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ich denke es ist ein interessanter wert, der noch viel
potential hat.
hat jemand noch mehr news ??

Last updated March 1st, 2000


To serve patients and shareholders through the discovery, development and commercialization of enzyme-based therapeutics.


IBEX Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company developing enzyme-based therapeutics primarily for the treatment of cardiovascular disease.


The Company’s pipeline flows primarily from its proprietary system flavobacterium heparinum, from which the Company can produce a number of enzymes of therapeutic interest, the most advanced of which are, Neutralase (TM) (heparinase I) and Extravase(TM) (heparinase III).

Neutralase(TM) (heparinase I): The Company’s lead product is Neutralase (TM), which is being developed as a heparin neutralization agent for use after bypasss surgery. The Company’s objective is to show that Neutralase(TM) not only reverses the anticoagulant effects of heparin as well as the currently used drug, protamine, but that it has a number of significant advantages over protamine, notably, that unlike protamine, Neutralase(TM) does not cause hemodynamic perturbations.
In addition, Neutralase is expected to have advantages over protamine regarding preservation of platelet function, preservation of heparin’s anti-thrombotic activity and reduced complement activation.

Heparin neutralization is required in over 400,000 bypass procedures annually in the United States and a further 250,000 in other countries. In addition, heparin neutralization is desirable in over 1 million cardiology or peripheral vascular surgical procedures. In 1998, IBEX Technologies halted the first phase III trial because at the dose used, Neutralase(TM) did not sufficiently reverse heparin. Neutralase did however demonstrate a significant advantage over protamine in terms of hemodynamics.

In August 1999, IBEX completed the first stage of a new Phase III trial with a modified dosing scheme. The interim analysis of this stage was judged to be positive, and warranted continuation of this trial. IBEX is currently seeking a corporate partner before restarting the trial.

Extravase(TM) (heparinase III): The Company is well advanced preclinically with its second product, Extravase, which is being developed to prevent the injury which occurs from reperfusion following heart attacks or stroke. Extravase has also shown benefit in animal models of restenosis and wound healing. In vitro, Extravase has been shown to prevent the penetration of viruses into host cells.
Phenylase(TM): The Company has been attempting to develop Phenylase(TM), an orally active drug for the treatment of hyperphenylalaninemia and phenylketonuria (usually referred to as PKU). The clinical objective of Phenylase is to replace the activity of the missing enzyme, phenylalanine hydroxylase, thereby allowing PKU sufferers a near normal diet.
Although the Company has made significant progress in formulating the active ingredient PAL, it has not made sufficient progress to warrant further development based on state of the art at this time.

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