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na dann kiek mal;)

"Warning Model Management Inc. (OTCBB: WNMI) Last .0194 on heavy volume of 259,316,288.

Latest: Announced the exclusive model representation of Paris Hilton. Warning will be representing Miss Hilton for all print work, advertising campaigns and endorsements, personal appearances and runway work."

@ zet100

Ja da geht was,hab zu 0,012 USD gekauft und bei 0,039 USD verkauft ein Plus von 225%,wenn ich da mal nicht zu früh verkauft habe!
Die hat noch Luft nach oben ist aber OTC also VORSICHT!

mfg Marchella

könnte noch weiter nach oben gehen

was meint ihr?


Warning! Apparel Industry

Intuit_Information Newsletter
Warning! Apparel Industry
Sunday, March 28, 2004

NEW YORK, NY --(WWW INTUIT_BUSINESS WIRE)–3/28/2004 11:40am Early last week Warning Model Management Inc. (OTC BB:WNMI.OB) announced the exclusive model representation of Paris Hilton [Mar 23, 2004] for all print work, advertising campaigns, endorsements, personal appearances and runway work as the entire Apparel Industry seemed to take notice so did Wall St. The WNMI share price shot up 300% in one day and the trading volume was unprecedented hitting all time highs.

Whereas the avg volume of WNMI was trading 1M shares daily the news shot it to 300M shares. These are the opening signals Main St investors/traders need to look for in order to capitalize on market opportunities.

What the Intuit_Information Newsletter sources have revealed is Delta Galil Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: DELT ), the global provider of private label intimate apparel could be in contract manufacturing negotiations with Warning!.

First go back to Oct. ’03 when sources revealed that Warning! management filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office requesting a Warning! trademark [Filing Date: 2003-10-27, see link]


What can now be seen as more then just coincidental is the fact that Deutsche Bank recently bought $26 million worth of Delta Galil stock on March 14 [one week prior to the following WNMI PR’s being released].

The significance of a possible deal with Delta Galil [headquartered in Israel] is because DELT a leading global manufacturer of quality apparel sold under brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and recognized for product innovation and development. Delta`s products are sold worldwide through retailers including Marks & Spencer, Target, Wal-Mart, Victoria`s Secret, JC Penney, Hema, J. Crew, Carrefour and The GAP.


• Warning Model Management Photography Division Opens With a Boom!
Thu, Mar 25 - Market Wire
• Warning! Paris Hilton
Tue, Mar 23 - Market Wire
• Warning Talent Strengthens and Grows
Thu, Mar 18 - Market Wire

There are two facts that are undisputed in the market;
1) Anything can happen
2) Insiders/Investment Bankers buy before Main St

When “any” company attracts a marquis player as Warning! did recently signing the Hilton hotel heiress to an exclusive contract you can logically figure out something big was already in motion. The Intuit_Information Newsletter is going on record to say that Ms. Hilton could be to Warning! what Babe Ruth was to the NY Yankees, or what Michael Jordan was to the Chicago Bulls even what Tiger Woods is to Nike.

When we looked at some of the name brand companies in the Apparel/Accessories Sector and envisioned Warning! starting a clothing line [with a Trademark pending] it’s fair to say that WNMI is undervalued at $0.027 especially when Paris Hilton’s captivating beauty and sex appeal is currently adorning the covers of several popular magazines, including FHM, Elle and Maxim.

•Everlast® Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq: EVST) $2.55
•Liz Claiborne Inc. (NYSE: LIZ) $36.01
•The Leather Factory, Inc. (Amex: TLF - News) $5.06[Westminster Securities Reiterates `Strong Buy’]
•Coach Inc. (NYSE:COH) $41.55
•Gucci Group (NYSE:GUC) $85.40
•Warning! (OTC BB:WNMI.OB) $0.027

Overnight, this Supermodel became America’s favorite socialite and a global household name with her infamous “home videos”. The internet chat rooms foresee this Hilton hotel heiress having her sweet buns as the center piece of the new [Warning!] fashion line that ranges from jeans to underwear and beachwear to sleepwear. If the Warning! clothing line catches on fire like her hot sex video did and as the stock price did this past week then her millions of fans worldwide are sure to make the current share price of WNMI @ $0.027 seem like one of the most compelling and undervalued equities in the entire stock market.

The company’s Annual Report is expected next week but our sources say there could be a late filing [Form Type: NT 10-K] on Monday or Tuesday. The 10K more then likely may be delayed because of several positive developments taking place so if you’re a shareholder you know what to expect.

For now keep your eyes on Paris [that`s easy] and WNMI’s daily volume and any additional blockbuster PR’s because this could transform this penny stock into a personal windfall.

With the share volume hitting all time highs on the news you can be sure the Paris+Warning! relationship is spreading internationally. One word of caution, [WNMI] is best suited for aggressive type strategies that invest with meaningful risk.

For additional insight into WNMI and other OTC.BB opportunities you can subscribe to the Intuit_Information Newsletter [it’s free] at: in2it_411@yahoo.com

This newsletter contains forward-looking statements as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements are based on the current expectations of Intuit_Information Newsletter and sources which could cause the actual results or performance of the company to differ materially from those described therein

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