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KEIMFREIES Gemüse mit Hilfe von Chemikalien(Chlor etc.) ?

Nein danke;)

Da sind wahrscheinlich weder lebensnotwendige Nährstoffe noch Mineralien drin.
Lebensmittel sehen anders aus, das hört sich eher nach Todesmitteln an:eek:

das obst und gemüse wird mit ozon und zitronsäure besprüht und tötet die sechs weitverbreitesten keime ab.
du sollst das auch nicht essen sondern in die firma investieren.
entkeimt muß das obst und gemüse ohnehin, warum nicht schonender und billiger so wie efsf es macht.

die letzten tage waren ja sehr erfolgreich.
Press Release Source: eFoodSafety.com, Inc.

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Completes Bird Flu Formulation
Monday March 27, 10:15 am ET
EFSF Believes It Has Formulated the 'Total Solution' to the Potential Bird Flu Pandemic

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 2006--Patricia Gruden, President/CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF - News), announced today that eFoodSafety.com, Inc. has completed its product formulations on what it calls the "Total Solution" to the potential Bird Flu pandemic. eFoodSafety's Citroxin formulation has definitively proven in independent laboratory testing to eliminate the H9N2 virus, which is the surrogate organism used in all laboratory testing for the Bird Flu, on both hard and porous surfaces.

eFoodSafety's Citroxin formulation can be sprayed on bird cages and hen houses without it being harmful to animals or humans in surrounding areas if ingested.

Humans who have contracted the H5N1 virus, commonly known as Bird Flu, can rely on eFoodSafety's Citroxin O2 formulation, an ingestible product that the company believes will prove to have dramatic effects on the Bird Flu virus. The Citroxin O2 formulation is currently undergoing human clinical trials on the Influenza Viruses A and B, however testimonials from humans who have taken the product with influenza-like symptoms indicate very promising results.

The company further reports that interest in the Citroxin formulations from large multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations has been very encouraging and anticipates pursuing all opportunities presented.

"It is eFoodSafety's contention that these two products can prevent the spread and effectively treat the potential pandemic Bird Flu virus. We anticipate the product will soon be ready for mass production and distribution," stated Mrs. Gruden.

About eFoodSafety.com, Inc.

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. is dedicated to improving food and health conditions around the world through its innovative technologies. The company's Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. subsidiary has developed an environmentally safe sporicidal product formulated entirely of food-grade components that eradicates anthrax and a germicidal product, Big 6 Plus - EPA Reg. No. 82723-1 that kills six major bacteria: E-coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus, Avian Influenza, and Black Mold. The sporicidal product has completed its final efficacy laboratory study requisite for EPA registration. In the study, it eradicated both Clostridium Sporogenes and Bacillus Subtilis with 100% efficacy on both hard and porous surfaces. The company's MedElite, Inc. subsidiary distributes clinically proven products to physicians who then prescribe the products for their patients. It is the exclusive U.S. and worldwide distributor of the Talsyn(TM)-CI/bid Scar Cream that has been clinically proven to facilitate and improve the appearance, redness and strength of scars (www.talsyn.com). The company is also is a distributor for Cinnergen(TM), a non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement that promotes healthy glucose metabolism (www.cinnergen.com), and most recently became a distributor for Trimmendous(TM), a weight-loss formula focusing on the body's 24-hour metabolic processes.

Safe Harbor Forward-Looking Statements

Statements contained in this release that are not strictly historical are "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The forward-looking statements are made based on information available as of the date hereof, and the company assumes no obligation to update such forward-looking statements. Editors and investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements invoke risk and uncertainties and the company's actual results may differ from these forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to demand for the company's products and services, our ability to continue to develop markets, general economic conditions, our ability to secure additional financing for the company and other factors that may be more fully described in reports to shareholders and periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Redwood Consultants, LLC
Jens Dalsgaard, 415-884-0348

:D bereits 30% rauf bei den amis
SK usa +51% :eek:

marketgainer.com: Market Gainer Releases Report On eFoodSafety.com, Inc.

Mar 27, 2006 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- Market Gainer is quickly emerging as the one stop shop for international small-cap investors looking to stay a step ahead of the markets. eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTC:EFSF), has gotten the attention of our research team this morning. Our goal is to create a community of international investors who consistently and effectively capitalize on the enormous gains that the small-cap Canadian and American exchanges offer.
eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTC:EFSF), announced today that eFoodSafety.com, Inc. has completed its product formulations on what it calls the "Total Solution" to the potential Bird Flu pandemic. eFoodSafety's Citroxin formulation has definitively proven in independent laboratory testing to eliminate the H9N2 virus, which is the surrogate organism used in all laboratory testing for the Bird Flu, on both hard and porous surfaces.

eFoodSafety's Citroxin formulation can be sprayed on bird cages and hen houses without it being harmful to animals or humans in surrounding areas if ingested.

Humans who have contracted the H5N1 virus, commonly known as Bird Flu, can rely on eFoodSafety's Citroxin O2 formulation, an ingestible product that the company believes will prove to have dramatic effects on the Bird Flu virus. The Citroxin O2 formulation is currently undergoing human clinical trials on the Influenza Viruses A and B, however testimonials from humans who have taken the product with influenza-like symptoms indicate very promising results.

Following this announcement, eFoodSafety.com, Inc. continues to perform, up over 15% today on higher than average volume. M.G will continue doing research on eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTC:EFSF), both short term and long term, and invite any shareholders to our site, where you can partake in communicating with other investors on the company.

The information provided is brief and informative however becoming a member to our site will give you access to all the on-going information we come across on both of the above mentioned companies.

Investors seeking a resource to further their investment knowledge and be informed of exciting opportunity should take the easy step of becoming a member to www.marketgainer.com. Our service is free and at no time will we ever push any sort of annual subscription on you. The Market Gainer motto is "Our Success depends on Yours!" This information has been brought to your attention by the research team at www.marketgainer.com and comes from an unbiased perspective Although we are a boutique research firm, we have not made any investments in the above mentioned companies.

The Financial Information and Financial Content provided by Marketgainer.com is for informational purposes only and should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or endorsement, recommendations, or sponsorship of any company or security by Marketgainer.com. You acknowledge and agree that any request for information is unsolicited and shall neither constitute nor be construed as investment advice by Marketgainer.com to you. It is strongly recommended that you seek outside advice from a qualified securities professional prior to making any securities investment. Marketgainer.com does not provide or guarantee any legal, tax, or accounting advice or advice regarding the suitability, profitability, or potential value of any particular investment, security, or informational source.

M2 Communications Ltd disclaims all liability for information provided within M2 PressWIRE. Data supplied by named party/parties. Further information on M2 PressWIRE can be obtained at http://www.presswire.net on the world wide web Inquiries to info@m2.com.


will Go up..
Sehr gute News :) brutales Volumen :eek: und der Chart ist auch sehr lecker!:lick:

Wenn sie die 0,50 gleich knackt dann wird sie morgen weiterlaufen...:D
hi @ all,

folgendes im ami - board aufgeschnappt,
By: puckerboy1
28 Mar 2006, 09:06 AM EST
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EFSF - Take a look at this DD! Get in now!

This was posted by Shakerzz on the Momentum Board this morning! Fantastic potential for this stock!! EM

Found this:

The official trials and approvals are complete!
eFoodSafety's Big Six Plus germicidal formula is now ready to attack the global spread of Avian Flu virus!
Tests prove it is 100% effective killing lab virus.
It is completely non-toxic to humans and livestock.
Recent EPA approval* opened the door to worldwide market possibilities.
All this while eFoodSafety stock (OTC BB: EFSF) is selling at a fraction of its long-term potential!
I’m telling my readers to load up on EFSF right now!

Once news of the EPA approval becomes widely known, the stock could go ballistic!

This virus has already surpassed $10 billion in its global impact! Company: eFoodSafety
Symbol: EFSF
First Target: $2
Strategy: Buy and hold for sell signal from The KonLin Letter

Immediate BUY NOW!

This is a high risk investment suitable only for aggressive investors. Please limit your investment to an amount you are comfortable putting at risk for loss.

AP Photo Since 1997 when Hong Kong officials reported the H5N1 viral outbreak of avian (bird) flu, 151 million domestic birds have died or been destroyed as the result of this killer disease.

The loss to agriculture now tops $10 billion and efforts to contain the disease with quarantines and culling of flocks have apparently failed.

EFSF investors could see fortunes made as the rush gets underway to contain and stop bird flu.

Can you imagine the revenue and profit from a product with this kind of potential?
Since EPA approval has already been announced, I anticipate that eFoodSafety stock (EFSF) will not stay at today's share price for very long! You must consider this opportunity now!
*EPA Registration No. 82723-1

Dear Profit-Seeking Investor:

——There’s a lot at stake here so let me start with the news that could create a fortune in profits for you very shortly.

——I anticipate you could see a quick 2- to 3-fold leap off today’s EFSF share prices following news that eFoodSafety has received EPA approval for its non-toxic Big Six Plus germicidal.

——This has been the key news the company has been waiting for…news that will finally open the doors to a global market for an environmentally safe, non-toxic answer to the bird flu crisis.

——The profit potential for investors is simply enormous.

——My first upside target of $2 puts EFSF in 670% gain potential.

——My second target could be so explosive, it might easily blow past a ten-bagger! I'll be publishing my forecasts and sell signals in The KonLin Letter.

——What’s driving this forecast is that eFoodSafety now has its non-toxic anti-viral formula ready for global distribution.

——Now that it’s received EPA approval, eFoodSafety Big Six Plus germicidal could quickly be disseminated worldwide, used to combat one of the most urgent health crises in human history, bird flu.

——Let me begin with a quick review of the toll that bird flu has taken thus far. Since its outbreak…

151 million domestic birds have died or been killed,
$10 billion has been lost in agricultural economies, and sadly,
63 people have died even before the viral mutation that World Health Organization officials are saying would trigger a global pandemic of Biblical proportions.
——As horrendous as these data are, here is the figure that staggers the imagination.

——At present, about 50% of human patients who contract avian flu could die from the disease, creating a lethal risk of 180-300 million human deaths according to one highly regarded researcher.

——It’s that serious. Ira Longini, from Emory University’s Department of Biostatistics demonstrated the need for an effective, non-toxic weapon to stop the spread of disease using data obtained from an epidemic simulation over 5,625 square kilometers of rural Thailand.

——Longini reports, "You have two to three weeks, if it starts in a rural area, to contain the disease." Longini goes on to say, “With a reasonably small stockpile of antiviral prophylaxis, you can contain it with a high probability.”

——Please note the phrase: “antiviral prophylaxis.”

——Prophylaxis means applying the remedy before the cure.

Longini’s assessment brings home the importance of a response like what may be possible with the non-toxic eFoodSafety Big Six Plus formula.

This is exactly the use for which Big Six Plus germicidal is intended.

——I can imagine the stampede of countries seeking supplies of Big Six Plus to clean up bird flu breakouts or stop them from occuring in the first place.

——Is that going to happen? It’s not guaranteed, but I for one do not want to be on the sidelines should this stampede get started. I own this stock myself and have made it my #1 stock pick for 2006. My subscribers are also ready and you could be too.

——Just look at how much America will spend…with no outbreak yet on our soil!

$3.8 billion has been approved for
combating bird flu in America!
——In November last year, President Bush proposed a whopping $7.1 billion budget to prevent the spread of bird flu to America. By Christmas, Congress had approved $3.8 billion of that request.

——Worldwide, you can anticipate that billions more will be spent attempting to stop bird flu from spreading further.

——When that kind of money is thrown at a problem of this magnitude, fortunes will be made, of that you can be certain.

What’s more, further tests suggest that a similar eFoodSafety formula can be used as an oral treatment for influenza patients!
Human trials are already underway!
——Clinical trials at one of America’s top pharmaceutical testing laboratories, Bucks County Clinical Research, are being conducted to show that eFoodSafety’s Citroxin O2 germicidal formula can kill influenza A & B virus in vivo. (Since no patients can be tested with bird flu, the efficacy against bird flu virus will be inferred.)

——This is the same research lab that routinely tests for major pharmaceutical companies like Roche, Bristol Myers and others.

There’s even evidence that the germicidal formula could lead to an effective therapy for the common cold! Wouldn’t that be nice...and profitable!

——In agricultural applications, Big Six Plus can be sprayed almost anywhere that bird flu is found…in chicken coops, poultry feed, nesting areas, food processing areas, etc. It's even being considered as an additive to poultry feed for prevention or treatment of disease.

——So why is eFoodSafety’s product not being sprayed from airplanes right now? Good question. Now that the EPA has signed it off as non-toxic, it may well come to that!

——After all...something must be used to stop bird flu…and this could be it!

Big Six Plus is proven effective…proven safe…and ready for global sales!
It’s non-toxic to humans and animals, can be used almost anywhere.
And it’s devastating to a long list of pathogens such as these nasty bugs:
It eradicates black mold…the destroyer of homes!
——eFoodSafety has been selling the Citroxin cleaner for its proven, 100% effectiveness at wiping out the black mold (stachybotrys chartarum) overrunning hurricane-ravaged areas of the South. Unlike the toxic, marginally effective alternatives, Citroxin can be sprayed cost-effectively without immediate or lasting impact on humans, animals or the environment. I expect significant sales from this product in the coming year.

It sanitizes food, prep surfaces, restaurants, hospitals and more destroying the EPA’s 6 worst bacterial pathogens!
——Earlier in 2005, I alerted my readers to the announcement that eFoodSafety Big Six Plus germicidal passed all tests for safely and completely eradicating the EPA’s six most dangerous bacterial pathogens:

1. e-coli
2. listeria
3. pseudomonoas
4. salmonella
5. staphylococcus
6. streptococcus

——Big Six Plus is proven completely effective when used on hard and porous surfaces making it highly desirable for routine use in hospitals, kitchens, food storage areas, and many more locations where disease can be spread. I expect huge sales from this product line.

——Tests also prove that it’s 100% safe to spray and use around animals, food and humans, largely because the formula is comprised of nothing but food-safe components, previously approved by the FDA and EPA!

——This has created an incredible buying opportunity for EFSF! Since the market has completely missed its latest announcement, you could make a fortune off eFoodSafety stock (EFSF) that you buy today.

——Last September, rumors of a breakthrough appear to have triggered a 24-hour, 214% share price explosion in EFSF stock. (9/12/05)...which are poised for tremendous share price growth as the company is moving toward fulfillment of its stated objectives.

Now that rumors have been verified, EFSF has become an urgent “Buy Now” opportunity!
——I would not wait to make your move. I firmly believe that eFoodSafety could quickly skyrocket once this recently announced news reaches market ears.

——That’s not all…

——eFoodSafety has more products in the pipeline, some already generating revenue that could make the company hugely profitable as early as this year!

And most important, eFoodSafety is about to achieve positive cash flow!
——It's rare that an investor can find a ground-floor opportunity with explosive growth potential that has already established positive fundamentals.

——eFoodSafety hit this landmark early this year, which is why I'm urging investors to move quickly on its stock (EFSF). This buying opportunity can't last much longer!

——Here are a few of the products, in addition to Big Six Plus germicide, that are carrying eFoodSafety into the future...and could be featured in coming news releases:

Talsyn™ CI/bid Scar Cream
The most efficacious scar cream on the market today, entering a $4 billion market.
——Talsyn is effective in the treatment of new and old scars and is particularly promising to the cosmetic surgery segment where 9.2 million procedures are performed annually.

——Talsyn also works to reduce old scars by an average of 62% over an 8-9 week treatment regimen. Available only through a physician, the product’s acceptance in surgery and clinics is soaring making it a potential huge money maker in 2006.

Cinnergen™ non-prescription diabetes product
Sales are already surpassing expectations on this important new product.
——Diabetes is becoming one of the fastest growing chronic health problems in America’s aging population. It’s currently a $132 billion market.

——Cinnergen encapsulates a proven effective naturally occurring compound found in common cinnamon that can supplement subscription diabetes medications and help decrease medication needs in type 2 diabetic and borderline patients.

——Cinnergen can also forestall diabetes onset in at-risk patients. Distribution is already underway at Drugstore.com and Richard’s Whole Foods. Expect more in the works for major retail drug chains.

Trimmendous™ weight loss aid
Staking a claim on a $33 billion market with a promising new weight-loss therapy that is both compelling and unique.
——This product is an effedrine-free weight loss product that is specifically formulated for a two-dose regimen, one for morning use and one for pre-bedtime use.

——Trimmendous improves metabolism and lifts energy levels without using risky stimulants. This product enters a huge weight loss marketplace that, though crowded with claims, has unique selling and performance benefits that could readily capture a significant share of that market.
dafür bin ich aber auch schon 2 jahre dabei !!!

muß aber gestehen das ich langsasm graue haare mit der aktie bekommen habe.
wie seht ihr das potenzial von efsf???
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 20.979.367 von wonner am 28.03.06 18:45:42leider ist es heute wie immer !!

nach starcken anstieg, langsames bröseln.
morgen sind wir wieder unter 40 amicent!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 20.979.367 von wonner am 28.03.06 18:45:42hi wonner,

hast dich ja lange nicht mehr mit diesem teil beschäftigt (letztes posting am 15.01.05).
tja, schwer zu sagen, was an diesem wundermittel tatsächlich dran ist.
könnte mir allerdings vorstellen, dass bei einer möglichen ausweitung der vogelgrippe auf die usa der hysterie - faktor nicht zu unterschätzen sein sollte d.h. egal ob`s hilft oder nicht, das ding würde (bei entsprechender vermarktung) weggehen wie die warmen semmeln.
sollten die vollmundigen ankündigungen aber substanz haben, dann stehen mit sicherheit schon einige größere pharma u.chemiekonzerne auf der matte.
;) schau ma moi... ;)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 20.979.701 von wonner am 28.03.06 19:02:17war aber doch klar, dass bei diesem krassen anstieg eine korrektur (die sich m.e. sehr in grenzen hielt) stattfinden mußte!

mal schaun, wie`s heute weitergeht ;)
ist ja richtig mit der korrektur, aber nach der nachrichtenlage müßte es eigentlich jetzt schon richtig klingeln mit dem kurs.
es geht ja nicht nur um die bird-flu geschichte.
hier noch eien nachricht von heute:
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2006--Patricia Gruden, President/CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), announced today that Rochester Drug Company (http://www.rdcdrug.com), an independently owned wholesale drug cooperative founded in 1905, has begun stocking and distributing Cinnergen(TM), an all-natural liquid nutritional supplement designed to regulate blood sugar.

Rochester Drug Company (RDC) services over 800 community retail pharmacies, long term care pharmacies, and home health care stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia. As a full-line wholesaler, RDC ships products out of their two state-of-the-art facilities located in Rochester, New York and New Castle, Pennsylvania. RDC prides itself in providing its customers with uncompromised dedication, superior service and competitive pricing; coupled with their vision and passion, RDC has enabled the independent pharmacies to succeed within their marketplace.

"The addition of Rochester Drug Company to our current network of independent distributors allows us to better service the Northeastern U.S. corridor of independent pharmacies. RDC is a well-respected, knowledgeable, and experienced distributor and we are proud to have them represent our product," stated Mrs. Grude
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 20.994.792 von wonner am 29.03.06 17:22:34und wie`s geklingelt hat hier - von anfang märz 0,29 usd bis aktuell 0,40 usd -> kann sich doch sehen lassen oder ????

tja wie`s aussieht halten "nur noch" (oder besser: "bis jetzt" :) ) nur wir beide die stellung hier
- schätze allerdings, dass sich das bald ändern wird :D
die frage ist doch, voher die aktie kommt.
anfang 04 stand sie bei 63 cent euro.
ich bin bei 50 eingestiegen.
da greift doch der spruch : der schönste tag eines aktionärs,? wenn man seine einsteigskurse wiedersieht:laugh::laugh::laugh:
ich nehme es aber sportlich, zumal ich von der sache eigentlich überzeugt bin.übrigens konlin hat die aktie schon 04 auf 2 dollar taxiert. mal sehen was draus wird.
was habe ich euch gesagt !!

weit unter 40amicent.jedesmal wenn das ding so hochgeht, fällt es auch
genauso wieder.:cry::cry:
mal sehen wenn die ersten quartalsergebnisse kommen, vielleicht wird dann die ganze sache mal ein bischen unterfüttert.
sehr ruhig wieder geworden hier:confused::confused:

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Reports to Shareholders that Bird Flu Virus is Expected to Reach United States within Three Weeks
Tuesday April 11, 10:16 am ET
Additional Testing on EFSF's Citroxin O2 Continues to Show Complete Eradication of Bird Flu Virus

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2006--Patricia Gruden, President/CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF - News), announced today that the Company's Citroxin O2 ingestible formulation has shown 100% eradication of the H9N2 virus in independent laboratory screenings. The H9N2 virus is the surrogate organism used in laboratory testing for the Bird Flu virus.

Researchers at Prudential Equity Group, LLC have stated that they anticipate the first signs of the Bird Flu virus spreading to the U.S. should be within 3 weeks, with the onset of this potential pandemic reaching California by Fall 2006 and blanketing the entire country before year end.

"eFoodSafety.com, Inc. is acutely aware of the magnitude of this potential pandemic and our key personnel, Robert Bowker, President of Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd., Dr. Richard Goldfarb, President of MedElite, Inc., Tim Matula, and myself are working around the clock seeing to it that these products will be available should such demand reach pandemic proportions," stated Mrs. Gruden.

As previously stated, we are awaiting results from the Citroxin O2 human clinical trials that are currently underway at Bucks County Clinical Research (BCCR) (http://bccrinc.com/), an FDA clinical facility, under the direction of David J. Miller, D.O., FAAP, Executive Director of BCCR and Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D., FACS, Medical Director of Research & Development of BCCR, a Director of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., and President of MedElite, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of eFoodSafety.com, Inc.

"Mr. Bowker and Dr. Goldfarb have been in communication with large multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies and I can assure our shareholders we are working to pursue all available avenues for sale of this product as the onset of this potential pandemic appears to be imminent," added Mrs. Gruden.
der "konlin letter" (kon-lin research & analysis corp.) hat efsf zum stock pick nr.1 2006 gewählt (jan 2006, pps 0,26)

das haben sie aber auch schon 2005 gesagt.

jedenfalls sind dieses jahr die aussichten besser.
mal sehen was passiert.
frohe ostern alle zusammen
hier einen kleinen überblick von dem was e-foodsafety macht.
entschuldigt das hackdeutsch. habe leider kein besseres übersetzungsprogramm.

Große Sechs Keimtötende Sauberere E.P.A. verlangten, dass Laborversuche zeigten, dass 100 % Rate für die großen 6 Bakterien auf harten und porösen Oberflächen töten. Die Gesellschaft erhielt E.P.A. Registrierung No 82723-1. Während der Rezension unserer Anwendung bewertete der E.P.A. die Gefahren, die durch die Großen 6 Keimtötend zur menschlichen Gesundheit und der Umgebung aufgestellt werden können, sowie die Zutaten, der Sinus untersuchten, auf dem es, der Betrag, die Frequenz und das Timing seines Gebrauches, und Lagerung und Verfügungspraxen verwendet werden soll. Die Einschätzung des E.P.A . beschloß, dass die Großen 6 Plus nachteilige Wirkungen auf Menschen, die Umgebung nicht haben und Arten ins Visier nichtnehmen werden. Die Formel hat ein Patent während des Status. Große 6 Plus Keimtötend werden zurzeit unter dem Namen Citroxin ? auf den Markt gebracht. Milzbrand Sporicidal ist ein umweltsmäßig sicheres sporicidal Produkt, formuliert völlig Nahrungsmittelrang-Bestandteile, der den E.P.A. ausrottet, bezeichnete Stellvertreter für Milzbrand, Bazillus Subtilis. Außerdem erwies es sich auch, gegen Clostridium Sporogenes und Bazillus Subtilis mit Wirkung von 100 % sowohl auf harten als auch auf porösen Oberflächen völlig wirksam zu sein. Talsyn ? - CI/bid Narbe-Sahne (www.talsyn.com) ist eine besonders dafür entworfene Zusammensetzung für das Management von Keloids, Hypertrophic Narben, Erythema, und chirurgischen Einschnitten. Talsyn ? ist klinisch bewiesen worden, die Heilung zu erleichtern und das Äussere, Röte, und Kraft von Narben zu verbessern. In einer vergleichenden Analyse-Studie überblickten 94 % von Patienten bevorzugt Talsyn ?-CI/Bid über beruhende Produkte des lilicone, die sich verglichen, um das ästhetische Äussere von Narben zu erhöhen, Elastizität und Anregung der collagen Synthese verbessernd. Die Studie wurde durch Bucks County Clinical Research, Inc unter der Richtung von Dr Richard M geführt. Goldfarb, M.D. FACS, Dr David I. Müller, D.O. FAAP; die Patienten, die an der Studie teilnehmen, wurden zur Verfügung gestellt und vom Facharzt für plastische Chirurgie, Dr Robert beaufsichtigt. J. Mirabile, M.D., FACPRS. Cinnergen ? (www.cinnergen.com) ist einmal täglich von 15 ganzen Nahrungsmitteln gemachte Formel, die keine Fette, Kohlenhydrate, Zucker, oder Kalorien enthalten. Cinnergen ? wird besonders formuliert, um gesunden Traubenzucker-Metabolismus zu fördern, und ist klinisch bewiesen worden, die Symptome zu vermindern, die allgemein erhobenen Blutzucker und seine Wirkungen begleiten. Cinnergen ? liefert konzentrierte Nahrung, um dem Körper effizient und effektiv metabolize Zucker zu helfen. Als Ganzes stellt Nahrungsmittelkomplex, Cinnergen ? mehrere Schlüsselzutaten zur Verfügung, die an einer typischen amerikanischen Nahrung allgemein unzulänglich sind und das klinisch im Laufe Jahre der Forschung bewiesen worden ist, Verzehren und Anwendung von Zucker zu verbessern.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 21.212.722 von wonner am 17.04.06 14:59:48eFoodSafety Inc. Announces Expansion of Marketing Program for Clinically Proven Diabetes/Hypoglycemic Product

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, (NAMC) - Patricia Ross-Gruden, president and CEO of eFoodSafety (OTCBB: EFSF), announced today that due to the favorable response to the current direct response radio campaign promoting Cinnergen(TM) (www.cinnergen.com), the company will now commence with a national television advertising campaign in order to widen even further the availability of this product formulated to assist the body in metabolizing blood sugar. She further stated that the response and acceptance of this product in this $132 billion market is extremely gratifying in that it is a product widely needed in the diabetes/hypoglycemic market, and is a large step toward profitability for the company...

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 21.073.766 von wonner am 04.04.06 19:10:02Hallo Wonner!

Gibt es irgentwo bereits Umsatzzahlen zu einem der Produkte bzw. des Unternehmens? Habe in einem alten Posting aus 2004 gelesen, daß für das Jahr 2005 bereits ein Gewinn von 7 mio $ und für 2006 von 26 Mio $ erwartet wurde?

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 22.639.270 von aloisius1 am 17.07.06 10:53:18alles was aus 2004 stammt ist asche.
seit dieser zeit hat der vorstand schon zweimal gewechselt.
wenn man konlin glauben mag sollte schon 04 ein kurs von 2 doll
errecht werden. das ding ist eine wette.
eins steht fest, sie müssen gute kontakte zur regierung haben sonst wären die bestimmt nicht nach thailand mit ihren gerätschaften gekommen.erste richtige zahlen sollen ende juli kommen.
ich bin seit 04 dabei, jetzt glaube ich das sich was bewegen könnte.

die hoffnung stirbt ja bekanntlich zuletzt.
bin aber wirklich positiv gestimmt.;);)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 22.645.810 von wonner am 17.07.06 16:19:52hier ein kleines update;)

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF), dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today provided shareholders and the investment community with an update on recent progress made by its Knock-Out Technologies subsidiary.

Over the past quarter, Knock-Out Technologies has finalized the formulation of the following products:

Trimycin - The Trimycin product is currently undergoing testing on the Tuberculosis organism (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), a branch of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) located in the greater Bangkok metropolitan area of Thailand. The World Health Organizations' Global Plan to Stop TB 2006-2015 expects to treat 50 million people for Tuberculosis and save 14 million lives, at a cost of US $56 billion over the next 10 years (Stop TB Partnership; World Health Organization).

Auromoxin - The Auromoxin product is currently undergoing testing on live tissue samples inoculated with Malaria (Plasmodium Falciparum) at BIOTEC in Thailand. In Africa alone, Malaria accounts for approximately 40% of total government spending on public health, including direct costs on health facilities, mosquito control, and malaria-related education and research (The Roll Back Malaria Partnership; World Health Organization).

Occusyn - The Occusyn product for Lyme disease is currently being researched in clinical trials. Initial results have been encouraging. Lyme disease costs society about $1 billion per year, for unnecessary or inappropriate medical care, lost productivity, legal fees, and other direct/indirect expenses (Irwin T. Vanderhoof, PhD, CLU et al. (1993) Lyme disease: The cost to society. Contingencies).

OraPhyte - The OraPhyte product was designed to combat plant-parasitic nematodes, which are microscopic worms that cause an estimated crop loss of $100 billion globally (U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mennan, S., Handoo, Z.A. (2006) Nematropica). The Company anticipates significant information on the ongoing testing of the OraPhyte product.

Immune Booster Bar - The Immune Booster Bar is formulated and ready for packaging and distribution. The Company is hopeful for an early 2007 launch of this product which will be the Company's first entry into the functional food market. The market size for food bars alone is estimated to be $3 billion per year and growing rapidly.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., stated, "As evidenced by today's shareholder update, we clearly have many potentially exciting things developing within our Knock-Out Technologies subsidiary. We believe that over the last year we have built a strong foundation to support future revenue growth as we enter the marketing stage for many of our better health related offerings. We expect that Knock-Out Technologies' many current and forthcoming products will play a major role in our anticipated revenue growth."

eFoodSafety anticipates providing additional updates to its shareholders and the investment community in the near future relating to the progress of the Company's other divisions.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.041.055 von wonner am 31.10.06 18:05:35das kam heute!!
das hört sich auch nicht schlecht an!!

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eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Announces Groundbreaking Laboratory Test Results Against Tuberculosis with its Trimycin Product
Test results demonstrated killing the Tuberculosis organism while remaining non-toxic to normal cells


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced that the Company received positive laboratory test results on the eradication of Tuberculosis organism (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) with the use of its patent-pending product Trimycin. The testing was conducted by the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), a branch of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) located in the greater Bangkok metropolitan area of Thailand.

Testing consisted of using live tissue samples inoculated with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis exposed to various concentrations of Trimycin. The test results demonstrated that Trimycin killed the Tuberculosis organism while remaining non-toxic to normal cells. The ability of Trimycin to eradicate the Tuberculosis organisms within the cells without affecting the normal cells is of major impact in the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB).

According to Global Health Reporting.org, more than 8 million people develop active TB annually, and approximately two million die from the disease each year. Of the estimated 8.9 million cases worldwide, over 700,000 were also HIV-positive. In 2004, 1.7 million people died of TB and fifteen percent (15%) of those who died were also infected with HIV. Global access to TB treatment remains low and very expensive. The Company feels that this is where Trimycin could have a major impact on the treatment of TB.

"We are now able to progress to live subjects to continue our testing on this groundbreaking discovery of Trimycin's effect on TB. We believe eFoodSafety is well positioned in the treatment of this deadly disease and we hope to make a major contribution to the world in the treatment of deadly infectious diseases," stated Mr. Robert Bowker, President and CEO of Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., and formulator of the patent-pending Trimycin product.
und noch einer !!

FoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF), dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced an update to its shareholders and the investment community on the Company's MedElite and Direct Marketing divisions.

The MedElite subsidiary has acquired all of the trademarks, patents, and manufacturing and distribution rights for the Talsyn(TM)-CI/bid scar cream and seven other products in the Talsyn(TM) line. The Company intends to create a Talsyn(TM) Professional line to be sold to the professional market concurrently with the Talsyn(TM)-CI/bid scar cream. MedX, the U.S. Distributor of Talsyn(TM)-CI/bid scar cream, has been consistently generating increasing month over month sales. Two new Talsyn(TM) products are currently scheduled to be launched by year end.

Cinnergen, the Company's diabetes product, continues to show consistent sales growth. Retail sales continue to grow as we continue working on developing the brand in the marketplace. The Company anticipates national retail chains to begin retailing the product in the first quarter of 2007.

The Company intends to announce shortly the name of its new anti-acne product along with the celebrity host and guest stars who will be endorsing the product. Testimonials and production of the direct response campaign are underway for an early 2007 product launch.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., stated, "We are excited and optimistic to be on the verge of launching our anti-acne solution. Our joint venture partner CK41 Direct has previously projected that our products' potential market opportunity is significant, potentially amounting to millions in annual sales. With a product that we believe to be superior to that of the competition, we are eagerly looking forward to entering this immense and potentially very profitable market."

Gruden further commented, "It's clearly an exciting time at eFoodSafety.com as evidenced by the string of recently announced positive developments. Despite being pleased with our notable progress, we remain diligently focused on the continued execution of our business plan with a common goal of building long term shareholder value."
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.244.165 von wonner am 09.11.06 18:04:24sagt mal, ist denn keiner mehr hier zum austausch von "weisheiten"

hier mal wieder was neues :look::look:

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Enter Symbol

StockGuru.com Announces Profile Coverage of eFoodSafety.com

DALLAS, Nov. 16, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- John Pentony, Publisher of StockGuru.com, announced today that the web site has initiated Profile Coverage of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF). eFoodSafety.com is a publicly traded, fully-reporting company dedicated to improving food and health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies. They are involved in creating cutting-edge products that are environmentally friendly as well as provide clinically evaluated and patented products in the health care market.

To view the StockGuru.com Profile for eFoodSafety.com, Inc., please visit:


About StockGuru.com

StockGuru.com features daily alerts going out three times daily to members. To join our email alert list, please visit:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.528.938 von wonner am 19.11.06 16:50:01Wonner, bist du hier der einzige, der gelegentlich noch was postet?!

Efoodsafety halte ich auch für einen sehr interessanten Wert.
Sehe ich das richtig, dass die Rücklagen fast aufgebraucht sind, die noch relativ neue Chefin aber durch teure Werbemaßnahmen versucht, die Umsätze und dann hoffentlich auch den Gewinn zu steigern?
Das Ganze kann natürlich bös ins Auge gehen, wenn die Werbung eben nicht den gewünschten Effekt erzielt - Risikoooo!

Wie siehst du das?

:cool::cool::cool: - Luxxxx - :cool::cool::cool:
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 25.587.370 von Luxxxx am 22.11.06 11:03:03hier mal wieder was neues!
eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (EFSF) announced that over thirty million (30,000,000) common shares have been returned to the Company's treasury, reducing eFoodSafety.com, Inc.'s issued and outstanding shares by over twenty percent (20%). On September 29, 2006 in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Riverside, a judgment was entered in favor of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. for the principal sum of $9.2 Million against its former Chairman and CEO. As partial settlement, the shares issued to him in 2003 were returned to the Company after a garnishment proceeding.
mal sehen was das bringt!!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.180.593 von wonner am 14.12.06 17:36:35hallo mädels ,hallo jungs !!

frohes neues jahr.
hier mal was neues;);)

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eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Subsidiary Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. Developing Joint Licensing Agreement with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for Patent-Pending OraPhyte Product
OraPhyte is Designed to Combat Plant-Parasitic Nematodes That Cause an Annual Estimated Crop Loss of $100 Billion Globally


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), a Company dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are working on a licensing agreement on the company's patent-pending parasitic product, OraPhyte, a product derived from the Company's patented Citroxin product that kills and controls plant-parasitic Nematodes. The agreement will be based on a new use for OraPhyte specifically developed for the control of plant Nematodes.

The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development and related issues based on sound public policy, the best available science, and efficient management. The key to the testing by the USDA, which commenced in June 2005, is that the OraPhyte product has been found to be an effective alternative to the existing method used, methyl-bromide, which has been found to present various toxic environmental issues.

The significance of this licensing agreement, expected to be completed within the next 60-120 days, is that Knock-Out Technologies will be able to release all of the USDA's research data as well as being able to leverage its endorsement in marketing the product.

Plant-parasitic Nematodes are microscopic worms that cause an estimated crop loss of $100 billion globally. In the U.S., farmers face over $10 billion in annual losses due to Nematodes, without an acceptable solution currently available. OraPhyte has been designed to address this costly issue.

Robert Bowker, President of Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd., stated, "Our environmentally-safe and effective product, OraPhyte, is a novel and potentially groundbreaking solution to this $100 billion problem. The fact that the USDA has tested our product and is finalizing a licensing agreement with us speaks volumes about the potential of OraPhyte as well as the possible financial impact this product could have on the multi-billion dollar Nematode market."

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., added, "We fully intend to continue to communicate with our shareholders and potential investors regarding the finalization of the Licensing Agreement as well as other material developments regarding OraPhyte."
hier mal wieder was neues!
jetzt müßte es aber mal langsam rascheln !

EFSF: Announces Distribution of Cinnergen Through Cardinal Health

By Jay Everitt, jeveritt@knobias.com

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (EFSF) announced that Cardinal Health (CAH) has commenced purchasing of Cinnergen(TM), an all natural liquid nutritional supplement designed to regulate blood sugar.

Cardinal Health (www.cardinalhealth.com) is one of the largest providers of logistics services to the pharmaceutical industry, distributing products and providing services to thousands of retail, alternate care, mail order and hospital pharmacies. Cardinal Health is also the largest provider of specialized nuclear pharmaceuticals used to diagnose and treat conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Serving more than 33,000 pharmacy locations, Cardinal Health provides empowering solutions to help Community/Independent/Retail pharmacies better serve their customers. Cardinal Health is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges Community/Independent/Retail pharmacies face and deliver solutions designed to meet their needs.

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 27.014.163 von wonner am 18.01.07 16:47:05kann das sein, das ihr alle noch schlaft.!!!

da ist so einiges los in old amerika !;);)

Report on EFoodSafety.com, Inc. in Its February 2007 Issue
25 Year Old Top Performing Independent Market Letter Calls Company a Ground Floor Opportunity with Explosive Growth Potential and Forecasts a Short-Term Target Stock Price of $2.00


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), a Company dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced that The KonLin Letter issued a Featured Stock Follow-Up Report on eFoodSafety.com, Inc. in its February 2007 issue. The KonLin Letter reiterates its "Strong Buy" recommendation of EFSF stock.

Konrad Kuhn, editor of The KonLin Letter, said that "the bulls smell blood, since according to Buyins.net (www.buyins.net), a short squeeze could take place and a buying panic could occur if the stock closes above $0.3620."

Mr. Kuhn further commented in another section of the report, "Big Pharma buys out two kinds of companies, those that give it a huge competitive advantage and those that can take its edge away."

The KonLin Letter states that EFSF is a ground floor opportunity with explosive growth potential and has already established positive fundamentals.

The KonLin Letter, a 25-year-old investment advisory newsletter noted for its fundamental and technical analysis of individual stocks and market movements, does not accept compensation for its analyses of selected companies. The report includes a review of the latest developments of the Company, the Company's market position and potential advantages, along with fundamentals and statistics.

Mr. Kuhn cited the following reasons for his February 2007 follow-up recommendation:

-- Highlighted OraPhyte(TM), a $100 billion solution to
plant-parasitic nematodes. Company and USDA had jointly filed
a patent application and are currently working together on
finalizing a Licensing Agreement between the parties -
multi-billion dollar market size.

-- Clinical study on Cinnergen(TM) diabetes product, which was a
Double Blind Phase I study that met FDA guidelines and
surpassed expectations. Major retailers are anticipated to
begin distributing the product shortly.

-- Company reduced its issued and outstanding shares by 20% and
has taken 30 million shares out of the float.

-- Knock-Out Technologies completed and tested Trimyacin(TM), a
Tuberculosis product, Auromoxin(TM), a Malaria product, and
Occusyn(TM), a Lyme Disease product - all with favorable
results. Further necessary testing is planned.

-- Company announced name PurEffect(TM) and secured trademark of
anti-acne product and will be announcing celebrity
spokesperson(s) shortly.

Mr. Kuhn commented, "Patricia Gruden continues to do an excellent job at the helm of eFoodSafety, and in my opinion, she's not done yet. I believe the Cinnergen(TM) success will be followed by many other products. The recent announcement of its cholesterol product, Cinnechol(TM), to be distributed through the Company's already existing and growing distribution channels was an excellent strategic move. I expect the Knock-Out division, which I have always classified as the 'crown jewel' of the eFoodSafety, will have a few more pleasant surprises in store for investors shortly."

"I've said it many times before and I'll continue to say it, never in my 25-year history as a newsletter writer and analyst, have I seen a Company with such dramatic upside potential in so many different multi-billion dollar markets," further added Mr. Kuhn.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., stated, "The Company is pleased that The KonLin Letter has elected to continue following eFoodSafety's progress this year. The KonLin Letter is a highly-respected, long-established, Small-Cap newsletter which receives no compensation from the companies reviewed whose forecasts, commentary, and opinions are arrived at based solely on its own analysis."
hier ein grund für den chart !

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eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Announces Wall Street Resources, Inc. Releases an Analytical Profile on eFoodSafety.com, Inc. with 12-Month Target Value of $2.11


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), a Company dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced the release of an analytical profile on the Company by respected micro-cap analyst Paul Silver, Director of Research for Wall Street Resources, Inc., which contains a 12-month target value for EFSF of $2.11 per share.

The free report is available at: www.wallstreetresources.net/EFSFPP.asp. The 41-page report includes detailed information on the Company's business model, products, industry, valuation, management and risks. Wall Street Resources, Inc. is a professional research and consulting firm whose principals have over 15 years of experience providing analysis for emerging growth companies and information to the investment community.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. stated, "Our collaboration with Wall Street Resources in an effort to create an organized presentation showcasing our current products, technologies, and works in progress, resulted in a high-quality, in-depth analytical report on eFoodSafety and its subsidiaries. We remain dedicated to our shareholders for their ongoing support and are eager to provide the investment community with this useful research tool."

Mr. Silver stated, "eFoodSafety offers investors an opportunity to potentially capitalize on treatments for some of the world's most costly infectious diseases and conditions. Leveraging its innovative patent-pending technologies, eFoodSafety expects to bring to market treatments for multi-billion dollar conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, in addition to treatments for such infectious diseases as malaria and tuberculosis, which combined cost the world almost $200 billion annually."
Bin gerade neu eingestiegen.Tolle Sache mit tollen Perspektiven!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Empfehlung von Penny Stock!
Mehrere Hundert Prozent sind möglich!Lassen wie uns überaschen!!!!!!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 27.931.322 von fota am 23.02.07 18:55:47Bin auch gespannt ! Nach dem immensen Anstieg gab es gestern und vorgestern erstmal eine deutliche Konsolidierung ! Bleibe trotzdem dabei....:lick:
na seid ihr endlich aufgewacht??!!
in den boards in amerika wird wird diese aktie sehr heiß besprochen.
nach zweijährigen versuchen schaffen sie endlich umsätze mit vielversprechenden produkten.
nach oben alles offen.
gut ding hat land weile!!!;););)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 27.945.434 von wonner am 24.02.07 18:32:25hallo ihr hübschen schweiger !!
das ist doch mal wieder was!!

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. Receives Initial Purchase Order for Cinnergen(TM) from Wal-Mart
Cinnergen(TM) Diabetes Product to be Featured in World's Largest Retailer


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), a Company dedicated to improving health conditions around the world through innovative products and technologies, today announced that Wal-Mart will soon carry Cinnergen(TM), the Company's clinically-studied, non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement that promotes healthy glucose metabolism.

The initial purchase order for the first 500 stores has been received. The Company anticipates Cinnergen(TM) to be carried nationally throughout the entire Wal-Mart chain by mid-June 2007. Wal-Mart operates more than 3,800 facilities in the United States and more than 2,600 more in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

In addition to Wal-Mart, the Company recently announced that both Kroger Supermarkets and Kerr Drug are also now a part of Cinnergen(TM)'s expanding retail distribution network. The Company is continuing its national advertising campaign with CNN and other local television stations to further solidify the Cinnergen(TM) brand.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. stated, "This is another significant step towards solidifying and growing the Cinnergen(TM) brand. With the recent additions of both Wal-Mart and Kroger's, the world's largest retailer and one of the nation's largest grocery retailers, our retail distribution network has seen a great expansion in recent months. These new sales channels have the potential to result in a very material impact on sales as well as further establishing and enhancing our products retail distribution and presence. We anticipate future shipments to other large and recognizable retailers in the coming months as we move toward our goal of having Cinnergen(TM) marketed in over 20,000 retail locations before the end of 2007."
EFSF: Positive Study re PurEffect(TM) 4-Step Treatment for Acne
By Fain Hughes, fhughes@knobias.com

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (EFSF) announced results from a clinical study that compared its 4-step PurEffect(TM) acne treatment with a traditional 3-step treatment. The study was conducted by a FDA-certified research facility.

The eight-week study compared outcomes of a traditional 3-step acne treatment with outcomes from using the PurEffect(TM) 4-step treatment. Patients were instructed to apply each product to their faces according to label instructions, one product on the left side and the other on the right side. Each patient was photographed at the beginning and throughout the 8-week study. Patients using PurEffect(TM) reported improvement in their acne symptoms, expressing a decisive 94% preference for the PurEffect(TM) over the traditional 3-step treatment.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 30.763.506 von HHtrader am 19.07.07 17:50:20na dann wollen wir mal das beste hoffen!
seit 2004 dabei,langsam scheint der zug zu rollen!
sag mal hhtrader kommst du aus hamburg?

Business Wire "US Press Releases "


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF) today reported to its shareholders on its year end financial position. The report highlights several key events that have taken place over this past fiscal year:

-- Year-over-year revenues were up over 100%

-- Gross profit margin exceeded Company's internal projections

-- Balance sheet improved dramatically with retirement of all

-- Established national retail distribution network

-- Launched numerous new product offerings

The Company experienced many of the one-time charges associated with establishing the Cinnergen(TM) brand within its national distribution network. The majority of these one-time charges have been expensed in this quarter's financials. The Company's cash position remains strong, Research and Development expenses are anticipated to decrease and all outstanding litigation has been resolved. The Company does not expect any extraordinary expenses to impact future cash flow or earnings.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc., stated, "Our recent financials represent a building process, laying the groundwork for future growth. As we move forward, we anticipate double-digit revenue increases throughout the year. Importantly, fixed expenses are decreasing, with many of the one-time slotting fees associated with introducing a new product into retail channels now behind us. Combining these results with the upcoming launch of our e-commerce site, we look to 2008 to continue to show significant improvement and to end ultimately with potential profitability."

About eFoodSafety.com, Inc.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.083.314 von wonner am 08.08.07 17:49:18Ja, komme aus HH, lebe aber seit 6 Jahren in Mexiko. Muss wohl der Lokalpatriotismus sein, der mich zu diesem Namen gebracht hat...:laugh:

Anbei noch ein Link zum neuesten Blog-Eintrag des OTC-Journals bzgl. EFSF.


Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.084.249 von HHtrader am 08.08.07 18:37:29ist ja lustig, in meiner e-mailadresse habe ich auch das hh stehen.
wohne seit 18jahren in hamburg. falls es dich interessiert, hamburg steht noch:laugh:.
wie kommt man in mexico zu efsf. bin seit `04 dabei. hast du mehr informationen zu dem unternehmen?
die laufen ja seit zwei jahren ein schönen schlingerkurs!
mal sehen was draus wird!
Das will ich schwer hoffen, dass HH noch steht. :D In drei Wochen mach' ich naemlich einen Heimaturlaub...

Bin ueber das OTC-Journal auf EFSF gestossen. Der hat immer sehr interessante Werte dabei und hierzu gute Analysen. Bei EFSF brauchen wir wohl ein wenig Geduld. Bin auch gerade erst vor zwei Wochen eingestiegen.



eFoodSafety Announces: Cinnergen(TM) to be Available in Drugstore Outlets


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF), announced today that the company has reached an agreement to supply eFoodSafety's Cinnergen to 3,000 Rite Aid Drugstores by mid-September.

Cinnergen(TM)is a clinically proven all-natural supplement for promoting healthy glucose metabolism. A recently publicized study from Bucks County Clinical Research, an FDA-approved and regulated research facility, showed that 52% of Type 2 diabetic patients in the study were able to control their blood sugars with Cinnergen(TM) alone and did not experience any irregular sugar spikes throughout the day. The remaining 48 percent of patients taking Cinnergen(TM) were able to significantly decrease the amount of prescribed diabetic medications in order to properly control their diabetes.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.156.693 von HHtrader am 14.08.07 16:50:32na dann viel spaß in der schönsten stadt der welt!
was efsf betrifft,ich würde sagen das wir diese jahr schon einige überraschungen erleben könnten.
das wichtigste könnte die cooperation mit dupont sein.
ein manager von dupont ist schon zu efsf gewechselt um die modalitäten zu klären.
wollen mal sehen, bin ja nun schon drei jahre dabei!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.175.252 von wonner am 15.08.07 21:07:25na wollen wir mal hoffen, dass das blutbad an den boersen bald vorbei ist. macht ja im moment wirklich keinen spass. :cry:

ja, dieses jahr ist es hier wirklich spannend. das schoenste ist ja, dass efsf mehrere eisen im feuer hat (cinnergen, pureffect, dupont,...) und die alle kurz vor dem durchbruch stehen.

sitze im moment auf buchverlusten, aber geduld habe ich auch. allerdings bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich soviel geduld wie du habe....:D

eFoodSafety's Cinnergen(TM) Gains Momentum as an All-Natural Alternative to Prescription Diabetic Medications

FDA Will Now Require "Black-Box" Warnings on Several Prescription Diabetes Drugs


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF) today reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now requiring "black-box" warnings on the prescription diabetic drugs, Avandia and Actos. These warnings, the most severe that prescription drugs can bear, stress that these medicines may cause or worsen heart failure and that patients being administered these drugs should be closely monitored.

This heightened awareness and concern relating to possible adverse effects of these prescription diabetes drugs have caused consumers to focus their attention on all natural, clinically proven alternatives, such as the Company's Cinnergen(TM). It's anticipated that Cinnergen(TM) should continue to gain recognition as a viable alternative to prescription medication for diabetes as the side effects of prescription drugs become more prevalent and defined.

The prescriptive drug hazards, coupled with the overwhelmingly positive product testimonials the Company has received on Cinnergen(TM), led the Company to invest significant capital into its e-commerce site, which is currently undergoing beta testing, with excellent initial results.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. stated, "This event further solidifies our belief that the best solution to the diabetes epidemic may be a natural one as prescription drugs can heighten and agitate other health risks. With our Cinnergen(TM), we have successfully found a clinically proven alternative to promoting healthy glucose metabolism without the adverse side effects of prescription drugs. It remains our goal to continue to develop and bring to market additional non-toxic treatments for other critical medical conditions."
eFoodSafety's Cinnergen(TM) is Now Supported by Vital Web-Based Broker Network

Remarkable Whole Food Product Used to Control Diabetes Will Now Be Available with Streamlined Online Service


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF) today announced that for those suffering from diabetes and related blood sugar problems, Cinnergen(TM), a product based on natural food services, which helps control blood sugar levels, will now be available on a host of retail websites at affordable prices, featuring streamlined shipping.

The dramatic launch of http://www.cinnergen.com will not only be good news for those using the product, but present a fantastic opportunity for those wishing to be part of an innovative, proprietary software developed to facilitate Internet Marketing of Cinnergen. Brokers will profit from the extraordinary product outreach fostered by national advertising on CNN and the Weather channel, PR activity on local television outlets throughout the country and widespread print advertising. Considering the value of this Cinnergen in a market for diabetes treatments dominated by synthetic products and natural by products, Cinnergen, Inc., expects its product to explode on the Internet.

"This is not just an ordinary product. It offers a unique alternative to other diabetes treatment products used to control diabetes and related blood sugar problems. We think that a product like this literally deserves to be online. People don't want to have to always truck over to a retail store for an essential product they will probably be using on a regular basis," says Daniel Taft, who is spearheading the Internet Marketing Campaign. "Our brokers will find that their Cinnergen sites are among the most efficient and trouble-free product-oriented websites around backed with a considerable investment in sophisticated Internet Marketing. We believe our on-line marketing will accelerate the growth of this already highly successful product. More and more people look for health information on the Internet, over a hundred million people, a ten-fold growth since the turn of the century."

Cinnergen is not a laboratory-created, synthetic drug, despite the fact that 52% of patients using it were able to dispense with all other medications that lower glucose content in the blood. The fact is Cinnergen is much more like a whole food source than any kind of patented pharmaceutical created synthetically. Its 12 whole food concentrates, coming from powerful natural herbs like cinnamon bark, oat seed, blueberry leaf, kelp, cranberry, black cherry- and others, have a track record spanning centuries of usage in the area of treating diabetes, kidney and urinary tract problems with the end result of clinically proved success in the control of blood sugar levels. These clinical studies give legs to the claims that herbal medicine has performed beneficially throughout the ages and that, indeed, the stories of herbal medicines being useful in the treatment of diabetes and to lower glucose in the blood have enhanced credibility to the scientific observer. Cinnamon bark, a featured ingredient in Cinnergen, has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, but has recently come into the scientific limelight through its role in improving blood sugar levels.

"Owing to the remarkable value of this product and other products we soon hope to be marketing, we are insisting that our sales representatives be certified and have a complete knowledge of our products," continues Daniel Taft. "We intend to equip them with WMC and TGS marketing website management tools that would make any serious Internet Marketer eager to work with us, utilizing the same high-powered type of software that only giant corporations have traditionally used. We promise them hefty commissions based on their performance. But, best of all, they have the opportunity to help thousands of people with a unique combination of herbal whole foods that can help control naturally one of the most devastating conditions of our time, diabetes and other blood-related problems."
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.317.423 von HHtrader am 28.08.07 16:39:24scheinen ja hier die letzten beiden mohikaner zu sein!;)

eFoodSafety Announces: OraPhyte(TM) Moves to Expedited Testing at Three Major Universities


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF) is pleased to announce that three major universities with outstanding Agricultural Departments will conduct crop-specific research on the Company's OraPhyte(TM) product for the control of plant nematodes. These research studies expand on work underway at DuPont toward the commercialization of OraPhyte(TM) and are considered to be the final-phase testing that precedes bringing the product to market. OraPhyte(TM) has already been tested and shown to be effective at eradicating nematodes by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

eFoodSafety's wholly-owned subsidiary Knock-Out Technologies, Ltd. will be responsible for the completion of research and subsequent commercialization of OraPhyte(TM). Robert Bowker, President of Knock-Out Technologies, commented, "I'm delighted that these three major universities will complete the studies of OraPhyte(TM) for control of the plant nematode problem. Prior research has proven OraPhyte(TM)'s efficacy at controlling nematodes. Once the university studies are completed, we expect to proceed into commercialization."

The market potential for OraPhyte(TM) is significant as it comes at a time when previously accepted chemical controls for nematodes have been withdrawn by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In the United States, crop losses to nematode infestations reach $10 billion annually. Worldwide, the losses reach $100 billion.

Mr. Bowker also places credit for OraPhyte(TM)'s rapid movement into the final stages of testing with the recent addition to the company's team of Dr. Madan Joshi, formerly with DuPont and recently retained by eFoodSafety. "Dr. Joshi has been instrumental in expediting the final stages of OraPhyte(TM) testing at the university level; the significance of university testing is that it allows major companies to rely on the universities' independently verified results to accelerate decisions about licensing the OraPhyte(TM) product. Further, since the universities will test OraPhyte(TM) in crop specific applications, the results will allow labeling for the use of OraPhyte(TM) in the field, an essential element in meeting the real-world needs of the working farmer."
eFoodSafety Announces First Quarter Financials

Quarterly Report Reflects Company's Improving Financial Condition with Increasing Cash Flow and Gross Profit Margins and Decreasing Selling, General & Administrative Expenses (SG&A)


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EFSF) is pleased to announce that it achieved first quarter sales of $321,474, with an increased gross profit margin of $228,000. This compared to the Company's prior 2006 sales which had reflected distributor sales with extremely high marketing expenditures. Further, the Company significantly reduced both marketing and general and administrative expenditures for the period.

Including non-cash charges, the Company reported a $19,000 loss for the quarter, a sizeable improvement and a significant step toward profitability.

Patricia Gruden, President and CEO of eFoodSafety.com, Inc. stated, "The financial statements are only one facet of the Company's improving fundamentals. Our e-commerce site continues to show consistent and steady growth as well as the addition of the new chain store business we anticipate adding over the next quarter. Our auditor has reported to us that the financials reflect a leaner and improved management of the Company's operating funds. It remains our intention to continue to build and improve upon this trend."

Cinnergen(TM) sales continue to increase month over month, the PurEffect(TM) Anti-Acne skin care system should be launched shortly, and the Knock-Out division's products will be ready to be brought to market over the coming quarters. The highly anticipated Immune Boost Bar is less than 30 days away from product launch.

"Management is confident that we are continuing to gain traction with the many product launches and marketing initiatives taken over the last year. It is expected that further tangible results will continue to materialize with continued execution of our business plan. In addition, we continue to believe the future holds tremendous opportunity with many exciting product launches forthcoming. Importantly, the Company remains debt free allowing us to swiftly capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace," added Mrs. Gruden.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.646.380 von HHtrader am 18.09.07 16:42:49wie siehst du die ganze sache, in dem ferne mexico !!
wenn man das yahoo board so liest, da geht es ganz schön zur sache!
von betrug bis mondlandung ist alles dabei!
grüße aus dem schönen hamburg!
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.665.055 von wonner am 19.09.07 18:13:36Na ja, die Zahlen sind ja nicht schlecht. haben bei Cinnergen im letzten Q mehr Umsatz gemacht als in den beiden vorherigen zusammen. Ich fuerchte, dass hier ist ein Geduldsspiel und kann durchaus noch dauern. Aber irgendwann geht das Ding durch die Decke, daher bleibe ich auch dabei.

Heute mal wieder schoen auf TT geschlossen...:rolleyes:

Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.681.399 von HHtrader am 20.09.07 22:23:44mal wieder was neues!

eFoodSafety.com, Inc. verkündet: Erweiterte Studie Resultate bestätigen zusätzlichen Nutzen von Cinnechol (TM) wenn sie Blutdruck sowie Cholesterin-Niveaus verringern


eFoodSafety.com, Inc. (OTCBB: EFSF) freut sich, um zu bestätigen, daß während der Ausgangsphase der Prüfung von Cinnechol (TM) auf die Behandlung des erhöhten Cholesterins, eine erweiterte Studie einen sehr starken und total unerwarteten Nutzen des Verringerns des Blutdruckes unter den Studie Teilnehmern zeigte, die Symptome des Bluthochdrucks zeigen. Innerhalb dieser Gruppe, die Cinnechol (TM) nimmt, waren Blutdruckniveaus auf normale Niveaus innerhalb eines kurzen Zeitabschnitts abgefallen, obwohl die Einzelpersonen keine anderen Maßnahmen erwartet oder ergriffen hatten, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen.

Für die, die Cinnechol (TM) nehmen, zeigten Studie Daten einen durchschnittlichen 18% Tropfen des systolischen Drucks und einen durchschnittlichen 15% Tropfen des diastolischen Drucks. Für einige Teilnehmer wurden Resultate in nur zwei Wochen notiert. Diese unerwarteten Resultate kamen zusätzlich zu den Daten, die zeigten, daß die Teilnehmer, die Cinnechol (TM) verwenden auch vorweggenommene Abnahmen am Gesamtcholesterin, AM LDL Cholesterin und an den Triglyzeriden erfuhren.

Die positiven Resultate für Cinnechol (TM) wenn sie chronischen Bluthochdruck behandeln, decken kompletteres Potential für Cinnechol (TM) als ursprünglich vorweggenommen auf, wenn sie erhöhtes Cholesterin behandeln. Die Resultate stützen stark den Wert in der Entscheidung der Firma, um die klinische Prüfung von Cinnechol (TM) zu erweitern.

„Die Entdeckung von Cinnechol (TM) 's Potential, wenn sie Hochblut Druck behandelt, ist eine aufregende und unerwartete Entwicklung von einem Produkt, das bereits große Versprechung im Behandeln des erhöhten Cholesterins,“ angegebener Patricia Gruden, Präsident und CEO zeigt. „Wir erwarten diese Resultate, um dem Marktpotential von Cinnechol (TM) und von Nutzen für die Gesundheit erheblich hinzuzufügen, die es anbietet Alternbevölkerungen weltweit.“

Bluthochdruck, alias der „leise Mörder,“ beeinflußt ein aus jeden drei Erwachsener Amerikanern über dem Alter von 20 heraus. Hoher Blutdruck ist ein Hauptgefahr Faktor für Herzkrankheit, Anschlag, Stauungsinsuffizienz und Nierekrankheit.

Entsprechend der Mitte zur Krankheit-Steuerung, entwickelt 90% von Mittleralter Erwachsenen hohen Blutdruck während ihrer Lebenszeit. Leider weil Bluthochdruck häufig ohne irgendwelche Symptome auftritt, kann ernste Beschädigung im Körper auftreten, bevor Linderungsmaßnahmen ergriffen werden. Von 1994 bis 2004 erhöhte die Sterblichkeitsrate vom hohen Blutdruck 15.5%, und die tatsächliche Zahl Todesfällen vom Bluthochdruck stieg 41.8%. Die ungefähren Kosten, direkt und indirekt, vom hohen Blutdruck in den US für 2006 waren $63.5 Milliarde.

Andere Faktoren zusätzlich zum Bluthochdruck, ganz in Verbindung stehend mit Herzkrankheit, werden auch jetzt in der Cinnechol (TM) Studie überprüft. Diese schließen Niveaus des Homocysteins, der Schlüsselmarkierung, die zukünftige Herzangriffe voraussagen können, und der Niveaus C des reagierenden Proteins (CRP), eine Markierung ein, die Entzündung innerhalb der Behälterwände anzeigt. Durch seine offensichtliche Fähigkeit, den Körper zu unterstützen, wenn Sie alle Facetten des Herzens und des $blutgefässes normalisieren, arbeiten, Cinnechol (TM) kann eine all-in-one Antwort tatsächlich sein, die über 100 Million Amerikanern fördern kann.
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 31.681.399 von HHtrader am 20.09.07 22:23:44hallo nach mexico!!

was machendenn die inkas so!an der front scheint was in bewegung zu kommen!
nach langer zeit mal eine ausführliche empfehlung!
ein wenig reißerisch nach meinem geschmack aber bei otc werten wohl notwendig!
viel glück für uns beide!
schöne grüße aus der schönsten stadt der welt!:):)

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