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das mit den schwarzen zahlen stimmt. interesse war bisher trotzdem kaum da. kein wunder - internetwert, ständig ausgabe neuer aktien....letzte woche allerdings zog volumen an(australien) und mit 0,03 aud wurde neues jh erreicht - allerdings nicht auf schlußkursbasis. sollte das volumen auch hier zulegen und das nächste q ergebnis positiv ausfallen(pc-cillin)werd ich mir ein paar zum spielen zulegen.
September 12 2003 - APP 4E - Preliminary Final Results - Full Year Profit

Directors are pleased to announce the first full year profit result for the company. The profit for the 12 months ending June 2003 was $112,000 (before outside equity interests and includes both recurring and non-recurring revenues) which compares to a loss of $593,000 for the previous year. The revenue for the 12 months ending June 2003 was $2,753,000, up 55% from $1,782,000 for the previous year.

"This result marks an important milestone for the company after continued growth over the past 3 years", said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Corp. "Jumbo Corp is now well positioned to take advantage of the rapidly growing online shopping market which has grown to $4 billion in Australia and $120 billion globally in 2002".

The following table demonstrates the trend in the growth of the company.

12 months ending: June 01 June 02 June 03 Growth Last Year
Turnover $1.36 million $10.5 million $23.7 million 126%
Revenue $548,000 $1.78 million $2.75 million 54%
Operating Costs $1.24 million $1.62 million $1.65 million 2%
Cost of Sales $52,000 $753,000 $985,000 31%
Profit/Loss (BOEI)1 ($744,000) ($593,000) $112,000
Profit/Loss (AOEI)2 ($600,000) ($502,000) $102,000
Cash Assets $751,000 $759,000 $865,000 14%

Revenues have grown 54% per annum while operating costs have increased only 2% per annum demonstrating the benefits of the software automation in handling larger sales volumes with minimal operational cost increases.


1. BOEI: Before Outside Equity Interests
2. AOEI: After Outside Equity Interests

Growth of Online Shopping

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report on 10 September 2003 stating that Internet shoppers spent around $1.9 billion in 2001 and at least $4 billion in 2002. The report also contained findings that demonstrate a growing number of people are beginning to spend more money online. The key indicators include:

- The number of Australian households that had access to a computer at home grew from 44% in 1998 to 61% in 2002.

- The number of Australian households that had home Internet access grew from 16% in 1998 to 46% in 2002.

ABS Report
Australian E-Commerce hits A$ 4 Billion
Forrester Research estimated that global online shopping grew 52% to US$78 billion (AUD$120 billion) in 2002 (2002 US Ecommerce: The Year in Review. January 28, 2003). This was fuelled by a growth in new product categories, an improvement in digital marketing techniques and web analytics. The report stated that more than 50% of online retailers reached profitability in 2001, with more expected to cross the threshold in 2002. With fears of dot-com instability behind them, retailers seized the chance to optimize sales.

E-Commerce Report
Global E-Commerce hits A$ 120 Billion
Online Retailing Strategies

Since 1995, Benon Technologies Pty Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jumbo Corporation) has refined a 4 point strategy for online retailing.

1. Focus on "Internet friendly" products that have proven to sell well over the Internet. The company avoids some product lines that are not suited to online sales and continually investigates new product lines to add to its existing range.

2. Market globally to specific product target markets. Currently over 70% of the online sales are made overseas and marketing campaigns are run online designed to encourage repeat customers placing repetitive orders. The Australian online shopping market accounts for approximately 3% of the global online market.

3. Develop proprietary retailing software and marketing techniques and uses them as a competitive advantage. The in-house development model allows the company to rapidly develop new features to respond to customer demands. The high level of automation means higher sales volumes can be achieved with minimal operating costs.

4. Provide very high standard security to protect customer online payments. The company plans to continue its growth through further investigations info new product lines and keep its costs under control through further refinement of its e-commerce software.

Click here to download the full release.

For further enquiries,
please contact:
PH: (07) 3831 3705
Fax: (07) 3831 9720
Email: mike@jumbocorporation.com

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