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hier eine aktuelle Meldung. Ich habe mich schon gewundert warum der Kurs gestiegen ist.

Habt Ihr Meinungen oder andere Infos ??Canadian Company Press Release

IBT 2000-03-01 (provided courtesy of Canadian Corporate News.)
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Recent Studies Suggest IBEX Drug Neutralase(TM) Effective on New Class of Anticoagulants

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--Recent studies demonstrate that Neutralase is
the most effective agent in reversing the new class of
anticoagulants which are now coming to market for a wide range of
clinical uses. These experiments were conducted in the
laboratories of Professor Jawed Fareed and colleagues at Loyola
University Medical Center (Chicago, Illinois) and were presented
by Dr. O. Iqbal at the annual meeting of the American Society of
Hematology held in New Orleans this past December.

One such anticoagulant, a synthetic pentasaccharide is being
developed by Sanofi-Synthelabo as a novel agent with less bleeding
potential than standard heparin. In the reported study, reversal
of the Sanofi-Synthelabo drug, as measured by anti-Factor Xa
activity or the Heptest(TM), was studied in vitro in human plasma.
The efficacy of three reversal agents; Neutralase, protamine and
platelet factor 4 were compared. Neither protamine nor platelet
factor 4 were able to reverse any anticoagulant activity of the
pentasaccharide. In contrast, Neutralase was highly effective.

In similar studies, Dr. Jawed Fareed and colleagues, as well as
IBEX scientists, have demonstrated the ability of Neutralase to
reverse the Aventis drug, Lovenox(TM) (enoxaparin), currently the
most commonly used low molecular weight heparin with sales for the
last three quarters of over US$500 million.

"Until now, a specific antidote to neutralize low molecular weight
heparins and pentasaccharide is not available. Heparinase I
(Neutralase(TM)) may be a useful agent to neutralize the bleeding
effects of low molecular weight heparins, their fractions, and
chemically synthetic pentasaccharide" concluded Dr. Fareed, Dr.
Iqbal and colleagues.

IBEX believes this represents a significant commercial opportunity
for Neutralase and has initiated collaboration discussions with
potential partners.

Neutralase(TM) is also being studied in the US and Germany for the
reversal of heparin-induced anti-coagulation in coronary artery
bypass surgery.

IBEX Technologies Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company
developing therapeutic enzymes for heparin reversal,
cardiovascular disease and tissue repair.



IBEX Technologies Inc.
Paul Baehr
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
(514) 344-4004
(514) 344-8827 (FAX)
IBEX Technologies Inc.
Robert Heft
President and Chief Operating Officer
(514) 344-4004
(514) 344-8827 (FAX)

IBEX was machen die.
PC Leasing oder Biotech.
Bitte um info
Danke zanker
hallo Zanker,

IBEX ist ein BioTech - Unternehmen aus Canada


befinden sich in Phase III und siehe meinem anderen Posting sieht es gut aus.


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