilling, which began in early August, has focused on three
general areas referred to as: Frontier, Povungnituk and Rain Day. To
date, the drill intersections of greatest interest have all been in
the Frontier area, the site of the high grade boulder samples reported
in the Company`s news release dated July 16, 2003. The Frontier area,
located approximately 7 kilometres west of Lac Chukotat, has been
further divided into four zones: Frontier East, Frontier Central,
Frontier West and Frontier South. Frontier Central is located
approximately 650 metres east of Frontier West. Frontier East is
located a further 1.1 kilometres east of Frontier Central. Frontier
South is approximately 350 metres south of Frontier West.
The focus of the drilling is to identify nickel-rich magmatic
sulphide deposits similar to those found at Raglan. The ore bodies at
Raglan range in size from 10,000 tonnes to 1.7 million tonnes and
consist of shallowly plunging ore lenses contained in irregular
embayment structures in ultramafic rocks. These ore lenses are
difficult exploration targets and typically require multiple,
closely-spaced drill holes.
Frontier South
Frontier South was initially discovered in early August as an
outcrop of mineralized ultramafic. Seven holes
(WR-04/05/06/08/09/10/11), totalling 740 metres have now been drilled
into Frontier South. WR-04 and WR-05 intersected weakly mineralized
ultramafic. WR-06 intersected graphitic sediments and a large sequence
of ultramafic.
WR-08, referred to as the Discovery Hole, intersected a 14.75
metre mineralized sequence that includes 11.4 metres of greater than
50% net textured magmatic sulfides. The mineralized sequence began at
17.2 metres.
WR-09 was drilled towards the south from the same location as
WR-08 and intersected 2.1 metres of greater than 50% net textured
magmatic sulfides. Overlying the 2.1 metres of magmatic sulphides,
WR-09 intersected approximately 5.0 metres of re-mobilized magmatic
and sedimentary massive sulfides intercalated with sulphidic sediments
and chert.
WR-10 and WR-11 were step-out holes to the west and intersected a
sequence of sulphidic sediments containing local massive sulphide
beds. The information obtained from these two holes indicated an
overturned, south dipping stratigraphy with an embayment structure in
ultramafic rocks.
Mineralization in WR-04, 05, 06, 10 and 11 will be assayed in due
Frontier East
Frontier East was the site of high grade boulder samples (1.1% -
3.4% nickel) reported in the Company`s news release of July 16, 2003.
Three holes (WR-02/12/13) totalling 445 metres have now been drilled
into Frontier East.
WR-02 was the first hole drilled in the Frontier area. The hole
was drilled north to south and intersected approximately 30 metres of
sulphidic sediments and chert within ultramafics. The location of the
conductive sediments do not appear to explain the strong surface
conductivity noted in the area.
As a result of the interpretation at Frontier South, that dips are
to the south, WR-12 and WR-13 were collared on a section 100 metres
east of WR-02, and were drilled from south to north. WR-12 intersected
a mineralized sequence from 15.5 metres to 32.0 meters, including 8.5
metres of greater than 50% net-textured magmatic sulphides and 7.0
metres of 5% to 25% net textured to disseminated magmatic sulphides.
WR-13 was collared from the same set-up as WR-12 but drilled at a
steeper angle. WR-13 intersected 7.4 metres of massive magmatic
sulphide in contact with low grade sedimentary sulphides. Nickel
tenors in WR-13 are lower as a result of the sedimentary sulphides.
Similar results are seen at Raglan.
Frontier Central
One hole, WR-14, was drilled from south to north underneath
subcrop exposures of mineralized ultramafic and mineralized boulders
that assayed between 1.9% and 3.4% nickel. WR-14 intersected an 11.5
metre mineralized sequence of magmatic sulphides, of which 9.0 metres
were greater than 50% net textured magmatic sulphides.
Drill core from the mineralized sequence intersected in WR-14 has
been sent for assay on a rush basis. Assay results will be reported as
soon as they are received.
Frontier West
One hole, WR-03, was drilled on a coincident HLEM and magnetic
anomaly where a single boulder assayed 2.0% nickel. The anomaly likely
reflects the presence of sulphidic sediments. The source of the
mineralised boulder remains unexplained.
Mineralization in WR-03 will be assayed in due course.
Rain Day
The Rain Day area is located approximately 7.5 kilometres due east
of Frontier East. The only hole drilled at Rain Day, WR-01, was
drilled to a depth of 152 metres near the site of weakly mineralized
boulders (.23% to .26% nickel). WR-01 intersected an 87 metre unit of
ultramafic rock with a gabbro hanging wall and a basalt footwall. Weak
blebbly pyrrhotite mineralization was intersected between 135 and 144
metres in ultramafic. Recent prospecting approximately one kilometre
west of WR-01 has discovered mineralized boulders of ultramafic
proximal to unmineralized ultramafic outcrop. Assays for the boulders
are pending.
The Povungnituk area is located approximately 5 kilometres south
of Lac Chukotat. WR-07 was drilled to test a coincident magnetic and
HLEM anomaly. WR-07 intersected an ultramafic sequence before
intersecting graphitic sediments.
Ongoing Work
Active exploration continues on the West Raglan Project. Drilling
will continue until September 10th at which time drilling will be
suspended due to the onset of winter conditions.
In addition to diamond drilling, detailed infill magnetic data is
being collected to define magnetic highs within the regionally
extensive ultramafic. Ground pulse EM geophysical coverage is ongoing.
Downhole pulse EM is carried out on a routine basis.
Knight is earning a 49% interest in the West Raglan Project from
Anglo American Exploration (Canada) Limited (`AAEC`). The 68,000
hectare project, located in northern Quebec, covers over 60 km of the
interpreted western extension of the Raglan Horizon, which hosts the
deposits at the Raglan Mine. Resources, reserves and mined to date at
Raglan are estimated at 28 million tonnes averaging 2.8% nickel and
0.8% copper with significant platinum group elements and cobalt.
AAEC is the operator of the West Raglan Project and is responsible
for the sampling and submittal of samples for assay. The assaying was
carried out and certified by ACME Labs and ALS Chemex, both of
Vancouver, BC. ACME Labs performed all primary assays. A check assay
was performed on quarter core of a 1.0 metre interval of WR-08 by ALS
Chemex. At ACME Labs the interval assayed 3.23% nickel, 0.91% copper
and 0.08% cobalt. At ALS Chemex the interval assayed 3.97% nickel,
1.00% copper and 0.09% cobalt. Further check assaying will be done in
due course. The AAEC Qualified Person is Richard Dufresne and the
Knight Qualified Person is Kerry Sparkes. Mr. Sparkes is the Qualified
Person responsible for the Knight news release.
Harvey Keats, President
The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
CONTACT: Donner Minerals Ltd.
Harvey Keats, 604-683-0564
or Toll Free: 1-800-909-8311
Fax: 604-602-9311
Email: donner@bed-rock.com
Website: www.donner-minerals.com

SOURCE: Donner Minerals Ltd.
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Die Wetten können platziert werden

Ich hab mal gehört:

alles über 1% ist gut
alles über 2% ist excellent
alles über 3% ist ......tja was ist das nun?

Partial assays have been received for three diamond drill holes.
Assays for additional holes are pending and will be released as they are received.

Da wird doch indirekt der nächste Halt angekündigt. Wie war das? Ich kaufe übermorgen :rolleyes:

3,04% sind ein überragendes Ergebniss.

Die news kamen über REUTERS. Das heisst, jede Menge Investoren kriegt das mit. Macht cash Jungens und kauft was das Zeuch hält, bevor die nächsten Ergebnisse mit ähnlichen Ergebnissen released werden :D

Hole Core Length (m) Nickel % Copper % Cobalt %
WR-08 14.75 3.04 1.13 0.08
WR-12 15.50 1.20 0.84 0.04
including 8.50 1.60 1.13 0.05
WR-13 7.62 2.54 1.41 0.09

Jeder Schuss ein Treffer! :D :D :D

es geht doch um donner und nicht um knight???? warum dann der name von knight im thread????????

desweiteren: ist das teil noch handelbar oder scon ausgesetzt (ich meine donner!!!)???????

ansonsten sollte man jetzt kaufen!!!
Ich interpretiere mal die Bohrergebnisse:

Beim Loch WR 08 hatte man über eine Länge von 14,75m :eek:
einen durchscnittlichen Nickegehalt von 3,04% 1,13% Kupfer und 0,08% Kobalt!

Herz was willst du mehr?

Sagt mal jungs , ich habe ja auch welche, aber warum macht ihr da jetzt so einen Wind.

Sind das neue Ergebnisse ????

ICh dachte die vor 2 Wochen waren die gleichen.

WAs ist nun besser ????

Eigentlich doch nix oder ????

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