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10 Day Target Price: $1.75

Opening Price : 53 cents
10 Day target: $1.75
3 Month Target: $3.89
Approx. Float: 6 million

A Few Reasons to Own BOCX:

1.. BOCX has patented and proprietary technology that is leading the way in early cancer detection.
2.. BOCX is currently developing and commercializing cancer diagnostic products based upon their breakthrough RECAFTM cancer marker technology.
3.. A vaccine based on BOCX`s proprietary RECAFTM technology that would protect against most types of cancer has a $2B market potential in U.S. alone.
4.. Radioisotope imaging of RECAFTM positive cancer cells can be obtained with standard hospital equipment. Projected as a $1B U.S. market share for BOCX.
5.. $ 2 Billion Dollar market targeted for BOCX`s single serum test for the diagnosis of numerous types of cancer. To be launched under the name Serum-RECAFTM.
6.. $3 Billion Dollar market share is seen as realistic as BOCX joins the Antibody Therapy arena with very favorable results from preliminary studies based on BOCX`s RECAFTM technology.
7.. BOCX targets growing market for minimizing or eliminating side effects of cancer chemotherapy, utilizing its RECAFTM antibodies for drug and radioisotope delivery.
8.. BOCX is seen as a prime-licensing candidate based on the multitude of clinical uses of BOCX`s proprietary RECAF TMtechnology.
9.. BOCX has assembled a team of renowned individual scientists and experts under the direction of Dr. Phillip Gold, the most eminent investigator in the cancer marker field.
10.. Investigators at BOCX have demonstrated that leukemia can be diagnosed and monitored utilizing BOCX`s RECAFTM staining technology. By cleansing patients` bone marrow of cancer cells, need for bone marrow transplants might be eliminated.
11.. BOCX`s Histo-RECAFTM, a special cancer detection kit for tissues, has been cleared for sale by the FDA for U.S. markets, with an early projected market potential of $200 million.

BOCX is biotechnology company dedicated to the development of innovative healthcare solutions for the new millennium. The first of these groundbreaking new technologies is in the field of cancer diagnosis, tumor imaging, and treatment. The technology identifies a widespread cancer biomarker known as RECAFTM, which enables the potential for detection of the vast majority of malignant cancers from blood tests, tissue biopsies or other specimen types.

Put simply, RECAFTM is the only biomarker known to be present in most types of cancer cells and BOCX`s patented technology is the only means to detect it. What`s more, RECAFTM technology distinguishes cancer cells from normal cells and malignant tumors from benign tumors.

Research indicates RECAFTM is present in practically 100% of breast cancers and in approximately 90% of cancers overall. The technology may also be applied to pinpoint the exact location of a cancer in the body using imaging technology. It is anticipated that RECAFTM will replace certain other biomarkers that may only detect one type of cancer or are not sensitive or specific to a particular malignancy. Its widespread nature indicates that RECAFTM technology may be applied to cancers for which there are no other effective markers - particularly breast and lung cancers, which together represent one third of all cancers.

In addition to the USA, BOCX has patents pending for RECAFTM in more than 20 countries and has already received patents in Australia and Russia.

Investment Opportunity

In North America, there are over 8 million cancer patients and approximately 1 million new cases are reported each year. Over 1/3 of the population will develop cancer at some point during their life and over one-half million people die from cancer each year. The new incidences of cancer along with the maintenance of persons living with cancer will continue to increase the demand for cancer products. The present world market for cancer therapeutics is approximately US$12 billion per year. The National Cancer Institute estimates overall annual costs for cancer in the U.S. at US$104 billion with US$35 billion in direct medical costs and the remainder in productivity and mortality-related costs. Approximately 1/2 of the direct costs are related to the treatment of breast, lung and prostate cancers.


A novel widespread cancer marker named RECAFTM. Cancer markers` are molecules that appear on cancer cells but not on normal cells and finding new ones is one of the most important goals in cancer research (only half a dozen have been found in the past 40 years). PSA (prostate cancer) and CEA (colorectal cancer) are well known cancer markers. They can by used to detect (diagnose) and then specifically target cancer cells (therapy) -- offering the potential to provide treatment of cancer by delivering antibodies, drugs and radiation to the targeted cancerous cells.



Its sister product, Cryo RECAFTM - for use for diagnosis on frozen sections while the patient is under anesthesia - is fully developed and awaiting further testing prior to FDA submission. BOCX is actively working on the serum test, which will be launched under the name Serum- RECAFTM.


Pathology $200M
Blood tests $2B
Imaging $1B
Antibody therapy $3B
RECAF Vaccine $2B

How many times have you seen issues explode but you couldn`t get your hands on them? We are alerting you to a special company with a unique product that is set to explode on Monday -- this is your chance to get in! BOCX is a high-growth microcap issue and should be purchased only by stock traders and investors that set aside a portion of their portfolio for this type of investment. BOCX is an exciting company with an exciting new technology -- go get it now!
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danke preisfuchs
BOCX Biocurex Inc (OTC BB) 4/5/2004 2:55 PM
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da lacht herr eichel
Ich bin optimistisch das BOCX bis zum Jahresende die 10 Dollar knackt.
Preisfuchs nochmals danke für den Tip :)
Das Patent spricht für sich

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